Prices Announced for Tacoma TRD T/X Baja

By Dave Lee

Toyota has released pricing info for its Tacoma T/X Baja Series Package, which will be available on four-wheel-drive Access and Double Cab models equipped with the TRD Off-Road Package.

The T/X Baja Series will cost $5,015, less a $650 factory credit. That brings the total price for the Access Cab to $32,990 with a manual transmission and $33,975 with an automatic. The Double Cab will cost $34,275 and $35,255 with manual and automatic transmissions, respectively. All prices do not include an $810 destination fee.

The T/X Baja Series trucks are equipped with a 4.0-liter V-6 and a new suspension that is more extreme than the TRD package, giving the Tacoma better high-speed off-road capability. Much of this is accomplished with much bigger and better Bilstein shock absorbers. Distinctive 16-inch beadlock-style wheels look similar to the Rock Warrior Package offered on the Tundra, with 265/70R16 BFGoodrich all-terrain tires.

For more details about the Baja Series, check out our First Drive.



My Tacoma is not built for high-speed desert running...

It is built to carry max payload/gear over all types of terrain at slower speeds...tread lightly

If I wanted a desert suspension I would have installed a Total Chaos front end, remove the rear leafs and link the rear, etc...

I will tell you this, I will attend a desert race in the near future to pre-run the course and assist teams as a chase vehicle like at a Baja 500...I cannot wait till I have the budget to attend another desert race...

By the way the forest's in my state, the trails are tight and trees are everywhere...logging roads are prepared raods, I go on off-road trails where they are rarely groomed or touched in fact a lot of off-road clubs here chart new courses all the time to save the forest from abuse, run one trail for a few years and move onto another one so the one used can re-heal, etc...

Trees are not chopped down like on logging roads, we make our own trails thus tight trees in spots, most full-size do not have beds or front quarter panels to save weight and prevent the body damage that could cut a tire, etc...

@Oxi - good post.

This was oxi's post from a couple weeks ago:

Time for an off-road shoot-out...


No pavement anything or pulling ridiculous trailer tests, strictly off-road...

Desert test for higher speeds...

Deep snow...

Slow speed rock crawling terrain...

Basic rutted trail riding with water/mud/logs...

Empty bed at first then basic camping gear in the bed, real world testing...

Ofcourse I think the Tacoma would win because of better off-road angles and lighter weight...

Posted by: oxi | Apr 7, 2012 7:34:28 PM

Of course, a couple weeks ago, oxi said the Tacoma would in the off-road shoot-out. Now that we know there will be an 0ff-road shootout, who do other members of think will win?

My take: I'd say the Tacoma Baja will not really have a chance at winning. The Tacoma is heading the right direction but it doesn't really have a fighting chance. I know Team Oxi will disagree and say I know nothing because I have never raced down in the Baja so couldn't possibly know anything.

Tacoma should win because they have less weight, less width, and better ground clearance for its size and weight...

Also note: impressive approach/departure/break-over angles...

Full-size tanks are just too darn heavy and wide!

@king baja,

And where is our racing or off-roading knowledge and background?



Don't underestimate a smaller pickup off-road!

I do not see Raptor's fighting battles and wars in this world like Toyota pickups have and won wars as a result...

By your comments you have never been off-roading in the REAL world or else you would have known what a smaller pickup/Jeep can do off-road...

I have embarassed many full-size truck owners off-road before because my 1986 Toyota 4x4 as an example was more nimble, lighter weight and had impressive ground clearance and off-road angles to go along with my less weight, thus were shocked to see only a small 4-cylinder under the hood PROVING you do not need a bigger engine to off-road with!

Jeep guys thought I had a V6 under the hood the way my 1986 was successful off-road, they were shocked none the less...


So you are saying the Tacoma will win the off-road shootout against the full-sizes?

Congrats on winning the small/mid-size truck shootout. Toyota faced some tough "competition" there.

This time in the off-road shootout you will have some real competition from at least one full-size truck that is updated. It won't be a cake walk like the small-size truck shootout going up against outdated/poorly updated trucks like the old Ranger, Colorado, Ridgeline, etc.

Look oxi / oxi's buddies i can link to a offroad race to.

does it mean anything, NO

like all of your trucks they are modified from STOCK

so no matter what if a person needs a truck to do a niche job you build a truck to your individual needs/style.

There are so many styles of off roading and you can build off of so many different platforms that the options are endless. So will you please open your eyes and realize that not everyone can live with the cramped cab of a Toyota tacoma they will build off of a platform that fits their indvidual needs and style of offroading.

i personally have never exceeded the capacity's of my 91 k1500 chevy in stock form in my limited experince on offroad trails that i use to get to my faveorite hunting locations.

But does that mean that i go around saying that my old beater is all that anyone should use offroad because it does fine for me?

No because it dosent meet the needs of many.

So please stop trolling with the trollers that are on this site, go to an offroad fourm like pirate But for some reason i dont think you would last long there with your very narrowminided approach to everything

oxi hate to tell you man but i just made a fool of a 2005 taco vs half ton 1984 chevy we drove around the suck taco hooked a chain to it and dump the it in 2nd and dragged the liveing f$#k out of it last night and got a free 30 pack of beer for it lmao

Tacoma would be one of the last trucks I would pick to off-road in. It is too narrow and does not have the proper size to strength ratio.


"my 91 k1500 chevy in stock form"

You realize a current Tacoma is as big as your old-school government bailed out pickup...

So when you say cramped, your old-school pickup is cramped?

I am not a big or heavy guy, so my Tacoma is NOT cramped!

Maybe society is getting fatter and fatter thus the need for larger and larger pickups but that trend does not interest me...


With what you just said, you have never been off-roading!


You like a narrow truck, I like a little bit wider truck. You like a weak truck, I prefer strength.

As for who has been off-roading, you not have been off-roading down in the Baja since the mid 90's when you were in riding along in your daddy's truck!

You keep on lying when you ought to be truthin. These full-size trucks are gonna walk all over your Tacoma in the off-road shootout. We will find out in a few weeks which is really better in the Baja. Full-size or Taco? My bet is one of the full-sizes will win and the Taco will lose badly.

midsize trucks are weak no matter what brand my buddy had 94 4.0L 5 speed stick ranger blew two trannies plus a rear axle doing what half tons can do all day long.

oxi is just mad that his too heavy and too big myth is going to be exposed in the off-road shootout.

Other manufactures are moving to direct injection, direct injection with twin turbos, 6+ speed autos. And yet the Tacoma is stuck with single variable valve timing, an ancient 4speed auto and very old 5 speed auto. Get with the program Toyota and start offering some modern drive trains!

These are the trails oxi says says a full-size truck is too wide to off-road in. Are you seeing what I am seeing?

A modded Tacoma can do well enough to win in the Off-road Shoot-out when compared to those heavy tanks!

You heard it here first!

Tacoma TRD T|X Baja Series
Inspired by our Baja racing heritage, TRD has designed for Toyota the most performance-oriented off-road Tacoma ever. A limited-edition truck that is engineered to set a new standard for fun and capability in the midsize pickup segment. The design aesthetic and spec content highlight the product's hard edge and reflects the energy and passion of true off-road enthusiasts. Equipped with 16-in. TRD beadlock-style wheels, TRD Bilstein® race shocks, BFGoodrich® All-Terrain T/A KO Tires and TRD cat-back exhaust, this Tacoma is quite the package.

PS As oxi pointed out before...

To make this a fair shootout against the overpriced Raptor and others, Toyota should get another $8,000-$10,000 worth of we are talking!

Most of these special edition offroading trucks will probably seldom or never be used for offroading whether it is this Tacoma, Raptor, Power Wagon, or any other similiar truck. I have seen a number of Raptors and 4 X 4 Tacomas that are a couple of years old that look like new and probably have never been offroad. If someone wants to buy one of these trucks and just drive it around then that should be their choice. If someone wants to buy any of these vehicles regardless of price that should be their choice. I have a crewcab 4 wheel drive Isuzu that I never plan on using offroad but I do like the 4 wheel drive for the snow and I like the heated seats and extras. True diehard offroaders like Oxi will build their own to save money and get exactly what they want. There is nothing wrong with that too.

What any of us want, need, or desire should be an individual choice and that should be respected. Some of us might be offroaders such as Oxi and I myself will not even pretended to know anything about that subject nor am I interested in offroading. I respect those that have an interest in offroading and I in a social setting would ask them about their interest because that is polite and proper. I don't have to be interested in a particular subject and who knows I might actually learn something. People like to talk about themselves and their interest and there is nothing wrong with that. In my job that is what I do in order to get people to be receptive to do something that they need to do. I do not manipulate anyone but people are more open to ideas if you treat them with respect. This is something that we all need to do on this website and in our daily lives. I have learned things about trucks from Oxi, Bob (yes even Bob), Lou, Highdesertcat, Allistar, Robert Ryan (thanks for the great pictures Robert), Mark Williams, and etc. All of us have something to contribute whether we are long time truck owners or fairly new to truck ownership. That is what makes this site successful. Thank you all!!

Hey oxi,

Bad news, dude. Taco won't be at the desert shootout. Good News. Raptor and RamRunner will.!/photo.php?fbid=409683255722901&set=a.124859750871921.15652.107995845891645&type=1&theater

@Dave - Ram Runner is taking out Raptor in 2012!


"Time for an off-road shoot-out... Tacoma/Raptor/RamRunner..." -oxi

Do you have any comments on Tacoma not showing up for the shoot-out?

I think they did not want to waste their time comparing a 2012 Tacoma to real off-road trucks bult for off-roading in the REAL world, and the Baja edition isn't available yet but would have also been a time waster because Mark Williams already stated it wasn't really a F-150/Raptor fighter. So those are two reasons why you will never see a 2012 Tacoma vs F-150 off-road shootout.


Are you a stalker?

You spend all day stalking other members on the web...

You sound very creepy to me, your credibility just went out the door with stalkers, child molestors, etc...

Where are your off-roading pics and experiances?

None = wanna-be...

I see a lot of people on this site talk crap about my off-roading and even stalk by posting my pics BUT where are your off-roading pics, experiances and racing stories?

I see a lot of children on here full of jealousy and envie because they have not off-roading and/or cannot back up what they say because I do not see the evidence or pics to prove their points...

Folks, I have been of-roading even raced down in Baja, where the heck have you guys been besides the local mall?

Ignorance is a term I like to use for jealous folks like yourselves!

My first off-road trip is planned this Memorial weeknd, I can bet none of you plan off-road adventures because your pickup is not capable to handle such trips and have to resort to the old redneck mentality of my pickup is bigger than your bullshyt jealousy attitude...

These morons said the same crap until they saw my 1986 perform off-road. My pickup shut them up!

These morons said the same thing about my x-runner until I easily beat them off of every street light without breaking a sweat or they saw what my x-runner did on Road America that their beloved full-size could not even dare to accomplish at the rate of speed, etc...

My new 2010, a few wanted to drive it off-road because they rarely saw a newer pickup on the trails, etc...

So guys, stop with your bullshyt and prove you have off-roading experiance or just shut up with your larger is better childish full of jealousy rants!

I keep hearing the same old jealousy tune of most people do not off-road , etc...

This article is about an off-road capable pickup and when it comes to a 4x4, it's all about off-roading because if you buy a 4x4 and do not off-road, you are wasting your money carrying the front drive, t/case, etc...around town everyday adding to your lack of fuel economy, etc... and wearing down roads faster for a system you do not use rarely at best...

So why buy the 4x4 if your not going to use it much? Why do you guys waste your money for systems you will not use to its full potential?

Anytime I see a 4x4 on this site, I will always talk about off-roading!

Don't like it, then do not showcase 4x4's and focus on 4x2 work trucks!

I buy my 4x4 to use the front drive in terrain most will not dare to attempt so please don't hate me because I use my front drive to its potential...

Note: in winter, I rely on my Corolla, safer because its sits low to the ground and makes it through! If you buy a 4x4 for winter driving on plowed roads, you need to learn how to drive in the winter better...

Maybe the reason other people don't post pics is because they don't feel the need to prove to everyone else how great they are. Maybe they don't post pics because they don't have narcissistic tendencies. So you're an experienced off-roader that has raced in Baja, big thumbs up to you. It certainly doesn't give you carte blanche to lecture the rest of us on anything. Try keeping your massive ego in check for a minute and maybe you will find people more receptive to your opinions.

And for the upteenth time, if you don't want people re-posting your pics, don't post them to begin with.

@Oxi - can your Taco carry that massive chip on your shoulder? Obviously you can't.

What a steal! They are practically giving them away. I don't know what you guys are complaining about.

Damm oxi your the whipping post of this site I see.

@ Luke in CO,

No pics or evidence equals all talk!

I want to see pics or else keep quiet and do not respond to my posts...

"I want the true" but you guys "cannot handle the truth"


Not whipping post...

They just cannot handle that I know more about off-roading then they do and typical with children, they throw in the bigger is better mentality...


Another point is I do not know much about pulling trailers but you do not see me making childish comments about pulling trailers with other members!

I stick to off-roading and any pickup that is a 4x4 mentioned on this site, I will make a comment about off-roading part of it...

Look in the mirror folks!

Stop hating me because I am an experianced off-roader, I do not hate you guys for pulling heavy trailers!

Hey everyone chill. Let's not get too worked up about this post. This is merely an article about the Tacoma T\X Baja and its pricing. Either you like Tacomas or you do not. As for pricing one could argue that everything seems to be overpriced. The value of something is in the eye of the beholder. What a buyer is willing to pay determines what the true value of an item. Oxi I think that you lose some credibility when you brag on and on about Tacoma and you put everything else down. You are entitled to your opinion but not everyone has the same opinion. When you put others down they get defensive. Since you have more expertise in offroading you can comment on that but not everyone wants or needs to offroad. If I were wanting to offroad I would probably be interested in a vehicle that was not too big but like Lou said it depends on what type of offroading. There are places where even a Toyota Tacoma would be too big and maybe a dirt bike or 4 wheeler would be better suited. No judgement on any reader but there are a lot of 4 wheel drive vehicles on the road that never have been offroad. To some owners it is cool to have a 4 wheel drive and if that makes them happy I can live with that. Heres peace to everyone and a good day.

@Oxi, There's more to it than 4x4=offroad. You mentioned pulling trailers, and that's great reason to buy a 4x4. Getting in and our of slick camp areas often requires 4x4. Camping, hunting, trapping, fishing, contruction sites, and farm work. They all require 4x4 but rarely to the rock crawling extreme you do. Also, winter driving means unplowed roads in my area. And having to push through snow drifts higher than my bumper while driving the 1/4 mile up my driveway is not a task I want to take on when I get home from work after a snowy day. We all have different needs for our trucks.

@Jeff S,

"When you put others down they get defensive."

They lose credibility because they cannot back up what they say!

By the way I post my opinion and it is THEM that respond with stupidity, so please do not blame me for anything, they need to look in the mirror!

In other words, they should refrain from responding about my posts and stick to vanity mirror talk!

By the way, if you buy a 4x4 or 4wd, that includes off-roading! Why on earth would you buy a 4x4 and not off-road? Your wasting your money carrying all of that extra weight for little return on investement!

If you do not like the off-road talk about a 4x4, then don't buy one! Buy a 2wd! And don't hand me this crap that you need it to pull trailers with because how many semi-trucks have front drive on the highways? They seem to do well keeping this nation moving without front drive!!!

Wake up folks!


"Getting in and our of slick camp areas often requires 4x4"

Solution, do not camp that far into the woods, stick to the gravel roads and groomed sections, your fault if you need front drive to get out of a stuck campsite, poor decision making of camp site!

"Camping, hunting, trapping, fishing, contruction sites, and farm work."

Solution, learn how to drive better, confidence will get you through even with a basic 2wd or do what society does anyways, buy an ATV...

"They all require 4x4 but rarely to the rock crawling extreme you do"

I do not rock crawl, I run over stumps, dead trees, fallen trees, mud up to the axles, water above the tires basically stuff that could bury the inexperianced driver...

"winter driving means unplowed roads in my area"

How much do you pay for taxes? Reason I ask is if they are not plowing the roads, I would attend the next budget meeting and demand the roads be plowed!

Plus during heavy winter storms, travel is not recommended and highways are blocked from entry points these days with draw gates, etc...

Unless your a trained weather spotter like myself or emergency services, you do not need to be out during major winter storms. Those types of people cause the rukus during winter stroms!

My little Corolla made it through the lone winter strom we had last season, city streets not plowed yet, big deal, I kept my 4x4 parked, because my little front wheel drive could handle it...

So you spend the extra $10,000 or so for the features of the upscale 4x4 for a 1/4 mile driveway drive a few times a year during winter? Weigh all of the 4wd components and its impacts to fuel economy, wear and tear and basic upkeep to your winter situation, does it make sense?

Prices are not going down, we are just beginning to see inflation move up...


You were saying the full-size trucks were too wide to off-road and Lou was challenging you on that.

Just type in oxi tacoma trails into google and this is what comes up:

The pics speak for themselves. These trails are big enough to drive a dump truck through them.

I am sorry that another one of your lies has been exposed by YOUR behavior on the internet.

@Oxi - there you go again. You base all of your comments on the assumption that your style of offroading and your preference in offroading is the only way to go.
Since you are the master of inconsistent arguements, lets pick apart your posts once again.
1. Quote "Advise, buy a stripped 4x4 Tacoma, get the part numbers of the suspension package, order those parts and install yourself...

Should save thousands over sticker price!"

I'd have to say that any part with a factory number on it is expensive. There is no way one could build one of these cheeper by ording the parts directly from Toyota. Unless you are stating that the T/X Pro is over priced.

Is that what you are trying to say?

2. "I don't see what this can do that a Nissan Frontier Pro 4x cannot."

Oxi Quote:
"Did you bother to read the small truck shootout?
The Tacoma is superior to the Nissan thus won the shootout...and more capable..."

The point that phillyguy was saying is that the Nissan is cheeper than this truck and 5,000 dollars difference will get you a better truck if you build it up yourself.

See your post above under #1.

Phillyguy is just following your logic - buy the cheeper truck, build it up yourself and be much further ahead.

or have you been lying to us about that strategy?

or are your Faraday cage mesh underwear in a bunch because someone made the comment that there might be a vehicle superior to a Tacoma?

3. Quote: "Note when comparing Raptor to this sweet ride, the Tacoma weighs less and has better dimensions to off-road with. The Raptor is too big, heavy and wide to be a complete off-road beast..."

First you say you are further ahead to build your own, now it is a sweet ride (The factory truck)?
See comments 1 and 2.

Why is the Raptor wide?
You say over and over again that IFS is superior to SFA.
How do you gain wheel travel out of IFS?
You need longer A-arms which equals wider truck.
In all your years of eating dust in Baja, that dust must of kept you from noticing the extra width on all of those IFS race trucks.

Sure, the Raptor is heavier, but I bet that if you compared the size of the Raptor's 35's to the tires on a Tacoma, the Raptor will exert similar if not less PSI upon the ground.

Not every guy spends their weekends crawling through narrow trails looking for a rock to crawl under when the zombie apocalypse comes.

That is your preference.
A smaller truck works for you.

A guy with wide open spaces to play in will probably find a Raptor superior to anything else with a factory warranty.

A guy who crawls around the back country with a load in the box will probably find a Power Wagon is superior to anything else with a factory warranty.

A guy who plays offroad and doesn't want much cargo capacity will probably find a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is superior to anything else with a factory warranty.

I personally would rather ride a dirtbike, quad or side by side. For me, those vehicles are superior to anything else with a factory warrranty.

North America is a big place and one offroad vehicle does not "fit all".
North America is full of unique individuals and one offroad vehicle does not "fit all".

Absorb or Adsorb that thought once and for all and you might have an easier time of it on this site.

Posted by: Lou | Apr 26, 2012 9:45:43 PM


My comments...

1) You can't buy the parts separately as TRD does not sell them separately and many parts like the Shocks were custom made by Bilstein so you can't even buy them direct...

He is not saying they are overpriced...he is just saying if you want to SAVE SOME MONEY you can build it the way YOU want and it would be VERY similar to the TX Baja but not exact!

Are you against saving money and it doing it yourself?

oxi has not been lying about his strategy... oxi's strategy has been all along to buy the cheapest Toyota pickup and build it up yourself... If you buy Nissan you are not following oxi's exact strategy!

Tacoma is the superior small pickup on the road today...

Whey can't it be both? You can be futher ahead by building it yourself but that doesn't take away from the Tacoma TRD TX Baja being a sweet ride!

4) Some of the best Baja 1000 trucks are wide but they are much lighter than the Raptor... The Raptor is too wide and too heavy... Get that through your thick head!

5) You have no proof on the PSI...

What is the bottom line?

oxi is more experienced than anyone here when it comes to off-roading but he will say this Tacoma can compete against the larger and heavier Raptor and hold its own...

i believe oxi...

The Raptor is too big, wide and heavy and has horrible placement of the rear shocks!

We prefer the dimensions of a smaller but not too small pickup, hence the mid-sized to tackle all types of trails and obstacles and not risk body damage or suspension damage...

The Raptor is not setup to be a complete off-roader and thus would have to be modded despite its heavy pricetag!

oxi's Tacoma is still far below what a turn-key Raptor is in price even with oxi's mods and is the best for all around-off-roading except the high speed stuff but oxi could easily mod his truck for high speed if he wanted to and oxi would still be ahead of the game!

"they cannot back up what they say!

By the way I post my opinion and it is THEM that respond with stupidity, so please do not blame me for anything, they need to look in the mirror!

In other words, they should refrain from responding about my posts and stick to vanity mirror talk!

By the way, if you buy a 4x4 or 4wd, that includes off-roading! Why on earth would you buy a 4x4 and not off-road? Your wasting your money carrying all of that extra weight for little return on investement!

If you do not like the off-road talk about a 4x4, then don't buy one! Buy a 2wd! And don't hand me this crap that you need it to pull trailers with because how many semi-trucks have front drive on the highways? They seem to do well keeping this nation moving without front drive!!!

Wake up folks!"


I agree with you...

Good post!


The pics do not show the tight sections...

We had to stick to larger logging trails because of the full-size pickups in our club!

When they needed to scout further down the trail, my 86 Toyota was being used because I could get through the trees to find another route with ease i.e. short wheelbase, narrow compact size, etc...

At Dresser off-road trails, very tight sections and I was barely making it through without scratching the sides of my pickup...

Good luck parallel parking a full-size let alone parking in a tight and full parking garage or even at the grocery store when the lot is full...

Don't get so upset Oxi. You are not totally blameless. You have a right to your opinions but sometimes you get a little carried away. Some of these guys respond to you in a certain way because they know that they can get a rise out of you. Personally I don't care what people drive as long as they like what they drive and it meets their needs. I would not tell my carpenter that he should not drive a F-250 diesel crewcab because I think it is a parade float. My carpenter needs that particular truck to do his job and a crewcab Tacoma would not suite his needs (he had a Tacoma at one time and liked it but he needed a bigger heavy duty truck for his business). There are people that buy 4 wheel drive trucks in warm climates that never use them offroad. Do I think that this makes sense? No but they too are entitled to their own choices regardless of mine or your opinions. As for front wheel drive cars, I own a Taurus with traction control which is great in the snow. My wife had a 77 Honda Accord (one of the first Accords) which was great in the snow. Maybe you might think that everyone should own only a Toyota and that everything else is junk and that is you opinion, but their are other readers that tire of one sided opinions. I myself find good things about all makes and brands of vehicles. I am glad that you have a product that you like and has satisfied your needs. This is a wonderful thing. I am glad that Lou has found a truck, F-150, that meets his needs. I am glad that Highdesertcat has found true satisfaction from his Tundra. In this day and age to find a product that you are truely satisfied with is rare. Many brands that were great are now substandard. I do not want you to take my comments as a personal attack but as just an observation. I have learned a lot more about trucks from those who have constructive and unbiased comments. I have learned things about offroading from you as well. Reading the articles and comments on this blog should be a positive experience.


I speak of off-roading, that is my specialty and if you buy a 4x4, you bet I will make general comments about the off-roadability of the vehicle mentioned and unlike most I can back up what I say because I have been in the field off-roading, racing down in Baja and even working with Oshkosh Defense on their highly mobile off-road machines...

You guys can talk about vanity mirrors, how the steering wheel is wrapped, cup holder size, colors, HP ratings, pulling power, size, leather seats, heated seats, price, foglights, Ram-box's, frame style and so forth... fine by me but off-roading I will always be there!

What's important to me as an off-roader is (4x4) are:

ground clearance, approach, departure, break-over angles, retrieval points, proper bumpers, proper tire carriers, suspension travel, shock placement, axle clearance, skid plates, water proofing systems, cooling packages, gear ratios, tire/wheel size, lug-nut pattern, coil sprung front, linked or leaf sprung rear, weight distribution, manual transmission, ease of maint., ease to modify for extreme off-roading, parts availability, etc...

That is what I like to speak to about a 4x4, any questions?

A Raptor is only a foot longer than your truck and about a foot wider. A regular F-150 is only about 6" wider than your Taco.

From your pics on the trails and the areas you off-road in I am having a hard time believing 6" is too wide.

If you can't park a truck that is a foot longer at the grocery store, you should not be driving.

I also do not appreciate you insiduating that people are child molestors and perverts, that is uncalled for and is illegal. It is called libel. You like to throw around bogus threats of FBI, but you can be held liable for libel.

If you don't want people to see your pics, take them down. I believe you want us to see your pics because it is easier for you to rebel and play the victim. If you lie, like about full-size trucks being too wide, people are going to use your pics against you.

@Lou @Jason
It's pretty obvious there is no talking any sense into oxi, he's just too far gone. Yes, he condescending, yes he's contradictory, but that's his "mission profile," and illusions of grandeur and the zombie apocalypse have clouded his view so much he cannot acknowledge the existence of other opinions.

But really, it's not his fault. He is just surrounded by so many of us stupid sheeple (who stick our heads in the sand and refuse to see what is "really going on") and our unnecessary full size trucks and unused 4WD. The situation is bad enough to drive any genius like oxi insane.

Seeing Oxi respond to Ford850 just strongly confirmed how much of an idiot he is, I see what everyone hates him.

Those pictures are funny, that to me looks like southern redneck with lifted full size mud bog type truck trails, not the technical tight challenging gotta have insane off roading skill trials he talks about.

Hey Oxi, don't you know that living away from the big city or even in the city that certain roads are plowed first, the most important and high traffic roads, many roads don't get plowed til the end if at all sometimes. Don't be ignorant, im guessing you want him to move to somewhere near a major road so he doesn't need four wheel drive?

Come one, you think a construction worker can get out to his remote site to repair a pipe, fence, post or anything like that in a remote muddy area with just a atv? Come on, how long would it take and how many trips would it take to haul the supplies and equipment out there. Damn, four wheel drive is needed more then just recreation trips to what you show as the mud bog...

My first time I ever saw this name I was reading an article and he posted this "@toycrusher

Stock X-Runner: Handling Lateral grip (200-ft skidpad): 0.97g

No production pickup has ever been that good in lateral grip!"

Those #'s sounded very skewed, listed from a import racing magazine; so I responded with this...

"Oxi- I challenge you to find another article exclaiming .97g stock for the x-runner. Even Toyota lists it around .90, I wonder what kind of tires were on that magical "stock" .97 truck. Sounds like the Nissan GTR crew had their hands on it, lol. You are telling me a stock x-runner can out skid pad a many Corvette's and equal a C5 Z06? Come on man, be proud of your truck but not overly proud. The highest I have found minus that one .97 is a .92, big difference. Also in reference to the best handling truck, pick up yes (the SRT-10 Ram and GMC syclone can't beat .90 but a few SUV's can, most notably the SRT8 grand cherokee 06-10 can do .92 regularly (.92 > .90).

.92 listed here and I have seen regular reports near .90, not besting the X-runner (which I give props) but not the .81 you say..."

This guy is just full of it on every measure.

Oxi, you want to find some credible sources (let's say 4 sources) listing .97, that one source is highly questionable.

Off to Pate's swap meet

Honestly Oxi I do give you props on the baja stuff, that and the pics are pretty cool!

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