April 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales


Sales are still quite strong for the most significant pickup truck players, with half-ton models leading the charge. Total volume for the month was very good for General Motors, with the possible exception of light- and heavy-duty Silverado sales, which were up only a small amount in both the monthly and year-over-year numbers.

Big winners for the month and year include Ram Truck, which is still up more than 25-percent over the same point last year, and the Nissan Frontier, which seems to be the biggest winner in the non-full-size competitors. 

But as good as these numbers are, don't be surprised if the only thing you keep hearing is that car sales are taking the lead over pickup sales, accounting for close to 55 percent of all new vehicles sold. And, as you might expect, smaller, lighter, more fuel efficient cars are selling much better than last year as well. 

Experts are still saying we're headed to a year-end total sales volume somewhere between 14.3 and 14.5 million new vehicles sold for 2012. That would give us the best sales year in quite a while and, quite possibly, point us to a more optimistic 2013. 

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. April 2011
1 Ford F-Series +11.2% April 2012 47,453 +4.4%
191,280 April 2011 45,435

2 Chevrolet Silverado +3.8% April 2012 30,749 +4.8%
126,387 April 2011 29,342

3 Ram Trucks +25.8% April 2012 21,126 +23.1%
88,590 April 2011 17,680

4 GMC Sierra +6.3% April 2012 12,598 +19.7%
47,271 April 2011 10,523

5 Toyota Tacoma
+20.6% April 2012 10,901 +3.7%
43,020 April 2011 10,510

6 Toyota Tundra -4.4% April 2012 7,219 -13.1%
27,653 April 2011 8,312

7 Nissan Frontier +27.3% April 2012 4,148 +21.9%
18,254 April 2011 3,404

8 Ford Ranger * -10.7% April 2012 1,990 -62.9%
15,919 April 2011 5,370

9 Chevrolet Colorado +33.4% April 2012 3,499 +25.5%
13,555 April 2011 2,789

10 Chevrolet Avalanche +23.5% April 2012 1,676 +25.2%
7,170 April 2011


11 Nissan Titan +1.8% April 2012 1,568 +25.1%
6,181 April 2011


12 Honda Ridgeline +24.4% April 2012 1,215 +0.3%
4,885 April 2011


13 GMC Canyon +35.5% April 2012 787 +27.1%
3,851 April 2011


14 Suzuki Equator -10.8% April 2012 151 -10.1%
567 April 2011


15 Dodge Dakota * -92.7% April 2012 39 -97.5%
415 April 2011


* No longer in production but still being sold.


@Gregory J.- post some examples.

@Lou- So Greg and Johnny Doesnt are related huh? Shoulda known... Guessing Bob is a distant cousin that even they dont claim. I miss Buy American... :-(

I would suspect that Ram will overtake Silverado in the next 5 years. That could turn out to be impossible if the next Silverado comes out with ground breaking technology or market exclusive features. I doubt that Chevy will rock the truck world. Ford already has a twin turbo V6 and the Raptor. Ram has already announced air ride, active aerodynamics, and 8 speed transmission. They also will have a 6.3 ft crewcab and already has the PowerWagon.
what's left for Chevy?
LED lights in the box?
A diesel 1/2 ton is the only "rock the truck world news" that would make me go "WOW".

"LED lights in the box?"



YET, all the others will follow... "LMFAO!"

@Lou: I think Chevy's big news might be a 7.0 L engine in a 1500. After all, the 6.2 isn't making people run out to buy it, it's not that good of power per inch, and it must eat 91 octane. So they will play the "Let's offer the biggest engine game, that will get them all back!" LOL! And maybe down from 3.08 gears to 2.76 gears, so it must downshift at the first incline! "But by gosh, we will get that mileage at 80 MPH!" Along with 29" tall tires that have a capacity barely over GVWR, (easy to turn) If it's not such a brick as the current body style! Maybe even disc brakes! WOW!

So Ford has not much big news for F-150s for next year, their big news was over the last year and a half. In April they sold 81% sales of F series as they did in March. Chevy? Nothing too new for 2013. 84% of the amount sold the month before was sold in April. No news for GMC except they get the fancy stuff, Chevy will be more of the base model. In April they sold 91% of what they sold in March. Ram? 78% of month before, yet announced the big changes for next year more then half a month ago. I bet it changed alot of numbers. We will know come October.

man i can't wait till january 2013 so i can laugh at these ram goofs that still be in third place.

@TRX4 Tom - a 7.0 would be interesting and be a carry over from the Corvette. I read that the Corvette is where GM show cases its new V8's so that could be a place to look to get a clue as to where they are heading. I have read that they might go to a smaller V8 and turbocharge it. That would be a nasty surprise (in a good way) for Chevy fans.
I've read that there could be some delay for a 8 speed in the HD trucks. They have one that can handle 1/2 ton truck torque loads but not HD. It sounds like the 6.0 and 6.2 will be around but with updates according to this link.
It is a foregone conclusion that the 4.3 will be replaced. The 4.8 will die as well. I am amazed that those 2 engines have been around as long as they have. The 4.8 especially. It made no sense ever keeping it as the 5.3 was always a much better engine.
I do agree that Ford probably won't be coming out with much. That story that got pulled basically confirms that fact. We'll porbably see active aerodynamics ie. grill shutters, and some driveline tweeks, and maybe another revision of MyTouch. Of course, a few more editions of the Harley truck with bold new badges. I can't see much else happening until 2015 model year or 2014 callendar year. I do hope they pull their heads out of their asses and have a bigger fuel tank as an option in their V6 trucks.

Here is some interesting sales information for the USA overall.

Canadian truck sales are very different from the USA. These are month of March stats.
Remember that per capita - Canada buys more trucks than their USA neighbours.


In Canada the F series and Ram are the top 2 brands, with Honda Civic pulling 3rd place.

In the USA Ford F Series and Toyota Camry are the top 2 with Nissan Altima in 3rd.

If you look at sales by brand:
Canada has Ford, Toyota, and Hyundai in the Top 3.

In the USA the top 3 brands are Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota.

It is interesting to see how sales preferences differ in these 2 countries.

That "story" being pulled confirms that it was a non-story and misleading. Continuing to give the customer what they want got twisted into "unlikely to change to change." Huh? There will be major changes. GM also said something similar that a pickup truck is a pickup truck and that got twisted into there wouldn't be (enough) changes. It has already been revealed today on a post on f150forum.com that the 2015 F-150 is going to be exciting - post from an employee who has seen the next gen says he can't wait for us to see it. There are also a couple surprises for the 2013 F-150 that was revealed yesterday as well.

If the F-150 is gonna be "exciting" for 2015, it won't be the only truck being exciting. I think that's somebody just trying to generate something to keep Ford faithfull happy.

The Ram sales are wrong. Ram has sold 88,590 YTD.

Hey Johnny, if Chevy is still ahead of Ram in a year, it would be because they take so much off MSRP to make a sale. We all seen how much truck you get for $30K in the shootout, but Chevy will dicount the heck out of them. See your value in 5 years, right? But I do look forward to seeing Chevy take a woop'n in 1500 class in the next shootout! The Ram 2500 diesel needs better mileage and it will compete better. While the Hemi will eat a 6.0s lunch. I see a 6.4 Hemi in the 2500 Ram's future, maybe the 1500 in limited amounts. I get the idea Ram isn't showing all their hand for 2013 yet.

yeah yeah but yah ram's will still be 3rd place trucks like they always have and will be

@johnny doe: You're in denial. Gotta say I would be too if I was in your position. It'll be alright, I'm sure the Silverado can still hold off the Tundra atleast.

No news for GMC except they get the fancy stuff, Chevy will be more of the base model.

- And this is exactly why the Silverado is falling straight out of the #2 spot and the entire Chevrolet brand with it.. People compare the Ford, Chevrolet & Dodge trucks and the Silverado comes up very short. No King Ranch, Platinum, Laramie Longhorn, Limited, FX4, Harley etc.. trims. And very poor exterior looks to boot. GM has ruined Chevrolet and the Silverado.

Tom, No that's just you again trying to poo poo anything not Ram. Pictures were posted and everything said was backed up by with details.

The Ford story of being unlikely to change was removed because it was 100% false.

I suspect that the Ford story was removed because it was true! Why would a Ford executive lie? The guy was a sales analyst, he isn't trained in public relations and ended up putting both feet into his mouth.
Basically the guy said nothing big would change until 2015 model year. Big deal. Ford already released their new engine lineup. That was big news. 2013 will be dominated by Ram's mid-cycle upgrades. Silverado and sister Sierra will hopefully garner some headlines of their own in 2013 with the 2014 trucks.
2014 will be a great year as everyone except GM will have new 1/2 tons and probably new HD's. Most rumors put the HD's a year later though.
I did some surfing and the only rumours in relation to Ford trucks centre around trim levels, paint schemes, and a few option changes or tweaks. The 2013 F150 will most likely have a new hood, a revised grill and projector headlamps. It sounds like they will offer LED box lights, ans will bring back the "mid-box".
Nothing earth shattering, even for a Ford fan.

Dodge has out sold chevy many time in the past, when i say past i don't mean last year i mean 60'-90's and cupple time in 2005. Ford has sold more then the other two for 35 years? befor them 35 years Dodge was saling more cuz dodge was the fastest growing truck company in America in the late 60's eairl 70's. Then chevy took over then ford Dodge has out sold ford and chevy in the past it could happen again. Don't beleave me about Chevy and dodge out saling Ford go do your research you will see. It says so on here if you look at the timelines of the big three.

- And this is exactly why the Silverado is falling straight out of the #2 spot and the entire Chevrolet brand with it.. People compare the Ford, Chevrolet & Dodge trucks and the Silverado comes up very short. No King Ranch, Platinum, Laramie Longhorn, Limited, FX4, Harley etc.. trims. And very poor exterior looks to boot. GM has ruined Chevrolet and the Silverado.

@Tim, exactly. GM is braindead. They ruined their number 1 selling vehicle for some oddball GM truck to prop up Buick dealers. I have no faith in that organization any longer. No doubt Dodge will overtake Chevrolet. Dodge's and Ford's are nicer trucks now and that's all there is to it.. Chevy's turned to crap.

i like to seen the links where ram out sold chevy and ford trucks cause in the US it hasn't happened

@Ram - Dodge's best year was 2003. They sold 449,371 trucks.
Ford sold 845,586, and Chevrolet sold 684,302 in that same year.
Ford's best year was 2004 where they sold 939,511 trucks. Chevrolet's best year was 2001 where they sold 716,051.

These statistics add some interesting fuel to the fire. Those who say Sierra is redundant should look at combined sales. Ford wouldn't have bragging rights if GMC had only one truck brand. That is assuming all of those Sierra guys would stay with Chevrolet. Statistics indicate only 52% of Sierra buyers would change over to Chevy if sister Sierra died. If that were the case Ford would still retain sales supremacy, but it would of been a shorter reign.

Statistics indicate only 52% of Sierra buyers would change over to Chevy if sister Sierra died.

@Lou, can you blame them? Chevy's flat out are not as nice these days. They have pretty poor looks in comparison ever since these current trucks came out in 07. The GMC looks far better. Chevrolet also does not have the Denali package or anything like it. Ford and Dodge both offer those things and even better IMO. So why would a Sierra buyer want a lesser truck?? Especially when they could get a premium truck in Ford and Dodge. I'm with the rest, the reason for Chevy's slide in sales is pretty obvious. The reason GMC buyers don't want one is the same reason Chevy buyers don't want Chevy's anymore either. They're just not as nice. If I had a dollar for every former Chevy Silverado owner who has dumped Chevy for Ford's and Dodge's I'd be well on my way to retirement.

GM made a conscious decision in the late 90's to make Sierra's nicer than Silverado's. On the 07 models they took that effort even further. It's given slight growth in Sierra sales, it's hurt the Silverado sales badly however. I would say it done serious damage to the entire Chevrolet brand. Chevrolet truck buyers usually buy Chevrolet cars. I know that's the way it is with Ford truck guys. We all buy Ford cars too. When Chevrolet isn't getting that truck brand loyalty, they're losing twice. It looks like this next truck GM is taking it even further. Those Chevrolet dealers must be on suicide watch.

Dont fight guys.
As per NADA stats

among the Top-10 vehicles in Truck Segment, 7 are CUVs
and only 3 are Pickups. Earlier there were many Pickups and SUVs, all those days are gone.

And CRV has made it to Top-3, when new Escape & Equinox comes, they all will make it to Top-5 and eventually take the whole list.

This is the direct quote:
Segments like the midsize car, where we need to make a big noise against Honda and Toyota, are much better places for Ford to make strong gains, but where we already have a strong presence and people are holding onto their trucks longer than ever before, we’re likely to continue giving customers what they want.

That is all true.

"I suspect that the Ford story was removed because it was true!"

His comment was true! But what pickuptrucks.com wrote about it wasn't.

Is it true that "F150 is going to keep its current look, despite a Chevrolet Silverado update"? NO, Ford isn't keeping its current look. It is changing right after the Silverado update. They are already 1 and a half years into the launch.

"The guy was a sales analyst, he isn't trained in public relations and ended up putting both feet into his mouth.
Basically the guy said nothing big would change until 2015 model year. Big deal. Ford already released their new engine lineup. That was big news."

If that was all that was said, big deal. But pickuptrucks.com made it sound like nothing would happen with styling in 2015 either.

If the story was about the trucks before the next gen F150, and Ford already released their new engine lineup, then why is the story saying they will focus on major changes in the powertrain?

This is where this story makes no sense and why it was removed. They confused two different subjects: current trucks and the 2015. And then implied that since the 2013 is not changing styling very much, the 2015 won't change either. False.

Rather than post a retraction of the entire basis of the article that the styling was not changing for 2015, it was removed.

Title: Ford unlikely to change styling

True, styling isn't expected to change until 2015.

Then when you get down to the subtitle here is where it gets twisted...."It seems like the Ford F-150 is going to keep its current look, despite a Chevrolet Silverado update"

F-150 is keep ints current look only through 2014. After the Silverdo update, F-150 is changing its look. If that is all that was said, fine but here is where it gets confusing....

If Ford already released their new engine lineup and this report was supposed to be on F-150 not changing until 2015, then why go on to say instead of styling changes they will get all new engines? "Instead, major changes will be focused on powertrain updates." and "Those updates will probably include smaller, more efficient engines"

This is why this story didn't make sense and it was removed.

@Dave: Was addressed to me? Well, if Chevy/GMC has nothing so earth shattering, and Fords big news was out 15 months ago, and Tundra has nothing see special we hear about for 2013, then nobody is holding off buying those trucks. Now if a person likes Ram, and one fairly major thing slowing Ram sales was the 5 speed trans, what do you think? Of course a good deal reconsidered or backed out when all that news was released for the 2013 Ram.

Me trying to poo poo anything not Ram? I don't think you read many of my posts, I have givin credit to other trucks, just not a Chevy cab, or a 4.8 engine, or a 6.2 Ford.

@Dave - the story should not have been pulled without an explanation. That raises doubt as to the "unbiased" nature of PUTC. I don't think Ford will change much until 2015. It looks like Tundra and Titan are going to keep releasing the "same old" trucks. Ram is aggressively trying to keep its sales momentum. The only dark horse is/are Silverado and sister Sierra. No one really knows what they will release.

Maybe Chevy THINKS they will be first to market with a diesel 1500? Tundra was very far ahead in 2007. Now? Falling behind. Nissan, not only behind, but a few laps off the lead lap. I believe I read the new Ram FINALLY also gets the torso air bag, so now they will be a bit safer.

I guess this thing keep changing:

Ford 191,280
Chev: 126.687 - GMC: 47,271 - Total: 176,658

Ford vs Chevy+GM= (17,622 more for Ford)

It's close. Just buy the Truck the suites you best, and you like the most and don't worry what anyone else thinks. You worked for it, buy what you want.

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