The Ultimate Pickup From Rolls-Royce

Rolls Truck IIIllustration Copyright: Theophilus Chin/Chris Doane Automotive

Ever wonder what the most expensive pickup in the history of the world might look like? We suspect it's only a matter of time before the likes of Rolls-Royce jumps into the highly profitable world of luxury pickups, especially since Ford and Ram have come out with the new over-the-top Platinum and Laramie Limited trim packages. Still, we're guessing neither of those two models could hold a candle to what a specialty luxury brand like Rolls-Royce could do.

No, this is not a real model that some sheik near Dubai ordered from a catalog. But we thought it might be an interesting idea to look at.

The original idea came from the new Rolls-Royce Phantom B12 hearse from Italian coach builder Biemme Special Cars, which has become world-renowned for making ultraluxury hearses and custom performance vehicles. The Phantom B12 hearse is just over 23 feet long with an awkwardly long wheelbase. Our Phantom Pickup B12 has a shorter wheelbase and is just under 21 feet long.

Other wish-list details to this "Phantasy Phantom" include military-quality air suspension and a sophisticated Borg-Warner TOD transfer case. Under the hood, many would assume the BMW-sourced 6.75-liter V-12 would work fine, especially since it's rated at 453 horsepower and 530 pounds-feet of torque, but we'd opt for the engine upgrade and go with the 9.0-liter V-16 Ultimate Tow Package. We'd guess the overall weight of such a luxury pickup truck would clock in around 6,500 pounds, depending on various interior option packages.

Pricing for the Biemme B12 was announced at well over $600,000, so we'd assume the bigger engine and more flexible body package would price out closer to $700,000 if someone could persuade Biemme or Rolls Royce to give the new model a try. Feel free to offer up your own name for the RR ultimate option package.

Could there be anything more luxurious than a Diamond Supreme Ultra-Platinum option package?

Our Phantom Pickup B12:

Rolls Truck rear II

Rolls-Royce Phantom B12 hearse:

Rolls Phantom Hearse


Now that's what I need....a Rolls Royce El Camino....


I'd rather drive a Ford Super Duty Platinum...right over that monstrosity!

that has got to be the ugliest piece of ^&*(
even the v12 seems gutless when compared to our v8s?

It makes perfect sense.

The few that can still afford a pickup are the super rich and the oil barons.

It's horrible.

I wonder if those snobs in Florida would allow THIS pickup to be parked outside of the garage??

No, thats a car with an open Trunk, I think Rolls Royce could do a real pickup, V-12, higher ride height, bigger tires and it would look pretty clutch.

Given it's a RR, there would be no option packages. As for the name: Rolls-Royce Phantom Cheshire Estate.

Look another King Ranch / Long Horn / Denali / Linc / Cadi / truck all built for and driven by the 1% at the top of the food chain. Most of us have a hard time just filling the fuel tank on our 15 plus year old rusty wrecks.

Stop with the Obama 1% classwarfare nonsense. Speak for yourself. A King Ranch is only $5k more than a FX4 and can be had by anyone if you work hard.

Funny concept. Who is the photo shop expert? Most people who by RR Phantoms are driven round by a chauffeur. That would kill the pickup idea right off the bat.

An FX4 is a lux truck, 45K for a pickup lets, get real.

A FX may appear to be a luxury truck when compared to a Chevy. Any idiot can get one in the $30's which is pretty much standard for any new full-size vehicle.

@Donny - depends on your point of view. My XLT SuperCrew isn't all that fancy by truck standards but as far as I'm concerned it is "loaded". Most people don't pay msrp. I got 12 k off the price of mine. I bought a new one for the same price as a used truck. My brother in law bought a Platinum a few years before me. That was in 2008 when the economy tanked. He got 17,000 dollars off. That is why he got it. The price put it right in range with middle level trim packaged trucks. If a guy wants to spend 60,000 - 80,000 dollars on a truck to carry golf bags and groceries, that is their choice.

Lincoln closed the Mark LT Truck. Chevy Avalance and Cadillac Escalade EST sales are going down. SUVs are lot more functional with 3rd row seat than these Pickups.

This will not sell. I would buy a Tesla Model S for 87K and keep the remaining money in my pocket rather than buying this ugly thing.

@ mobile69,

I am a Janintor and make $230,000 per year !! If you work hard and have a brain you too can make it !! I never went past grade 12 !!Yes,$230,000 a year as a JANITOR !!! I do own my very small Janitorial Company, but non the less I am a Janitor making $230,000 per year.. So,if you work hard you will drive new trucks/cars old classics as I do.Stop being a victim...I know most people are not as smart as I am so therefore they rely on government handouts and cry about the so-called 1%.I just wish people would stop crying about themselves,how much do you spend on booze,smokes,eating out ? There you go cut down on spending if you cannot make a living for yourself,and are not smart enough to make extra money,stop crying you got what you deserve !! Nobody got rich by working for someone else !! Not many executives earning millions so do what I did,I started by buying fixing older vehicles selling them at a huge PROFIT,and saved enough money and then realized I needed more so I started my own business,a few years later I am making a good decent living !! If you dont have enough smarts to start some kind of business,get a second job,look around for a better job on your down time,if you live in a low income town,move to a place with better income and people with teeth !!!


I wouldnt say it guttless,it has 530 ftlbs torque and 453 horsepower !

If a Mopar/GM/Ford truck had that engine it would run mid 5's 0-60 and 13's in the 1/4 ! Remember why old american cars were so powerful..they had close/over 500 ftlbs torque !!! And they ran 12 second 1/4 miles when equipt with slicks as original 14" tires spun like you were on ice !!

I wish I could get a new Ram 1500 hemi with 453 hp and 530 torque,what a monster it would be,as the Ram R/T runs 5.5 0-60 and high 13's in the 1/4 with the 390 hp /407 torque Hemi...

Sure any if the big three could build a truck
With such numbers tq and hp but
Sadly our government is run by incompetent
Who want us to drive prius and sonic with gutless engines
In order to use less gas.

I don't know I guess when everybody else
Runs out of gas? It kinda makes sence?

@ Big Roy ,

Yep gov are fools...We have more oil than Saudi Arabia just in the state of Colorado alone !!!!!!

There is enough oil to last several hundred generations of people !! Furthermore,there is no man made global warming..The Earth isnt going to dry up and shrink like shriveled grape as the left says it well..remember by 2010 (2 years ago) both the East and west Coasts were suposed to be under water ! It never happened obviously !

This is an early April fools. It has to be, lol!

@Cb - agreed. This was simply a photoshop exercise.

This Fuc*in truck is HIDIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

This truck isn't that would be nice to have a truck of that type of luxury.

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