March 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

The momentum looks good as every pickup in the top 10 (without an excuse) is beating both Year To Date and March 2011 numbers. Ram, Tacoma and Frontier seem like they'll be the leaders to beat, with the steady and solid sales numbers from Ford and Chevy continuing to look strong. Overall new vehicle sales look to be on a 14.6 million unit pace, with fullsize pickups and small cars leading the way. 

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. March 2011
1 Ford F-Series +13.6% March 2012 58,061 +9.0%
143,827 March 2011 53,272

2 Chevrolet Silverado +3.4% March 2012 36,491 +12.1%
95,638 March 2011 32,555

3 Ram Trucks +27.9% March 2012 26,960 +23.1%
67,464 March 2011 21,898

4 GMC Sierra +2.1% March 2012 13,849 +19.2%
34,672 March 2011 11,622

5 Toyota Tacoma
+27.6% March 2012 12,547 +23.7%
32,119 March 2011 10,144

6 Toyota Tundra -0.9% March 2012 8,594 +14.4%
20,434 March 2011 7,515

7 Nissan Frontier +29.0% March 2012 6,087 +32.1%
14,106 March 2011 4,609

8 Ford Ranger * +11.8% March 2012 4,404 -24.5%
13,929 March 2011 5,833

9 Chevrolet Colorado +36.4% March 2012 3,652 +42.6%
10,056 March 2011 2,561

10 Chevrolet Avalanche +23.0% March 2012 2,083 +25.9%
5,494 March 2011


11 Nissan Titan -4.3% March 2012 1,731 -9.8%
4,613 March 2011


12 Honda Ridgeline +28.8% March 2012 1,215 +0.3%
3,830 March 2011


13 GMC Canyon +37.8% March 2012 941 +23.0%
3,064 March 2011


14 Suzuki Equator +22.0% March 2012 157 -18.7%
416 March 2011


15 Dodge Dakota * -90.8% March 2012 82 -94.9%
376 March 2011


* No longer in production but still being sold.


hell yeah!

getting closer to takin down chevrolet....

Keep up the good work FORD!!

I think that we will see Ram pull into second place. THe "mild refresh" of the 2013 Ram will do some damage to Ford and Chevy sales.
How many Left over Ranger's do they have? You'd think that they would of run out by now.

Yeah for the first time I think there's a real possibility that Ram could take GM down as the #2 selling truck. Still a ways off from competing with Fords sales...But GM's in trouble.

I don't think so. Say Ram finishes 28% better than last year. That means Ram will sell 313,296 this year. Chevy sold 415,130 trucks last year.

The Ram boys might want to sit down, Rams sales will never come close to Ford or GM. They are 65,000 behind GM's truck sales number and 84,000 behind Fords, they are
not likey to double sales on a truck that finishes in 3rd place in every test does against Fords and GM trucks.

Wat to go RAM!!!!
We all have great choices in trucks by the BIG THREE!!

And the Tundra... not a bad truck mind you, just irrelevant.

tj, Exactly and the refreshed Rams will not be available for over a year. If anything that may supress sales this year.

@ tj The Ram won the $30,000 shootout, beat the 5.3 Chevy in mpg with a hemi, and handled better than Chevy. I think Ram is doing just fine.

Go Ranger!

Almost kept up with the Frontier despite ending production last year.

If Ram continues with the current sales gains they could in theory catch Silverado in 3 years time. That is assuming Chevy sales remain the same. Ram revealing their 2013 1500 before Chevy will steal some of Chevy's thunder. Any new features that are comparable to Ram will be panned as being "copied" and will be viewed as old news. I'd say there has been some brilliant planning done by Ram.
GMC corporation needs to pay attention to the sticker on the passenger mirror " Objects are closer than they appear".

Unfortunately, several of these features are already out or will be out on the Fords first: led lighting ('13), epass ('11), new V6 ('11), center stack with MFT ('13), auto 4x4 ('12), rainsensing ('09).

Orders open up for the 2013 next month and production of the 2013 F-150 will start this summer.

The 2013 Ram won't start production the first quarter of next year. Then the 8 speed with V8 won't be until much later.

Not a fan of the RamBox so could care less that it is power remotable.

The power remote tailgate is nice but won't get me into a Ram.

24mpg will be wiped out when GM has 26mpg.

Ford and GM will have bigger crewcabs.

I'm not sure Dodge will take down Ford. I just bought a new F-150 Lariat Ecoboost and it's one serious machine. I traded in my 07 Chevy Silverado on it. There's absolutely no comparison. I've drove Chevy trucks since highschool. Dad always had Chevy's. In a strict comparison between what I see from Dodge (as I've never owned one) to what I experienced with my last Chevy, I can see Dodge taking over Chevrolet in truck sales. It may help Dodge sell cars against Chevrolet as well. I really don't think GM takes Chevrolet or trucks in general seriously anymore. For whatever reason they seem to worry about that GMC Denali thing and Buicks of all things. Neither of which I'd ever own. I don't know what happened to them.

@Jon: Ford mighta beat Ram to the 1st really high tech V-6 in a full size truck but the Ram 3.6 has a broader range of power. Sure the 3.7 makes more torque, but the 3.6 Dodge makes within a couple foot pounds of torque per liter, the Ford needs to be up to 3000 rpm to make 90% power, while the Ram 3.6 makes 90% before 2000 rpm. I would take the 11 less foot pounds of torque from 7 less cubic inches with a broader powerband any day of the week! I bet it takes less fuel to make it's max torque. Beats Fords mileage, with a driver friendlier 8 speed (a first in a truck, pretty big first)

As for the cabs, wow, Ford already needs a bigger one? Chevies is rather small, it sure needs it. IF Ram wants, they already have a Mega cab that would beat whatever they come up with. It only gives up maybe a 1/4" legroom to the Crew Max Tundra, but well makes up for it elsewhere!

Kudos to them all!

Rams are going up because there are no more dakotas...

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