Cop Stops S.C. Driver for 'Obscene' Accessory

By Patrick Olsen

Aww, nuts.

That's likely the tamer version of what Joe Cervantes-Rodriguez was thinking as he was pulled over in his Lincoln pickup truck by South Carolina police officers over the weekend.

It seems South Carolina has a law down there that bans displaying anything obscene from a motor vehicle. In his report, the officer involved noted:

"This vehicle was displaying an obscene object from the rear bumper. The object was a pair of large fleshy testicles. This item was flesh colored, anatomically correct, approximately the size of a softball, and in clear view of the public and other motorist[s]." If you want to see the incident report, click here.

Beyond that indignity, though, Joe was unable to provide a driver's license, so even though he removed the offending appendage — a pair of "truck nuts"— he spent the night in jail until he posted $237.50 bond the next day. He only got a warning for his "display."

Justice may still be his one day, though. The Associated Press reports that a 65-year-old South Carolina woman, Virginia Tice, is challenging that very obscenity law. She was hit with a $445 ticket for displaying truck nuts on her pickup last summer.

Pair of "Large Fleshy Testicles" Results in Arrest of South Carolina Resident (The Smoking Gun)



Good catch HEMIV84X4streettirestwentyinchwheelsdualexhaustdrivewithmyfoglightsonduringtheday, I see you are in the same pool of idiots I am talking about... By the way, there is a space after a period if you want to nick pick, "just saying".

Also, let's keep your homophobic comments to your self; I am straight.

I love how people just keep painting this picture of the typical RAM owner, HEMIV8, DodgeRAMfirst, CanadianRAM, ect...

HEMI, I thought you said up above "I love educated debates", how is "my nuts are in your mouth" an educated debate topic?

@ Tyler I havent heard anything you have said that is educated.
Just uneducated crap talk.Thats all you got.

Nice come back, thought someone who enjoys educated debates would be a little more creative rather then childish jibber jabber... Why not just call me a meanie head?

PS, still not using a space after the periods there!

@Tyler, meanie head!

Lou, that's actually Calvin from Calvin & Hobbs, not Dennis the Menace, thats urinating on others.

@Z- You do know the police don't have to pull someone over to find out if they have insurance, right? They can run the plates and find that information now. The ends justifying the means is no substitute for good police work. The real end result of this law is:
Now we have to see courts tied up in this lawsuit over someone's swinging nuts!

Chief Justice Roberts; "Now exactly how big were her balls?"

@ blueovalblood , I wondered if someone else would point that out. I might add, C&H author has never given permision to anyone except 1 charity to use Calvin's image, so all these stickers are in violation of US copyright laws. I have never heard of anyone getting pulled over for that.

Usually, I'd say that the cop pulling a guy over for an accessory is just wrong.

Then again, "truck nuts" have to be the absolute WORST thing you can add. To anything, anywhere. 1) the sight of some nuts dangling beneath a truck makes me double check that mine are still there, and that they haven't been absconded with by the truck driver, and 2) in all seriousness they are tacky as all get out. If "The Real Housewives of (city here)" added them to their vehicles, the tackiness would go UP. That is how bad they are.

Bravo, sir SC cop. You are a gentleman, a scholar, and might I say you have quite good taste.

@blueovalblood - I stand corrected. I do think all of those sorts of things are silly and a waste of money. If it doesn't serve a functional purpose then why put it on your truck? Maybe those guys who have them on their trucks are lacking a pair of their own?

If the so called conservatives who value freedom and hate government telling you what to do, why then did they support making these nutz illegal? SC is a very so-called conservative state. This was not Obama's doing. This was not california or vermont. This was South Carolina. Nobody to blame but yourselves.

There is not now, nor has there ever been, a 1st Amendment right to obscenity.

try putting on a very offensive bumper sticker about dictator obama on your vehicle. Police will arrest you for it, violating your right to free speech!

So much for land of the free, lol. What is happening to this country.

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