Cop Stops S.C. Driver for 'Obscene' Accessory

By Patrick Olsen

Aww, nuts.

That's likely the tamer version of what Joe Cervantes-Rodriguez was thinking as he was pulled over in his Lincoln pickup truck by South Carolina police officers over the weekend.

It seems South Carolina has a law down there that bans displaying anything obscene from a motor vehicle. In his report, the officer involved noted:

"This vehicle was displaying an obscene object from the rear bumper. The object was a pair of large fleshy testicles. This item was flesh colored, anatomically correct, approximately the size of a softball, and in clear view of the public and other motorist[s]." If you want to see the incident report, click here.

Beyond that indignity, though, Joe was unable to provide a driver's license, so even though he removed the offending appendage — a pair of "truck nuts"— he spent the night in jail until he posted $237.50 bond the next day. He only got a warning for his "display."

Justice may still be his one day, though. The Associated Press reports that a 65-year-old South Carolina woman, Virginia Tice, is challenging that very obscenity law. She was hit with a $445 ticket for displaying truck nuts on her pickup last summer.

Pair of "Large Fleshy Testicles" Results in Arrest of South Carolina Resident (The Smoking Gun)



It's about time they started pulling them over lol. Not because it's obscene but because they're douchebags for hanging nuts off their hitch.

I am glad a bought a DODGE RAM the balls came under the HEMI.

Looks like "the man" has you by the balls one way or the other. LOL
I've seen them on trucks. Why? Looks really stupid as far as I'm concerned. They are about as lame as the Dennis the Menace character on the back window urinating on the badge of your least favorite brand.

I'll tell you who doesn't have a pair, a guy who has to put all this as his name "Dodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first diesel" That is up there with the truck nuts IMO...

It's a great joke, tell them,

"I see you like nuts from behind."

U.S.A has become a Socialist Police State !! Watch who you vote for !! Funny,the stupid laws you guys have usually show up in Canada a few years later !!

I should elaborate until a few years ago I could drive 130 mph,get pulled over,get a ticket and be on my we have laws that the U.S has,we get our vehicle impounded,ect....never had that before !! I remember in the late 80's when i was younger I passed a cop on the highway doing 246 kmh (153 mph )in my original,90% stock '68 Charger R/T...he pulled me over,walked around my car looking at the tires then just asked me for my license and reggie went to his car,came back with a ticket and said slow down a bit !!! And I was off on my in the last 3 years we have strict laws like the States,dont think we get arrested unless we crash/drunk ect..

Canada usually follows the stupid idiotic laws from the States....But sometimes the Libs(when they have power,fortunately not now)jump the gun like the Liberals did in the late 70's and go to metric...The States were going to go to the metric system but found out it was too costly,unfortunately the liberal government at the time went ahead with we have more freedom robbing laws that you guys have...time to wake they will ban trucks then driving all together !!

I guess he or she got newtered

@Canadian Dodge Ram Owner - 246 kph? I'm having a hard time believing that speed. You pass a cop at 246 kph in an old car with drum brakes and then go on a rant about strict laws. That is really funny. You ever wonder what kind of driving pushed those laws into place?
When I was in Montana in 1997, they did not have a daytime highway speed limit. The sign said "Reasonable and prudent". Trucks etc had a set speed limit. They repealed the law because people couldn't safely decide what that was.

@Tyler - "buyamericanorsaygoodbyetoamerica" was already taken and
"imadodgefanboibecausedodgechryslerjeepsrulesplanetearth" took too much time to type. "Fiatrules" just did not sit right ;0

I think Truck balls are stupid and really says something about the driver, on the other hand I don't think it should be illegal, I mean my dog has a pretty big set of balls, is he illegal to walk down the street?

@Lou the reason you have a hard time believing his speed is because you drive a ford.Speed kills play it safe but a ford.

Just more proof that the government is taking it too far! Truck nuts were created as a symbol of the strength of the longest lasted, most dependable trucks on the road and their legendary 5.3 v8 small block! It is too bad the derge and ferd girlies put them on their trucks, obviously their trucks are not the most dependable, most reliable trucks on the road and they do not have the legendary 5.3 v8 small block either. Those trucks should have a vagina hanging from their hitches! That is the way its supposed to be! Now the government wants to rescue Ford and make it all illegal so Ford can act all tough even though they are not the most dependable, most reliable trucks on the road and they do not have the legendary 5.3 v8 small block! Ford is government motors! GM WINS AGAIN!


Hey Troll, that was a good one!

@Dodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first diesel -
I don't buy trucks for top speed. I've owned or riden sport bikes that could out run anything short of a Bugati Veyron.
So what's your point?
Heaven forbid that I commit blasphemy by questioning anything Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat/DaimlerBenz etc.

If the nuts are on the back,then what's the driver sitting on?

Do does come standard on every truck from san Francisco?

Wait I just found out those are going to be standard on every GM truck. That way you know if you own one you got it put to you bag deep.

@Lou I could care less what you think honestly.

@Dodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first diesel - If that were true, you wouldn't keep replying to my posts.

This is really stupid. I think they're trashy as could be but nobody should get arrested for them. What happened to freedom of expression in this country? If you want to tell the whole world you're an idiot you should be allowed to do so in the USA. The new thing around here is hanging two pistons and rods from the rear. There's two cousins who have GMC's at work all lifted up, glasspacks for exhaust, redneck stickers on the bug shields and pistons/rods hanging from their trailer hitches. Total white trash hillbillies... Within two weeks of them hanging the pistons/rods on their hitches I counted 6 other trucks with the same thing now hanging from the back. What an embarassment to the state of Texas.

Glad to see SC has their real crime under control so they can go after pollitically incorrect offenders. Laws like this are put in place to pull drivers over so they can find something bigger to nail them on. That is the case in this stop. They get them passed to "protect the children" but use them to harass Citizens and at $445, to raise revenue it seems.

When are they going to do something about all those dogs licking nuts and sniffing butt in public? Children shouldn't have to see that.

Awhile back, a University of Texas police officer followed a car from downtown to the city limit because there was a foot hanging out of the trunk. He pulled them over with guns drawn. I think everyone can guess it was on Oct. 31st. and just a prop gag. In what universe can you close and latch a trunk on someone's leg?
You cannot protect people from their own ineptitude or poor tastes.

Aw NUTS, are bumper nuts more dangerous that bimbos on cell phones drifting aimlessly down the freeway?

@Lou- I dont think 4x4 Dodge etc. is BuyAmerican. I never once heard BuyAmerican say anything bad about Ford.

now that you mention it FORD australlia just had record losses.$290 million.

BuyAmerican does not bash the Raptor which Dodge Ram first has been doing. Lou is wrong. A better guess was the one that Bjuy American was Mike Levine but that is wrong, too. BuyAmerican is no longer with us but may return some day.

Dodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first diesel is not Buy American.

I am inclined to agree with you he is probably not Buy American even though he owned a power wagon he wouldn’t talk like that about Ford.

These are general questions as I could care less about what kind of decoration someone sticks in there hitch or puts on their truck. I also really don't care what others do unless it’s really bad.
1. Where does freedom of expression end and public obscenity and vulgarity begin? (Some people find stuff like boobs and balls in public offensive)
2. When the founding fathers did the constitution do you think for freedom of expression they ever imagined it to include public displays of private parts or coarse and demeaning language? (Given how the 1700's were in America)
3. Does Freedom of expression and speech mean freedom from consequences?
4. As an adult for everything you do aren't "there are always consequences"?

I can tell you all for sure i am not buy american.I try and not say bad things about other brands but its hard when everyone attacks everyone.I love the big 3 auto makers.I wish they were the only ones.I am the minority here who prefer RAM trucks over the competition.I love educated debates.Not crap talk.

@Benchimus and others - I didn't say he was Buy American - I was joking around by saying "Buy American" was already taken.

@5.3 LOL - Freedom of Expression and Freedom of speech comes with responsibility, respect and consideration. There are consequences that is for sure. I'm not sure the police are the best resource for controlling the lame assed stuff guys put on their trucks. THe one I hate the most as earlier mentioned is the Dennis the Menace kid urinating on another brand logo. I've seen that one one all makes. Looks pretty childish.

@Dodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first diesel - sorry for giving you a hard time. You do know your Dodge history.

@Lou Thanks,ALLPAR.COM makes me look smart.

Alot of people dont know that DODGE actually built FORD and OLDS cars before FORD stock made them rich and they started building there own cars and trucks.

@HEMI V8 - I like Allpar. It does have some cool stuff. You can't go wrong with them for Dodge history. True. Dodge did work for Ford.

Will this same officer ticket someone with their pants hanging below their derriere?

@Lou,My second car is a mustang.

dodge didnt have the first diesel just saying

First diesel in a pickup? I think it was Studebaker, back in '61 or so. Don't bother looking for one, they only made 3 or so. Power was a 3 cylinder Detroit.

i think anybody should be able to put anything on their vehicle no matter what it is so what is some one hangs some nuts from their trucc if the truccs got the balls i say let em hang

Lets just say Dodge had the first good diesel in a 2500? Fair enough?

@Canadian Dodge Ram Owner !: Why is I don't buy the 153 MPH? Is it the fact that even if you put on some fairly big 275/60 R15s and you had 3.23 gears, as the base R/Ts had, lets see, almost 5900 rpm Add some more RPM if it was an auto. Now I do have a friend that says he went by a cop in Montanna where/when there was no speed limit in daytime, @ a buck 20, he said the trooper/patrolman just shook his head and gave him a dirty look. Did you think you were Buddy Baker? Most folks in the 80s didn't have a tire that could handle over 130.

Somewhere somebodies mom works handling giant man balls all day long. Likely in China... Wonder what they think about our Balls?

@Bobbeh or Bubba's bitch

Did they finally let you out of solitary confinement there at the MI state prison?? While you were gone, Oxi entertained us.
I'll bet Bubba was REALLY glad to see you!!!

did nobody actually read the incident report? sure the guy was pulled over for truck nuts and that's kinda dumb overall, but HE MOVED HERE FROM MEXICO VERY RECENTLY AND WAS OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE WITHOUT A LICENSE!!!! HE LIVED IN THREE STATES WITH NO LICENSE AND PROBABLY DROVE IN ALL OF THEM!! this is a serious problem, makes me sick they even let the guy out of jail

We don't need legislation. But I need a rant :)

I don't mind the eyesores, because I can use it to mark someone I'd never, ever want to know.

In a less stupid time, men who drove trucks did work with them. They were real men, quiet, strong, able to do physical labor. They were not suburban wusses who had to look tough while being unable to heft anything bigger than a Thickburger and X-tra large soda over bellies so bloated they'd need a mirror to see their actual balls.

I reckon the hitch-ballz remind them every time they see them "I'm a man." What a cartoon of manliness they've become! Forget pulling these losers over: public shaming and finger pointing by laughing mobs yelling "you must have a teeeeeeeenie weeeeenie" would be a better fate for truck-nutz owners than stupid laws banning these dumb things.

Hey Dodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first diesel Dodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first dieselDodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first diesel Dodge Ram first 4x4 first extra cab first crew cab first diese, are all Ram owners that horrible at spelling and grammar or is it just you? Maybe you shouldn't put all your effort in to typing out your name so you won't gave up on everything else? Sometimes I swear after reading what you write you are a 14 year old boy yet to complete all your english classes...

Most of ya'll sound like a bunch of pansies in these comments and have no sense of humor. People can put whatever they want on their trucks. I have an NRA sticker on my windshield and a huge U.S flag and don't care what people think. Hell what confuses me more is seeing guys driving small or mid-size trucks with huge bull bars over the grill, and chrome step bars when their ride barely even sits that high... but God bless America and our freedom to choose. Truck nuts are hilarious. Tell me you don't laugh when they sway side to side, LOL... These chrome balls make your truck look like a beast. I don't believe they were ever meant to offend or teach someone about sexual anatomy. (I'm a lot more offended by Obama campaign decals and those stupid Coexist bumper stickers I see around town.) Hell if I could get away with strapping actual Texas longhorns tip to tip on the hood of my truck, I'd drive around and probably get a pair of truck nuts to go with it.

@ Tyler you should take your own advise."won't gave up on everything" I feel the same way.I think the word was give up on everything.Just saying.

@Tyler my nuts are in your mouth.

Truck Nutz were funny at first, now they are just stupid and gross, though I don't think they should have to pay a hefty fine just because they have a terrible sense of taste. I think it's fair to issue a warning and if they get pulled over for it again because they blatantly said "Screw it! I do what I want!" then they should get a fine slapped on.

i have blue truck nuts on my ranger its funny

I have red nuts on my truck but they belong to the squirrel I accidentally ran over ;)





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