Nissan Titan Seating Capacity Safety Recall

2012-Nissan-Titan-Pickup-Truck II
Nissan North America has initiated a voluntary safety recall on all 2012 Nissan Titans built between the dates of June 10, 2011 to July 22, 2011 that are equipped with the Sports Appearance package--a total of 918 vehicles.

The problem stems from the fact that the specific tire pressure and capacities label misidentifies the number of passengers that can be seated in that truck. Government officials contend that the mislabeling could lead to improper overloading, and, thus, lead to the increased possibility of a crash. 2012 Sport package-equipped Titans come with front bucket seats so they can only seat five passengers. According to the Wall Street Journal, the labels note maximum capacity for the trucks produced during that six week period to be six passengers.

As a remedy to the mislabeling, Nissan will supply owners with a new label and a set of instructions on how to apply. Of course, if Nissan Titan owners suspect their truck was produced in that timeframe, they can also bring it to the nearest dealer and have them take care of it as well.

The safety recall is expected to start on or about May 14, and owners can call Nissan with any additional questions about the recall at 615-725-1000. Of course, anyone looking for more information about this or any other recalls at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) safety vehicle hotline at 888-327-4236 or by going to 


Really guys?...we're getting a little too ridiculous with these recalls..As long as that's all that's wrong with it though that's not too bad. I can't imagine someone wanting to take their truck in to have that changed though.


I would LOVE to view the thought process of someone trying to figure out how to fit person #6...

"Damn, the door label says 6 people! Let me look inside the cab again..."

918 over 6 weeks....hmmmm

Its the sport appearance package trucks crew cab.

Wow, not too big a deal. Hey Maxx, there's you some non Ram/Fiat news!

This is not news.

People are just plain stupid, but they are greedy enough to phone a lawyer if something does go wrong.

Clay - If they did it right the first time there wouldn't have to be a recall. The difference is in the details. If they can't get the stickers right, what else are they missing? I know GM has had similar issues so don't even go there. This is Nissan's fault and as Lou said this is the 2000's if you don't fix it you will be sued.

They need to recall that while package idea.

Well at least Nissan took the iniative themselves to recall. It does make me have more respect for them and I do like some of their products.

@ Lou,

Yep,thats why they recall for any little thing that comes up,because if something goes wrong (crash) they will sue and probably win if the truck has the wrong label !!

It's a shame the justice system works the way it does. No bogus lawsuits, fewer pointless recalls, less money manufacturers need to spend, cheaper trucks. Woohoo!

Now why do I get the feeling this article was *just for me*?

Colin, unfortunately we don't have a justice system, we have a legal system. And there is a difference, as I know first hand....

I agree with Toycrusher But, somebody will allways find a reason to get the legal system involved. If that's all it is, it's not bad, Ram had a similar issue but for tire pressures, I believe. That's alot more important to me, but they caught it, before a bunch of wrecks happened (not saying it woulda caused one, or that it did, just that they said "we made a mistake") I looked at my Chrysler and it said 6 passenger (with console) but in small letters, it also says "when vehicle has center cosole, seating is 5"

WOW!! I really like the front lower facia and rims. That paint color and engine like a great combination. I always thought of putting some sort of display on the back of my car. May I should have painted it.

Nissan is know as one of the best reputed brand all over the world. This kind of fault was not expected from Nissan i am sure Nissan will sort out the fault to keep its brand image.

Nissan is one of the best reputed brand all over the world. This kind of fault was not expected from Nissan how could they do that, hope they will find the solution for that.

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