Video Highlights: 2012 Work Truck Show

We walked the 2012 Work Truck Show in search of some cool and interesting trucks. We know you probably couldn't make the trek to Indianapolis this year, so we thought we'd bring you some of the highlights with this video.

For a more thorough look at what the show had to offer, click here. And for a look at the other big announcements at the show, click on Ford EcoBoost, General Motors, or Ram Truck to get the full details.



The F250 SD should look like that 650 from the front.....

Are you really going to take that 30K paint job into the bush?
CNG with a 650Mi range. Cool. Standard cab only. Bummer.
The Avenger could be converted to Citizen use like the Hummer was.

@Steve Harris. Agree , you are not going to take something like that too far off road.
Quite a few of those work trucks would not work locally. A Triton V10 F650 would have local government financial departments running for the hills in Australia. What produces cost saving in the US, would be the exact opposite here.

I can't see anyone wanting a F650 with a gas engine. My dad started out trucking with single axle gas trucks in the '50s. Fuel was cheep but even then everyone went to tandem axle diesel trucks. Does it come with a CNG option?

Similar history in Australia. I think they died out in the early 1960's

Just in, the new Ram will be getting a new digital gauge cluster. The new 8 inch touchscreen found in the Dart and 300. And start and stop system for city driving.

Nice too see the face behind the name.

steve watch the program again, it said i that the truck was a bi- fuel truck, meaning it will run on gas and CNG, AND it will only be available in Ext cab 2500, 2X4 and 4X4. NOt reg cab

650 whit gas you save what ,,,this is a international frame,dont be stupid keep the diesel engine ,or be prepare to pay for the gas price...

There is a market for the gas F650. Our town is about 5 miles square so the town guys really don'rt go very far where fuel use is an issue. They mentioned municipalites in the article and that will be the market. Not for hauling loads on a long run. If the initial cost is $7500 - $10,000 less than diesel and they keep the trucks till resale value is zero, I can see towns and cities buying these.

Exactly. As emissions regulations have increased, prices for diesels have gone up 36% on average. What that means is it will cost you about $8,000.00 more for the diesel. The question you have to ask is: What would you do if you had an extra $8000 in your pocket? The new 6 speed engine will also help with fuel economy. Ford is reporting this gas engine will get within 10% of the fuel economy of the diesel engine. The latest national average for fuel shows diesel costing $.30 more than gas plus you'll pay´╗┐ an extra $8,000 for a diesel over a gas engine at purchase time. Ford is betting states (many of which are facing budget problems) will opt for a lower-priced truck that runs on gas instead of diesel. Plus they are not giving up much capability with a gross weight rating of 30k and combined rating of 33k.

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