Most Stylish Pickup Ever, Found on Ebay

Studebaker J5 1 II
Tom Joslin at Jalopnik makes a habit of searching through the many listings on Ebay as often as possible, and every once and a while they find something truly inspirational. And this one was clearly worth effort. 

This Studebaker J5 is over 75 years old and already has a pretty good opening bid, but is scheduled to close on Monday night. We're told the engine still turns and would be great candidate for a full-blown restoration. According the Jalopnik, only 4000 were made in 1937 so this is a rare one. 

Studebaker J5 2 II


Yes, that looks pretty foo-foo'd out for 1937. Very nice shape for it's age.

Nice truck!! Thanks for the post Mark.

I dunno....... That departure angle isn't very good

It just needs a FORD nine inch rear end,G.M.C. 671 blower,an early CHRYSLER HEMI to go with all that style.

nice truck.

now how much does it costs..?

That is one sweet looking truck.
@Jordan L - funny, I was thinking the same thing. A set of Deever springs would make it 1000% better.

@Jordan L and @Lou You are right the departure angle is too low for offroad. Also the approach angle and it sits too low to the ground. For less money Oxi could build a Baja 4 wheel drive out of a 2012 Tacoma. Who has ever heard of Studebaker anyway? Was that Abe Lincoln's presidential vehicle? Anyway Studebaker was an American company and everyone knows that American trucks are junk and only Toyota makes real trucks. Isn't that right? Oxi knows everything. Oxi for President. At least put some Deever springs on it and a Toyota logo.

Sorry Lou I just could not help myself.

@Jeff S - funny, his song and dance number gets old faster than a "boy" band. LOL

Jeff S, Jordan L, and Lou

How dare you insult Oxi the foremost athority in off roading, racing, life ingeneral , dever springs, Climb back into your road hogs and leave Oxi alone
There is no point to this 1937 american tank that is just a toy and was never used as a truck, owned somebody who bought it as a status symbol,
A real man in the late 30s would have bought a Toyota with the smallest avalible engine, and built it up, insupport of the empire of Jappan.

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