Nissan NV200: New York's New Taxi

Nissan NV200 Taxi

After a grueling process of elimination that has taken several years, New York has chosen Nissan's littlest and newest commercial van, the 2014 NV200, as the Taxi of Tomorrow.

The Nissan van won the honors in a process that started in 2007, when city officials set the criteria to figure out which vehicles would best serve New York's 600,000 daily taxi users. The contract, according to some reports, is probably worth about 4,000 units per year, and the van will be a welcome upgrade for those visiting the Big Apple.

For those nostalgia buffs, the ubiquitous Ford Crown Victoria will be around for quite a while, but if you find your way into one of the new Nissans, you might be surprised how much nicer and roomier the new taxis are.

“The Nissan NV200 unveiled today will be the safest, most comfortable and most convenient taxi the city has ever had,” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. “New York City cabs have always been iconic, and now they will set a new standard. The 600,000 passengers who use taxis to get around every day deserve the cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line safety features that this model delivers.”

Nissan NV200 Taxi

Features of the NV200 taxi include:

  • 2.0-liter inline-four powertrain with low emissions and strong fuel efficiency
  • Dual sliding doors with retractable enter/exit footstep
  • Large glass moonroof for greater visibility
  • Low-annoyance horn with synced exterior lights
  • Rear air-conditioning controls
  • Carbon-lined headliner to help neutralize bad odors
  • Rear mobile charging station, including a 12-volt outlet and two USB ports
  • Flat “no hump” passenger floor area for a more comfortable ride
  • Driver and passenger intercom system
  • Front- and rear-seat curtain airbags, and seat-mounted airbags for the front row
  • Lights that alert other vehicles that the taxi doors are opening 
  • Six-way adjustable driver’s seat with recline and lumbar adjustments

Nissan has partnered with Braun Corp. to develop, engineer and produce a creative solution for a wheelchair-accessible taxi in New York. Nissan will offer a mobility solution to New York taxi companies and have that taxi go on sale in 2013.

As part of the Taxi of Tomorrow program, Nissan is working with the city and taxi owners on a pilot program to study the use of zero-emission electric taxis as well. Nissan will provide six Nissan Leafs and three Level 2 charging stations at no extra charge to taxi owners and the city to test the possible electrification of New York's taxi fleet.

The NV200 taxi will be produced in North America at Nissan’s manufacturing facility in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The MSRP of the vehicle, with all planned standard features, is expected to be about $29,700.

Nissan NV200 Taxi

4 Nissan NV200 Taxi

2 Nissan NV200 Taxi

Nissan NV200 Taxi


Why wouldn't the city of new York choose something American instead of a Japanese brand makes you wonder


Didn't you read the first sentence?

Dont like New York,people are rude,city is dirty,Mayor is crazy !!

Also,Nissan cabs..c'mon I am sure you can find an American manufacturer to build a cab,I am sure if they would of talked to Ford they could have used a Transit !! But nissan paid the mayor off,as companies do to get business..

Well,just proves I will never again go to New York !!

New York City !!! Get The Rope !!

Makes you wonder how Ford could have possibly dropped the ball here. NY is associated with hordes of Yellow Crown Victoria's. Did they submit their up and coming Transit?

So the city controls what cars can and cannot be used by private taxi operators? What kind of leftist crap is this?

Since everyone is upset that an "American" company didn't get the contact I'd better not point out that it is a 10 year contract.

In regard to the selection process, 3 vans were short listed.
Ford Transit, Nissan NV200, and Karsan with a purpose built cab.

The other competitors for the lucrative NYC cab contract, Ford (a modified Transit) and Karsan (with a purpose-designed cab) have both divested their business ties in Iran and provided the requisite proof. Karsan even offered to build their cabs in Brooklyn, which gave us the confusing situation of an American company who builds their cabs in Turkey (Ford), against a Turkish company who would build their cabs in America (Karsan). Representatives call the selection of the Nissan over, say, a Brooklyn-built option "puzzling."

Funny really.
A Turkish built Ford, a Brooklyn built Turk, and a Mexican built Japanese van.
Chaulk on up for the Japanese Mexicans.
Where is "Buy American" when you need him. LOL

That is more disappointing they did offer the Transit and the Turkish builders were going to build it in N.Y.
Ford in Australia is acting more like the "Gang who could not shoot straight". From a GMI blog posts but fairly accurate. The Falcon and Territory are very good products, why is Ford trying to hinder their sales"

(1)"But boy, their other lines are not doing so well. I don't know if the Ranger is in short supply, but sales of it and the Mazda BT50 would have to be rated disappointing. The Fiesta sold around 650, which is roughly half Barina sales. That's off the back of a big discount."

(2)"Really??? Surely some sort of advertising would help let people know. In truth I really think most of Ford's Falcon woes are self inflicted. They should be doing similar numbers to the Commodore - eg 50/50 market share. It's actually a very good car IMO."

(3)"Ford US are dying to get rid of the Falcon. it is an embarrassment to them so they are doing their level best to make sure Ford Australia can't make a go of it. They have to consult Detroit on any detail change I have been told. Sad really they have a great product but they don't know what colour to paint it and if they do know how to market it then they are deliberately avoiding doing it"

as crouded as this city is
they be betterof using the VW bettle LOL!!!

How many friggen Taxis of Tomorrow are they going to unveil. Don't they do this crap like every year?

Nissan Yellow Cab ! it's a part of the "picture" of the American Way of Life which goes away, very sad.

While it's a little disappointing these are made in mexico (like the newer silverados) I'm glad to see it was a fair competition, not limited to the detroit 3 just because they're in 'murrica.
They chose the best tool for the job.

Glad to see the comments are back up.

@Mark Williams:
"The NV200 taxi will be produced in North America at Nissan’s manufacturing facility in Cuernavaca, Mexico."

...Ain't Cowhorn, Messico a part of CENTRAL America?

This purchase represents capitalism, not just buying an 'american manufacturer'. Sure I would have loved to see Ford win but without capitalism, no one would have to try and make anything better than the guy before them.

Mexico is part of North America.
We will have a Mexican made Japanese van used by Middle Eastern Taxi drivers in New York city. LOL
Kinda covers what it says on the Statue of Liberty -
“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Why not American ? because is crap.Nissan is just a better choise, but not the best.Any Japanese brand is much more reliable then the American brand.

New York's next taxi ? It's really the end for real American looking cars,and U.S. car lovers, sad ! Why not real American
looking cars and hybrid engines? It's tragic.

As an Englishman looking in on it, you would have thought they would have looked at fords Europe car range and found the ford transit van, probably the perfect vehicle for a place like new york as there is a massive amount of different options or variations in chassis engine size, able to carry 6-8 people, fast, and drives like a car. The weird obsession the states has with Japanese cars baffles us over here for a start they are horrific to look at. Surly they would be looking at something a little bit more efficient than a 2Ltr engine for only 4 passengers. however the idea of 1 model for purchasing power is flawed, they should have 2 different manufacturers taking part so there is competition in the years to come...


That all depends on whom you ask...

@Jason H - I guess you are right. But I'm just more correct than you are ;)
How many countries are in North America?
Including all the islands, there are 23 countries in North America; however, if
one abides by most cartographer's defining extents of North America, there are 17. They are:

2.The United States of America
5.Iceland (straddles the plate boundary between North America and Europe)
10.El Salvador
11.Costa Rica
16.The Bahamas
17.The Dominican Republic

Greenland is not a country it is part of Denmark, and Iceland is in Europe.

I thought it was just Canada, USA, and Mexico with, well, Canada on top ;)


no offense to nissan or the japanese, but there ain't no way on God's green that this should've even been open to anybody besides the big 3. it's a TAXI ferchrissakes!?!? it's not that deep. so let's stop pretending there's something "mission critical" about a vehicle that the average fare won't spend more than 15 mins in. in that respect it's not even a rental car.

the crown vic represents old technology. what that means is, you can't throw a rock in the parking lot of a new car dealer without hitting SOMETHING that easily beats it in performance or fuel economy. so whatchu talkin' bout bloomberg!?!?

in this plain vanilla NV200 i see no "cutting edge technology" or "top of the line safety features" that aren't also found (or can be retrofitted) in a 100 other domestic vehicles. what? in dash navigation? leather seats? yeah, i've got all those things. i smell a RAT.

@Jason H - looks like someone is taking our harmless banter about North America a little too seriously.

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