Duel in the Desert Shootout Is Live!

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What happens when two different manufacturers take two separate and unique paths to achieve the same goal? The short answer is you get a PickupTrucks.com Shootout; however, the long answer is you get the SVT Raptor and Mopar's Ram Runner on the same test course in the middle of a remote Southern California desert with an excited team of observers.

Add a professional driver to the mix and 4.73 miles of nasty gravel road, high-speed river wash and suspension-punishing ruts (and a helicopter to record all the action), and you have the ultimate cage match. SVT and Mopar built them, but we took them to the desert to find out which stands on top.

To see more action and behind-the-scenes photos of our test, go to our PickupTrucks.com Facebook page and check out our Duel In The Desert Photo Album. 

Duel in the Desert Shootout

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Congrats to the Ram Runner for the win. Really though there is no loser here both of these trucks are awesome.

Doesn't that make u feel retarded when u run down Ram on part one?

I thought that the Raptor was the most likely to win, and I'm a Mopar fan. So, I guess this puts the cat amongst the pidgeons somewhat !

What did you expect, Ford showed them how to do it.

Ok so buy a stock F150 and spend the same money on after market parts and it would be more apple to apples than this shoot out. Still cool that a FACTORY truck is still this awsome. Dodge or er Ram doeasn't have the balls to build one from the factory and you have to wonder why?.... but no one questions this?

It doesn't matter.. They both own the Chevy that isn't there to compete. 20-30 years ago we would have killed both of you. Today's Chevrolet in no way compares to yesterday's Chevrolet... :(


Ram spanks F150 again, way to go Ram!!!!!

"Dodge or er Ram doeasn't have the balls to build one from the factory and you have to wonder why?"

That seems like a bit of a cheap shot. It could also be said why doesn't Ford have the balls to make a full size with factory front and rear lockers. Factory quick disconnect sway bar and winch. Do they not have the balls?

If this ram had been a factory truck I would have been excited about it but unlike the Raptor, this is all bolt on pcs in a kit so it is not in the same league as the factory Raptor. The Ram had an unfair advantage going in so really nothing to celebrate here at all. Maybe one day ram will grow some balls and build a factory truck without the public having to buy a stupid kit. But then again at least they offer a kit, chevy has no clue!

I heard this kit came from JC Whitney??

"Maybe one day ram will grow some balls and build a factory truck without the public having to buy a stupid kit."

Ha, I think my last comment is good for this too.

So how much more is the Ram to beat the Raptor by 33 seconds and is it 50 state legal?

this shootout wasnt about cost so cut the cost excuse. the raptor lost in the terrain it was built for to a bolt-on ram... suck it up n live with it...

No Chevy was present so who cares.

@Scout - agreed. In some respects, the only ones without balls are the beancounters and liability lawyers that make decisions based on sales projections or percieved risk. If those idiots existed in the 50's,60's and early '70's, we would never have pony cars and muscle cars. It reminds me of a funny comment a bus driver made when I was in California "There are 576 different kinds of Palm trees in California, but no Coconut Palms................Too many lawyers live here".

Chevy / GM does need to get a clue. Longtime GM owner, three full size trucks/SUVs I've owned from them so far.

My next will be a Ford Raptor unless GM gets in the game.

Congratulation to Ram for being the only truck to break.

The driver also would have chosen the Raptor.

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