Prices Announced for Tacoma TRD T/X Baja

By Dave Lee

Toyota has released pricing info for its Tacoma T/X Baja Series Package, which will be available on four-wheel-drive Access and Double Cab models equipped with the TRD Off-Road Package.

The T/X Baja Series will cost $5,015, less a $650 factory credit. That brings the total price for the Access Cab to $32,990 with a manual transmission and $33,975 with an automatic. The Double Cab will cost $34,275 and $35,255 with manual and automatic transmissions, respectively. All prices do not include an $810 destination fee.

The T/X Baja Series trucks are equipped with a 4.0-liter V-6 and a new suspension that is more extreme than the TRD package, giving the Tacoma better high-speed off-road capability. Much of this is accomplished with much bigger and better Bilstein shock absorbers. Distinctive 16-inch beadlock-style wheels look similar to the Rock Warrior Package offered on the Tundra, with 265/70R16 BFGoodrich all-terrain tires.

For more details about the Baja Series, check out our First Drive.


Will it fit in a bomb shelter?


It better...Because according to Oxi the worlds going suffer an apacolypse soon and he'll be the only survivor because he drives the all superior Tacoma.

You have got to be kidding me! 35,000 for THIS? for 5 grand more one could get the MUCH more capable Raptor.

Piss on this truck. 35K my ass...Toyota's to proud of their junk.

@Rob - It's not so bad, you get about 50% of the capability of the Raptor for only 80% of the price... Ok, it is pretty bad!

@Nate M
I'm sure he has calculated the approach angle of his taco so it fits snug as a bug in his bomb shelter. Inside the shelter it looks like Michael Gross and Reba Mcentire's basement from the movie "Tremors"...

I too think it should be a little cheper but riddle this. You can pick up one of these for $32,990, the cheapest you can get the extended cab raptor for is $42,725 and it only has a 900 lb payload and 6k towing. The Taco is 77% of the price and according to their earlier test drive (they have driven both so I bet they are right) it is 80-85% of the capability of a raptor. Honestly sounds like a better deal to me, not to mention the better fuel mileage and cost since it doesn't recommend premium fuel for the full gallop.

Just my 2 cents...

@Tyler - You have a point, just add some Deaver springs and the Taco is ready to go head-to-head with a Super Duty!

Too much money for too little a truck! Toyota can let them rot on their sales lots!

Or you could get a low milage 5.4 raptor for 35k that has more capability payload and better real world fuel economy. Oh and in some states not have to pay sales tax lol.

Buying a used Raptor is almost as stupid as buying a used STI. You know it's been abused.

I don't see what this can do that a Nissan Frontier Pro 4x cannot. A fully loaded pro 4x with every single option and addition in crew cab setup can be had for $29K. It also has a more powerful motor and nicer interior than the taco. What am I missing?

Dan not all of them have been, mine was not when i bought it, it could be concidederd so now, but alot of people bought them as show vehicles and dont take them off road. Second the raptor is about suspension , if it has been abused it will not ride properly and have visable damage, an abused sti will have damage to a motor that might not be apparent at first, what is more expensive relacing shocks or a motor. The motors used in a raptor would be under more stress towing then running around through the desert empty. Additionaly if your going to drive it like it off road and the person you bought it from took it off road and broke then replaced parts with newer oem or aftermarket parts.
the Raptor that i have i bought used and i drive it like i stole it , i bent the fron bumper alittle and the transmission cross member, shid plates have been well used, 25k later on the clock, and only a TPS sensor that acts up intermitantly , i just need to throw a newer bumper on it form sombody who went aftermarket, and a new transmission crosmember and that truck will be fine.

$35K for ANY truck, no matter the brand, if you ask me. When did pickup trucks start costing as much as Cadillacs and Lincolns?

I'm quite happy I only paid $2,500 for my F-150. I'll probably have more fun with it than I would worrying about damaging (or destroying) something that cost so much more.

Ok, I'm really beginning to hate auto-correct.

Statement above should read, "$35K for ANY truck, no matter the brand, is too much if you ask me.

for everyone that read the oxi downers....

The Raptor is also about a $5K option/upgrade, but you get a hell of a lot more than a shock/wheel/tire upgrade plus includes the 6.2 and wide body/frame. Not to mention this is on a Lariat equivalent truck. Then the Tacoma's Access Cab is hardly big enough for adults so yeah, Toyota needs to rethink their price.

@Dan - to date I've only seen one Raptor that looks like it has seen any hard offroad use. I can say the exact same for the Power Wagon. I've seen one that looks well used, and only one as a work truck. I don`t see too many Jeeps or new Toyota trucks that see offroad use either. Most of the lifted trucks I see are road queens.

You guys have to remember from the test on this truck that it also has a down rated carrying capacity of 800 lb. I`ve checked Toyota Canada`s site and maybe it hasn`t been added but I seriously doubt it will be available in Canada.

There are guys who will like this truck, but for 5,000 I bet someone could do an upgrade that meets their own personal needs. I doubt that one could upgrade an F150 to Raptor status without spending 15,000. Look at the Ram Runner complete kit. It is IIRC 15,000.


Dropping 35 to $40K on a well equipped 4X4 isn't fun, I'll agree, but an Accord with nav, leather, etc, is over $30k... and it's just 2WD with no low range. Really it's mostly inflation and dropping value of the dollar.

@DenverMike - True. I had played with adding inflationary costs to the F250 I had bought new in 1990. It turned out that I got a better deal on my 2010 F150 SuperCrew as compared to my new 1990 truck. New trucks are not for everyone, same can be said for any new vehicle. Most experts say that one shouldn't finance something that depreciates as fast as an automobile. I think that for someone like Vulpine who needs a truck sporadically and has a reliable primary vehicle, it makes perfect sense to get a used truck in good shape. Rebates can made a new truck competitive price wise with 3 year old trucks in good shape. I would of kept my tired 1990 reg cab 4x4 if I was still single, but add 2 kids, a spouse, and 3 dogs, it didn't cut it anymore. If it broke down with just me in it, well, who cares. Totally different scenario with a wife and kids in -30C weather.

give me a call when this truck costs aroud $25,000


Not sure what all the huffing is about, I did the math above. If the Raptor is worth it at that price (that price excludes the luxury package, plus package, destination which is $990, ect...) then something that offers 80-85% of the capability for 77% the price is a good deal unless you are just hideously terrible at understanding basic #'s. The Raptor isn't loaded interior wise to begin with (you still have a $3k luxury package and $2.5k navigation option), is this truck loaded or do you have to option it out? Needless to say I bet you can't get this truck to $42,350 which is 77% of the cost of a loaded Raptor Crewcab which comes out to about $55k. Everything you get is about 80-85% of the raptor from performance to options ect... Either way you look at it this truck isn't on the bad price side as some of you make it seem. Looking at you Denvermike...

the great wonders of peeps comparing base price to loaded price... hilarious!!!!!!

The Raptor still has leather seat as a base price, the luxuray pkg has memory seats heated and cooled sony audio, power ajusted pedals etc, the tacoma does not even offer leather idk either way but manufatures charge more, additionaly the f150 supper cab is compable to the tacoma double cab in interior room. The vehicles have very similar equipment on them what it comes down to is the price to make this truck equal a raptor, does the locker engage at any speed, in any drive mode (i.e. 2hi 4 hi 4low). my 5.4 raptor has 1000lb payload, this taco has 800 lbsif you have 4 adults and camping gear that extra 200lbs can come in handy. The Tacoma is a great truck i just dont think that it is worth the price they are asking for it. que oxi

Advise, buy a stripped 4x4 Tacoma, get the part numbers of the suspension package, order those parts and install yourself...

Should save thousands over sticker price!

Decal wraps optional...

Note when comparing Raptor to this sweet ride, the Tacoma weighs less and has better dimensions to off-road with. The Raptor is too big, heavy and wide to be a complete off-road beast...


"I don't see what this can do that a Nissan Frontier Pro 4x cannot."

Did you bother to read the small truck shootout?

The Tacoma is superior to the Nissan thus won the shootout...and more capable...

@ Oxi, thank you for that condescending post. I did read the mid size truck shootout. Let's look at the reasons for my previous comment in regards to the Frontier Pro4x.

First, the shootout did not include a Frontier Pro4x, the Pro4x has skid plates, better shocks, and a locking rear. It may possibly have beaten the Taco straight up in that test if they had compared it.

Secondly, their test was rather subjective. Their test read something along the lines of "We liked how the Taco felt a little bit better." That is not even remotely objective, and has nothing to do with the truck's actual capability.

Thirdly, and the part I am sure makes you the most uncomfortable, I included a pricepoint in my comment specifically because that is meaningful to most people out shopping for vehicles. Using Zag pricing I can get a fully loaded frontier pro4x with every option for $29,000. How much will this Taco cost? And how much more will it cost when you option it out?

Even if (and I emphasize *if*) this Taco can *slightly* outperform a Frontier Pro4x, is that minor boost in performance worth $5000 or $6000 to you?

I am willing to bet that if I gave a Frontier Pro4x and $5000 to anyone that seriously off roaded, he (or she) would have a truck that would blow the socks off of this Taco.

If you like shootouts, the next shootout will be a baja off-road style shoot-out. F-150 vs Tacoma vs... This will settle once and for all which is truly the best off-truck for down in the Baja!!/pickuptrucks

*off-road truck

@Oxi - there you go again. You base all of your comments on the assumption that your style of offroading and your preference in offroading is the only way to go.
Since you are the master of inconsistent arguements, lets pick apart your posts once again.
1. Quote "Advise, buy a stripped 4x4 Tacoma, get the part numbers of the suspension package, order those parts and install yourself...

Should save thousands over sticker price!"

I'd have to say that any part with a factory number on it is expensive. There is no way one could build one of these cheeper by ording the parts directly from Toyota. Unless you are stating that the T/X Pro is over priced.

Is that what you are trying to say?

2. "I don't see what this can do that a Nissan Frontier Pro 4x cannot."

Oxi Quote:
"Did you bother to read the small truck shootout?
The Tacoma is superior to the Nissan thus won the shootout...and more capable..."

The point that phillyguy was saying is that the Nissan is cheeper than this truck and 5,000 dollars difference will get you a better truck if you build it up yourself.

See your post above under #1.

Phillyguy is just following your logic - buy the cheeper truck, build it up yourself and be much further ahead.

or have you been lying to us about that strategy?

or are your Faraday cage mesh underwear in a bunch because someone made the comment that there might be a vehicle superior to a Tacoma?

3. Quote: "Note when comparing Raptor to this sweet ride, the Tacoma weighs less and has better dimensions to off-road with. The Raptor is too big, heavy and wide to be a complete off-road beast..."

First you say you are further ahead to build your own, now it is a sweet ride (The factory truck)?
See comments 1 and 2.

Why is the Raptor wide?
You say over and over again that IFS is superior to SFA.
How do you gain wheel travel out of IFS?
You need longer A-arms which equals wider truck.
In all your years of eating dust in Baja, that dust must of kept you from noticing the extra width on all of those IFS race trucks.

Sure, the Raptor is heavier, but I bet that if you compared the size of the Raptor's 35's to the tires on a Tacoma, the Raptor will exert similar if not less PSI upon the ground.

Not every guy spends their weekends crawling through narrow trails looking for a rock to crawl under when the zombie apocalypse comes.

That is your preference.
A smaller truck works for you.

A guy with wide open spaces to play in will probably find a Raptor superior to anything else with a factory warranty.

A guy who crawls around the back country with a load in the box will probably find a Power Wagon is superior to anything else with a factory warranty.

A guy who plays offroad and doesn't want much cargo capacity will probably find a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is superior to anything else with a factory warranty.

I personally would rather ride a dirtbike, quad or side by side. For me, those vehicles are superior to anything else with a factory warrranty.

North America is a big place and one offroad vehicle does not "fit all".
North America is full of unique individuals and one offroad vehicle does not "fit all".

Absorb or Adsorb that thought once and for all and you might have an easier time of it on this site.


The Raptor has all the standard features of the well eqiupped Lariat 4X4 (37 to $40K) and is just under $5k above that . If the crew cab Raptors you've seen are $55K, the dealer packed them with options plus is gouging buyers with "market adjustments". I'd shop elsewhere but if people are gladly paying that, it speaks volumes. They're grossly underpriced and out paced by demand. Even so, the Raptor alone, will likely out sell the Titan, Canyon, Avalanche and Ridgeline this year and is gunning for the Colorado.


I agree with what oxi said when oxi issued the off-road challenge.

oxi says the Tacoma will win the off-road shootout because of better off-road angles and lighter weight...

F-150 is too heavy and too weight to off-road...

Now you will all see what oxi has been telling you all along... Tacoma will be off-road shootout champion!

Raptors must be a lot cheaper where others live--they priceout about $10K more to the Tacoma Baja in comparable cab configurations.

I agree about buying a used 5.4L Raptor (as opposed to a 6.2L), not just because it was likely abused, a 5.4L Raptor is as bad as a 2010 Mustang GT--should have waited one year and gotten the WAY better 5.0.

"You base all of your comments on the assumption that your style of offroading"


If anyone knows anything about off-roading it should be oxi...

oxi has done it all including high-speed racing, autocross, trail riding, and on road racing...

Obviously you have not driven off-road at high speed or even raced down in Baja! Unless you have raced down in the baja you don't know what you are talking about...

Tacoma win the shootout against those tanks...

It's time for an off-road shoot-out with this...

Here we go again. Oxi and his Toyota cheerleaders versus the Anti Toyota crowd. There are probably enough loyal Toyota Tacoma buyers that will buy this at any price. This truck is not for everyone nor for all Taco buyers but I am sure that it will have enough buyers. If it doesn't then it will be discontinued. I would not buy this but then that is my opinion. It would fit nicely in a bomb shelter.

Hey DenverMike, go build one on the website with the luxury package and navigation, $54,8XX. No dealer gouging on that, straight from the factory.

All the features really? 10 way power seats std on lariet, opt on Raptor. Power pedals same thing, Dual zone ac std on lariet opt on Raptor, power heated mirrors too. Need to get the 3k luxury package just to get heated seats which are std on the lariet.

I wouldn't say grossly underpriced, it does under cut what it would cost to duplicate the suspension and other goodies but as far as luxury goes which most truck buyers seem to want it is a high cost of entry to get some luxury items and the capability of that truck. 55k for a half ton that loses towing and hauling is big to swallow to gain a nice highway ride. Seems most I see in my area are used for commuting duties...

I guess if you compare it to the price of some other loaded trucks this is not too high, but this would not have the hauling capacity or towing capacity of larger trucks. But then those who would buy this are not looking at towing and hauling capacity. Anymore 30k seems to be the normal price for the average vehicle. You just have to weigh it against what your wants and needs are. For most loyal Toyota owners they are willing to pay a premium for a Toyota. Again this would fit nicely in a bomb shelter for the upcoming apocalypse and I am sure Oxi has got one on order.

Same features: crewcab, 4x4, 6.2, lux, bucket seats:

Lariat crewcab with 6.2, 4x4, Bucket Seats, Luxury Pakage, Nav. $49,610.
Raptor crewcab with 6.2, 4x4, Bucket Seats, Plus Package, Luxury Package, Navigation, $52,060.

That's less than $2500 difference with the same features.

Base 6.2 Lariat with no options vs Raptor with Luxury Package, Navigation, Plus Pack:
Lariat $46,195.
Raptor $52,060.

A little over $5k difference.

Everyone knows its common sense the Raptor will eat this thing alive in the desert especialy at high speeds. I guess people like to argue just to be fanboi cheerleaders?

Guess again MikesFX4, will it beat it in a race and do better, yes, it was more so designed that way. Eat it's lunch, probably not. Besides that isn't what some of us are arguing, we are arguing against the people that think this truck is such a poor choice at 35k yet the raptor is bang for the buck at 43k. When the truck is only 77% the cost and according to the people who have tested both at the same place say it is 80-85% the capability. Do you understand now?

Let me ask you, have you driven the Tacoma in question? Do you own a Raptor? I am guessing no to both, so your arguement is null and void about performance unless you want to reference what magazine you read that makes you so strongly say the term "eat this thing alive".

On top of that calling people fan boys? Dude, most people here don't put their truck as their name, who's the fan boy now? If you owned a raptor I bet you would be MikeRaptor, that's why I know you don't own one. For the record I don't own a Toyota...

You are a hypocrite, you are the weakest link, good bye.

Jeff S - Not every guy posting a difference of opinion aimed at the Tacoma or Toyota is a "hater". I like Toyota products, and I have a 2010 Sienna parked along side of my 2010 F150. My beef with Oxi and the "oxi fan club" is that they approach the offroading world from a very narrrow and fixed view point. That narrow view point is " if it ain't a Toyota Tacoma it ain't worth sh-t offroad".
@Gay - does oxi know his offroad stuff?
If he did he'd know what I had posted earlier was true:
North America is a big place and one offroad vehicle does not "fit all".
North America is full of unique individuals and one offroad vehicle does not "fit all".

Will the Raptor eat the Tacoma T/X Pro's lunch?
Depends on where you go with those trucks. In the open desert that 7/10ths Raptor performance level is a huge difference. You take them down a narrow path and the wide Raptor will be dead in the water.
It will boil down to the test parameters and what the testers feel are the most important.

I'd like to see a test with all of the standard "offroad" badged trucks. That would be more telling as the Raptor and Power Wagon fit opposite spectrums. The Tacoma is a "Raptor Lite". It is lighter and narrower so it still retains the advantages of a truck in its class.
Width,weight, and length aren't necessarily disadvantages. Try to keep up to my brother or one of my buddies in a 3/4 ton or 1 ton extended cab or crewcab truck on a logging road and you won't be able to do it in a Tacoma. Same can be said for my SuperCrew. I can run away from a compact truck on a logging road. I've been in Tacoma's, Toyota compacts, and Rangers following those guys, and you can't do it.

@Lou-I didn't mean to say everyone that posts is either a Toyota fanboy or a Toyota hater. Sorry! I just mean that whenever a Toyota article posts then the Toyota haters come out. I realize not everyone is one or the other and some of this is to tease Oxi who is so blantly pro Toyota that nothing exists in his world but Toyota and offroading (climbing rocks). Oxi calls everything that is not a Toyota too big and/or a piece of junk which gets kind of old after a while. He gets as tiresome as Bob use to get and all the Ford and Chevy cheerleaders. I don't think these guys should be banned nor should they be prohibited from expressing their views but their discussions are getting as old as a 78 record that is stuck in its grooves playing the same line over and over. I don't dislike Toyota's but I might not ever consider buying one after tiring of Oxi and his fan club. I personally do not have a dog in this fight and if Toyota is successful with this model then bravo. By today's standards the price of this truck is not any higher than some others. It is not hard to find 60 and 70k Ford and Chevy trucks with everything available. If people want to buy those more power to them. And Lou you are right "oxi fan club" is that they approach the offroading world from a very narrrow and fixed view point. That narrow view point is " if it ain't a Toyota Tacoma it ain't worth sh-t offroad". This is tiresome and what they are saying is not 100 percent accurate. Also not every truck owner wants an offroader nor has use for one. How about reliablity and good service and meeting the needs of that individual truck owner. A truck owner should be satisfied with what they own and should not have what they own called junk or a "parade float". Readers should have respect for others choices even if they don't personnally like them. Enough said, Toyota Tacomas are good trucks along with Ford, RAM, Chevy, GMC, Nissan, and etc.

I think that ought to make a special version of this Tacoma for Oxi they could call it the "Apocalypse Now". It would come with a camoflage paint job (either desert or woods) and come with attached machine guns, rocket launchers, armour plating for roadside bombs and an oncoming rocket attack, hydraulic suspension to raise the height for rocky terrain, and popout floats to cross streams. Also they could make the sides fold to fit better in a cave. I think 100k would be a reasonable price.

Jeff S

don't feel bad haters come out on this website on every brand not just Toyota

Thanks Dan the Man. It just seems like there are more attacks and few real good discussions about trucks. As for the price of a truck you don't have to buy it.

Nice post Jeff S, I am with you on they all are good trucks. Some have had more faults then others at times (cough cough Tundra) but all will take a normal person that needs a truck many many miles with general maintenance. I really like seeing what the unbiased people buy when the time comes too.

@Jeff S -
Sorry for coming across so strongly. The "hater" word gets used too often by the extreme brand loyal types of all of the badges. Your post is a valid one and well said. I didn't care one way or the other for Chevy and GMC until Bob and others pushed me to an anti-GM stance on many things. I can see Oxi doing the same to guys looking at Toyota. I like Toyota enough that it probably won't happen, but as you have seen, I won't let Oxi or his fans get a "free pass".

I live in the desert and out in the open my Ranger just cant keep up with the bigger trucks. The Raptor does pretty well out here, Ive been wheeling with a few but their biggest drawback is narrow paths. Their just to big but then again so is anything bigger than a small truck(Ranger,S10,OLD Taco,Wrangler, Cherokee) The Taco is good but so is the Raptor. Like others have said it is all about the offroading you do.

@dav, a lot of 5.4 raptors where bought by people who wanted to have it first to show off the guy i bought mine from had a 6.2 of the same model year comparably equiped and i got mine for a steal with low miles (he's a rich car collector type). second the Raptor should not be compared to the mustang in engine choices. the mustang is mostly about hp so getting a 10 instead of an 11 is arguably dumb, but with the raptor its about suspension approach and departure angles, ground clearance, locking diffs etc. i bought a used 5.4l b/c the motor was the one that met my needs better. Unlike the 5.0 mustang who beet the 4.6 not only in performance but also in mpgs, the 6.2 has horrid mpgs, and the trade offs for me where not there, the raptor already with the 5.4 posted faster times than my 05 chevy 5.3 and returned better fuel economy, the off road performance really is about the same for both 5.4 and 6.2 with the tire being the biggest factor i.e. maintaing traction, side by side comparisons by raptor owners have showed this with the 5.4 having longer range been you can go further off road, and yes i bring jerry cans as well. I actually had planned on buying new and was waiting b/c i had heard that the 5.0 was going to replace the 5.4 in the line up for the raptor but we know that was not to be. for what I needed was the raptors suspension and off road features what I didn't want was the 6.2 bc its a pig thats only good for pulling up to i force and hemis and waste gas.

@OXI have challenged you to an off road race my raptor vs your tacoma nd you did not accept maybe you know deep down that i would beat you and your tacoma.
2. where do you go thats too narrow for a Raptor, only places your allowed to go in every state that i have been in have to be marked roads, used by BLM, Boarder patrol, DoD, State county, service and emergency vehicles, logging companies , mining companies, utility companies, farming companies, etc and they all take trucks bigger than the raptor on those roads. these pkgs don't really enable you to get places, just get their faster.

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