What Percentage of Your Truck Is Made in America?

AMI Ford F-150 II

For seven years, Cars.com has been collecting data from various sources to determine which vehicles are the "most American" — meaning which ones have the highest percentage of its parts content produced in the U.S. and Canada. 

Cars.com's American-Made Index rates the top 10 vehicles that are built and bought in the U.S. Each year, as you might imagine, the results are very interesting. For the past several years, the No. 1 vehicle has been the Toyota Camry, which is built in Kentucky and Indiana. Among the criteria for a vehicle to make the AMI is that it must have at least 75 percent domestic parts content.  

Cars.com puts it this way in its 2011 AMI report: "In today's global economy, there's no easy way to determine just how American a car is. Many cars built in the U.S., for example, are assembled using parts that come from elsewhere. Some cars assembled in the U.S. from largely American-made parts don't sell well, meaning fewer Americans are employed to build them. Cars.com's American-Made Index recognizes cars that are built here, have a high amount of domestic parts and are bought in large numbers by American consumers."

Detroit's full-size pickups didn't make it into the AMI that year: "The F-150 held a commanding No. 1 spot in the first three years that we've compiled the index, with domestic parts content as high as 90 percent. Alas, today's Michigan- and Missouri-built F-150 bears only 60 percent domestic content rating. Similarly, the Chevrolet Silverado, which held second place for much of the F-150's reign, has just 61 percent domestic content. Chrysler's Ram 1500 pickup's 70 percent domestic content fares better, but it still falls short of the AMI's 75-percent cutoff."

This year, the Toyota Tundra and Ford F-Series will be eligible for the AMI because both have 75 percent domestic parts content, according to current data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For the F-Series, that's 15 percentage points better than a year ago. The Tundra was the only pickup in the 2011 index, ranking eighth among all cars and trucks. As for the Ridgeline, these are preliminary numbers but they are likely to be close. Domestic parts content for the Ram and Chevy Silverado are relatively unchanged from a year ago, and are well below the cutoff. Keep in mind, though, that the domestic parts content among some models can shift wildly year to year.

Here are the rankings for 2012, according to the most recent NHTSA info. (We should note some models could be missing because their data was not reported or is combined with other models.) 

AMI Pickup Chart

The ratings come from the domestic-parts content labels that appear on window stickers as a result of the American Automobile Labeling Act, which requires that virtually every new car display the percentage, by cost, of its parts that originated in the U.S. and Canada. Where we designated a tie, we listed according to alphabetical order. 

Again, we should note, this is not an exact science and there are several factors that go into current AMI scoring, but we'll get the full story when the rankings are published later in July.


Ford wins again. The best selling American truck is more American than the rest!
P.S. good job Toyota and Honda.....GM you fail again

LOL is there anything Ford is not #1 at?

Ok, so 75+15% is 90%, where does the last 10% come from?

Ford is #1 yet again. Chevy really became a joke didn't it?.. The "Heartbeat of America" my ass. No wonder their trucks have turned to garbage since 1998. Maybe Govt.MotorsCo. needs more money to buy American Made parts?? Even the Mexican built Dodge is better. GM/GMC/Buick just needs to become a Chinese company already, give Chevrolet back to America and get lost.

Here we go again, I am not so closed minded as to care were my trucks are made, just as long as they are made by a good old American company. Whit that said, it is probbably a good idea that some are made in Mexico, if there people, are able to make a good living in there own country, it is not very likely that they would be frorced to pick up and travel north of the border to find a better living here, with all the social problem that come with it. And as far as the imports are concerned, do you realy think that they are producing there products here out of the goodnes of there hearts? hell no, they find that labor costs and tax incentives are much better here than at home. Not one of them are paying union wages, or any form of health care and retirement bennys that the American manu. have with there UAW contracts. I wonder how many Obummer supportes (voters) will not buy an American (Chevy GMC, Dodge/Chrysler product), but think that one of his lame Ideas about bailouts and sutch are great. I have never and Will never vote in that way, or support there party, but I will put my $$$ were my mouth is and support the American companies any way I can.

GM/GMC/Buick just needs to become a Chinese company already, give Chevrolet back to America and get lost.

@FordTrucks1- THIS!!! I Hate GMC and Buick. Nothing but a Chinese brand now and a always has been Chevrolet rip-off. For Once I agree with a screwball Ford enthusiast. Long Live Chevrolet!

Nice job Obummer... My tax funded Silverado that's made in Mexico is still at the bottom of the list. Pathetic. Screw GM'C'. It's my last truck from Government Motors I can tell you that. Ford is at the top of my list with Dodge as a close second now.

This explains the cheap ass interiors and cheap tin foil sheet metal on the Silverado's and Sierra's. I'd about bet anything they get Most of their parts from China. Fox News should report this. I know for a fact that when I got new tires on my Silverado the rims said "Made In China" right on the inside of them. It made me so sick I wanted to dump that pos that day if only I could have afforded to. 2 Japanese trucks are ahead of America's Truck (supposedly). That's sickening and just wrong.. How far Chevrolet has fallen. I really can't stomach GM anymore for what they've done. They ruined Chevrolet and took my tax dollars. There's nothing to like about them anymore.

I am a Tundra owner and always proud to see my truck near the top, but good job, Ford, for putting American content back into the F-150 where it belongs. Also pleased to see the Tacoma up from 50% a few years ago to 70% now. Nice, Toyota. General Motors--either fix your lack of American parts or stop showing commericals about how good you are for the country and blah, blah, blah.

Nice to see Chevy at the bottom of the list. LOL... And moparman, I changed my name.

Good job Ford and even Toyota! I've always said the New Big 3 for trucks in the future were Ford, Dodge and Toyota. For 30+ years I drove Chevrolet trucks and cars, never again thanks to GM. This only proves you can work your way out of a hard mess the old fashioned way. Ford didn't even have to resort to Mexico and China to do so. They kept them right here at home. It makes me proud te be an American when we still have 1 company doing right by the folks.

@FordTrucks! - I agree with you. I've followed this from day one and the Only reason GM needed all of that money was to prop up China operations for Buick. And the only reason GMC exists is because of Buick so China can still function so Opel can still function. It pisses me off to no end that GM was allowed to do this with my tax dollars. I've always supported Chevrolet and Cadillac. No More!

Great article Mark! Thank you.

women like to drive a ford ,and real man gm and dodge//working truck ,,,,but to go do your grocery better a ford you have the real man step,lolll

How about we get a breakdown of the research and development costs that stay in the USA for each vehicle - where billions upon billions are spent by Ford, GM and Chrysler supporting thousands of their own workforce and hundreds of smaller companies to carry out this research and testing. Not to mention the intellectual property generated by actual American engineers, scientists, researchers, etc. that trickle down into every aspect of our daily lives. Material and manufacturing, while not insignificant, are not the most important part of why we should support domestic manufactures, it's the highly skilled and specialized jobs (white and blue collar) that are going make sure we don't simply become a consumer society relying on the rest of the world for any type of innovation or advancement because we can't do it for ourselves anymore.

Not one of them are paying union wages, or any form of health care and retirement bennys that the American manu. have with there UAW contracts.

- Who cares Why they do it? At least They're doing it unlike GM. And it's not the taxpayers responsibility to support the damn Unions. It's sickening and wrong. We too drove Chevrolets for decades but "GM" has really ruined that experience for us. That whole GM company is damaged goods.

This explains the cheap ass interiors and cheap tin foil sheet metal on the Silverado's and Sierra's.

@GregSmith. You're just now learning this? They've been this way since the GMT-800's took production! Pure junk those trucks were! Nothing but rust buckets and fisher price plastic. They only got Worse with the GMT-900's. That whole line of trucks has been pathetic for years. What was once the absolute best became the absolute bottom of the barrell worst. And they wonder why their truck reputation is in the toilet? It's beyond repair.. Nice article though as always Mark!

It's funny...pre 2008 none of you cared where your truck was made and where the parts came from. Now, it's a big deal all of the sudden. It's too late AMERICA! You've sold your souls.

But at least this will fuel up people like FordTrucks1 so he can tell everybody how wonderful it feels that his truck is 12% more American :)
It's outta be good,

My truck was made in Mexico and I don't care!!! :)

what a waste of time on your website

really, what a stupid incomplete type of message and waste of space

I noticed the old Super Duty didn't make the list, probably due to the Mexican built Powerstroke 6.7L diesel. I'll give those Mexican guys credit, they build a much better diesel than those Navistar guys ever did.

I'm so sorry 13 percent ;)

Actually NO HD's were on the list.

@Greg J "Ok, so 75+15% is 90%, where does the last 10% come from?"
It's called cost cutting - save a few percent of each vehicle's components by not installing them, and viola! the plant has components to build a free vehicle! This increases profit, but reduces customer satisfaction. A quick look at the list (how much less than 100% of a vehicle you're getting) tells you how satisfied the customer will be.

Actually, I have not idea...

Sorry, a typo; should be "no idea"

This stuff is funny because hardly any of you considered this info when you were on the lot and bought your truck. This is just some info you can throw in the face of the other guy to make yourself feel better about your choice and make others feel worse about theirs (which doesnt work on me because I dont care I just buy what I like). When you buy what you like info like this doesnt matter because you will still like it no matter what the next guy says.

As I was looking at that table again I kept thinking that I've seen Ford, Toyota and Honda ranked 1,2,3 somewhere before. And then it dong on me! Do you guys think that it's just a coincidence that those 3 are the most recalled auto makers?
All 3 had over 3 million recalls last year. Do you think that it had something to do with that 75% US part content?
Now that I think of it. I remember why I was kind of glad that my truck was made in Mexico.


Hey bud, we already know what your intentions are.

Glad your happy!

Haha...good one. Thanks for a good laugh :)

WHY US/Canada, last time I checked Canada was not a State, any more then Japan, or Mexico is. Granted they are a good neighbor but this report should have shown what part of the trucks actually came from the US. Makes me wonder how the chart would have looked had it been based on US content only.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a big advocate of Sending our jobs to Mexico by any means, nor Canada for that matter.

Since Mexico is also in America same as Canada, why was it not included? I think the chart might have looked a little different????

Hmm, when I check the "percent content of other countries", I don't see an entry for ford. So, where did you get >15% figure? Also, I could not find an entry for the Honda Ridgeline for 2012, but there's an entry for 2011.

Here's the URL for the document I examined:


@Greg. J.: Just wait, if GM and the Feds-didn't the Fed bail out GM?-ever come clean then GM will eclipse all recent recalls:


I never noticed that why is Canada treated like its a state and Mexico is treated like Japan (foreign)?


Anyway LJC,
Thanks for the link you provided, it contains some awesome info.
I did the calculations for the entire brand and here is how the big 3 stack up.
So, percentage of US/(Canada)? part content for each of the US auto makers is:
1. Chrysler - 65.55%
2. GM - 62%
2. Ford - 49.33%

I honestly surprised Toyota wasn't #1 to be honest, I guess Ford listen to the criticisms of not being all American.
But as I recall the NHTSA had Ranked the Ranger at 90% domestic before Ford stopped making them.

Mark Williams is a Ford guy. He probably thought it would look cool if he put '>15%' up there. Right Mark?

As many other have said--it sure is funny how the USA and Canada are combined.

I too agree the chart might look very different if they were shown separately... .

Oh wait, I see why, the Ford 5.0 is made in Canada... that would have dropped it below the Tundra since Tundra engines are made in the USA... .

I will still buy my GM truck because I can rely on it to last over 500,000 miles before I need to replace it. I need to make money with my truck and that is why I buy GM trucks. And that is a fact that I will challenge any other truck owner.

@Greg J.: Yes, I do realize that article was 2 years old.
Here my 2% on recent recalls: the automaker is simply doing the right thing, that is being more proactive than reactive.

I believe this is being done to improve the consumer's perception of the automaker.

To me, GM is still playing the old game. In two years, nothing has come of the investigation I pointed out.

@Greg J
I checked your calculations and you're correct, sir. Over 50% of components on Fords/Lincolns are foreign. I would say it's safe to say that Ford is the only non-American brand here.


Ford guys! I want to hear from you!

@Greg J.: One of the two fuel tank straps to my former GMC Sierra 1500 broke, leaving my fuel tank hanging at a 20% angle. The truck was only 8 years old. GM can add that to their list...

A final note: it seems that when an automaker guns for having the most sales, they're hit with massive recalls; in recent memory, GM and Toyota come to mind. Next it will be VW.

They all have played the same game. It's not fair to ride on GM because Ford, Chrysler and others are guilty of the same practice.
You're right about gunning for most sales and recalls. I thought about that in the past. Maybe it's the feds way of controling the market share.

The GM girlie men are coming out of the woodwork today.

Good job Ford and Toyota!

Hahaha lol @ the above.

They are keeping Ford girly men at bay. Nothing to brag about is there? 49% HAHAHA

Mike's FX4,

Ford is not #1 in quality!

Toyota Camry still #1...

Went to the links above and the Toyota Tundra is the ONLY pickup in the top 10...

Ford F-150 is NOT on the list, what gives with the false reporting on this pro-Ford site?

TUNDRA IS #1 among pickups...

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