2013 Ram 1500 Walk-around Video is Up

Ram 2013 Fred Diaz II
We've spent a lot time listening and talking to Ram engineers regarding the 2013 half-ton they showed us at the 2012 New York International Auto Show, and have put together the most comprehensive story to date. But we're not stopping there. 

We have an even more in-depth series of stories focused on just about every key aspect of this new truck coming soon: powertrain, design, frame & suspension, safety, and more. Those pieces are on the way. 

In the meantime, here's a quick video we were able to shoot not long after Fred Diaz, President and CEO of Ram Truck, revealed the new truck in New York. Some of the footage is of the new Ram with a Hemi and 65RFE conventioinal console shifter, while other footage is from the truck with the new TorqueFlite 8 rotary dial on the dash. Although, at a quick glance, the truck doesn't look much different than the 2012, nothing was left untouched--this is just about the most thoroughly completely redone mid-model refresh we've ever seen.



Sweet review!

Can't wait for the 2013 Half-ton Shootout!!!

Good looking truck.

Laramie with crew cab with 6.5' bed, Hemi, 8 speed auto, air suspension! Wow! A V8 turbo diesel would make it perfect!

This truck combined with what Ford has been doing better light a fire under Chevy's butt or they'll be in trouble. Between our new Platinum F-150 and new Fusion we have near 100k in vehicle purchases from our Ford dealer this year. My first Ford purchases ever. They were always Chevrolet's before. And now with what I see Dodge doing, it's a pretty scary thought what could happen to Chevrolet long term. I will say that after seeing the new Impala in NY that there is definitely hope though. Hands down the nicest Chevrolet I've seen in possibly decades. They better work that mojo and quality into their next Silverado.


Dodge lost market share just by not offering a true crew cab on the last generation of trucks, dating back to '94. It didn't seem like the smartest of moves but then they came out with the Mega Cab that nobody asked for. Seems like all they have to do is look at what GM and Ford are selling mass quantities of and offer the same. Though I'm not sure who asked for coil rear suspension or air bags at 4 corners, it sounds good to me.

This is still America and we love our full-size trucks regardless of how loco fuel prices get (or truck prices for that matter), so there's absolutely no reason to not go balls-out and offer every option, (luxury and otherwise) and specific combination you can.

Wow! Great to see them offer a 6'4" bed with the crew! Between the new Dart and this, Dodge will pickup alot more business! Waiting for a shootout!

Gotta wonder what payload would be on crew cab 4x4 with 6'4" bed. Let's see.....that backflip I have would work on it....

Still hoping they will get a lot of these features into the HD trucks later this year to shake things up and maybe also a HD 8Speed tranny to go with the Cummins.

I'm in the market for a 2013 HD truck and also glad that I didn't got a F250 back in december.

But I don't really like that tranny e-dial, maybe I am too old school but the stick looks good enough for me, at least keep the option for some of us

Lovin' the new 1500. Yeah, I'm not too fond of the rotary transmission dial. I prefer the floor shifter in upscale models and the column shifter in basic models. If Chrysler offers the dial in more vehicles I will warm up to it. Until then...nice rig. Ram 1500. Motor Trend's 2013 Truck of the Year. Sorry to spoil it for MT fans LOL. Dodge cars and SUVs and Ram trucks for the win!

Primary goal was fuel economy! Huge kudos! The front looks good with the new aerodynamic design considerations. Surprised they can't do better with the drag coeff. All pickup manufacturers should advertise that! To tell with the passe boxy, sharp edge front-end design nonsense. Time to light a fire under those those designers or show them the door.

Start stop will be a useful addition. I have no issues with dial a gear since it's electronic already. Up/dn shifting on the steering will will more than satisfy owners. Probably still needs wifi internet connectivity options.

Ford and GM better have their A-games ready.

The only down side for Ram is they'll have to start giving away the 2012s.

finally the guys at RAM are giving truck buyer what they want...

Here is what Reuss said last week prior to NY Auto Show about GM's new full-size trucks:
"The engines that we use, the powertrain stuff will obviously be more efficient," he said. "We will maintain our mass and design efficiency advantage over our competition in this new truck and I think you'll see some pretty surprising interiors from a design standpoint that will be landmark, I think, in the segment."

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20120404/AUTO0103/204040470#ixzz1rdx60uyb

So, I think the fire is already burning under their butts and they know what's on the line. Which is nice to know.

Going back to the topic. It's one hellof a truck Ram is coming out with. They really packed this thing with a lot of new gadgets. I can tell they really rushed it though. Hemi and 8speed won't be ready for while among some things. Chevy will probably beat them to the punch there. I know some of you guys had concerns about all those gadgets and all. Some of you have said that it just means that there will be more things to break. Hopefully rushing this truck to the market doesn't mean just that.
It's a nice truck tho!

If GM doesn't come out with evolutionary changes after that long delay, they'll deserve all the market share losses they get.

thoughtful designs, I like it. I am curious, would like to see how a ladder/canoe rack accessory akin to the Thule Xporter would fit in the rambox bed configuration with retractable tonneau. An aluminum ladder for loading ATVs, lawnmowers, motorcycles that is collapsible/telescoping similar to u-hauls. I guess, what would need to be done for that option, would require hinges on the vertical side of the tailgate to swing open right or left.

I really like the idea of the rotary dial. The floor console is the biggest waste of space. I always order my trucks with the highest trim level I can get with the column shifter. I'm a left foot braker and I like to put my foot on the tranny hump when driving long distances. I do have more space with the two consoles over the floor mounted one tho. Glad to see they try to make everybody happy. Can't have too many options.

I have seen loads of info on a 1000 or 1100 Nm capable 8-speed tranny from ZF which is just barely enough to cover the 800 lbs of torque from the Cummins (in the 1100 version) but just barely. I am not sure if they will have the capacity to make a version that can handle the torque and future updates to the Cummins. I think it would do wonders for the fuel economy though which was a major weak spot in the last HD shootout.

I bet the HD are going to be awesome.

I am wondering if the megacab dually will have ramboxes on an 8ft., at least over the wheelhouse. keep room for racks.

Shift buttons on the wheel are ok. Better than buttons on the on-the-column shifter. But not as ergonomically effective as slap left/right on the console shifter. And not as useful as paddles behind the steering wheel.

I like the space saving feature of the knob selector. But also require a shift mechanism that feels right. Even if it just toggles a switch.

Yes, my truck IS my sports car, thank you very much. And my workhorse, and my vacation people mover, and my grocery getter.

Sad to think I'm considering discarding 4-5 mpg in favor of the console shifter.

@ken: they do offer wifi connectivity.

Another Ram post.
Oh what a surprise.

Hmmm looks good !! I bet GM is giving themselves a slap on the head and gets back to the drawing board. They better give us some news before RAM and F-150 steals all their sales lol.

Rotary dial + 8 speed tranny I think that's a step in the right direction, just a matter of getting used to just like the center console shift when it came out.

3.5" info screen... Ford was first. Active sutter, Ford has it on the Focus. Like someone mentionned we have to wonder what kind of payload numbers they will come out with... to compete with Ford's 8200GVWR F-150 HD.

I love how he talks about drag coefficient (Cd) to improve aerodynamics when its not just Cd the force due to drag is Cd multiplied by frontal area. So maybe Dodge lowered the Cd but increased the size of the frontal area? More aerodynamic maybe maybe not.

ram deserve all the credit....ford whit a new engine big deal...

Miath, good point.

I remember years ago chrysler execs seeing that they would not be a big factor in a 6 or 7 speed but wanted to be the first with mostly 8s well here it is this truck seems like its 40 years ahead of my 05 lol


The 2012 Ram 1500 Tradesman HD already has 8610 GVWR. Why does ram need to compete when they already lead?

@Jackalope: did Ram not have their Evic before Ford had it's 4.2 Productivity screen? Now Ram is going bigger then Ford?

They added the side airbags I see. I also like how they made this version of the 3.6 Pentastar to make slightly more torque then the Challeger and it's comes in around 4100 rpm, as opposed to 4800, the vans make it at a lower rpm but don't make as much either. I see they finally put a really nice crossover pipe, when I had my Dakota that was the first thing to go, but the way they did this one, pretty well thought out.

Wonder how tow haul will work with new trans? I used to think bronze metallic looked nice, now I want to see the new copperhead color.

Because they don't compete in the half ton light duty trucks. According to the government’s category definitions, the 1500 Tradesman HD is not a 1500. Ford has best in class payload and then GM for light duty trucks which are trucks under 8500 GVWR. So far Ram has the lowest payload of the three. We'll see if there is any payload bump for 2013 Ram.

Also, Ram's claims of best fuel economy are also unsubstantiated. We will wait and see what the EPA numbers actually come out to be. As of right now, their claim is unsubstantiated and only 20 mpg on the current trucks. In addition, Rams will only be out 6 months before GM's starts deliveries of its all new trucks.

@ miath

every year FORD slaps new headlights or taillights or wheels and calls it all new...

everytime as see thier TV ADS all i hear is bragging about this and motor trend big deal......

If GM doesn't come out with evolutionary changes after that long delay, they'll deserve all the market share losses they get.

Evolutionary? More like Revolutionary-mind blowing-world changing and absolutely unfreakingbelievable. The Chevrolet brand is like a turd swirling around the toilet bowl waiting to go down the drain forever and it's all because of this ugly, half-assed, crappy built Silverado (and the last one) IMO. Outside of the Corvette, the truck IS their Halo vehicle. And their halo vehicle certainly isn't casting a good light on the Chevrolet brand right now. A failure in any way, shape or form in the execution of this next Silverado IMO will mark the beginning of the final end of GM. They can't sustain market share, pay their bills, or get Anyone interested in buying their stock unless their number one selling vehicle IS the #1 selling vehicle in America. The Chevrolet Silverado should be at the forefront of Everything GM is working on right now if they want to last.

To add to my post above, this from another thread would be a damn good start.

Cheyenne- Base Trim
Scottsdale- Mid trim/subtle luxury
Silverado Outlaw- Top trim rugged leather
Silverado Outlaw XL

The current screen EVIC is 3.5 inches in 2012 Rams, the new one on the 2013 models is 7 inches on the higher trim levels. The 2013 base trucks get the current 3.5 EVIC screen is my understanding.

@Jack: is the 20 MPG not an average of all their 2 wheel drive trucks? They have had trucks getting 22-23 with 3.21 gears for some time. That's before the use of air systems to lower the truck at speed, electronic power steering, cleaning up the aero of the truck (I always thought that on mine the driving "fog" lights eat up alot of air.) Oh, and low rolling resistance tires. Chevy and Ford had those for awhile. It was reported on Allpar that gear ratios would be 3.21, 3.55, 3.92 and 4.10, which the 3.92 and 4.1 really are not needed when first gear is 4.71 to 1. I would think they would run a 2.94 gear, with a smaller tire. After all, if Chevy can run a 3.08 and both transmissions have a .67 final, the Hemi makes prob 25+ more footpounds of torque then a 5.3 and it takes alot less to push a Ram through the air then a Chevy brick. They can gear down and beat Chevy at their own game, and still have a truck with better driveability! i.e. torque! I don't really know why they would keep 3.55s with the low first gears, unless solely for people with hugh jazz tires, and for the craw ratio. I know they would make use of every bit of 4 gears in a quarter mile with 3.55 and up, if they even can get any traction with all the gear ratio in 1st gear!

Anyway, maybe they will test trucks braking at max payload. The last weighted braking test I seen, the Chevy needed all the help it could to stop. The Ram was alot closer to its max payload, but I gotta wonder how much longer the Chevy would take to stop if it was at max? Payload ratings are nice, but if you don't have the truck to back it up, forget about it! I am talking about the 30K shootout.

I wonder what the big news is over at GM? Finally rear discs? LOL!

@TRX4 Tom With a 4.71 first and 3.92's you have a ratio of 18.46. That's higher than any other truck I know. I would think this would melt the tires off with the t/control disabled. I have 3.92's in my 2011 Ram now with 20" wheels. I turn 1950 rpm at 70 mph. It does stay in the 4 cyl. mode most of the time at this speed. I worry that if I get 3.55 or 3.21's next time, will it stay in 4 cyl mode. It could possibly use more gas in 8 cyl mode even tho it's turning lower rpm. My friend has a Chevy 5.3 with 20" wheels and 3.08's., the worst combination. His 4 cyl mode hardly ever works. He said it does't have enough power to stay in 4 cyl mode. He's never got the 21 mpg either.

I hope they don't put disk on the back of GM trucks. I don't mind stoping a few feet longer. It saves money the fords I had needed front and rear brakes changed at around 80,000 miles, plus all four rotors. The 09 chevy only needed front brakes and rotors the back drums are still stock at 120,000 miles and less rotors to warp under heavy brakeing. I say make it a option, if poeple want it that bad but rotors are not cheap.

@Gary M. Yeah, I know there seems no sense in 3.92s and 4.10s, unless they have oversize, big tires, like if they ever built a factory Ram Runner. 3.55s would be even pretty high with your 20s. The starting ratio of 3.23s would be just less then a Ford with 3.73s, and just over the it with 3.55s, that is alot of gear! More then any Tundra has in first! I think some gear/tire combos should not be sold together. Like if they made 2.94s, it would only be for use with a 30-31" tire, and maybe single cab? Certainly not 4x4. You sure wouldn't want 33s with that. MAYBE QUAD cab. I do think the way they cleaned the truck up a bit in aero, and minus power steering, you might maintain the 4 cyl mode as much with a 3.55 truck as you do now with 3.92s. I do wonder how much differance it makes for real with MDS on or off at highway speed. For me it depends on which way the wind is blowing. With 3.92s and the 275/70 R17s, if I have a tailwind it will do 80 plus in 4 cyl mode. Yet if I am against wind in Oklahoma, it might only work to 60 something. The aero and lowering at speed (if you have a 4x4) should really help it stay on. But if all worried about mileage, a big heavy 33" tire on a 20x10" (? or 9") wheel will not be best bet, but if that's your choice, then that's what it is. Takes a bit more power to turn them. If the 8 speed is gonna save alot of gas, then most of it will be thru the use of numerically lower gears, cause the final drive is the same as current Rams, .67. If nothing else changes in a truck, except for aero and no belt driven power steering, that's not gonna lower mileage much. Gonna need a lower final drive for us 3.55 and up people. Right now I am sure the best mileage Ram (in whicher configuration you want, that's a 4x2) would be 3.21 gears and the smallest 265/70 R 17 tires. Easiest to turn, low rpm, sure your 33" tires turn less rpm, at the cost of rotating weight, and weight in general, wider tires push more air and more rolling restance. Your friends Chevy a crew 4x4? That would be pretty bad, Hemi makes alot more torque...Might come down to them running thse engines in a 4 cylinder mode on a dyno just to see which get's most torque, and therefore stays engaged longest!

@Jack, not only did the Chevy in the 30K shootout not stop so well, it couldn't autocross so well! While the coil spring truck totally beat it! I believe the Ram actually did better with a load, while others, esp Chevy, did worse! Good thing that Chevy has alot more payload it can't handle! The Ram 1500 coil if anything is payload underrated, but yet not near the others with high payload. I dodn't autocross my truck, but they have to test it somehow.

@Gary M. : your friends 20s if stock are only 31.8. When Chevy and ford run 20s, they are not that tall, while Rams 20s are 33" a smallest tire of 31.7 265/70R17 base 1500 tire. Too bad though most dealerships barely carry a 17" wheel 1500 Ram, they order 20s. Kept me from buying at a few places! The 20s look great, and do add clearance, they just aint for me!

@TRX4 Tom I really didn't want the 20's on my 4 x 4 , but they came standard with the Big Horn package. Going to try for the 17's on my 2013. You hit the nail on the head about the MDS. If your going into the wind, 60-65 is about it. I'm ok with the mileage. Went 2200 miles round trip, about 200 miles city driving in and around Tampa, and one 40 minute traffic jam on the way south. Drove 70 on the cruise. Got 17.8 mpg. This was on a recent trip to Fl.

I hope they don't put disk on the back of GM trucks.

@JohnnyDoe, Screw That! We run a fleet of 3500 Express vans. The older ones all have drums in the back but all of our newer ones from about 03 up have disc brakes all around. The difference in stopping is Night and Day. Disc's are Far superior! Our disc brakes have been 100% trouble free on our vans and last forever. Drums are a PITA.

Finally RAM will have a 1500 Crew Cab w/ a 6' 4" bed. This was the biggest missing piece of the puzzle to compete with Ford. The 5.7" bed is a little to small for my needs. I rented a Quad Cab with the 6' 4" bed and that 9" or so makes a fair amount of difference in the bed. Now we won't have to sacrifice back seat room to have the longer bed. Way to go RAM! P.S. Anyone got any pics of the 2013 1500 with the longer bed?


The 3.92 and 4.10 options you listed are the optional ratios and only available with the HEMI when paired with the 65RFE 6 speed

A good chart will be:
2013 HEMI 8 speed: 3.21 and 3.55
2013 HEMI 6 speed: 3.21, 3.55, 3.92, 4.10 (it will have the same available ratios as the 09-12s)
2013 Pentastar 8 speed: 3.55, 3.92

@Energy: yeah thats about right. I would be surprised tho to not see a 3.21 geared Pentastar.

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