We're on Our Way to New York City

2013 Ram Tease II

The New York International Auto Show is right ahead of us, and we're on our way to cover any truck we can find. We'll be digging for scraps, as well as looking forward to seeing what Chrysler will reveal about the Ram 1500. (Judging by the schedule, it looks like Ram has the entire event on Thursday).

From what we've been told, all the info will be released early Thursday. So far, all we have is this piece of a photo that tells us there is a new option package with a mesh grille and possibly a larger ram's head between the cross hairs. You can bet that we'll post new info as soon as we get it. And we'll likely have a video to post as well. 

For now, we just have to wait. More to follow from the show floor when the press conferences start Wednesday morning; click here for the latest news about the Ram debut. Check back here or see all the car coverage there is to see (and there's a lot of sedan stuff happening) by visiting our friends at KickingTires.com.

New York Auto Show


there is another "teaser" shot out on the web showing the revised RAM logo. Not very much of a change but at least it is a little something until we get to see the entire truck on Thursday.

Maybe with the new Viper coming out we'll see a new SRT-10 truck too :)

Praying for a Ram 1500 Diesel

I'm praying for a new Dakota, truck based with a twin turbo V6, or a new V8 with eight speed tranny.

Ram is taking out Ford in 2013!

Has Ram specifically said the teaser photos were for a 1500 or is that just being assumed? If they were ever going to do that Dakota lifestyle truck it would need to be previewed about now.

Toyota is taking out RAM in 2012 and beyond!

RamMan, you wish!

@TOYOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : they better do some redesigning with their current 2 trucks if they want to sell more!

Ram will take out ford and toyota with a cummin half ton!!!

Am I the only one that thinks RAM or Chevy could make a killing with a 4cyl turbocharged new Dakota or Colorado? Smaller turbocharged engines seem to be the ticket for better fuel economy without losing out on power... you know, besides diesel...

GUTS!! GLORY!! RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe Ram bought Toyota, and with the purchase of a new Ram, you also get a free shot at driving a new Toyota of your choice off the cliff at a garbage dump. Id certainly buy a Ram if that were the case.

The clue on the Facebook page from yesterday is "A Giant Awaits" ... but my hope is that it's not a giant in size or engine HP, but rather in design and fuel economy. I'm hoping for news on the Dakota replacement. I'd like to see muscle car with a tailgate and trucklet features. Maybe an electric rear window, a tailgate and a flat hard bed surface that haul sheets of plywood with the gate open.

New base engine - the majority of people interested in base engines are cheapos and fleets.

Materials for interior - better but still needs an overhaul with a load flat floor, and a roomier crewcab to compete with Ford and the next gen GM trucks.

Ford's 2013 Center Stack with MFT > Ram's revised center stack.

A new 8 speed trans but with the old engines is ridiculous.

New grille and logo - not enough. If you are going to make changes, make changes that matter and do it right.

How is Ram going to take out Ford and Chevy again? They're not. They just made some minor changes.

I heard Chrysler is coming out with a version of the Ram 1500, If they do I will be first inline to buy one.

@ colin, you are not alone. A mid size truck, with a 4 turbo that can put out 280ish HP and Torque, with a large enough bed to haul 4x8 sheets of plywood either with the gate down and bed extender in place (ridgeline), or in separate storage under the bed (rampage concept) would be a huge seller, provided it gets the mileage it should 20/26 in real life.

Ram will get a cummins for the half ton check allpar.com and its confirmed!! Yea cummins power baby!!!

For all the people saying Ram will be taking over Ford, Gm and Toyota....you are idiots. Ram has a long way to go in the reliability catagory before they can come close.







What I'm wondering is.....where are the Mach sales numbers????

It's not "confirmed", but allapr says the latest rumor is "late" 2013 for 2014 models for the half ton diesel. Seeing is believing according to the old adage. But if true, the all new next gen GM trucks will be out FOR SURE and Fords will be right around the corner. The refreshed Rams will come up short again against the all new offerings from GM and Ford. Allpar is also reporting a lowly 18/23 mpg for said diesel.

Has Ram specifically said the teaser photos were for a 1500 or is that just being assumed? If they were ever going to do that Dakota lifestyle truck it would need to be previewed about now.

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