Small Trucks Debut at British Truck Show

Fiat Doblo Work Up II

By Larry Edsall

You might want to pay attention to the Commercial Vehicle Show from April 24 to 26 in Birmingham, England, where a couple of new pickup truck-style vehicles will be showcased.

Or maybe you shouldn’t pay attention to the show, because all it might do is to get your hopes up that someone from somewhere might bring another truly compact pickup truck to the United States sometime.

We know that most of you believe anything short of full size isn’t a real pickup truck. But think back not that long ago to the popularity of the Nissan Hardbody, the Toyota Hilux-based pickup, the Ford Ranger and other compacts of that ilk — vehicles that were both entry-level work trucks and inexpensive enough to provide an affordable platform for customization and personalization.

Fiat will use England’s Commercial Vehicle Show to showcase its new Doblo Cargo van, a European competitor for vehicles such as the Ford Transit van.

The Doblo Cargo is available in various configurations, including the Work Up, whose pickup-style “load box” is 7.5 feet long, just short of 6 feet wide and can carry 2,200 pounds.

And that’s not all. There’s a subfloor storage area for tools, too.

Oh, and one more thing. The sides of the cargo box are hinged to turn the little truck into a flatbed.

The Work Up’s side steps make access to the bed easier, and a panel behind the cab not only provides a protective screen over the rear window, but it also serves as the base for the front portion of a ladder or cargo rack.

“All these features make the Doblo Work Up ideal for agriculture, construction, maintenance or city parks services sectors,” Fiat said in a statement. “It is ideal for the transport of frames and glass and can take, for example, three Euro pallets or 33 boxes of fruit.”

Work Up buyers can select MultiJet diesel engines that range from a 90-horsepower 1.3-liter to a 135-hp 2.0-liter that pumps out 235 pounds-feet of torque. Yet it is rated at 50.4 mpg thanks in part to its standard stop/start technology. (When the vehicle is stopped at a traffic light, the engine shuts off to save fuel.)

And if the Fiat 500 is being built in Mexico and is imported into the United States, why not the Doblo Cargo and Work Up? While not making any promises, a representative for Chrysler said the company is looking at the Doblo Cargo for possible U.S. distribution.

The Great Wall Steed

Great Wall Steed II
The Great Wall Steed, a crew cab-style pickup from China, will make its British debut at the show. Great Wall says it wants to be the first Chinese automaker selling vehicles in volume in the U.K., where it is launching 40 dealerships. 

Great Wall says the Steed will have a 2.0-liter diesel engine, six-speed transmission and “selectable on the move” four-wheel drive as well as “the lowest insurance ratings of any vehicle in the pick-up segment.” It will have a base price of 13,998 British pounds, or about $22,200 (at current exchange rates).

Great Wall has been building pickup trucks for nearly 35 years. It already sells pickups in Italy, where it offers both single cab and crew-cab configurations.


@TRX4 Tom. The Brakes fitted to the vehicle has to be adequate to stop the vehicle given its GTM or GVWR, within a required distance at certain speeds, otherwise it cannot be registered. . A US 1/2 ton must do something similar. ANCAP is the Federal Authority that does this. US Data is used to Authorize US vehicles to be registered.
In some cases US vehicles have to be modified to meet the Australian standards, as it may be proven they do not. There are also standards for LHD to RHD Conversions and legal lighting and signalling.

@TRX4 Tom, They do sell mainly ,current US HD Pickups in Australia ,virtually all diesel. There are restrictions to the number as US Diesel regulations are not legal in Australia.

TRX4 Tom, No '.Hey Charger Magazine"related to the 1970's Valiant Charger.
Examples of a current importers of New US Pickups, very much a profitable cottage industry.
Most people import slightly older vehicles as they are cheaper. or a lot cheaper

According to their report, troopers on Sunday investigated the theft of a catalytic converter that was taken from a 2011 Toyota Tacoma sometime between Friday, April 6th and Sunday, April 8th.

Nice Truck Show.. Both are good.

The bed is also reported to be almost 5' wide which means the entire cab has to be only marginally narrower, which makes it at least as wide as most compact sedans and coupes today. That may be too narrow for some, but I love the fact that you can fit a 4'x8' sheet of plywood between the rails and still have room left over.

I'm not sure who's winning that race, but it looks like Great Wall beat Mahindra into the UK, while Mahindra got to Italy before GW. But last I heard, GW has stolen market share from Mahindra in Australia, so maybe someone down there can correct me on that.

Now that Mahindra has blown its chance to enter the US for now, GW will likely take advantage of the situation. The three year startup time has many reasons. Reason 1 has already been pointed out by many here, the Steed is indeed a copy of the GM Colorado/Isuzu D-Max, because the D-Max has served as the basis for most Chinese pickus, as well as the Nissan Hardbody/Frontier and Toyota Hilux. We here in the US are more sensitive to copycats than mos other countries, and with the new Colorado just around the corner, GW's plan is to hope that the current Colorado will be a memory once the Steed hits the market. Second is US testing and certification for safety and emissions. Third is to find a manufacturing site in North America, since the chicken tax will make the truck too expensive. Mexico is the preferred site, although they may scout abandoned US plants also. And then they need to set up a dealer network. That may be the easiest part, since there are a lot of dealers anxious to get a cheaper brand to sell. I wouldn't be surprised if any of the intended Mahindra dealers toss their hat into the ring, as long as John Perez and Global Vehicles don't get involved.

The reason that these smaller trucks will not be brought over to America has too do with the price, not even factoring chicken tax and canges to meet EPA standrards, they are so expensive, the base model steed cost $22000 a base silvarado cost $22195, The Ford Ranger xl 4x2 2.2TDCi starts at GBP 14,753, or 23,417 USD and tops out for a wildtrak 3.2TDCi DOuble cab at GBP 24,278 or 38,536 USD.

please give us full data for this car and how much ?

how much for this car please?

Perfectly small trucks, Really enjoyed about information.

Thanks for posting... hope this truck helpful to logistic sector.

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