Recall Alert: 2012 GM Fullsize Vans

2012-Chevrolet-Express-Cargo II

NHTSA is reporting that General Motors is recalling both 2012 Chevy Express and GMC Savana fullsize vans for a possible problem in the steering mechanism that could result in loss of control of the vehicle.

At issue is the steering gear pitman shaft that may not have been properly hardened. The same shafts were also used in both 2012 model Chevrolet Suburbans and GMC Yukon XLs. The total number of vehicles effected by the recall could be as many as 6000 units. The safety recall is expected to begin by April 4, 2012. 

Current owners or interested parties may contact NHTSA safety vehicle hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to GM's safety recall campaign number is 12055. 


The federal government cannot be trusted making anything safe...

GM should be recalled!

GM discovered the potential defect themselves, no failures, accidents, or injuries have been reported. Just making sure.


Stop defending the government clowns...


They cannot even balance a budget, that bud are clowns running the show yet morons out there keep voting in the same idiots...

Gm go away!!!


Same with the Japanese Government cant be trusted they dumped billions into Toyota and look at all the recalls Toyota has :

Sludge,failing steering,loss of brakes,rusted bodies,rusted frames,bad brakes,loss of brakes,bad body welds,engine camshafts blowing up on Tundra,Tacoma/Tundra tailgates splitting in half,Lexus engines failing,bad ball joints,bad transmissions,car fires,shattering side glass...All recalls/issues since 2006 !!!!

Toyota..who could ask for anything more !! Mechanics love them,as they charge an arm and leg to repair them !!

By the way..I am not a GM fan,just saying the facts !!

Japanese Government gives monies to its manufacturers to develop build vehicles,Americans diss American companies when they need help,Japan openly gives money to help its nations manufactures as Americans bash everything American and even hate themselves because they are too fat and lazy and drive imports to understand anything ! Japan is nationalistic,basically stuck up in thinking they are superior at everything everyone else is a bottom feeder..I know this first hand as I am not American...keep destroying yourselfs folks,the world is laughing at you !!LOL!!LOL!!!

You Americans caused this to happen to yourselves,your economy is down because you always pick on each other and anything American isnt good you say..So we dump our inferior imports onto your soil and you lick them up like scavangers.You are going down !! The world is laughing at you as they say !!

Nothing new here, typical GM. This is almost as awesome as the steering wheels that fall off in chevy cruzes

I think we should take all the GM haters and find a nice island for them to live on. Hate GM you must also hate the American Way and what it has stood for since 1776.

Long live American and yes long live all other people that are proud of themselves and country.

Just so many haters in this world and on this site.

Peter, I tried that already. It doesn't work with them. These are 18 year old kids we're dealing with here. They never worked hard in their lives, they buy trucks for joy riding or rather dad buys it for them. When they buy trucks 1. it needs to "look good" 2. it needs to have plush interior.
They've always had it too good in their lives. They don't know what struggle is. They have no idea what it's like to have NO choices. It's sad, but it's true. They can't even appreciate what they have.
@LOL, Ali
You're soo right. Americans will destroy themselves.
Ford, GM, Chrysler this, that, while China is buying them out.

How about you stay on topic. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post. You know who you are.

Yes we do!

What does this recall have to do with pickups? GM was eighth in recalls for 2011. Ford was third for most recalls. GM wins again!

Recall posts are good for letting owners know of problems but they sure do bring out the worst in people. Someone had suggested that recall posts should have the comment section closed. I tend to agree.
I'm not a fan of Chevy 1/2 ton trucks and the bailout, but 6,000 vehicles is chump change. We forget that these recalls are usually for potential problems or rare occurences that could be present in other vehicles.
On the subject of Toyota haters - all of the recalled gas pedals were made by CTS. The Denso pedals were made using the same Toyota designed plans as CTS but those pedals were not recalled. Toyota has to take the blame since they are the company with the badge on the grill. If it was a Toyota design flaw or f--k up if you prefer that term, why weren't all of the pedals recalled? I could go through your list and pick it apart or give just as many examples of "domestic" problems. Where I live, if it has iron in it, it will rust.

@Greg - this site covers vans. Haven't you noticed?

"I'm not a fan of Chevy 1/2 ton trucks and the bailout, but 6,000 vehicles is chump change. "

Maybe. Maybe not. 6,000 is at least half of all of these vans that were sold. Maybe more because they don't break down the model years in the 2012 sold year to date numbers. Probably most of them were recalled if they are 2012's.

@Dave & Lou,

The bailout is NOT part of the topic here.

Stay on topic. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please ONLY comment about the SPECIFIED TOPIC in the blog post!


Stop acting like a clown. Last week Toyota recalled a half MILLION Tacomas. 6000 vans is nothing compared to that.


Stop defending a bailed out loser company that the federal government still owns...


Your are so ignorant!

When GM was private and not bailed out for being incompetent loser of a company, I read the Constitution and no where is GM mentioned!

So please STOP comparing auto companies with political nations! Where did you go to school?


Can you please look at data the last 30 years and compare bailed out loser GM with Toyota and your closed mind...

Typical GM. I'd never drive a Government Motors Company vehicle. Obama and his minions made worse what Bush should have let die. This is why more E-Series Ford vans are sold above all others.

Its funny that all Ford fanboys are hating on GM for recalling 6K vans while their company recalled 3.3 million vehicles last year and are well on their way to do the same this year.
Just to remind you all

Typical GM bashing, nothing new here. Why don't they just change the website name to or

compare gm and is like the snap-on broke sometime but you replace,just the part., ford is like the cheap tool like made in taiwan it broke,, garbage is cheaper to get another one .....we no perfection sometime brake this is wy gm make some recall...maybe some ford lover one day have the chance to get a good vehicle for now do you best whit your ford..lollll

"Can you please look at data the last 30 years"


Free you mind.

Pot meet kettle. Toyota got bailout money in Japan for DECADES! I don't care for bailouts myslef but if Japan can bailout Toyota for decades we can do the same.

Toyota had the 2nd most number of vehicles recalls last year.

It is all there in black and white. Clear as crystal. Good day sir!

"Can you please look at data the last 30 years"


Free your mind.

Toyota got bailout money in Japan for DECADES! I don't care for bailouts myself, but if Japan can bailout Toyota for decades we can do the same.

Toyota had the 2nd most number of vehicles recalls last year.

It is all there in black and white. Clear as crystal. Good day sir!

I didn't even know they still sold this van as a GMC. I see lots of Chevy Express cargo's but rarely a Savana. Maybe GM needs to stick a Denali sticker on it. That seems about the only way to sell something with a GMC logo.

Toyota got bailout money in Japan for DECADES! I don't care for bailouts myslef but if Japan can bailout Toyota for decades we can do the same.

@Sierra- Not with My money they didn't. Japan can do whatever they want. This isn't Japan, this is America. This is standard GM procedure anyway. They do it on everything. Nickel and dime the quality out of everything. It's exactly what landed them in bankruptcy in the first place. The whole institution is still far too bloated and run by beancounters. They probably wanted to save a nickel on the steering shaft. Cheap parts to construct the vehicle, cheap fisher price interiors, engines with piston slap still 15 years after they were introduced, piss poor body durability, the list goes on and on. Half of their parts are sourced from China now anyways since they crawled into bed with them to sell Buick's. They're not even American anymore.

@Dennis- I didn't know they still did the Savana either. Why bother.

Add me to the list who was unaware the Savana van was even still around. I thought it was just the Denali truck & Acadia they made? Savana and Sierra always sounded like women's pornstar names to me. Very odd choice of names there. Maybe that's why most men don't want to drive them? GM's got themselves in a mess..

Ken - I hear what you are saying and agree for the most part. I am just proving a point to oxi. oxi thinks Toyota is his God and perfect, but Toyota has been getting many more bailouts from Japan and they were the leader in recalls last year behind Honda. Have a nice day, everyone.

Wow I'm always surprised on all the bashing that goes on when there is a GMrecall. 6000 vans is nothing for GM and they are taking care of it not trying to deny or run from it. Last I checked GM was the number 1 selling automaker in the world you think getting that back was easy no so apparently they are doing something right.

All recall articles should automatically have comments disabled to starve the trolls of their food.

@Gregory J.,

Did you get data from 30 years, why are you guys so afraid to show data across 30 years about recalls?

Afraid your precious big 3 are the dominate recall brands in the world over the last 30 years...


Do not compare Toyota with GM when it comes to bailouts!

GM had FAILED and needed their WELFARE money to stay afloat because they became an incompetent company that ran themselves into the ground...

Toyota is the most successful auto maker of the large builders, very profitable and worth more tha the big 3 COMBINED!

Toyota is NOT a failure like GM was that needed mommy and daddy (tax dollars) to rescue their pathetic rears!

STOP comparing GM and Toyota because GM FAILED, Toyota never has!


If GM was doing something right, then why did they run themselves into the ground and needed a MASSIVE bailout just to stay open?

Why did they cut so many brands to stay afloat also?

GM was and still is pathetic! and they still owe U.S. taxpayers billions of $$$, when can we expect that in return dammit?


Toyota never failed, GM failed and needed a MASSIVE bailout, big differance!

Ignorance, learn from it...

You wonder this nation never makes progress anymore, people defend failures like GM all of the time, it's like Congress has an approval rating well below 20% yet the morons here will re-elect over 75% of the same clowns...

pathetic I say!

please give me those numbers, I would love to see them. Please show me, for the last 30 years how many recalls Toyota has had, GM, Ford, Chrysler, throw in Honda in there while you're at it. I'm not joking, I'm serious. I would love to see the data.

@Sierra - you should do some research and not fall into the trap of just reading right wing propaganda that justifies the GMC "aid package". I'll word it that way since you don't like the other term I used. I said " I'm not a fan of Chevy 1/2 ton trucks and the bailout, but 6,000 vehicles is chump change". I made that comment to emphasize the point that even though I'm not a GM fan, this isn't a big recall and slagging this recall is silly at best.

Now - on to Toyota. They did not recieve an "aid package" as in the purchase of worthless stock, and/or free gift line of credits, and/or free interest loans, and/or the ability to walk away from 100 billion in debt. They were given low interest loans. Every big company on this planet gets low interest loans, tax breaks, and incentives and subsidies. None of that is considered (insert the word you hate here). There is another huge difference between Toyta and GMC and that is between the countries involved - Japan and the USA. The loan came from Japan's state-backed Japan Bank for International Cooperation or JBIC. JBIC has $1 trillion of foreign exchange reserves. Say that sentance over and over again until it sinks in. JBIC has $1 trillion of foreign exchange reserves. Unlike the USA that has borrowed billions now trillions of dollars, Japan has a trillion in the bank. So, in effect, you cannot compare Toyota's loan to GMC's 100 million "aid package" or Japan with a trillion in reserve to USA with $15.476 trillion debt. It works out to 102.6 percent of the gross domestic product or $49,762.06 for every man, woman and child in the USA.
I'm not slagging the USA or GMC. You want to quote facts then quote facts. Those facts are damned ugly.

Back on topic - this isn't a big recall. Every company has recalls. Most industry experts predict that recalls will get larger and larger because of shared components. Recalls are often issued for potential problems. This sounds like a potential problem.

The GMC bailout was not a right wing aid package. It was a liberal package. Right wingers are for limited goverment and against bailouts. McCain, Bush and Obama are not right wing. They are liberals.

I am a 1st gen Arab-American and GM built my family as well as other American companies. The American auto manufacturing built this country without them we would be nothing. I support American auto manufacturing and we Americans should support them too. Over the years I have noticed when a Japanese vehicle has a problem people just turned the other way but when one of Our own had a problem people hated on Us. Yeah I know we have gotten stabbed by Our own but give Our own a chance. I have owned and seen numerous American vehicles with well over 200k miles with same engine and trans. So we need to step up and help each other since Our own govt is not helping us.

Oxi - Toyota didn't fail because they have been getting bailouts for decades. Wake up and smell the coffee. Don't act like your stuff doesn't stink.

And another thing whenever Toyota has a recall how come you are so quick to dimiss it and say it is fake? Nobody else does this. But whenever ANY other company has a recall you blow it way out of proporption. What is wrong with you? I think you are a little bit crazy and need help.

YOU are a hypocrite and an extremist or a crazy person. I can at least look at the recalls and take them for face value for what they are - recalls. You on the other hand act like any Toyota recall isn't a recall. You are a joke and the biggest CLOWN or crazy person on

Lou - Thanks for the comments. Every company has recalls. You can say that again.

If GM put the Express on the new boxed HD frame, with the LML Duramax, LTZ dash, it would be on to a winner.

@Dave - Thanks for the update. My bad for totally misunderstanding USA political parties. I thought McCain, and Bush Senior and Junior were in office under the Republican banner. Did I get it backwards? Republicans are Liberals? Right wingers for Obama? Go Obama, Go. One more term Hoorah.....
Ultimately, all politicians (with a few rare exceptions) are kleptocrats, they seek status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.
As far as the "right wing aid package", that is not what I said. I've seen right wing sites take an apologistic" stance on the "aid package" to GMC by pointing out Japanese "aid" and/or other countries "aiding" their domestic industries. I never said it was a "right wing aid package". But at the end of the day, whatever floats your boat.

"The GMC bailout was not a right wing aid package. It was a liberal package. Right wingers are for limited goverment and against bailouts. McCain, Bush and Obama are not right wing. They are liberals."

Dave - very true. Liberals have infected our country from all sides.

For the record, I have never defended the bailouts. I am THE ONLY ONE on here who has stated publicly that 1) GM and Chrysler should pay back all the money we lost or will lose on the bailouts and 2) and they should never take another bailout. When I brought this up people on here said they should not have to pay it back because it was money owed by the "old" GM and "old" Chrysler. This is so exasperating!!!

@Sierra - thanks for the clarification. I fully agree. I like the fact that you are willing to explain or clarify your opinions. My apologies for assuming you were just a "rebadged" Bob.

Lou - You have it backwards. Republicans are NOT right wing. Republicans are moderates who reach across to the liberals. Many times they are referred to as RINO's or Republicans In Name Only. They are a few conservative right wing Republicans but they were not the ones asking for the bailout. Obama and Bush are liberals. But Obama is Bush on steroids.

Conservative sites are NOT taking an apolgistic stance to the bailouts. You will find this on sites like huffington post or democrat underground which are liberal...

If Japan can bail out Toyota for decades we can save GM

@Sierra - I' m well aware of the wide spectrum of ideology that may exist under one banner ie. Repub or Dems. I'm playing with words for effect. Most will broadly categorize Democrats as liberal or left wing and Republicans as Conservative or right wing. Right wing or left wing should be used more appropriately to express the extreme ends of the spectrum. Most people if they look at the facts are willing to concede that a path somewhere in the middle is the best approach. Yes, you can be a left wing type and fall under the Republican banner or be republican in name only. Point is, by what ever term you chose, there are Republicans, Democrats, left wingers, right wingers etc. that will find a way to rationalize the "aid package" that GMC recieved.
Funny how " The bailout is NOT part of the topic here." has turned into a discussion about USA political views, political parties and dare I say "bailouts".
I don't mind.
This is more entertaining than a poorly hardened Pitmann arm.

Readers at

A GM van had a steering defect. It has been been recalled. Every company has recalls. End of story! This isn't a politics discussion board. I am sorry to have gotten involved in it, but let's STOP ALL THE OFF-TOPIC POSTINGS!

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