Toyota's 100 Cars For Good Giveaway 2012

Toyota is conducting its 100 Cars For Good program again this year, giving away 100 vehicles to nonprofit groups in need of support vehicles. Winners will be selected through public voting on Facebook. Application materials and complete program info are available at

"At Toyota, we appreciate what a big difference a new car or truck can make for organizations that are doing so much to improve lives and strengthen communities across America," said Jim Lentz, newly appointed president and chief operating officer of Toyota Motor Sales. "Over the past 20 years, Toyota has contributed more than half a billion dollars to nonprofits throughout the U.S. 100 Cars for Good allows us to build on that commitment in new ways, putting the public in the 'driver's seat' as we work to help community organizations broaden their impact in neighborhoods nationwide."

Applications will be accepted for two weeks or until the website reaches its 5,000-form limit. A panel of experts will select the finalists, who will be notified in April. Finalists will then submit a short video explaining how a new vehicle would help further their work; all will be featured on the program's website.

Voting for the finalists will begin May 14 at with five organizations up for consideration each day for 100 straight days. The four runners-up each day will each get a $1,000 grant from Toyota.

Finalists will be eligible for one of six Toyota models: Camry Hybrid, Highlander, Prius v, Sienna, Sienna Mobility or Tundra. Our guess is that many groups will apply for the Tundra, as it's most likely capable of being the strongest worker for their hard-working needs.

For more information and to view Toyota's video, click here



Good cause! Always good to see a big company giving back.

Great on Toyota's part.

Kudos to Toyota. They have been a good corporate citizen in Kentucky and have provide lots of good jobs.


Good job Toyota. To bad a good cheer story has to get trolled.


I love how when a hated company does some good, there is always some ignorant idiot being an idiot. Like them or not, what they are doing is for a good cause. I hate GM. But I would give them much respect if they helped the community.

I don't hate any corporation that is a good corporate citizen and provides jobs.

Tax write off,it costs Toyota no cash to do this !

Example,with my business my new Dodge truck costs me $ I can write it off and the cost of fuel is written off.But then again I drive/spend more per month than most people earn in a year !

Once again companies give away things because it costs them less to do so,either give away 100 cars or pay more than that in income tax at the end of the fiscal year ! Furthermore, its a great advertisement,plus most people are uneducated in the business world and think companies/Toyota does this out of the goodness of their heart,but it is a benefit to Toyota to give away 100 vehicles,they pay less tax.

If Toyota/any other company couldnt write things off they wouldnt give away as many big ticket items as they do,ever wonder how sports teams sell out their box seats to businesses,because of a tax write off.

Now I am not saying businesses who have tax write offs dont pay taxes,I pay more income tax than most people earn in a year ! As Toyota pays millions in corporate income tax,so giving companies a break really helps and we can do good by giving crap away.

So they cannot even give them things away.

I'm going to fill out an applicaiton for the Prius.

Of course if they're doing it for a tax write off, they're obviously making money, or else they wouldn't be paying income tax.

Making money is something the others should try.

This may surprise you but im not going to bash you for that comment. Their will always be somebody who doesnt like something or someone no matter what they do and when it comes to Toyota you are one of those individuals. I am one of those people when it comes to GM's precious 5.3L Vortec because I thnk it sucks.

Their not selling trucks, so they can give them away..... just joking..... Kudos to Toyota for helping out! Respect that!

yep good of toyota for doing that, but I do remember when Chevy gave away lots of new Silverados h when there was a catastrophy in the south? didn't we read about that in toyota isn't the only one, Ford?

@sandman - There is plenty of taxpayer bailout money to go around.

Looks like a fake Lou has surfaced again.

Sure Toyota gets to write it off, but don't you think there are other ways that a massive corporation like Toyota can write off or write down taxes that are more cost effective?
They are doing good.
Isn't that all that matters?

This wasn't posted by me. Fake Lou trying to cause trouble.

@sandman - There is plenty of taxpayer bailout money to go around.

Posted by: Lou | Mar 12, 2012 3:53:41 PM

@Canadian Dodge Ram--Lou has a point at least some good came out of the tax write off and yes it is advertising for Toyota. That's good too. As for Chevy yes they did give away lots of Silverados in the South for the devastating tornados which is commendable too and should deserve publicity as well. Parts of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio were struck by tornados a little over a week ago and the out pouring of help has been a real blessing for those folks. If Ford and RAM do the same thing this is good too. I cannot think of a better publicity campaign and it is a "Win Win" for both the corporation and the recipients. Bravo!!

@Canadian Dodge RAM Owner !

Wow--you make a post about folks "uneducated in business" but you are the one that doesn't understand business/taxes and can't even say something positive when a company does good.

A tax write off DOES cost a company money--it only saves its marginal tax rate.

Being someone that "pay more income taxes than most people earn in a year", I would have thought you understood this, but then again, you drive a Fiat... .

It looks like the other Lou is posting again. I will know be called Real Deal Lou. My comment about the bailout money was not meant to cause controversy. Call it karma if you wish. The reason I am applying for the Hondra Prius is because of the green jobs innitiative pushed by Obama. LOL.

Does anyone know how to form a 501 c company?

I agree with oxi...

GM needed a BAILOUT check to survive

Stop corporate welfare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toyota should learn how to make vehicles that don't need a lot of recalls before they donate them to charities.

@sandman - There is plenty of taxpayer bailout money to go around.

This is The Real Lou.

I believe Toyota and Japan got a big bail out from America. They called it WWII and the rebuilding of a country.

Do you people know how much the goverment pays farmers not to farm? Giving a few $$$ to auto and banks is nothing.

Watch the Partner One video. Start saving money today and grow your business with Partner One.

Toyota will get as much positive exposure form this program, costing $3-4mil or more, than from a few minutes of Superbowl advertising. Only in this case, the spoils go to deserving charities, instead of advertising agencies (OK, they're paying someone something to put all this together)and TV networks. It would be great to see other companies do more of this kind of thing.

@5.3L LOL

Are you 7 and having issues with grammar? You make Toyota lovers like myself and the Japanese scientists who design the high quality machines hang our heads in shame.

In the sentence "Their will always be somebody who doesnt like something or someone no matter what they do and when it comes to Toyota you are one of those individuals." If you knew anything you would have used THERE and not THEIR.
Also when you said, "I am one of those people when it comes to GM's precious 5.3L Vortec because I thnk it sucks."
I ignored the missing i in think, but that sentence makes no sense at all my 5 year old cousin can form better sentences on paper then what I have seen here, I will assume you are angry and shaking when you type, but please don't make us real Toyota lovers look like fools. THANK YOU

@PUTC Community
These comments were taken from the Spied! 2014 Silverado/Sierra Winter Testing article.

I believe that Toyota has hired Japanese scientists to design awesome trucks, these scientists were trained and also have vast knowledge of how to make speed and power a dynamic force that's all behind the i-force design, meaning intelligent force, all thanks to the Japanese scientists

Posted by: Toyota truck drift masters | Jan 24, 2012 12:06:04 PM

If you noticed he did not put an a after vast and before knowledge and the last line of that comment their was no punctuation used nor was one used on the last line of this comment:

Well I know for a fact that Ford are not top in quality, I have many truck mags with proof, as well as Toyota information that I have found over the years. Toyota has actual scientists designing their trucks, not only for power and speed, but for all around looks, they are above the rim in style and aerodynamics, the scientists use wind tunnels and compare all of the trucks and seen that the air flow around the Tundras show purity in form, the Fords however were as if they had parachutes. The scientists know a lot more then some mechanics at Ford

Posted by: Toyota truck drift masters | Jan 24, 2012 1:14:16 PM

You did not use any puncuation at the end any of your comments that you posted. I could say that you do not know that basic rule of puncuation that we all learnded in elementry. Also you might want to read again the first line of the second of your comments that I posted I could assess that your grasp on the English language is less than satisfactory.
I find more often than not that when most people bash others for language is often not because of bad grammar but for the simple fact that they want to make someone seem dumb because they cant handle the fact that someone has an opion different then their own and in this case it was the love for Toyota.

That should be elementary in a rush we all make mistakes.

Sounds like a great program!


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