Next Nissan Titan/Frontier Still Years Away

2012-Nissan-Titan II
If you were looking for a new Nissan Titan or Frontier anytime soon, you're in for a disappointment. According to reports, the next Titan is still several years away — maybe as many as four — and not likely to have any real changes until after many of the bigger players (Ford, Ram Truck, Chevy and GMC) come out with their new trucks. Frontier changes aren't likely to happen until after the full-size Titan debuts. 

According to Car and Driver's website, Nissan sources have confirmed the next Titan is still several years away. We have no doubt Nissan is fully aware that the new Titan has to be much better than the current model and will need to offer quite a few class exclusives. The short article makes note that some technological progress has been made due to the development of the new NV vans, which use a modified Titan frame, but much more has to be done. 

Many know that Chrysler (then owned by Cerberus Capital Management) and Nissan were in development of a common platform for a next-generation half-ton, but that dissolved when truck sales slid and the Chrysler went into bankruptcy. That left Nissan scrambling and, as a consequence, far behind its target production dates. Still, our guess is we'll see something from the engineering team for the 2015 or 2016 model years. 

Unfortunately for all those Nissan Frontier fans, it looks like they'll have to wait even longer. Also based off a modified version of the Titan platform, a new Frontier looks like it will have to wait for its time in the spotlight until after the Titan is complete. 

2012-Nissan-Titan-Interior 2 II

2012_nissan_titan interior II


I have seen 2014 (calendar year) as the most likely date. 2016 is a LONg time to wait but I could see mid 2015 as a 2016 model year. This would let them focus on the first round of CAFE increases for the trucks instead of doing a truck now just to have to tweak it 2 year down the road.

It was brave of Nissan to enter the Titan into the frew and back 7-8 years ago it was a solid entry but is obviously long in the tooth now.

Maybe Nissan should just move the Frontier to the Navara platform since it will not longer share a platform with the Pathfinder. That is already a very capable truck and could be out a lot sooner. They'd hate to give up market share to GM, especially with the Ranger vacating 75k in sales volume.

Watch your customers SHIFT_ away NISSAN!

I'm pretty sure the current Frontier shares its platform with the Xterra, and it will continue to do so for the forseeable future.

Well I guess I'm going to have to go back to Ford or Dodge. Not going to wait four more years. I love my 05 Titan but after about eight years I just want something differant.

They could do a refresh on this truck, and do some engine upgrades and it would go a long way. The other manufacturers do the body one year, the engine another, and the tranny another year to keep offering the customer somthing new. Nissan does nothing.


Any update on the next generation Tundra and Tacoma. The Tundra has a lot of work to do in order to compete, at least fuel economy wise. The Tacoma is the best selling Mid size/compact truck however it will have some competition soon from GM.

Just slap the current diesel that the rest of the world gets
into the Frontier for now Nissan! That would be an easy
change/ Upgrade.

seriously, 4 years is too long I may have to start looking at Ram to replace my 06 Titan.

It wouldn't hurt for Nissan to freshen up the Frontier and drop the price to compete with Toyota. Sure they are not going to topple the Tacoma but there is a wide openning since Ranger has left and Colorado/Canyon are still waiting for 2013. Nissan needs to step up the advertising, promotions, and lower the price. Nissan is known for their compact pickups of the 70s and 80s. It is time to use that in their advertising and time to aggressive promote the Frontier.

Shame, the frontier really has something going for it, a little update to improve the interior, along with an improved transmission/motor for bit better mileage and it'd be golden. Now its dead. Once the new Colorado and Dakotas come out nobody will ever buy a frontier. Shame.

Nissan might as well just drop out of the full size race. They're keeping the Titan just for the sake of saying they have a full size truck.

@ Luke,

the Xterra uses a version of the Frontier platform that in turn is used on the old Pathfinder and was developed (in its current form) from the Titan platform. Going forward it will be Frontier and Xterra alone with the Titan platform being the basis. If the Xterra and Frontier moved to the Navara platform Nissan can do changes more readily for each platform and move the Titan to more HD specific like they have done withe the NV line.

It would help consolidate global costs as well for the Frontier and that is one common complaint, the cost of compact/midsize trucks is too close to a full size. I think there would be a lot of buyers looking for a Navara type truck with a good 500 lbs or more of increased payload capacity (1700-2000 lbs total) and 6000 lbs of towing capacity for about $2000 less MSRP than the current truck. can't imaging how Nissan could lose market share with that combo.

This is why I love Nissan and would likely buy a titan in the future. It sucks when you go buy a brand new truck and right after you do that, they go changing the body style leaving you with "the old model". I hate that.

Before frontier and titan, they used the same hardbody truck design for decades. You never had "the old hardbody", you never had "the new hardbody". You just "had a hardbody. There's no need to go changing what is already doing the job well.

@ mhowarth You are absolutely right. If Nissan would produce that vehicle in the United States it would be the entire light truck market. Since it seems they are too stupid to do so, they will not be part of the light truck market for too much longer.

no problemo..

all they need to do is slap some new headlights and tail lights bigger grille AND CALL IT NEW...

hence ford SUPER DUTY..LOL!

i seriously think that they must of have an idea of how many trucks they will continue to sell every year... until the new FRONTIER AND TITAN appear....

Too bad they're so far behind, they're really going to have to step up their game as there's likely to be a lot of ground to cover by then, and they'll have fallen quite a ways behind in market share.

I read that car and driver article a few days ago and when I thought about it I understand what Nissan is trying to do. This info is from Wikipedia and it says "The Titan is not intended to challenge the big 3 "Detroit Trucks" in sales numbers, but rather is meant to be an alternative to them and provide Nissan with some in-roads into the highly competitive truck market." As we all know the Titan is the most dated truck and they tried to come up with a knockoff (cheap alternative) Ram 1500 as the next gen Titan but the deal fell apart.
I dont think Nissan is really all the way in when it comes to the full size truck market. The reason they may not be all the way in is people have a lot of hatred for Japanes trucks in the full size market so it wil take a lot of time and money to break though that barrier so Nissan may be willing to let Toyota go first and do all the heavy lifting while they sell cheap alternative trucks to people who didnt think they could afford a full size truck. That may be how Nissan plans to stay in the market until the barrier has been broken and it would be more profitable to try and develop a product to challenge the big 3 in sales.

Nissan/Toyota just go away,we dont like your kind around here !

The Titan and Tundra are just sagging trucks, neglected, unattended and left for dead. Why not kill them now and stop stealing market and share from the american truck makers who know what the fudge there doing. There about as adaptive as a dinosaur lol.

@5.3 LOL. Nissan and Toyota are more interested in the Global pickup market, primarily. That is why they have a rather half hearted attitude towards the North American market.


They should keep the Tundra but kill off the Titan. I love the Tundra and think it is a great alternative to the big 3. The Titan is waaaay too outdated. Like others said, Nissan should just concentrate on the Frontier and try to pick up the sales vacated by the Ranger. Still lots of people out there who want a crew cab truck but dont need a Full size. Just stick to competing with Toyota and GM in the midsize market. DO WHAT YOU DO BEST! BIG 3 MAKES FULL SIZE TRUCKS, JAPANESE MAKES MIDSIZE TRUCKS!!!

Nissan should drop the Titan and see if Toyota eventually breaks the anti Japanese attitude toward Japanese companies making full size pickups. Eventually it will happen with another generation of truck owners. Toyota has the resources and commitment to stick it out in the full size market. Nissan should update the Frontier and eventually come out with a true compact pickup competitively priced. At one time Nissan was the number 1 compact truck in America. They could build on their past. Ford has left the market to Toyota, GM, and Nissan and there is plenty of room for Nissan to thrive even if Tacoma gets more market share. You don't have to be Number 1 to be profitable and competitive. There are plenty of customers waiting for a truely competitively priced compact pickup. Come on Nissan step up to the plate and you will shine.

I don't see how the Titan is SOOOOO Outdated but the Super Duty isn't? What's the saying? Lipstick on a pig? At least Nissan isn't wasting resources and inflating sticker prices for "Facelifts"

Nissan neglecting the Frontier is stupid considering the Ranger and Dakota are virtually extinct. Toyota will have next to zero motivation in relation to upgrading the Tacoma. The Titan seems to be a no brainer. Poor sales don't warrant the R&D associated with a new product.

Fine. Keep the next body style for the next 10 years... At least toss in the 4 cylinder diesel that the rest of the world gets.

Crew cab + long bed + 4 cylinder diesel = YES.

What would be insult to injury is the fact that if Nissan did come up with class leading tech before they brake through the Japanes truck and the family brand loyalty barrier the new class leading tech wouldnt benefit the Titan but it would benefit the big 3 who would come up with something simular. I do not believe the further delay for the next gen Titan is because the deal with Chrysler fell apart and now they are behind because Chrysler and GM went through bankruptcy situation at the same time and look what they are doing for 2013. I think the delay for the next gen Titan is because Nissan has a good business acumen.

Its a bad idea for nissan to wait. Constant evolution of the truck is what will make it successful. Make current owners want to trade in for a new model. What have they done in the last 8 years to improve or upgrade the truck?. They are so far behind the leaders that the new truck will need as much or more effort/cost as the first to engineer. If your always improving on a good base then there is much less need to start from scratch. And they will have to start from scratch.

The Titan does have a 7'3" bed crew cab that no one else has. I really wanted one, but they wanted too much money. It was actually 4" shorter (244 verses 248) than my Chevy ext. cab long bed. I am having trouble adjusting to trucks with a weenie bed like my Ram Quad cab.


The Titan is still virtually the same truck as it was in 2004 when it was relesed.

The Superduty on the otherhand though it still looks pretty close to what it did when it was relesed in 1998, it has been heavily updated underneith over the years...If you compare a 1998 Superduty and a 2012 Superduty you will find VAST difference's mechanically in them despite minor apperance differences...The Titan as I already said, is still pretty much the same mechancially as it was in 2004, having only recived minor updates over the years.

Also in response to Superduty vs 1/2 ton: It is irrelevant to the half ton market what has gone on with the super duty. Ford and Ram have updated the hell out of their pickups, Nissan has not. If it is going to be 2-3 years before an update comes out the Titan is going to get absolutely clobbered. Shame about the frontier, they really do have something good going for it. I really doubt it will be able to compete with a new dakota or colorado though.

The platform isn't the Frontier's problem, it's one of the best of the compact trucks currently on sale in the U.S. It's nice and roomy and masculine, and it feels beefy and tough which is doing about half of what the truck will need to do in the compact segment.

The only thing it really needs is better engines. Diesel would be nice, but I think it would be enough just to have more powerful and fuel efficient four and six cylinder gas engines.

@ Luigiian I agree, for now. But if Dodge comes out with a new Dakota, which may have a small diesel, and Chevy redoes the Colorado, the Frontier is likely going to be bested on payload, mileage, and of course interior design and amenities. A truck doesn't need to be pretty inside, but all things equal people are usually going to choose the nicer interior over the less nice one.

Also as an aside why is the Frontier Pro 4x payload capacity so low? The pro 4x is in my opinion the best light truck out now, but it only carries a 1000 lb payload capacity. That is a joke and a CRV is probably rated higher. Its not due to more weight as it only weighs maybe 100 lbs more than the other trim models, but is rated at 300+ pounds lower in payload. This is stupid and should be fixed by Nissan.

Why try and compete with the big 3 who are only trying to build bigger and bigger trucks?

The nitch market is in winning the MPG game while having ENOUGH capabilities.

Think outside the box... Build a short 5 seater with a tailgate that can carry 4x8 sheets and returns 25+mpg city REAL World.





I hope that the new Pathfinder interior makes it into the Frontier. The overuse of monochrome plastic is cheap looking. But for a basic truck that gets muddy it is sufficient. The 4.0 V6's only downside is the mpg. After about 12K miles the torque finally showed up and its a stronger engine than new.

PUT A DIESEL!!!! If Nissan really wants a game changer to compete, then they should put a diesel in the Titan. They dont have 3/4 an 1 ton sales to compete with so what's the hold up? I bet if they put a small diesel in the current model, sales would pick up drastically. To me this is where Nissan and Toyota drop the ball. They dont have a heavy duty line-up to compete with yet they are waiting for the big 3 to drop the 1/2 ton diesel first. They should throw a wrench in the whole system and offer a diesel. I wonder how long the big 3 would wait to offer theirs?

Things Nissan should do with the Frontier if they are really going to take forever to update it:

1.) Give it the pathfinder interior along with all additional interior features and controls (like auto on headlights).

2.) Increase the GVWR to that of the Pathfinder or close to the Pathfinder. The Frontier should have a higher payload capacity. The 1000 lb payload capacity in the pro-4x is insanely pathetic.

3.) If they really are going to take forever to update it they should give it the Pathfinder's drivetrain as well. Having a truck with an 4WD auto setting for poor weather is always a good thing. Why only Ram does this is beside me.

Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel!Diesel! Enough Said!

With gas prices on the rise and the economy still stumbling, Nissan should do the following to the Frontier:

1. More powerful 4 cylinder engine. Direct injection? Turbo?
2. Crew cab variant with an optional 4 cylinder, even if its just the shortbed. Some of us don't tow and just need to haul relatively light, but bulky, items every now and then
3. Diesel engine option. I4 or V6. Give the longbed option to the diesel I4
4. More bacon.

Nissan should drop work on the Titan and bring manufacturing of the NP200 and NP300 Workhorse to the USA South African . The NP300 is exactly what many of us need. It's a stout p/u.

I mean't the South African NP300 being built in the USA

It is true that the Titan and frontier need some updating. Still, I think I rather buy Japanese over American trucks. The quality is just not there. They change the looks every 5 minutes because they're desperate. GM and Chrysler neede govt bail outs for god sake! Why would I buy a Truck from these companies that use our own money to build more crap. Ford didn't take a bail out but their line is ugly. If it wasnt for the people that buy these trucks out of tradition all of this companies will be long gone. Thats why in Europe, south America and Australia american trucks are nearly non existant.

I saw some comments on the new Patrol.

Australia is one of the largest markets (or the largest) market for the Patrol. Nissan has deferred its release here because of the cost of the vehicle and the Renault/Nissan Group can't find an adequate diesel engine for it. We still get the previous model Patrol with an inadequate, reliable 3L turbo diesel with 160hp.

Nissan hasn't paid enough attention to the large Patrol in Australia as it was one of the leading selling 4x4 wagons we had. It seems NA has encountered the same problem. Abeit, different, but similar platforms. This points to Nissan having a global not just a NA problem to overcome.

As for the Navara/Frontier, In Australia we can get them with the Renault 3L V6 diesel rated at approx 227hp and somewhere around 400ftlb+ of torque (another engine you don't get in NA). We stopped having the V6 4L gas engine because sales didn't justify their inclusion. Most are sold with the 2.5L diesel with 190hp and about 320ftlb of torque.

From what I recalled the Xterra was made up from a composite of Navara and other Nissan bits. The Pathfinder is much more closely related to the Navara than the Xterra.

I'm Actualy looking in to buying a 2012 Titan crew cab 4x4 , I've been in and drove trucks like the f250,f350, GMC seiarra HD 4x4, the new ram super duty, even the raptor SVT. an though all these trucks offer a lot more in basics and new technology and mechanics the Titan just stands out to me. I also agree that Nissan and Toyota should bulk up and produce a diesel powered titan an tundra with high payload even to go as far as producing dualie models of the Titan and tundra. I personally don't see what Nissan is waiting for because it's north American facilitys can handle the production of the new Titan and as far as there alliance with crystler I'd be glad not to have to deal with them anymore there diesel roots lye with gm being that they own isuzu (wich used to be tied in with daewoo and Datsun both of wich belong to Nissan) I mean am I the only person that would love to own a duramax powered Titan .

dear m williams, is misinformed, and his speculation is WRONG

good news, titan is coming for 2014, late 2013 release, with 3 cab versions, and engine configurations that will please all. yes even the engine that everyone wants "D"

you folks will be happy, this straight from the horses mouth and i ain't speaking of "FRANCIS The MULE"

little over a year from now - MARK my WORD,
if i am wrong at that time, slam the heck out of me.

I'm just curious how many people chiming In have actually owned a Titan. I've owned brand new a Titan, F150 and the Tundra. While the Ford ran great, rode great and looked good, it provided the worst of two worlds, low power and bad mpg. The Tundra is typical Toyota, it will run forever but has no soul. The interior is huge but the ergonomics sucked. I have owned two Titans and I have always enjoyed driving them more than the others. While the hp may appear low compared to the others, torque is great. The interior is really big but it fits. From some angles it looks funky but from others it looks great.

I used to sell motorcycles and we carried seven brands. When people came in I would talk them into riding all the different brands and forget about what they were told or read. You ride them all and then buy the one that you like the most. Truck buyers should do the same. If more buyers did that, they wouldn't be so mad when certain manufactures changed their products every other year. If you're spending $35-$45k for a truck, you owe it to yourself.

I own a 2005 Titan KC/Big Tow/OR (Pro-4x) that currently has over 225,000 miles on it. It has been a great truck. Not perfect, but when I look at other people's trucks of the same age (i.e., 2005 models), NONE of them ride as nice, drive as well, or have as many miles on them as my truck. Granted, I take good care of my truck, but it's not babied. Sure, things have broke (rear diff went at 61k, replaced under warranty, for example), but things will break on ALL trucks.

I'd buy another Titan right now, but what would I gain? It's the same truck I already have. Now, if Nissan left the body as-is (my preference anyway - I like the look of the truck), put in a turbo V-6 Diesel running 250+ hp/425+ TQ, slightly stronger rear axle and a little more towing/payload (and a 6 or 7 speed auto, or optional 6 speed manual), I'd buy one.

I have no doubt in my mind that a Titan, Tundra, Tacoma, or Frontier will outlast ANY domestic truck. What's important to me is NOT stuff like: GPS NAV, parking assist, multiple airbags, traction control, auto headlights, auto wipers, and a bunch of other "fancy", useless crap. I want: dependability, reliability, and capability - which means a truck that will last, tows what I need towed, carries what I need carried, goes where I need to go, has good performance, and doesn't break the bank at the gas pump. My current Titan does almost all of this already. A diesel engine and 6 speed manual trans would pretty much add the rest. Unfortunately, I can't even consider swapping in a different powertrain due to the gay-a$$ emissions laws......

Nissan: build the diesel-powered Titan; give me the option to shift my own gears; keep the rest the same (ok, you *can* do some minor updating to the rest of the truck). I'm game.

If I was going to buy a new truck right now, I'd have only 1 "real" choice: Dodge Ram 2500HD with the Cummins and a 6-speed manual; but good luck finding one on a lot. Everything is an auto it seems......68RE junk.

I have an '05 Titan that I bought not to do too much towing but rather because I needed a vehicle with a large interior to haul stuff ocassionally and to do weekend projects. Titan fit the bill - 6'4" and tons of room whether in the front or the back. Fast on the expressway or off the line. 140k miles later and I've only changed the battery and tires (twice each) and the oil every 5,000 or so miles. It's been a great truck!
I agree with a previous poster in that frequent body changes aren't necessarily a good thing. Happened with a Ram and a Camaro when my vehicle suddenly became the old & outdated model.

I have a 2010 Frontier. Great truck but time to improve fuel economy and styling.You can beat most dealers down on price on these at the end of the year as they they know they are going to have a tough time moving them.Got mine for about 16 «k off list no freight.
Wont buy another until they make some changes including the quality of the interior which is cheap and scratches easily.
Come on Nissan we know you make the best motor «hands «down but clean up the «fronty

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