Which Pickups Hold Their Value Best?

Toyota Tacoma II
Ever wonder which new trucks today are likely to hold their value best over the next five years? That's exactly the kind of data Edmunds.com has been collecting in order to offer new and used car buyers some helpful advice. They call it their annual Best Retained Value Awards

In order to qualify, each vehicle had to be on sale by the end of the previous year and have sales that account for at least 20-percent of average sales in their respective segment. Additionally, any brand that sold more 100,000 units in the previous year were automatically eligible. 

The three categories in the pickup truck category were compact truck, large light truck, and large HD truck. Edmunds.com also selects two runners-up in each category as well.

The winners are:

Compact Truck: Toyota Tacoma, with an expected retained value of 57.3-percent of original cost. (And that percentage is the highest retained-value number of any vehicle in any category.) The Nissan Frontier and GMC Canyon are listed as Honorable Mentions.

Large Light Truck: Ford F-150, with an expected retained value of 48.6-percent of original cost. The Toyota Tundra and GMC Sierra are listed as Honorable Mentions.

Large Heavy Duty Truck: Ford Super Duty F-350, with an expected retained value of 48.4-percent of original cost. The GMC Sierra 2500 HD and Ram 2500 HD are listed as Honorable Mentions.   

Pair of Fords II


Tacoma is only pickup to be on the top 10, for 8 years running!

Resale value at 60 moths is 49%!!!


"Best Mid-Size Pickup:
2012 Toyota TacomaPrevious | Next The Toyota Tacoma has won the best midsize pickup honor every year since we introduced the Best Resale Value Awards in 2003. So why does the Tacoma continue to win after eight years? Because the Tacoma has it all – looks, handling, and most notably, reliability. No other contender can compete with the Tacoma’s overall package, making it the clear winner year after year.

Whether the Tacoma is used for around-town driving, as a daily work truck, or for serious off-roading on the weekend (we recommend the TRD with the Sport Upgrade Package for the hard-core weekend warrior), it handles well on and off the road, is comfortable for driver and passengers alike, and is fairly easy to get in and out of. Its size helps when negotiating parking lots and narrow streets, and yet it can still tow 6,500 pounds. Plus the Toyota Tacoma’s highly functional bed with a composite liner and moveable tie-downs continues to be one of our editors’ favorite features.

The 2012 Toyota Tacoma is larger and more expensive than competitors like the Chevy Colorado and Ford Ranger, and is roughly the same size and price as the Nissan Frontier and Dodge Dakota – but options, power and a high residual value are what make it the best midsize pickup."


Your post is pointless!

It is NOT Toyota's fault if they have no competition...

KBB clearly states that the Tacoma has it all. No other truck can compete in looks, handling, and most notably, reliability Toyota Tacoma's STILL have the most resale value and are number one in quality!

"It probably boils down to supply and demand. Buyer perceptions probably pay a big role as well.

One should do a study on the correlation between factory and dealer rebates and how they hurt resale. I bought a new truck because rebates placed it in the price range of used pickups in excellent condition. "


It boils down to best truck! Best truck period! Best truck gets best resale value. Period!

Lou should be banned!

Strange how different articles give different results. It appears that the Toyota Tacoma is not the #1 vehicle for top resale value among all cars--it's #3. The Jeep Wrangler is #1 according to Kelly Blue Book, which is THE expert in vehicle resale values.


I thought that other site was a mite biased.

Lou, that is an interesting breakout. In my 30+ years affiliated with the new-car dealerships of my brothers I have never seen anything like it because many dealers go by KBB with regional adjustments.

And because they do, it is common to find used Ford and GM trucks and cars from the Southwest cross-shipped all over the country to parts where rust is rampant. They're worth more there.

The flip side of the coin is that new and used cars and trucks from flood areas often find their way to the Great Southwest, as was the case after H. Katrina.

Then again, a truck or car that fell prey to a flood will often work just fine in the hot, dry Southwest, as long as you don't get the interior wet. If you get it wet that's when the aroma of the flood comes out in a swampy kind of odor.

Several of my neighbors who migrated here from the East Coast (NY, NJ) have mentioned new cars are less expensive in my area with the best deals to be found in the Albuquerque, NM, area. I found that the best deals were actually in the Phoenix, AZ, area. Probably because that's where I got the best deal.

I know first hand that used Toyota trucks in the El Paso, TX, region, which includes the south-central portion of New Mexico where I live, retain more of their value than Ford or GM trucks. The RAM has always been the ugly, red-headed step child, and the Titan loses the most money in the shortest period of time.

The Titan is a great truck, don't get me wrong, but I think they cater to old men since I rarely see young studs driving them.

Point of interest: 2012 GM trucks are available in El Paso at $8500 off list with 4-dr selling under $30K, ExtCab under $26K, and RegCab under $20K. All with many to choose from at several dealers.

How's THAT gonna affect resale value in five years, eh?

@Highdesertcat: and that affiliation must be with Toyota? LOL, the Ram the ugly step child! I don't guess you even drove one lately have you? I drove a Tundra, can't say I would enjoy the interior, or the bouncy ride of the one I drove 50 miles. Don't guess you looked at a Ram either, but hey your opinion is all that counts on your truck. But since you barely have a clue about new Rams, they have changed things up a bit.

Not sure where they get those nubers from, but search online for the same model year and comparably equiped trucks and you will find that the 3/4 ton and 1ton Chevy/GMC Diesel will cost you more than a Ford or Dodge diesel.

Again I will re-iterate this one other truth. GMC made trucks before Chevy. Can't change history.

@Sierra, for what, a whopping 5 years? The first General Motors Corporation trucks were Rapid rebadges anyway. As soon as Chevrolet came out with their trucks, it was over for GMC. Your glory days sure didn't last very long. GMC has always sucked. It's like a leach sucking the life out of other divisions just to exist. It stole engines from both Pontiac and Chevrolet. It stole all of it's body designs from Chevrolet for Decade's on end. It's a very pathetic 'brand' (if you can even all it that) with no class or authenticity whatsoever. Like many here, I find it utterly disgusting that GM kept it around on the taxpayers dime.

Nothing against Chevy, but the GMC Sierra is considered to be the light-duty pickup truck most aimed at the contracting and professional market. Considering this, new GMC trucks often sell at a great price PREMIUM when compared to offerings from other manufacturers and makes including Chevy. Thankfully, GMC customers are extremely loyal to the brand whether they purchase their trucks new or used. This means that GMC customers are willing to pay for the exclusivity of the GMC BRAND. GMC Sierras also retain their high resale value through the use of higher quality and more durable parts than other models. The Duramax diesel and available Eaton locking rear differential provide professional performance that buyers are willing to pay extra for.

-LOL, typical clueless Californian. For those who don't know this guy is the delusional SierraGS/Bvonscott from GMI and think people really give a rat's behind about his GovtMoCo truck. Exclusivity? What's so exclusive about a rebadged Chevy? They use more durable parts you say? Exactly which ones? I've been around those trucks my whole life. There's not a dimes worth of difference. And every Contractor or Professional guy I've ever known who drives a truck of your type drives the Chevy Silverado. Sierra's are for feminine types like those who live in San Diego. The Denali is rapper's ride. No Real man I've Ever known drives a Sierra. They all drive Ram's, Silverado's and F-Series trucks.

@BrianKing, agreed. It's a soulless sorry excuse for a brand. GMC is completely ruining Chevrolet's one and only last shot at taking on Ford head to head. Not to mention Trying to prevent Dodge from taking over the number 2 spot in sales. I'd almost rather push a Ford than be seen in anything that said GMC. 'General Motors Crap' truck is right. If there's anyone left who has an ounce of pride or integrity left in their soul, let them buy a Chevrolet. GMC represents an America that has completely gone down the tubes.

TRX4 Tom, that affiliation was with Ford, Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Toyota, GMC, Buick, Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz at dealerships in CA, AZ, TX and AL.

This isn't about my choice in trucks since I have owned a new Silverado, F150 and now a 2011 Tundra. I also owned used trucks from IHC and Dodge in the past.

This is about resale value, and in MY area, used RAMs sit on the car lot because very few people want them. What makes it worse is that there are a lot more used Ford and GM trucks also waiting for new owners, and many dealers are resorting to cross shipping them to areas (in the heartland) where they are more in demand.

But you are right about one thing. I spend my money on what I consider the best. It doesn't matter what other people think about my choice in cars or trucks. They are not the ones paying for it.

Some people thought I was nuts to pay for a Tundra 5.7 when similar Ford and GM trucks could be had for $24K-$27K.

I've arrived at the point in my life where I can afford to buy whatever I want and not have to lay awake nights worrying about if I can make the payments each month.

RAM may have improved a great deal, as you say, but they still don't sell worth a damn AND next to the Titan they hold the least value after 3, 5 and 7 years.

Pride in your brand is one thing, but trying to make a living from them doesn't pay the bills.

I think it is good to know which trucks maintain their value the most after 5 years but I have to agree with Lou and Denver Mike. Value is relative to how long you keep a vehicle. The longer you keep a truck or car the less the value matters. I tend to keep my vehicles at least 10 years and I have had two previous vehicles for 17 and 18 years. Presently I have a 12 year old car and one truck that is 13 years old and the other 4 years old (all have been originally owned by me).

I would not consider buying a Tacoma on just its value after 5 years, but I would consider buying a Tacoma since it has excellent reliablity and it is one of the only remaining compact and intermediate trucks on the market. If I were buying a used truck I would buy one of the ones that depreciated the most with the lowest miles possible. I would only buy a Tacoma new since it is not that much more to buy than a new one and it would have a full warranty (same with a Ford). That's just my take on the value of a vehicle and I do not wish to express others views.

Correction-I mean that it is not much more to buy a new Tacoma than a used one. Most of the Tacomas where I live have very high mileage after a few years. Since I keep a vehicle a long time I will not pay a premium for a high mileage vehicle.

@Highdesertcat: Gotta also realize, if a person wants a new Tundra, a 2007 Tundra is not much differant then a 2012. So if they can get the same truck used, it becomes a "are we gonna buy a new or used?" decision. Kinda the same with Tacoma. What's changed? Maybe there is alot of people that see the new Ram and say, "after seeing that, I don't really want the older one."

So what years Rams was it your neighbor traded in two of?

TRX4 Tom, Ah, you remembered! I'm flattered that someone actually reads my comments.

My neighbor traded his 2005 and his 2000 RAM for a 2010 Tundra 5.7. He also did construction on the side at that time (for cash money) and he and I often haul stuff (like ceramic tile) up from El Paso, TX, to the jobsites high in the Sacramento Mountains, so his RAM trucks both had seen a lot of action. And it showed in the ride and body noises.

In 2010 he and I went to restore his farm outside of Pembina, ND, and took both of his RAM trucks up there with huge HaulMark trailers in tow, stuffed with tools and other gear. Those RAM trucks were a hard ride and SBS (sore-butt-syndrome) was the malady associated with driving them. Worse even than my F150 at that time, and that was bad.

Anyway, when he decided to trade them for a 2010 Tundra 4dr 4X4 5.7 I was green with envy, but I was able to swing a deal in Dec 2010 and picked up my 2011 in Jan 2011.

He didn't get near what he had hoped to get for both old RAMs but that could have been because he got such a good deal when he bought them at cost-plus from the local dealership where his son worked as a salesman.

He recently returned from a roadtrip to Homestead, FL, in his Tundra, where he visited his daughter and her family. He claims to have gotten a consistent 15mpg average (over the whole trip) in his Tundra which was much better than what he used to get (on average) with the RAM trucks, equipped with similar size engines.

@Highdesertcat-I think the value of truck is more important to those who keep a truck 5 or less years. Since I keep mine 10 or more years it is not as important. I do think buying what you like and what you have had good luck with is a more important factor. Since you have had better luck and have been more satisfied with your Tundra then this would be the most important factor. With Lou he determined that the F150 was the best overall value for the money. You should make a choice as to what is most important to you. I think you cannot go wrong with most of the new trucks out there. Also you can learn a lot about a truck from talking to mechanics and owners that have had different brands. In the end it is your choice and the truck should meet your needs and your satisfaction.

Nice to have some conversations about trucks and express different opinons without insults and bashing.
@Jeff - good points. Ultimately what matters is if you are happy with your purchase. Residual value matters more with short term purchases and maybe if you want to buy out a lease.

I find it odd that Ford had a higher residual value than Tundra considering the deeper discounts that domestics usually offer. It may be because of the unchanged nature of the Tundra, but shouldn't that drive up resale? Why buy new when the old one is the same theory. Does all of the negative publicity Toyota recieved coupled with the prevalent "Detroit only knows how to build trucks" attitude affect resale?

Resale value is something I never look at. I buy a truck because it has more of what I need or something I really like. Also, some trucks have stardard equipment or options the others don't have. I am not brand bias either. I've had a Ford, 2 chevy's, and now a Ram Quad 4x4. They were all good trucks and all had their strengths and weaknesses. My truck is a 2011 model and I plan to get a new one next year. Will wait for the reviews on the big 3 and then make my decision. Buy what makes you happy and respect other people's choices. I personally can't tell much difference in any of them.

@Lou-Thanks for the good words. I think the negative publicity on Toyota and the rusty frames have hurt Toyota's resale but as you know things can change quickly and all of the sudden Tundra's resale value can go up. I am sure that the Eco boast and the upgraded packages that Ford has on the F-150s has increase their popularity. The value of F-150s in my area is greater than other trucks. Also what Highdesertcat stated that the Big 3 trucks are more popular in the Midwest and the Toyotas are more popular in the Southwest and West. Highdesertcat is right about the deals in the Phoenix area on domestic trucks as well. I have done a nationwide search of Big 3 trucks and found the Phoenix area at least 2 to 3k cheaper than the rest of the country. Last fall I saw a couple of 2011 stripped Silverados for as low as $13,999 in the Phoenix area. Almost makes it worth it to get a one way Southwest Airline ticket to fly there and buy one.

Ford coming out on top as #1 is the new standard of the world. Where's Chevy? Ahhh yes, still stuck in the GM fly trap it seems... Toyota doesn't surprise me. We have nothing in that segment. Their achievement is well deserved.

@Sierra, you're clueless. GMC will be the sole contributor to the destruction of GM round two. When Chevrolet trucks lose one more time, GM is done for. Mark my words.

"Sierra's are for feminine types like those who live in San Diego. The Denali is rapper's ride. No Real man I've Ever known drives a Sierra."

"MoparMadness" or whoever you are - Why do you guys even talk GMC that way? You want to get rid of GMC? Great. All it would do is get GMC guys angry at GM and guess who they'll go to? Chevy trucks would probably fall to #3 spot at sales.

FordTrucks1 and others - GM could have killed GMC in the bankruptcy, and some other company would have restarted it.

But, unlike Pontiac, most GMC products have a significantly higher transaction price than the average Pontiac did or Chevy does.

Chevy and Pontiac may have had the volume over GMC at the end of the model year, but when it came down to the money, I very much doubt many people would have paid more for Pontiacs or a Silverado even if they felt they were getting so much more.

Now, even though Chevy can do the work of GMC fairly easily, GMC is simply too profitable to throw away. If people want a glitzier truck or SUV, GMC will do it for them.

BrianKing - GMC is not being kept around. GMC was here first, noob.

There was poll done on what would happen if GM axed GMC. Many are not an automatic Chevy buyer if GM axes GMC. Cruntch the numbers.

Why would you get rid of GMC? It's profitable.

Not only that, the brand commands better pricing on its pickups and SUVs than Chevy does, says Susan Docherty, general manager of Buick, Pontiac, and GMC. Docherty says GMC buyers tend to buy their vehicles with more luxury options. Across the lineup, GMC buyers pay $2,000 to $4,000 more than they would on a comparable Chevy.

Even though the vehicles are mechanically the same as a Chevy, GMC buyers have long seen them as different, says Dan Gorrell, president of auto consulting firm AutoStrategem. GMC's tagline, "Professional Grade," has been pretty successful. Plus the brand's 362,000 sales last year helped GM plants run closer to full tilt.

Not only that, the brand commands better pricing on its pickups and SUVs than Chevy does, says Susan Docherty, general manager of Buick, Pontiac, and GMC. Docherty says GMC buyers tend to buy their vehicles with more luxury options. Across the lineup, GMC buyers pay $2,000 to $4,000 more than they would on a comparable Chevy.

-LOL!! A Girly Motors Co. truck driver quoting a Girl. How fitting. Had Chevrolet offered what GMC did then the exact opposite would be true. Had the Silverado had the Denali in the late 90's and GMC got nothing we wouldn't even be talking about GMC today. If the Silverado didn't get the butt ugly sheetmetal stampings in 2003/2007 then nobody would even want a Sierra. GMC would have been a rotting corpse in GM's graveyard. It's all about top tier trims, looks and interior packages. Something Chevrolet has been without for over a decade now and something the mighty Ford and the soon to be mighty Dodge have figured out. Chevrolet straight up got effed. All for the sake of saving the dying GMC to keep on the dying Pontiac,Olds and Buick lots. And people wonder why Chevy guys hate GM more and more everyday and are dumping their Chevy's for Ford's. GM will be keeping Mike Rowe employed for several years at this rate doing commercials about the Chevy guy switching to Ford.

GM is nothing but a hodgepodge backasswards mess of screwed up brands now owned by the federal government Because of it. Ford is owned by a Real Ford family. Toyota is owned by a Real Toyoda family. This is why they are #1. If GM had a clue they would have focused on the one brand the mass population of America and the world loves. Chevrolet. They however are a bunch of mindless fools and it will be their ultimate undoing. Your 4 brands can barely touch our 1 brand. Why? Because we're the Real Deal. And that's what American's love.

Lou - Chevy and GM's new theme song for the next gen trucks...

Oh now feeleeeee GM comin' back again!!!
Like a rollin' thunder chasing the wind
Forces pullin' from the center of the earth again
I can feel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GM is coming back again
2013 will be the year of GM
I can feel GMC and Chevy coming back again!
Like a roll of thunder chasing the wind
I can feel GM coming back again
I can feel it
I can feel it
I can feel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You got a problem with working women? Many women read this blog and do not appreciate your comments against women professionals.

Had Chevy offered what? There is very little difference between a Sierra and Silverado.

The difference is GMC customers just pay more because everything is in packages so the price looks and can be more expensive. GM trucks simply have the options people want without having to order them. You can get it your way right away at GM off the lot. On Chevy everything comees as an option. So unless you want Chevy to offer everything as a package then there really isn't much difference. Im a big chevy guy, well general motors guy. Chevy guys hate Denali. What we want is a true luxury truck interior which GM has NEVER offered on either Silverado or Sierra.

"MoparMadness" or whoever you are - Why do you guys even talk GMC that way? You want to get rid of GMC? Great. All it would do is get GMC guys angry at GM and guess who they'll go to? Chevy trucks would probably fall to #3 spot at sales.

@Sierra, GM doesn't need GMC guys to leave to make Chevy fall to #3. Chevrolet is falling to #3 BECAUSE of GMC. Chevy's aren't as nice as Ford's or Dodge's anymore and that's a fact. GMC is the sole reason. So Chevy guys are leaving Chevrolet trucks and cars for Ford or Dodge trucks and cars instead. It's pretty straightforward that GM has been and is continuing to destroy they Chevrolet brand and it's loyal truck following. By all means my friend, tell your buddies at RenCen to carry on. :)

I can feel Howie coming back again!!!!!!!!!!
I can feel GM coming back again!!!!!!
Like a roll of thunder chasing the wind!!!!!!


I fell asleep with this song on and I dreamed that I was test driving the next gen 2014 Chevy Silverado in slow motion. It was incredible.

I also saw what both trucks looked like and the Sierra does not look better the Silverado. Whoever said that doesn't know what they are talking about!


Had Chevy offered what? There is very little difference between a Sierra and Silverado.

@Bob, I disagree. The Sierra is a far better looking truck and has been since 2003. The Sierra also offers a high end trim package. Chevrolet does not. Is it really any wonder that Chevrolet trucks sales, loyalty and resale value are on the slide downward? I do agree on the Denali thing. Every Silverado guys on here seems to hate the 'blingy' name.

"Chevy's aren't as nice as Ford's or Dodge's anymore and that's a fact."


That's the past. The past doesn't equal the future. Honestly I would take a Chevy or a Ford over a Dodge. Dodges have coil springs which I refuse to buy in a truck.

"GMC is the sole reason"

LOL. GMC has no bearing on anything. Silverado/Sierra are exactly the same parts. Go into any Chevy dealership or GM dealership and the parts are all the same and go by CK 1, 2, 3, etc.

"GM has been and is continuing to destroy they Chevrolet brand"

You wish. They're the same truck but are marketed differently. Some like GMC because they are more unique (there are less of them.)

Personally, IN MY OPINION, I wouldn't care if GMC went away. It is GM you have to convince. Not me. I am perfectly fine with just Chevy.

"@Bob, I disagree. The Sierra is a far better looking truck and has been since 2003."


That's 8 years ago. You need to stop living in the past. What is GM doing with the next gens? That is ALL THAT MATTERS. Stop hanging onto the past.

The spy pics of the next gen Silverado look amazing and that is all that matters now. Look ahead to January when the next gen Silverado debuts in Detroit in a few months.

"The Sierra also offers a high end trim package. Chevrolet does not"

Technically you are right, but here is where you are WRONG. It is NOT a really a high end trim package, it is just marketed that way.

As Mike Levine asked, What does checking the Denali box buy you? Wood paneling? Nope! It's plastic woodgrain! Heated and cooled seats? Chevy has heated and cooled seats. Aluminum wheels? Available on Silverado, too. Fake leather? Same fake leather just like the LTZ. Bose stereo? Bose is available in Chevy. Lots of fake chrome accents? Got them in Silverado, too. The Sierra does have a bigger fake chrome grille and a heated steering wheel though - big whoop! I think I'll pass. Besides, F-150 has no heated steering wheel.

Aw, relax Sierra. Don't get your panties in a bunch. My wife skims this board from time to time and I wouldn't say anything to another guy that I wouldn't say to her. Her dad was a Chevy guy and she drove a Silverado when I met her. She drives a Lariat F-150 every day now. You're reinforcing the GMC driver profile. I could razz a Chevy guy or a Dodge guy all day long and they wouldn't get in a tizzy. They have balls of steel. Have you not ever seen Arnold's "Girly Girl" routine? The difference between girly girl's and my wife is she's a woman. Any female hanging out on a truck website is indeed a woman.

I'm not surprised by the results here. Toyota has a very nice midsize truck. They practically own the market there. Ford is surely the best fullsize truck manufacturer out there right now. Dodge is a close second for a fullsize. I have to say, a couple of comments have struck a chord with me. The whole 'Ford's are Nicer' thing is a comment I've probably heard a million times on the net and in real life. I owned Chevrolet's for over 30 years. Never even thought about a Ford. There was nothing nicer than a Chevy. GMC's were never nicer. They were the same darn truck with a different grille and maybe an extra standard feature that was still available on a Chevy if wanted. Ford's were without a doubt never nicer than a Chevy. Not in looks, interiors or build quality. Until 1999 for the King Ranch SD and 2004 for the F-150's that is. Those two trucks defined the new "Ford's are nicer than Chevy's now" reality in truth.

I was a Chevrolet man though and insist on sticking with one brand. So when my Silverado went, so did the Malibu. The Ford's really do have it all over Chevrolet anymore. Trucks and cars both. Our new Fusion is a real head turner.Their trucks are just worlds nicer both interior and exterior wise. There's no comparison since the 04 F-150 hit the streets. It was the Ford truck that made me pay attention and slowly lose interest in Chevrolet. I now own a Platinum F-150 and couldn't be happier. I'd never go back to GM for anything but a better Chevrolet. I also have to be honest, while it wasn't the straw that broke the camel's back, I admit to being miffed at GM over them making GMC the nicer truck. Doing that to Chevrolet kind of cast them in a negative light for me. When you drive one brand of truck that was for decades the top dog on the block over Ford and Dodge or even GMC to me, yet now doesn't hold a candle to Ford and Dodge and apparently never will to GMC, it just makes a guy lose respect for GM as a whole. I've metioned before that if Chevrolet really got their styling mojo back with a head turner of a new Silverado and had better interior packages (or at least equal) to Ford, I'd at least give one a look. For right now though, I'm happy at my new truck and car home in Ford.

As much as I miss Chevrolet, I could never go back to an inferior truck. Given this section is on resale value, that also gives me pause about buying a Chevrolet any longer. When the truck doesn't have the looks, interiors or marketing behind it, you're buying something that may be less desirable come trade in or sale time. I don't have to worry about that with Ford. I never used to have to worry about that with Chevrolet. GM really is forcing Chevrolet customers right over into Ford's arms. I've mentioned share values before as well. As GM's #1 selling vehicle, a poor Silverado that doesn't compete with Ford and Dodge makes for a very poor investment. Most Chevy guys who now drive Ford's never wanted to leave. They practically had to if they wanted the nicest truck on the road again.

@bob/Sierra - "The spy pics of the next gen Silverado look amazing and that is all that matters now."

Post the links, all I've seen are new GMC trucks under padded vinyl.
Any guy knows - stay away from anything named Sierra in padded vinyl. The adam's apple is a dead give away, and so is a big 3 letter badge.

I just did a quick search and couldn't see any logos. Post the proof with links to the GMC badge if you have it. There isn't any.


Jeff & Lou, I understand that the importance of retained value varies from person to person and from need to need.

Like I said before, my first NEW truck I ever bought was a 1988 Silverado with the 350 and the 350THM, and I kept it running as a second truck all the way up to 2011 when I bought my 2011 Tundra.

My 2006 F150 was my primary truck and a little different in that I had to do a lot of repair and maintenance on it, as I did the Silverado, after the warranty expired.

All that was fine when I was in my prime but I recently turned 66 and flopping around under a vehicle in my drive way is no longer appealing to me. I don't bend all that well anymore either so extended excursions under the hood come at the painful price of an overextended-back.

So, my outlook has changed from 'keeping 'm 'til the wheels fall off' to 'let's trade for a new one before the warranty expires'. At least I won't have any out-of-pocket expenses if I ever need repair.

I'd just put that into practice when we bought that 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee for my wife to replace her 2008 Highlander. But her Highlander has been such a good truck that I could not stand to part with it and held on to it. The dealership asked us to trade it but I am too fond of this problem-free CUV to let it go just yet.

In 2013 it will be five years old and I will sell it outright. That's when I will find out how much value the Highlander will retain after five years and 75K+ miles on the clock.

But as for the best pickup truck to retain its value, I do believe that in MY area it is the Tacoma, any Tacoma, in ANY configuration.

My son traded his 2005 V6 TRD 4-door 4X4 on an all-black 2011 TRD similarly dressed out and got a phenomenal amount of money for it, primarily because the dealership had a waiting list (on-line) for just such a configuration.

And his old Taco sold the very next day without ever making it to the lot. All the dealer did was wash it, spray waxed it, and cleaned the interior real good. A young dude from the airbase bought it.

I don't believe the same can be said for trucks from Ford, GM and Dodge because I do see them linger on lots for a long time in MY area.

I don't know about Titan because I have never seen one on any used-lots in MY area. And a Tundra? I believe they never even make it to the used-lot 'cause I've never seen one on a used-lot in MY area either.

A friend of mine who sells used cars locally told me that it is common for sales-people to keep wish lists for sought-after vehicles. That could account for certain models never making it to the used-lot.

@highdesertcat - I know lots of people who keep a vehicle for the warranty period only. Don't get me wrong, I'm not slagging your choices or opinion.

@bob/detroitbob/sierra/sierrabob - where are your photo's?
This the only concept pic I can find:
Looks like some of their SUV's. I bet the new Sierra will be a toned down version of this.
I bet the Silverado will be a cross between the Colorado and the concept All Terrain in these links:

@Highdesertcat: But you said your neighbor was a retired test pilot? We talking full bird Colonal? But he did construction? That's a good check comming in.

As far as pre 2009 Ram 1500 ride, I can say I rode in my dads 1998 1500 quad cab 4x2 mostlylocal
short trips, but one or two 6 hour trips, one towing the travel trailer, I rode in the back. It felt fine, but that was with a gooseneck trailer. And any other time it rode fine.

I did get a loaner 2007 or so 1500 4x2 single cab one day while Dodge swapped my shocks in my Dakota. It was a stiff riding dude.

But I have made a trip from nw Arkansas to Colorado Springs, dropped my car trailer, and 2 days more of driving to Olympia Washington. Then a week later with car parts in the back, and an aluminum headed 350 Chevy and a 700 R4 trans we dropped off in Ogden Utah, then stopped in Rock Springs, Wyoming.....not because we were uncomfortable but we needed sleep. Then back to Co. Springs, hook up trailer load racecar, throw more parts in bed and on trailer, and drive on home after a couple days in Co Springs. Now I didn't track the whole trips mileage, but if it wasn't for hauling nearly 7,000 pounds back from Co Springs, (800 or so miles) pretty sure 15 is pretty easy. And that's at 4 over speed limits, except for trailer towing. That's not with some Bridgestone or Michilen low rolling resistance tires, 275.70 R17 Good Year A/T s's, not a great off road tire but slightly heavier tire with a few added plys. Woulda picked up a MPG or more with those others. And stability? Just fine, not some narrow tire.

If your neighbor had a 360, I can believe it, never known for mileage. The early Hemi in a truck was mighty thirsty. If that's what his 2005 was. But on the other hand, I don't think a 2005 Tundra 4.7 will tow much. But comparing a 2005 to a 2010 is not even a fair comparison. 5 years of technoligy, you bet mileage got better. A 2000 model? Even if it was a 5.2 318 it was not gonna get near the mileage, or the 4.7. That woulda been a 4 speed too. Of course they won't get better mileage. The 2000 model, if 4x4, sits a hell of a alot higher then any stock Tundra. The frame is not near as low, alot better aproach and departure. Somebody stop me, I am sounding like Oxi!

15 MPG @ 75 MPH is a real bad day in a new Ram, or a headwind, I had my share of drives between Lawton Oklahoma and NW Arkansas to see that. But that's with the lowest gear available, the 3.92s. Your Tundra even if it has a 4.3 gear, has a numericaly lower ratio. And more gear to get it moving. I do like the gear spacing on the Tundra 6 speed, it helps you with that mileage. However, in 9 months, that advantage will be gone when the Ram 8 speeds come out. All the low gear, all the top end for non towing. The times they are a change'n

Technically you are right, but here is where you are WRONG. It is NOT a really a high end trim package, it is just marketed that way.

@Bob, I don't live in the past. Yes, Chevy's got ugly about 8 years ago. They got even uglier about 5 years ago. They're still butt ugly today. That's the present. And the Denali is to an upscale trim. Even marketing it that way and not doing the same thing for Chevrolet hurts the Silverado's resale value. Dodge has special trims, Ford has special trims and so does Sierra. Nothing for Chevy... Which is exaclty why those Chevy guys need to come sit in a new Ram and see how it feels to be treated like a King by your company. We need our own Mike Rowe to do Chevy guys switching to Dodge commercials. Why let Ford have all the fun?? They've taken enough Chevy guys. It's our turn. I'm still of the solid opinion that we will take down Chevrolet and become the #2 selling truck by the end of 2013 if not 2012.

Any guy knows - stay away from anything named Sierra in padded vinyl. The adam's apple is a dead give away

-LOL.. So true!

SO they are saying that the average transaction price for a GMC is a few grand higher than a comperably equiped Chevy, you know what that means? The trucks are nonly differnt in the fron badge, and some people are willing to pay thousands more, you know what that makes those people, idiots, Its not like comparing F-150 KR to a Ram Long horn, which have some different mechanicals, this is comparing too trucks that with the eception of some embams are exactly the same vehicle. On a further note it was not always that their where signifigant differnces in GMC vs Chevy when the Sierra C3/Dennali first debuted Chevy had the Silvarado SS, GMC SLE=Chevy LS/ GMC SLT=Chevy LT, GMC denali=Chevy LTZ and on the LTZ you can still control your 4x4 you can chose 2hi 4 auto 4 hi and 4 low with the GMC you only get 4 auto, and some times you need to lock it in (2006 suburban LTZ used the 6.0 awd escalade drive train). Chevy also offers an off road pkg on its full size suvs. Addtionaly Suburban is the house hold name for large SUV they have been around since 1936 and GMC followed suite and kept the suburban name untill 2000.
On the brand loyalty alot of people dont know that GMC and Chevy are the same, i had a friend climb into my suburban and coment how it looked like his parents denali minus the wood trim (there are companies that sell that stuff aftermaket for cheap) and i had to explain to him that chevy suburban and GMC yukon xl are the same vehicle, as is the cadilac escalde ESV the seats are the same minus the embrodered cadilac logo on the escilade and a anolog clock.
I will not buy a GMC and am currently looking for a GMT 400 Suburban to suplemnt the Raptor. Im not keen on going back the the GMT 800, and the 900s did away with features that i need in the truck, (you can no longer make a flat load floor all the way to the front seats and the center seat in the front row is usless.

GMC's generally sell for more because they are packaged differently. That is the only major difference. I am partial to Chevy and that is what I own. That being said after all my test drives and research there is really no difference in the two. Small visual differences but that just boils down to personal preference. I like the look of the Chevy and I have brand loyalty over the years to Chevy. Is one more of a truck than the other? No. They are made in the same places with essentially the same mechanics. I even walked up to a GMC once in a parking lot thinking it was my Chevy before I saw the Bowtie wasnt on the back. HAHA.

Back in the day I worked at the family GM dealer in the parts department. Besides front fascia and hood, and heated steering wheel, they all share the same parts catalog! It didn't matter if it was GMC or Chevy. They were all C\K1,2,3.

Buyers are not idiots. The price difference comes down to the way GM sold their cars/trucks. GMC: comes in packages, ex: convenience package, Cali\Texas package so the price looks more expensive. On the other hand, Chevy offers everything as an additional option so it can cost less. Chevy dealers also sell more volumen so they are more willing to wheel and deal!

"I'm still of the solid opinion that we will take down Chevrolet and become the #2 selling truck by the end of 2013 if not 2012."

Put up or shut up. I have $100.00 that says you are wrong. Put your money where your mouth is.

@bob they are idiots if they are buying a comparably equiped vehicle at a higher price, comparbly equiped meens that they have the same fetures, when they do comparision tests this web site gets comparbly equiped vehicles, meening if the Tundra Limited includes NAV but cost 2k more than they will either note that or get a comparbly equiped lariat that has nav, compably equiped is the closest set of options that manufacutures have between eachother, for instance a F150 and a ram might be comparbly equiped with King Ranch and Larami Long Horn pkgs and you checked of certain boxes, on the Ford you would add Nav , but there would be diffences like ford has e-locker and an off road pkg 3.5l V6 that competes with the 5.7 hemi, the ram would have the bed storage, and an internal hd and heated stearing wheel, they will have different transmissions and rear ends.
My point is that between manufactures different exclusive fetures affect the price but there is no differnce between comprably equiped GM trucks except the emblems

I don't think Ram will outsell Silverado in the USA by 2013. If Ram continues at the same sales pace, I'd say by it will take at least 5 years. If Silverado does pickup sales (no pun intended), it will take much longer. In Canada Ram is the number 2 truck seller with Sierra #3, and Silverado #4. That sales order will happen in the USA if GMC does not produce a stellar Silverado.
It doesn't make sense for GMC to offer Denali trim packages in only the sister Sierra. Like Carilloskis pointed out, there are people who think they are different trucks. This site posted a study that indicated the majority would NOT leave Silverado for Sierra, but would go to Ford, Ram or Toyota first.
"Their first choice if Chevy went away? Thirty-four percent chose GMC. Of course, since they have the same corporate parent, this seems an unlikely situation. At least they’re loyal, right? In second place for Chevy owners was Ford (25 percent), followed by Dodge (19 percent) and Toyota at 18 percent."

Only 34% of Chevy owners would swap over to step sister Sierra.
Is Gov Motors willing to risk loosing 66% of their sales?
66% must be spotting that adam's apple.

What does the all wise, all knowing, all seeing GM guru bvonscott say about this?

I meant the Tundra 4.3 gear has a lower numerical gear then a 3.92 Ram, the Toyota .588 6th makes it lower.

News Flash just in, the Army crashed all of their trucks. Lets try to get Judy to tell Eddie the celebrity to do a free concert. OK. So that we can all buy those new trucks. SSSSH! Only if you can get Clarence Clemens to rock the house again because of me, OK. It'll be a deal!

@OXI actually in the early 00's the ford ranger dominated the small truck market. They sold almost as much rangers as F-150's due to the modernized update of the ranger and due to the wide variety of packages they offered. As ford has not done anything with the ranger, they slowly became history and the Tacoma took its place. Dont get we wrong i love both trucks, just in the early 00's i would have gone ranger without any thought.

From what I saw the Tacoma usually was in the top 3 ratings on most sites. I did research and came up with this graph for how the top small pickups retain there value. http://carfilesmarketing.com/2012/how-well-do-the-best-small-pickups-hold-their-value/?preview=true&preview_id=1075&preview_nonce=55cf3c413d

The Colorado depreciated the least over 3-4 years but also had a cheaper base price than the tacoma.

Honda Ridgline has the best resale value. Proven fact on Edmunds, KBB, Intellichoice and Galves.

The guys claiming that the Honda Ridge line or any Jeep product have the best resale make me laugh. I think that Jeff nailed it better than anyone here with his analysis. He simply isn't willing to step up for a high mileage unit. Meanwhile, many people are. While I am not the one to buy the most expensive vehicle I can possibly afford, some people operate like that. Driving a nice car with no money for lunch or gas is not a rare situation. I bought the Tacoma with 4 doors, v-6, nav, (wanted the JBL), and off-road/locking rear diff for 32 k. The best I could find for a 2 year old vehicle in this configuration with 50k was 28k. My decision was simple.

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