Spied! 2014 GM Half-Tons Caught Testing

Our ever-vigilant spy photographers are still on the prowl for any shots they can get of the new GM pickup trucks that, from what we're hearing, are scheduled to go on sale sometime in 2013 as 2014 models.

These shots seem to indicate that all sorts of models will be ready to debut when the curtain opens. Towing mirrors on a regular cab short bed is an interesting combination and makes us think they're collecting a lot of towing data in relation to a new engine and transmission combination. Eight-speed models have been floating around the rumor mill and would make sense with both a new V-8 and V-6 option, as we've seen from Ram.

Likewise, there seems to be something interesting going on in the front skid plate area that we can't quite make out. We'll just have to wait and see. But if you happen to be out on the road and you see a well-camouflaged pickup truck rolling down the road, feel free to pull out your camera phone and send us a peek.


Top pic kinda looks like the ssr from a few years ago. The greenhouse anyway

I wonder what all that low hanging stuff is under the front end.

Nothing odd about a regular cab short bed with towing capability..... I have one of these trucks! HD everything from the factory, HD cooling(oil, trans), tow pkg, HD suspension, locking diff, HD air cleaner..... the list goes on.

its the baby dmax..

I don't see the driver assist handle on this one.

Ford does lose big on not offering HD single cab short bed trucks. Not even on F150. Many of us have to move trailers in tight areas and a 100' turning radius just doesn't cut it. Both Ram and GM have better looking better performing single cab short bed trucks.

No room in the single cab behind the seat once again looks like. That sucks.

If you look at sales Ford isn't losing out at all

Looks like projector headlights like the new ram.

Low hung plastic in front is hiding the front suspension and axle. I bet it's a SFA. Ha!

Tiny tailpipe. Could be GM's version of a v6 leaf-blower.

I'd guess the baby dmax is obsolete and dead. To make sense it'd need to be smaller displacement, maybe 3.0L.

Not only is the tailpipe small but there's something odd about the shape?

tailpipe is shaped like that for internal emissions testing. most prototype vehicles have that same shape.

What's up with all of the open empty space around the wheels on these Chevy's? You could set a tool box on top of the wheels the openings are so massive. Just like the current Silverado, it looks horrible.

These Chevy's and GMC trucks are going to rock fords world, and their windshield. Ford guys will be back to looking at Chevy and GMC tailgates all the time again as they pull away from there little ego turd.

I bet that's the GMC. I don't see the crossbar on that grille although it's kind of hard to tell. It looks more open like GMC's are. It also has the Terrain squared off fender at least on the front. You can see where it's more squared off underneath the camo and possibly flared out just like the Terrain. I hope this is what it is! I want my new truck to match our new Terrain! Flat out tough looking in my opinion. Give the round wheelwells to the Silverado to match the Nox. I want squared and beefy this time.

Skidplate? Hopefully whatever they're putting on the new trucks is better than the PIECE OF PLASTIC mounted where there SHOULD be a skidplate under the front of my '99 Z-71 ECSB...

I'm pretty sure no one sells regular cab short bed 3/4 ton or 1 ton trucks. If you know differently I'd love to hear it. And Ford does offer the F-150 as a regular cab short bed, in XL, STX, and XLT trims with either the V6 or 5.0L V8 (no EcoBoost though).

@Luke - actually both RAM and Gm do offer hd's in that config, with diesel motors too. There's a sweet looking single cab short bed duramax lowered just right that cruises the streets in my area.

I've never seen a regular cab short bed HD. Usually because towing super heavy trailer with a short wheelbase is not a good idea.

I just tried to build a Silverado HD with a regular cab and short bed. It cannot be done. It is only available with a long bed.


Ram HD is also only availble with an 8' box in regular cab and regular cab is only available in ST on Ram HD's.


Just sayin...

I dunno, maybe it's a South Texas thing but I've seen quite a few, even some in dually config.

No such thing, your probably seeing a regular cab long bed and mistaking it as a short bed, or its a half ton. If you saw a duelly short bed the wheel fenders would be as long as the bed itself.

Maybe I'm crazy. The last Ram I saw was on a dragstrip so they could have stuffed the cummins in a 1/2 ton.

@Tim: You missed the other two trim levils you can get a single cab Ram 2500 in: SLT and Outdoorsma, besides the ST.

Maybe that low hanging plastic in the front is just that - low hanging plastic. Perhaps part of the active aerodynamics? Ford 1/2 tons have a bit of a airshield back from the front bumper.
The truck sits too low to have SFA.

Tom: Ram doesn't have the SLT listed with a regular cab in the flash cab/bed page that I was viewing, but I was able to build one under the build and price. You are right. Thanks for the tip on the Outdoorsman - I totally missed that.

I like.

Hope it comes with some fancy bed lighting, it would be so easy for all makes to add some LED's to the bed and also under the cab.

Who has not parked in complete utter darkness and wished when you hit your remote you could see that deep mud puddle or 100ft deep well, or that pile of dog crap.

My problem was those damm mole holes.

Can you hear me Chevy, Ford, Dodge?

The low hanging plastic may well be from electric power steering, covered with a plastic guard that doesn't fit properlly. Development trucks often have a mix of parts just to get out testing. As for the tow mirrors- the fact that they're on this truck means nothing about what will be available- again, often stuff that fits is installed to make driving the truck easier. The old GMT800 half-tons had extendable tow mirrors, regardless of powertrain.

That is most definitely the GMC Sierra, you can tell from the rims (the black tape is covering up the GMC logo). Plus it looks different than the Chevy EC and CC pics we've seen.

Can't wait for these trucks to be revealed! I'll be in the market for a regular cab model myself, so I'm happy to see these pictures.

BTW, on the news page there's a shot of the pickup on a non-rainy/snowy day but it's not here in the article. What gives?

Wow, a Government Motors Corp. truck! Obama must be proud of himself. Just in time for the election no doubt. Get the GMC Sierra fanbois to vote Left.

I suspect we'll keep seeing these kind of pictures for the next year with tiny progressions on what we can actually see. the mixed bag of parts they are testing and all the camo won't let us see true shapes or capabilities so guessing at this point is just that, guessing. Please don't jump to conclusions from developmental testing pictures.

Right now I am more interested in the new Colorado since it should be out by year end or Q1 2013. Any more news there?

@mhowarth--Completely agree. You cannot jump to any conclusions until the whole truck is revealed and even then it needs to be tested. I am with you on the Colorado as well. I hope that it will not disappoint and that it will be more competitive against Toyota and Nissan in the midsize market. I would like to see the midsize market be more competitive and I would like to see more price difference between the midsize and fullsize trucks. Lets see what happens before we rush to judgement.

@GMTruckGuy74: on the news page there's a shot of the pickup on a non-rainy/snowy day

If you download that pic on the news page and then zoom it larger, it shows the rear wheel opening with rounded camo instead of squared camo like on the front. Please GM, go with rounded wheel openings!

I LOVE GM TRUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE NEVER LET ME DOWN UNLIKE my brothers F150' TRANSMISSION . AND THANK YOU OBAMA U GOT MY VOTE ONCE AGAIN..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom is a classic example of someone just eat up with the Dum@#s.

I love GM TRUCKS but Obummer aint getting my vote.

GM needs some better Tow mirrors, their just plain ugly.

Guys, the Sierra/Silverado will be released starting late Q2, with the SUVs (Yukon/XL, Tahoe, Escalade, Suburban) to follow in Q3. They will be 2014 model year vehicles on-sale in 2013. We'll be seeing these revealed before this time next year (way before, like maybe at the Texas State Fair, Los Angeles Auto Show or maybe even SEMA).

The bad news is that the Colorado, and hopefully Canyon, are coming a year later to not steal the full-sizer's thunder. Expect to see the Colorado/Canyon as 2015 model year vehicles on-sale in 2014. To my understanding, GM is reworking this truck for the North American market (whether that means a beefier frame & components and a redesign is anyone's guess at this time).

I am not a GM fan.I am glad our government did not let our big three fail.These companies all helped win this countries wars.They may have to again.I know G.M. supplied trucks.Ford supplied jeeps.Chrysler supplied trucks ,tanks, airplanes, rockets and even the nuke that won world war two.I am very grateful for these companies keeping american jobs here in the U.S.A and Canada.God bless the U.S.Support america buy american.

@Dodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first diesel
The guy you remind me of was a ford guy but he did own a power wagon and was a huge buy American guy. I think you sound a lot like Buy American Or Say Bye To America!

@5.3 LOL - He must of missed the press release - Chrysler is now Italian. Weren't they enemies in world war 2?
GMC sells more vehicles in China than in the USA - must of missed that memo too?
Better not mention German Volkswagon and their billion dollar plant in Chattanooga,Tennessee.
Better not mention the Japanese either;)

@Jeff S @ GMTruckGuy74 . Only news I have on the up coming Colorado, is it has a slightly better towing capacity than the Ford Ranger/Mazda BT 50 twins, but the ride is pretty skittish when it is not loaded.

@mhowarth Colorado review

Looks great, but Chevy's regular cab is damn uncomfortable.

For me, if the cab was a foot bigger (but still bench 2 door), it had a sliding rear window and some kind of RamBox like feature I would seriously consider it.

Serious question, what is the big deal about towing heavy loads with a short wheelbase? Sure it's prone to a bit more trailer sway but the electronic nannies are supposed to have trailer sway under control anyways. Plus, if you consider big rigs, they have a proportionally short wheel base compared to the 40'+ trailers they pull. I tow all the time (not much highway though) and I definitely prefer the shorter trucks.

Why bother with a Canyon version? Those things never sold before. What a waste of money. The Sierra is redundant as it is but it's a fullsizer so there's sales there at least. I can see some potential for the Colorado (maybe). They should have never cancelled the S-10.

Would you stop with those China comments already? What's wrong with it that they sell more vehicles there? It's just another market where you can sell your product. If you had your own business and an opportunity to step your foot in such big market as China you wouldn't think twice about it. GM was smart to establish themselves there long time ago, that's why their business flourishes there now. Ford is frantically trying to do the same right now. They just invested 5 BILLION dollars in new plants in China. You must have missed that memo too?
By pure size of the country alone it's no wonder they sell more cars there. Look at this:
Population of China -- 1,347,350,000
Population of US -- 313,472,000

I agree with you on Canyon. Why bother!
I've also heard that new truck will not be called Colorado. There were 3 name suggested. S10, Chayenne and something else, I forget what it was.

@ the anti GM clan (The likes of TimHileman, DanKenseth, etc.): Yep, and here comes the slew of GM haters from the wood work to profess their disappointment for GM and their new, profound luv or anything "Blue Oval". There will be much Ford butt-kissing and groveling at the feet of the great Blue oval empire.

It's coming, you'll see them...they all have the same type of vile, childish remarks about GM corporation.

Jeep, Ford F150, and Hyundai owner

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