What Percentage of Your Truck Is Made in America?

AMI Ford F-150 II

For seven years, Cars.com has been collecting data from various sources to determine which vehicles are the "most American" — meaning which ones have the highest percentage of its parts content produced in the U.S. and Canada. 

Cars.com's American-Made Index rates the top 10 vehicles that are built and bought in the U.S. Each year, as you might imagine, the results are very interesting. For the past several years, the No. 1 vehicle has been the Toyota Camry, which is built in Kentucky and Indiana. Among the criteria for a vehicle to make the AMI is that it must have at least 75 percent domestic parts content.  

Cars.com puts it this way in its 2011 AMI report: "In today's global economy, there's no easy way to determine just how American a car is. Many cars built in the U.S., for example, are assembled using parts that come from elsewhere. Some cars assembled in the U.S. from largely American-made parts don't sell well, meaning fewer Americans are employed to build them. Cars.com's American-Made Index recognizes cars that are built here, have a high amount of domestic parts and are bought in large numbers by American consumers."

Detroit's full-size pickups didn't make it into the AMI that year: "The F-150 held a commanding No. 1 spot in the first three years that we've compiled the index, with domestic parts content as high as 90 percent. Alas, today's Michigan- and Missouri-built F-150 bears only 60 percent domestic content rating. Similarly, the Chevrolet Silverado, which held second place for much of the F-150's reign, has just 61 percent domestic content. Chrysler's Ram 1500 pickup's 70 percent domestic content fares better, but it still falls short of the AMI's 75-percent cutoff."

This year, the Toyota Tundra and Ford F-Series will be eligible for the AMI because both have 75 percent domestic parts content, according to current data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For the F-Series, that's 15 percentage points better than a year ago. The Tundra was the only pickup in the 2011 index, ranking eighth among all cars and trucks. As for the Ridgeline, these are preliminary numbers but they are likely to be close. Domestic parts content for the Ram and Chevy Silverado are relatively unchanged from a year ago, and are well below the cutoff. Keep in mind, though, that the domestic parts content among some models can shift wildly year to year.

Here are the rankings for 2012, according to the most recent NHTSA info. (We should note some models could be missing because their data was not reported or is combined with other models.) 

AMI Pickup Chart

The ratings come from the domestic-parts content labels that appear on window stickers as a result of the American Automobile Labeling Act, which requires that virtually every new car display the percentage, by cost, of its parts that originated in the U.S. and Canada. Where we designated a tie, we listed according to alphabetical order. 

Again, we should note, this is not an exact science and there are several factors that go into current AMI scoring, but we'll get the full story when the rankings are published later in July.


I guess this should shut up the Toyota guys who claim their Tundra is more american than my F-150.



Ford f-series trucks

Built Ford Tough, without your tax dollars

"Went to the links above and the Toyota Tundra is the ONLY pickup in the top 10...

Ford F-150 is NOT on the list, what gives with the false reporting on this pro-Ford site?"

What pro Ford site? Wake up, oxi. That's the 2011 on the links above. 2012 is yet to be posted but this is a preview.

The transit connect is built in turkey and germany. 0% US content

@Sandman - You are correct in as much as the fact that foreign companies aren't here out of the goodness of their hearts. But the so called domestics aren't in business for goodness sake either. When it comes to trucks, the foreign badges are here due to the "chicken tax". The domestics have sold out the middle class for cheep Mexican and Asian labour. I'd rather see someone in North America getting $35 an hour from a Japanese company than a North American company pay a labourer in China 3 dollars an hour.

@speedy1 - just because a company has a head office in the USA doesn't necessarily mean the R&D is done in the USA. Chevy's new Colorado was engineered by Brazilians and tested and built in Thailand. What about Ford and their "One Global" plan? Most of their new cars are European. Some of Chrysler's cars are Mercedes designs. The Sprinter is Mercedes. How many new Chrysler products will end up coming from Fiat ?

@fleetmgr ,5.3L LOL, Dav - USA government regulations include Canada. The USA/Canada Auto Pact of 1965 is probably why.

I'd have to agree with some as the posters. I didn't look at the location of assembly or even head office when I bought my truck. If I went with "Buy Canadian" first doctrine, I wouldn't own a truck as none of them are Canadian made, and all of them have foreign head offices.

Gm trucks come with a free egg roll with any trucks made and imported from china

dodge trucks are made of recycled soda cans though


dodge truck *tailgates are made of recycled soda cans

At the end of the day, only the profits from GM and Ford end up back in the U.S.
For the record, GM Canada did not go bankrupt. The Canadian government actually helped out the U.S. with loans even though GM moved the Oshawa truck production to the U.S. and Mexico.
It was the right thing to do.

@Joe - Canada was to a great degree blackmailed by GMC and Chrysler. The thinly veiled threat was "give us bailout money or we close up shop and leave." GMC was given a Canadian bailout weighted by the size of the Canadian auto industry. Once they knew the size of the USA bailout Canada kicked in their share. The ironic thing is - the Canadian "Loan" was paid back with USA government TARP money. A USA government line of credit paid GMC's loan off to Canada. Borrowed money paying borrowed money.Thank you. USA taxpayer.

As far as where the profits go, are you so sure? Each company's divisions get a cut of the profits first. Ford Canada gets profits before Ford USA. Chrysler gets a portion of the profits before they go to Fiat. Shareholders get profits as well. China seems to own a large amount of USA debt. They are laughing all of the way to the bank.

To those wondering why its ok that trucks are built in Canada but not Mexico... you ask that as if you dont already know the answer. Canada might as well be the US. Not the same but close enough. Mexico is, well, Mexico. Its dirty and they dont speak english.

Part of the reason both GM and Ford North America , have lost a lot of their global competitiveness. They are outsourcing a lot of their new models to either their European or Australian subsidiaries. Even surprisingly Ford decided to import the Transit, rather than design its own replacement.

Honda Ridgeline most American truck.
Made by Confederate Rednecks in Dixie!

@Tom with a Ranger: I went by the local Ford dealership and looked at the V-6 Rangers STILL SITTING THERE. They had transmisions from France and Japan and engines from Germany. I might have got it backwards, but those three components are from the other side of the ponds. Gotta wonder what configuration you have? The ones I seen were 65% american content. I will stick with my 2010 Dodge Hemi 76% US/Canadian. I would also think Mexico buys some quad a crew cab Rams, built in the staes? But I would doubt many F-series, Rams, Silverados, and Tundras, and those Nissans, end up in Japan, France and Germany.

Funny how the least dependable trucks with the least educated drivers receive praise for their "America" content. Yet the best truck, the longest lasting, made by the company that saved America from Nazi Germany during WW2 get scorned by jealous girlie girls who don't have the education or job to own a first class pick up like a Silveraldo. Ford girls remind me of a ball team down 62 to nothing that scores a touchdown and celebrates defeat like girlie girls. Real men drive Chevy's, sissies drive Fords and Tundras. Sorry losers, you are below me and my GMC! Maybe one day you will upgrade yourself from uneducated redneck hillbilly losers and own a mans truck made by General Motors.

@tj ... you're as dumb as a brick, and a true redneck... wake up!

Can anybody explain why it's okay if parts come from Canada? Is it okay if parts come from Austrailia and England as well?

What is this chart really about?

Clearly the US is protective of it's markets.. if not the US dollar would have first access to the Global Ranger and Colorados right?

Sorry.. let's stop it with the silly redneck pride.. We can't out work those "other" nations thanks to Mcdonalds and 24 hour cable TV. The only way to fix what's wrong is with a total colapse and revolution of everything we know and love.

I love the US and love American trucks. Even if my truck is 50% tequilla and 50% Johny.

The 6.7 Peterstroke diesel is built in Mexico...would all of the ford fans like an order of refried beans with that?!!!!! FORD LOSES AGAIN.

@Bobs gourmet cheif
What is a "cheif"? Maybe it's not English... And "Bobs" - shouldn't this be "Bob's"?

@oxi yes ford is #1 in quality or my 2002 f-250 5.4L woulding have 300,000 run like new, oh and it was built in Kentucky!!! tundras are not#1 the thirve of idiots liek you who think that, nice tundra did it come with a purse.

@Bobs gourmet cheif
What is a "cheif"? Maybe it's not English... And "Bobs" - shouldn't this be "Bob's"?

Posted by: Tony | Mar 8, 2012 6:17:14 AM

He isn't the brightest employee at Bob Industries, LLC. He's actually the asst. chef to Bob's Gourmet Chef. If memory serves me right, he didn't make it past 6th grade. Bob hired him because he felt sorry for him. He is the best boss anyone could ever hope to have.

One saving grace for US Markets is the decline of the US dollar and rise in fuel prices. It will force us into US products and innovation.

That and a world where we have no healthcare, Legal protection or social security. Would that world be so terrible?

It's also hard to get a competitive 12 hour shift in around all those competing interests... x-box, Sport center, mcd, bk, kfc and the oversexed MILF of a wife who can never be satisfied.

No GM actually wins because the 34 % is the stamping plant in Mexico they don't need as many workers. That brings GM trucks to 96%. As for ford look at the rear of there 350, 450, 550 It says REALLY big MADE IN INDIA. Then look in the front grill at the cooler MADE IN CHINA.

If you notice in the article: "requires that virtually every new car display the percentage by cost, " So it is not by parts contenet. So a truck could have the motor, transmission and frame made in the USA but the wire-looms switches, seats, Axle bearings instruments etc... all made it China but yet would show 70% cause the transmission/engine cost the most.

So this covers the general truck market, what about the working truckes, the 3/4 & 1 ton trucks?

I don't think we could ever get a true indication of the parts content with how global the economy has become and the variety of different opptions avvalible on these trucks, Do the frames count as one peice or do individual individual bolts count as seperate parts are engines and transmissions one part or many? DO some trim levels and options dictate parts content more than other, does a truck without nav have a lower American Parts content than one with out? What about different susspension options, my 2010 5.4 Raptor has more American Parts on it that the 2010 xl 4.6 regular cab that I drive at work in terms of suspension transfer case etc. Do they take an average of trucks like the F-150 or do they target specific models i.e. xlt crew cab 4x4 145im wb 5.0l 3.73 dif ?

This stuff is funny because hardly any of you considered this info when you were on the lot and bought your truck.

@5.3, I do. I know many folks that do. Especially when it comes to trucks. Nice job Ford! Even Toyota and Dodge! Shame on GM. Now that you guys bring up the China connection, it becomes painfully obvious what happened to that company. They got in bed with some really cheap parts and low grade steel. The quality of their trucks went into the toilet over the last 10-15 years and I'd about bet that's when this stuff started happening. Then they took even more money out of their product here to focus on building up operations in China. It all makes sense now. Oh well, you reap what you sow. My last Chevrolet was in 2002. It was my 5th new Chevrolet truck and it was a total pile of crap. Never again did I go back and I'm glad now I didn't.

@ tj,

The Soviets saved us from the Nazis...

WWII was mainly faught between Berlin and Moscow, get a clue and read history!

Russia faced more German divisions, shot down more German aircraft and defaeted the Germans into retreat all before Normandy!

Here we go again...

The profits come back to the U.S. bullshyt...

You actually think these auto companies give a damn about what nation they operate in? NO!

GM imports the equivalent of 4 U.S. auto plants from foreign operations in Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Korea and China with vehicles ONLY for the U.S. market (maybe some in Canada)...

These companies do not care, they are in the business to increase shareholder value, not operate in any one nation...

Get a clue! STOP comparing auto companies with the U.S. Constitution...

@ tj - all I can say is WOW. To quote you "least educated".

@global - interesting comments. I agree with almost all that you have said.
Kudos on marrying an oversexed never satisfied MILF. I wish I had that problem;)
The rest of us had spouses that succumbed to the toxic affects of gold and diamonds = headaches, weight gain, and loss of libido.

So many girlie men are mad.

Ford was the most American pickup for 09. Now they are back on top again.

@Dave - I don't think things changed because Ford executives decided to be "More American". It is more likely a case of American (Canada and USA) suppliers winning more new supply contracts.

Even if that is true, so what? Either way it is the most American now.

Ford is soaping up your eyes with trucks while the rest of their product is below 50% US/Canada content!!

"ONE FORD" is 49% made out of domestic parts.

Your ignorance is out thru the roof! Oh boy!

F150 is 100% american to me and the Turdra is a 100% turd.

GM,an American Revolution....yea right.And you stole that from Dodge's 1985/86 ad campaigns.

The funniest part about this article to me is that 2 YEARS AGO i sent a personal email to Mike Levine asking him WHY PUTC never made an article about what trucks TRULY support your fellow americans........... He NEVER responded. at that point in time ford had 65% US/North American content, next year it went to 60% and NOW that Ford has brought some money back to the states MAGICALLY this is news now!!

IF you were to dive on in to the FACTS you will find that a bunch of parts are brought in from Canada and counted in the AALA content. (which probably makes lou happy) and the ONLY parts on a Tundra that come from Canada are the alloy wheels. These companies will twist this story ANYWAY they want to make themselves look good and the average "sheeple" that run around shouting "support america!!" have the wool over their eyes by these big companies. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!


at 120k miles i'll be able to change my sparkplugs without having to replace my heads or use a "special tool" to remove my broken spark plugs because your Ford "TURD" has such a crappy design they cant put the money into a design that will let you take out a sparkplug without possibly ruining your heads or inadvertently destroying your engine from fragments of broken spark plugs, yeah real quality. Ford cares so much they deny theres REALLY an issue stating if it happens to you then you just dont know what the hell your doing.

At LEAST when Toyota realizes they have some issue they decide as a company to fix it and make it right by their customers WITHOUT the government forcing them too......... um eh eh firestone..........

What are you talking about? Mike Levine reported on who was the most American every year.

@Mr. Rhoads a.k.a (Product Specialist/ Truck) - I changed my spark plugs at 130,000 miles and had no problem and only took 30 mins.

Your a toyota salemans and I will not waste any more of my time on you.

Just like a salesman to talk crap about other things and talk so good about what your trying to sale.

Toyota is junk to me and so is your sales pitch.

Good luck to you and I hope you do well at selling those turdras and turdcomas. I guess I can say you know you crap!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Good ol Ford depenability! http://autos.msn.com/research/vip/Reliability.aspx?year=2003&make=Ford&model=F-250%20Super%20Duty

Crap! That's DEPENDABILITY! I knew those two didn't belong together then!

Good OL Ford HATERS Spouting off again .... TRX4 Tom and hemi lol<---------so FKIN LAME. BASH BASH BASH .....

hemi lol

is the Tundra not the one who needs a special tool just to change the oil filter or it has some plate right at the oil filter that you have to remove just to change the oil, but hey you just take it to the Tundra service shop to change the oil

This is a truck site not Toyota Camry's R Us!!!

These percentages are what they are...these companies will do whatever they have to do to remain competitive! If it cost more in the U.S. to produce a part, they will look else where.
It is now and will be a "Global Economy"...I don't like it anymore than any body else, but we are stuck with it!

@Dan the Man- Yes you do have to use a special "plastic" tool to change the oil in a POS turdra.

The salesman are not going to tell you that when you but the turd.


this is what i think. These American car makes say that they have the best in class prices. Because its american made. I dont think thats true.

*The 2012 Chevy Colorado 4WD 2LT(which is chevy's tope of the line Colorado package).

*The 2012 Suzuki Equator 4WD RMZ-4 (Which is Suzukis's tope of the line Equator package).

*Prices: Chevy Colorado: $31,130 (excluding taxes they vary) Suzuki Equator: $30,515 (excluding taxes they vary)

*HP & Engine & Transmission & Torque: Chevy Colorado- 242@5600, Inline 5 3.7L, 4 Speed Auto,242 @ 4600 .

Suzuki Equator- 261 @ 5600, V6 4.0L, 5 Speed Auto, 281 @ 4000.

*Brakes: Chevy Colorado- Front Disc, Rear DRUM(really GM?)
Suzuki Equator- Front & Rear Disk! Better Stopping Power.

*Stock Features: Chevy Colorado- Limited Slip Control, Onstar, the 4WD, some have leather seats some dont. No GPS, no bed liner, rack rail.

Suzuki Equator-Locking rear axle, Avaliable Garmin Gps (which is removable for rail riding on a atv, i got that) hill descent & Hill Hold, Cloth but attractive seats, Stock Sprayed on Bed Liner, Skid Plates (chevy doesnt even mention),Bilstein high-performance shocks, DANA 44 axles, dual glove box, Moto Bed Extender, Cargo bed track type tie-down system with 4 cleats, Rear under seat storage with lid-removable box, etc.

*Consumer Reviews:
Chevy Colorado- 7.7 outta 10
Suzuki Equator- 9.6 outta 10

*Fuel Economy:
Chevy Colorado- 16city/21highway
Suzuki Equator- 15city/19higway

Overall fuel economy is not the best on the suzuki but with the V6 4.0 5speed trans makes it a better stronger more capable then these american chevy colorados or gmc canyons. The chevy colorado has an avaliable V8 but their web site doesnt even show it as being an option even the leather seats. Come on GM. Even if the suzuki is a rebadged nissan frontier its still will beat a colorado or canyone

LOL LOL LOL.....that 13% is the reason....LOL what abunch of idiots... wow....

I have been a Chevrolet pick-up driver for the majority of my life. I am in my mid-thirties now and actually my first pick-up was a 1961 Willys Jeep. After reading the articles posted on this website about which trucks are made in what country, so on and so forth, I made a very important decision. (HERE ME OUT ON THIS ONE PLEASE) GM makes a good product, but the corporation is surpassed by no one in how poorly operated it is ran. GM received a mountain-load of cash to bail their poor "decision making rears" from debt and avoid bankruptcy. They then turn around and open another assembly plant in freakin communist China and yet another one in Thailand to build the next generation Colorado/Canyon. I hope the backstabbing, unamerican, GM corporate scum are reading this post, READ CAREFULLY I am not buying another GM product as long as I live! I recently purchased a Jeep Commander Limited. The first digit in the VIN code is the number "1". Ergo it was built in the United States of America! I love this country and will support it in any way I can. This is more than GM can say.

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