Jeep's Mighty FC Gives A Wild Ride

Jeep Mighty FC front II
Story and Photos by Dan Sanchez

One might think that Jeep dips into their past far too often to stay in touch with their enthusiast base. The fact is, the old stuff is still pretty cool, and concept vehicles like the Mighty FC Jeep -- recently introduced at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah -- is just one of the ways the brand continues to reach back to its core consumer. 

Even when it’s just sitting still, the awe factor of the Mighty FC is incredible. It’s tall, intimidating and utilitarian. It has huge tires, and you know it can crawl over anything because it’s a Jeep. 

For those who weren’t around, or were still drinking out of a baby bottle in the late 1950s, the original Willys and Kaiser Forward Control vehicle was built in 1956. Intended as a military and utilitarian vehicle, the design made for a larger, full-length cargo box that was perfect for fire trucks, tow trucks and dump trucks. Jeep’s concept version is definitely not a restoration, but a modernized version featuring a 2012 Wrangler Rubicon frame and V-6 engine to keep it reliable.  

Jeep engineers combined the factory Wrangler cab with the Mopar JK8 truck conversion kit to give it the appropriate appearance, but other modifications also were added. The wheel base was stretched and a custom cargo box added with drop side trays and a cargo area that measures more than 8 feet long. 

Climbing into the Mighty FC concept gives the first indication of its unique stature. To get in it, you have to step onto the wheel and climb your way into a cab that sits several inches above Mopar’s aftermarket Portal Axles; eight-lug heavy-duty units are used both front and rear and provide extra ride height. Once inside, you realize just how high you’re sitting. The interior space is tight, but the two-tone leather Katzkin seats keep things comfortable and go along with the retro theme.

Jeep Mighty FC-Int II
Although intimidating at first, it takes only a few moments to become accustomed to driving around a few feet higher than everyone one else, and this is even more evident without a hood to peer over. Equipped with King coil-over reservoir shocks and BFGoodrich 40-inch diameter tires mounted on 17-inch Hutchinson bead lock wheels, the Mighty FC does well crawling over the difficult terrain in Moab. 

It easily climbed over steep slick-rock and floated well over deep sand. Heading down steep hills is, to say the least, an uncomfortable feeling, especially when the 40-inch rubber is aired down for better traction. Even Mark Allen, head of Jeep Design, mentioned he had a few “uncomfortable” moments while looking straight down onto the dirt during a steep descent. Yet it only takes a few minutes to become accustomed to the Mighty FC once you realize it’s a capable, reliable ride.  The TeraFlex control arms and track bars help keep the vehicle steady, allowing the vehicle to feel more predictable.  

The ride is also quiet, which is partly due to the Corsa stainless-steel exhaust system that also helps give the Mighty FC additional power to climb steep hills in Low gear. You might expect that the vehicle is heavy, but it feels lighter and more nimble with the articulation and traction that you’d expect from a Jeep. 

Jeep engineers like giving their concept trucks a dull utilitarian color, but when accented with a Hanson front bumper and a Warn 16.5-pound winch, the Mighty FC definitely gets the approval of hardcore Jeep owners who crowded around the vehicle when it was on display.  

We enjoyed driving the truck and experiencing what Jeep engineers loved most about the project. These concept vehicles are exercises in design and chassis development only, yet we couldn’t help but think the Mighty FC would be the perfect chase truck for any desert off-road race team. In the meantime, the Mighty FC is relegated to making people drool and showcasing the capabilities of Jeep and its team of engineers who are always looking for the next cool idea. 

Jeep Mighty FC- Side2 II
The Jeep Mighty FC concept is an early cab-over design of the late 1950s that’s combined with the chassis, engine and capabilities of a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. 

Jeep Mighty FC-Underside II
The Jeep Wrangler chassis was stretched and outfitted with King coil-over, reservoir shocks and TeraFlex control arms. The Mopar Portal Axles give the truck additional ride height without a suspension lift and add to the cargo load capabilities. 

Jeep Mighty FC- Cab II
The cab-over design takes some getting used to, but once you do, the ride is smooth, capable and reliable. The BFGoodrich 40-inch Krawler T/A tires are mounted on heavy-duty 17-inch Hutchinson bead lock wheels.

Jeep Mighty FC- Imp walk II
Jeep engineers created this comical decal of the Mighty FC cab onto a “Star Wars” Imperial Walker. The truck definitely gives a feeling of having a commanding view over the terrain and the ability to crawl over just about anything in its path. 

Jeep Mighty FC Side II
In keeping with the truck’s original utilitarian theme, the bed is 8 feet long and has plenty of room for tool boxes and more. The sides fold down for easier access, and Mopar four-door rock rails protect the long bedsides from severe trail abuse. 

Jeep Mighty FC- Rear IIYou can see Wrangler DNA on the Mighty FC’s tailgate and taillights. Hanson bumpers with D-ring mounts enhance the appearance and give additional trail protection. 


I def do not think it would sell but it sure is fun to look at and read about nice article.

they should make it

I can't figure out how the top of the tailgate works. It can't swing with the bottom door so how do they get it out of the way to load?
I can't see rock crawlers using this. It is more a commercial design right down to the door hardware. More than 8' in the bed is definately commercial use. Any builder length material will hang out the back anyway unless it goes to a 10' bed.

nice truck...!

i think they need to build small batches...maybe a couple thousand "by order"


@Dan Sanchez
"The Cab-OVER DESIGN takes some getting used to, but once you do, the ride is smooth, capable and reliable."
A Lot of Cab Overs in this part of the world. I wonder if this becomes a global Jeep(feel it is only going to be a concept) will it have a wider range of engines?

I would like to see a picture of it with a six feet tall guy standing next to it!

Another Fiat article. What a surprise.

I wouldn't want a head-on collision in that.
It'll never be made because the crash test dummy would come out looking like a flat stanley.

I like it!

Man if we could have had that down on the farm for chasing around in the mud.

Reminds me of the cab-over Ford grain truck I used to drive and my brothers cab-over Dodge from maybe the late 60's.

@Maxx , IF this goes into production it will have to pass front collision and roll over standards. If it does a very good impression of a Chinese car, it will be going nowhere.

I'm still waiting for oxi to inform us as to why this concept is SO inferior to a stock 4 banger tacoma...

@toycrusher84 - I don't think so. His posts have been pounded by a 1/2 ton or maybe 1 ton load of people. Crow served cold probably doesn't taste too good.

Perfect platform for a removable camper. I would buy one of these in a minute if the price was reasonable.

I don't necessarily think that this truck will sell but I greatly appreciate Fiat going back to the roots of Jeep and RAM because they both have a rich history of great vehicles. It would be nice to see a smaller Jeep pickup and smaller RAM pickup. How about a compact RAM pickup that looks like a 40s model RAM? Maybe Fiat will get motivated to come up with these products. So far I like what I see with Chrysler.

I'm a FORD guy...but this looks really cool. Definitely like the retro design.

So much more is possible with the design...NICE!

While it may not appeal to everyone,

I can see opportunity with the mighty FC as a working truck that is like a super side by side ATV utility vehicle that is highway legal.

Add PTO and make it capable of using readily available accessories and you have a Jeep Unimog for 1/3 the cost of the mercedes Unimog.

Commercial customers, ranchers, farmers in the US will like and there will be a global market in places where a truck must be capable of work, not show.

For my Jeep i had always expected the best like putting a good accessories tool boxes..

It is very nice to have a jeepney and a good tool boxes to have a fun ride..

With the spare under the bed in that rear compartment, I hope they have storage space forward of that. I expect to need a shovel, a pick, and a crowbar to get my friends out of the holes they get into. I too, hope the vehicle has good crash protection and a rollover structure.
I can guess the price. Fortunately, I think I can afford this. Go ahead and build it. I would hope for color choices - inside and outside? Adding a few customer options for the inside would also draw a number of potential buyers - a GPS system and maybe some radio mounts. I would like that.

I think it is fantastic that JEEP is thinking about going retro with some cool trucks like these!

Pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeeeeee make this truck!
I will buy one immediately!
Please please please

It's a great concept and I'm sure many would by it. I love it, but it could never be in production with a v6. Where's our diesel? I'll trade mine in as soon as I can have a diesel in my unlimited rubicon. How is it other countries can have it. I really would love portal axles under my rubicon instead of a huge amount of lift....but who could afford them at around $23,000

It looks like a great truck, I hope they put it in production. I'd buy one.

I love the way this truck looks and I believe that it will sell well. I will put my order in as soon as I know it is a reality.



This concept is so cool!!. They should build it in a 4-door and just a little lower to the ground. If they ever build one I will be there with my check book in hand.

This vehicle is awesome.I want mine painted flame red(jeep syle) it wouldn't take long to get use to driving it,if you ever had an old jeep CJ you know what I mean.DO IT PLEASE...MY CHEQUE IS IN THE MAIL.
Signed: 20 year Rubicon owner

If it does'nt go into production....can I buy a proto-type ? I will certifiy it myself.You guys are awesome.If I were engineering for you guys...I would make the cab and box articulate...that would be ULTIMATE...along with a

I have a photo of a 4 door version,I will love it a lotttttt...more comfy

If wanna see it write me to my e- mail ok

That is sweet, when do you start production

Please send me a base price for the mighty fc fully loaded and a bare bones with heater only

Can I order one now, how about tomorrow, looks like the bed space is taken up by the spare, not much use for hauling cargo, I would use it for my business, but would need the bed for pallets. Like the version used by the military, used to help work on them as a kid, great truck, soild. would also be great for my hunting purposes, can I order one now, shucks, not yet huh, make it and it will sell, aloha from Hawaii, can you send pictures of the inside of the bed, if you would be able to haul a load of 4x8 plywood, construction use would be good too, remoted building in Hawaii, needs a capable vehicle

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