Toyota Raises Prices for 2012 Tacomas

Toyota recently announced price increases for 2012 models, and prices for all Tacomas were raised by $250. Depending on what model you're looking at, that could be anywhere from 0.9% to 1.5% of the total cost.

The 2012 prices do not include a destination charge of $810.


These trucks are way over priced as it is! No thank you Toyota! For the price if your weenie taco I can get a full size truck from the big three, + your gas mileage stinks for a small truck too! Keep your weenie tacos!

Can't even be mad. Inflation's anywhere from 3-4% per year, so a 1.5% price increase is completely expected.

Yikes, the pricing on those is pretty close to the lower end full size market.


And no full-size truck capabilities. Oh well. There are people who love them.

They should raise their prices! They basically have no competition (at least until the next gen. Colorado/Canyon shows up). Time for some profit-taking.


Stop hating...

The Tacoma is a popular pickup and the only one in the top 10 of Kelley Blue Book's best re-sale value...

REally Len?

What full size truck can you buy new for $17,125?

I love my Tacoma, and its not a big fat blob like the full sizers.


KBB is a joke and has been for a while. I dont know of a single dealer who uses it any more. It used to be a good source back in the 80's, but not in this day and age.

Well crap all they have done is the grill for how long? They charge $250 for just a updated grill. I could see a raise if they would add some totally new and cool stuff and improved it some how. $250 for just a new grill in a old truck toyota just blows my mind, and not in a good way.

way to go!

they look like the same prices as the full size GMC Chevy trucks!! and MORE than the Ram!! with the Ram you can get a Express for the same or less, and when was the last time you EVER seen a rebate OR discount on any toyota?? you CAN get a new Chevy work truck around here for 17,000.

@ Maxx

This one:

or this one:

I like the Tacoma, but what kicks it out of the running for me is the price. It's a light duty truck for a full sized price. I like toyota, but you have to remember, you can't get a decently outfitted truck for 17k. You get a 4cyl with manual windows, and no option to upgrade just the windows. You're stuck with them until you shell out big to upgrade everything else.

The price increase is not that significant. My only problem is the only competition Tacoma has is from the Frontier/Equator and Colorado/Canyon which is not a lot. There needs to be more competition in this segment to force Toyota to update the Tacoma and not sit on their reputation alone. Tacoma is a good truck but just like in anything if you have little or no competition you will not change. Even the Camry was forced to update and improve when the new Sonota and Spectrum were redesigned and a new Fusion is coming out. If Tacoma came up with a new update and more fuel efficient 4 cylinder then the price increase would be more acceptable.

The price increase is no problem. What is that, $3/mo? The taco is just overpriced period.

Turdcoma Access/4x4/man 2.7l i-4 5-spd - 23,750?????

And it doesn't come with 1 ton payload, 5/8 skid plates, de-arched deaver springs, and bilstein 5100 shocks installed upside down??????

I'll pass!

here oxy lmao

If you see a Toyota coming down the street ... look out!!

Oh I can't stop, no I can't stop
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It's my Toyota

Won't put my family in a Camry
And you'll never see us riding in a Prius
I'd rather get ebola than ride in a Corolla
But the brakes are gone in my Avalon

Oh I can't stop, oh I can't stop
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nice try colin!!!
The MSRP is nearly $24k on that base model Chevy WT POS.

We are comparing MSRPs here not dealer teaser ads.

Toyota pretty much owns the market in this segment. Until someone Seriously challenges them, they can charge whatever they want and hold market share. The Chevy Colorado/S-10 could have done it. It was the only truck I recall that had a Baja and ZR2 packages that sold in large numbers and had a loyal following. When the Isuzu-Colorado came along Chevy killed off much of their loyal fanbase and judging by the pics I've seen of the new one, I don't think they'll regain that. The Dodge concept looks promising if the unibody design is strong enough. I guess we'll see on that. I still think Ford will bring the overseas Ranger here as the F-100 someday,

@Maxx - I like the Tacoma but there IS overlap with the full sized trucks. (In Canada)For me to get a Tacoma that can tow at least 6,500 lb I'd have to go with a V6 auto and TRD package. I also wanted a Crewcab long box. When I bought my F150 in the fall of 2010 Toyota had 2,000 off of MSRP. Ford had 12,000 off (Canadian prices). That put the F150 Supercrew long box 5.4 L V8 XLT with every option including the STX package (Same as the USA chrome package) 2,000 less than the Tacoma. The Tacoma's fuel economy wasn't that much better. You can argue MSRP to MSRP but at the end of the day what matters to me and most buyers is how much money the purchase cost will suck out of my bank account.

Toyota does need to upgrade both of their trucks. Like Jeff stated, they cannot continue on reputation alone especially since they've taken a beating in that regard.

Chevy killed off much of their loyal fanbase

- That's what they do to their fullsize truck fanbase everyday. Nothing new for Chevrolet... Piss everyone off until there's nothing left. And they wonder why everyone drives Fords now. Either way, good for Toyota. Small trucks were never my thing but I know a few good men who like their smaller pick ups.

toyota sells lawn mowers now haha

If Chrysler would pull their head out of their ass and actually produce the damn Dakota lifestyle truck it is going to own the market. Its unibody and has limited towing and payload? Who cares it will still beat the Taco. And it should be able to do it with better mileage and a *much* nicer interior and featureset to boot.

Tacomas are fantastic trucks, but they are behind the curve when it comes to features and updates, and their mileage is the same as a 1/2 ton even though they are an easy 1000 lbs smaller.

A brand new mid size truck full of modern features and getting CUV like gas mileage (basically a modern RL) is going to smoke the competition if all the competition is doing is raising the sticker price (while all the while gas is going through the roof). If the Dakota lifestyle truck can do the 18/25 that has been mentioned, while having a 1500lb payload and 5000+ towing rating I don't see how it could lose.

@Max: that's his point. Toyota Tacomas don't take much off the MSRP. So if a person is buying a truck to keep, more money spent on Tacoma. They do have higher resale, but if they keep going quality has dropped some.

I do hope that Ford, GM, and Chrysler wakeup and come up with a more competitive smaller truck. Since GM is still in this market lets see if they can rise to the occassion even though their looks might still need improving. Even if I were a loyal Toyota owner I would welcome the competition that would make Toyota update and have an even better Tacoma.

Maxx, others have made my point. You can set the MSRP at 40k, but if the dealer offers incentives that bump it down to 18k, I'm still only paying 18k. It's one of the many reasons that I'm deciding between the Ram 1500 and the Nissan Frontier. Either can be had at around $21k in my area with 4x4, and that's not a 4 banger with wind-ups.

The Tacoma is a nice truck, and I really like it. Toyota knows it can rely on it's reputation, however, and they respond by setting a high sticker price. One that's more than I'd want to pay while there are other nice options out there.

No fan-boy-ism here. I'm a real shopper that started with a clean slate and considered every truck.

They sell every truck without (major) incentives. Used trucks sell for rediculous prices. They're really holding all the cards to raise prices. I'm waiting until at least 2015, when the '14s come off lease for special purchase.

I agree Tacoma prices are out of hand. I've pretty much nixed them from my "compact" truck search. Nissan should exploit Toyota's price increase to get more Frontiers out there.

Funny people knock GM for having not updated their trucks but this Toyota has been around the block for a long time now,it looks old and odd.Mostly old 60 year women drive Tacaoma's in my area.Yes I sell cars for a living and the majority 92% of Toyota owners are immigrants and 60 year olds who buy Toyota's.Mainly people who hate America drive Toyota's as you see them in their countries doing a gihad !

Though the Ford models are decades older h.d is a 97 model f-150 is a 2004 model,and people knock GM !! Yikes ! Titan is old and boring,as is Tundra and Tacoma is totally toasted !

Yep Colin: in the real world, (dealers office), you can get real deals in any of the American Manufactures, I bought a new Chevy Z-71 with everything but leather, for $27,500! Ext Cab! and I get 21hyw?17city! I know of nobady with a taco extcab 6cly auto 4X4 that get s the same!! NOT MORE!!!!, and right now the KBB on my truck is more than I paid!! a taco with the same but with NO Blue tooth On-Star, and 9,800 tow cap. could even come close, maybee sticker to sticker but NOT ON THE ROAD!!! and my Ford F-150 reg cab eccoboost was just $31,000

Yeah, I think Chevy is going to be able to make a strong case for the new Colorado. It's a shame it's so ugly, and I've sworn off GM since I made the mistake of buying an Aveo. Plus, I really don't like my local Chevy dealer.

What I really want is a 4x4 Ram with the pentastar, or the global Ranger, but Ford says I'd get it confused with the F150 so I'm not allowed to drive a compact/midsize Ford.


Ya'll keep hatin and I'll keep racking up the problem free miles on my tundra. Quality costs money. BTW toyota doesn't offer rebates b/c they don't have too. The longevity of the trucks speak for themselves.

@LJ the car salesmen - an ignorant SOB like you must not sell many automobiles. Learn to spell. BTW, do you know what jihad means? Spelled it wrong too.

@ Big Roy -- We're collecting all the data right now. We're aiming for later today. Thanks for checking.

@ VVTi "BTW toyota doesn't offer rebates b/c they don't have [to]"

Exactly. They'll sell trucks without handing out deals. Unfortunately, that bumps them out of my price range for the features I want.

I can see the Tacoma is going to be heading in the same direction as the Dakota and will eventually be axed. Dodge kept making the Dakota bigger every year inching it's way to Ram size, and in the last few years the pricing was going up so much that it was just cheaper to buy a standard Ram 1500. Midsize trucks should be geared for people who want a midsize or basic truck. If you start offering too many full size specs in a midsize and keep going up on pricing the consumer will just buy the full size instead.

You guys are so stupid, well most off you. Their so expensive because the resale on them doesn't go down. You can sell your 2008 model for the same price as a 2012 because they haven't changed anything, so actually its better than buying a full sized truck that is only worth half of what you bought it for in three years.

I am glad that I got my Tacoma in 2010 on a pre-owned car lot. Been happy with it and I am not to buy another Toyota or another car anytime soon. Planning to buy new bed liners.

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