Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Sales Up 35 Percent


It's not just the mainstream pickup trucks that are selling well so far this year. Even specialty vehicles like Ford's F-150 SVT Raptor are feeling the love.

Through March, sales of the 2012 Raptor are up 35 percent compared with the first three months of 2011. That puts the Raptor on a blazing pace to sell close to 15,000 units by the end of this year, far ahead of any of the early projections that even the most optimistic Raptor fans had when the vehicle was introduced.

The Dearborn Truck Plant is producing about three Raptors per hour on the assembly line, mixed in with the rest of the other F-150 models, and that production number has already been bumped up once in the past year to meet demand. We've heard no word as to whether Ford may try to boost output to four units per hour.


as expensive as it is they cant expect it sell like hot cakes.LOL!

maybe the bending frames is scarying people away.LOL!

I'd love a Raptor but the mpg sucks and in Canada they start at 56,000 dollars. They don't discount them either. I can get a fully loaded Platinum for that price.

I'm surprised by these sales numbers. I'd rather have my Super Duty even though this is really cool. I figured it was just a short run fad though. Maybe I thought wrong.

The funnest truck ever made

@ Mark Williams

out of the subject but

got any word of how many Ram Runner kits have been sold?

is it as popular as the Raptor?

just thinking i wish the ram runner was factory assembled too.

I still wish Chevy had something like this. It sucks being a Chevrolet man and a truck man right now. :(

@ Big Roy - you a Ford hater? Just wondering. As for the bent frames, I'd like to see any other truck take a 12" hit at 60+ mph. Wasn't that due to owner stupidity more than the truck? Thought I read that that kind of hit would/would damage a race truck, never mind a stock truck. Maybe it's time to get your head out yo' butt.


OBVIOUSLY! News flash.... People want real trucks. Not the 2013 Ram. They want real trucks that they can really thrash.

OBVIOUSLY! News flash.... People want real trucks. Not the 2013 Ram. They want real trucks that they can really thrash.

I think that is a pretty darn good lookin ford. I love the "FORD" in the front grill, very cool.

I like the truck. And i want the truck. But i am a veteran US Navy.

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