Marketing Trucks at a Hollywood Premiere

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If you're thinking about seeing a movie this weekend, you might want consider The Lucky One; not because it's the greatest movie you'll ever see (as near as we can tell, reviews are mixed), but we found out Ram Truck sponsored the movie premiere in Hollywood, Calif. last week. 

We all know about various truck makers working with big Hollywood movie productions to get their vehicles prominently placed in key scenes of a storyline, usually coinciding with the introduction of a new model (some of the more obvious ones were General Motors vehicles in the Transformer franchise or the last-gen Ram in the blockbuster Twister), but, nowadays, Ram Truck seems to be taking a different tack by simply sponsoring a movie's premiere and placing a vehicle on the red carpet (or in this case, green carpet). 

The Ram did have the required "auto show" models standing by and the various attending celebrities did have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Quad Cab 4x4 Laramie Longhorn on their way inside the famous Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. And, of course, there was a worldwide crew of media and papparazi in attendance. 

Ram Truck's official statement is below: 

"The Ram Truck brand is proud to sponsor the worldwide premiere of The Lucky One as part of Chrysler Group’s ongoing relationships with and support of the Hollywood film industry.  

The storyline, centering around a soldier who returns from Iraq, was very appealing to the Ram Truck brand as Ram has a long history of supporting the armed forces and respecting those who serve our country. 

A 2012 Ram 1500 Crew Cab pickup truck will be showcased on the red carpet."

Whether we'll be seeing more of this type of "partnering" remains to be seen, yet it does allow them to get their trucks in front of more eyeballs. I suppose the possibility always exists that a big-name celebrity will do something spectacularly inappropriate in front of their pickup. 

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Welcome to the fiat trucks blog.

looks like the set of an old game show. pretty fitting

@Maxx, reality is that Ram has been aggressively pushing out new things all this year and last which is why it makes news here. You can quickly do a news search on any of the big 3 truck manufacturers on google news and will see the same trend. I've read articles here on and off for the past few yrs and that's the way it goes.

This is not news.

@ maxx ,

Its not a Fiat Ram,nor is my 2005 Ram a Mercedes Ram..educate yourself,you sound like a Dolt !

Ram is a part of the Chrysler Group,same when Mercedes owned them,they were under the Chrysler Group.

Bet you never called it a Mercedes Ram when Mercedes owned them,why do ignorant people now say its a Fiat Ram ? You never once called it a Mercedes Ram !!! If you call it a Fiat Ram,I think it would actually fit better as the Ferarri Ram,as we already had a Viper Ram (Ram SRT-10) So,it makes more sense to be a Ferrari Ram if you are so intent on calling it a Italian name !!

Do you call a Chevrolet Silverado a General Motors Company Silverado ?

RAM is such a hot truck everybody is jealous !! Cant wait until the 2013 Ram's,they will demolish the so-called competition !!

It is indeed a good looking truck but I wonder who decided on partnering with this particular movie? Surely the research didnt show their primary demographic (s) would flock to see this? If Ford does something similar Id like to see it done with a movie starring Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, Stone Cold, Batman, and a computer generated John Wayne. It could be about aliens. Or robots, dudnt matter. So long as something gets the $h1t beat out of it for 2 hours.


Is Ram sponsoring a chick flick? What the hec happened?

'The Lucky One' craps out as badly done chick flick

The appeal is to ladies in love with love stories. Most love story lovers will be enraged by this review. I’ll be accused of having no soul, no heart. It won’t bother me. Been there done that and leads to why The Lucky One is such a bad movie.

Been there. Done that.

Mr. Movie rating: 1 star

Read more here:

Heh, the movies with the most and most lavish promotional partnerships usually end up being the worst movies.

Sylvester Stallone, Stone Cold, Batman, and a computer generated John Wayne. It could be about aliens.

The movie Twister came out in 1996, so that would make the Dodge Ram in the movie the 2nd generation, not the last gen.

"Welcome to the fiat trucks blog."

"This is not news."

"Is Ram sponsoring a chick flick? What the hec happened?"

There are more bitching hens in here than a hair salon. SHUT your bitching and talk about trucks. I have never seen a more PMS-inflicted group of truck fans than this group. EVERY DAMN article is infected with you idiots adding nothing and dragging down not only each thread, or this blog, but the whole of the damn internet.


OK I love my ram and I love my jeep and I love all the chrysler products Ive owned and I am very happy with all the reason marketing but really A CHICK FLICK fast five was great product placement the sponsoring of Zac Brown band and puttin a Ram in one of the videos AWESOME but this movie no thank you and FYI as NASCAR die hard fan if dodge/ram pull out of NASCAR I wont buy a new chrysler product until they are back

RAM is taking out chevy and furd in 2012!

Best looking truck ever!!! Govt motors & furd don't even come close with their brick design, love that big rig style and now with the air bag suspension coming RAM will be #1

i love this ruck!
i think that if the movie is a flop it might make the Ram look bad.

i own a 2006 Ram 1500 and i am very impressed of how well the MDS and how powerful the HEMI is.
i have driven to mexico and back 3 times those mexican highways suck!

alot of accidents happen everyday and everyone must drive 90-100MPH or you risk getting hit rear end.

my Ram was loaded pretty bad so the MDS was off most of the time however when the i kept the speed 60-64 i could tell it was working.


LMFAO at you dumbasses who think RAM is going to take out FORD in 2012. LOLOLOLOL. good luck with that.

I love my Ford, but I wince whenever another Ford owner spouts off in these comments. I am surprised they can even type with all the drool falling out of their mouths into their keyboards.

Chevy trucks are done for. GovtMoCo trucks never mattered anyway.. The only thing standing is our way if Ford. That's what we need to be focusing on.

Finally Dodge advertises their trucks for years they had 0 adds ,while Ford/GM dominated t.v magazine adds and all areas of advertising.No wonder they were the 3rd best selling truck,they had no adds...They started with the Hemi adds in 05 before that they hardly had an add,from 06-09 they had only 1Ram truck adds on t.v and a limited few in print. While Ford/GM flogged the t.v/magazine's with adds daily and new ones..

Good for Dodge-RAM for advertising,that is what sells advertising,you have to get your product out there where the general population can see it,not just car buffs !! I finally saw a Charger commercial the other day,I dont think in the 7 or so years they had that car that there was 1 add,at least never on t.v that I have seen..While I dont watch much t.v when i do watch i see millions of adds for imports,GM,Ford products and never from Mopar,until recently..keep them coming Mopar you will be number 1 in sales...

What is up with the way Dodge names their trucks? RAM? Bighorn? Longhorn?

...They should just call it the Schlonghorn and get it over with.

Can you say FIAT?

I could care less what movie a truck maker sponsors or what their ads are like. I buy what I like. The Chevy ads are some of the dumbest and poorly written, but that would not deter me from looking at a Chevy. I like Mike Rowe in the Ford ads but I would not buy a Ford just because of the ads. Maybe I am different but I am not persuaded by ads or promotions.

It's good to see Ram come to the table with some serious efforts and I hope it will be paying off for them. It certainly looks good so far.

@biggest bob
Gary Wolcott's "Mr. Movie" looks like Robert Reed from The Brady Bunch with that perm in his hair! YIKES! He looks like a real expert...I agree, it's a chick flick...I will avoid it as long as I can...but...if Ford, GM or Ram could have put a truck on the Titanic...the biggest grossing chick flick of all times, 6 billion...they would have fought over it!!! And you have to remember there are more chicks in this country than dudes thanks to wars and the men having to live with women!

Was there a truck in the first photo?

gopher - Titanic’ is a good general/broad-audience film. I think Fiat went with this film because they didn't really investigate it too much or wait for the right film, and it was probably very cheap to become a sponsor. Or maybe they just liked the title? To sponsor an epic James Cameron film would probably be very expensive. I remember when Toyota got their Tundra into T-3. That was pretty cool. But this here Fiat only got to park it at the premiere, it isn't in the film. Good call on Brady Bunch. He kind of looks like the father, Mike Brady, too. RIP.

Lou - I think you need to put on your glasses. Those are kids.

They don't look like kids to me, and I did have my glasses on. LOL

Maybe you are into little girls? LOL.

@Bob - they don't look like little girls to me, unless you find someone who just qualified for social security as hot ;)

@Bob- They look at least 18 to me, whats the problem?

@Benchimus - Bob's Sildenafil citrate has stopped working. That would explain why he is so crabby ;)

@lou- haha. Ill mail him a couple popsicle sticks and a rubber band to alleviate said problem.

@Benchimus- popsicle sticks? You are more generous than i am. I was thinking toothpicks and used dental floss.

Wow, I'd have love to have attended that one. That looks freaking awesome, but I bet it cost them a ton to be able to bring the trucks to the premier.

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