New Ratings Site Awards Ridgeline & F-150

Total Car Score F-150 II

Total Car Score, a new-vehicle ratings website, announced its 2012 award winners in 20 different categories, two of which are for pickup trucks.

This is how the website describes its scoring methodology, according to a press release:

"Total Car Score utilizes the ratings from multiple automotive authorities and converts them into a simple percentage, representing what the car could have scored from each source versus what it did score. The average number from all of these sources represents the vehicle's Total Car Score. A car must have a rating from at least 5 sources to qualify as a validated Total Car Score. Recently dubbed the Rotten Tomatoes of car review sites by Forbes, Total Car Score aims to make car buying easier by giving shoppers a high-level "industry assessment" of a vehicle in an easy-to-use format."

The winner in the first Total Car Awards in the Small Truck category (in some cases, two top-scoring vehicles were listed) was the Honda Ridgeline, with an overall score percentage of 78.64. In the Large Truck category (which is solely made up of half-ton trucks), the two 2012 vehicles that rose to the top were the Ford F-150, scoring 79.67, and the Toyota Tundra, scoring 79.09.

What makes this award and site unique is that they've collected data from as far back as 2000 in some cases to provide scores. For example, the top 10 small pickups (and their scores) are as follows: 2009 Ridgeline (82.4), 2010 Ridgeline (81.6), 2008 Ridgeline (80.3), 2007 Ridgeline (80.3), 2006 Ridgeline (80.2), 2010 Frontier (79.3), 2008 Tacoma (79.1), 2007 Tacoma (78.7), 2012 Ridgeline (78.6), 2009 Tacoma (78.0).  

Other truck categories include High Performance trucks and Heavy Duty trucks. This one is worth a look. 

Total Car Score Ridgeline II


the ridgeline could be the best running longest lasting, most reliable truck? out there, but they coudnt pay me enough $$ to give up my Chevy's Ford's an Ram's!!! first off it's got to be the uglyest more lame looking truck? out there, give me an Avalanche anyday of the yr.

Now if they could just lower the ridgeline's price by about 30%...

so in the large truck category the Tundra wins!?!?!? WTF.

It's a bit of a stretch to call the Ridgeline a "truck." It has a very short bed, not useful for much than typical urban hauling, like bringing home that new washing machine. For that it works well. So, rather than being a truck, it's more like a car with a small open bed area. Like the Ranchero and El Camino.

This company clearly has no idea nor credibility. i dont care if they scored the ford and tundra at the top of the list. just look at the press release stack of cars............. looks just like JD powers "initial quality" survey which tells you NOTHING except how the vehicle feels with no miles on it.

It sounds like to me they're scoring the vehicles based on how they perform against what was expected from them which if true is COMPLETELY STUPID. you'd expect more out of a Toyota Camry then you would out of a fusion or sonata. thats the way that just read to me and if so this company is goin outta business as quick as they went into business.

This doesn't look like a large truck to you with it's sexy big rig like styling. My only surprise is the F-Series edged out that most dependable 504hp/550lb ft beast. On a serious note congrats to the winners. Tundra does quite well in these Awards either 1st or 2nd depending on who it is.

awards r like candy, eventually everybody gets a piece

I know with Toyota owners when they have a problem they dont report it..I know several Toyota owners who swear they are the best cars/trucks ever but yet they needed major work done .When it was covered by warranty they think it is reliable..

These results are skewed.By the way I should mention I was a Toyota Mechanic for 6 years until last fall,finally got my dream mechanic job...It just amazing how brain washed these owners are,they have a major issue with their car/truck yet praise them ! I have seen this all the time as I worked with them,drove their products.Even my moms Camry has 55,000 mi and has piston slap ,but yet she too thinks its good..While her old 91 Buick before that never missed a beat,never knocked and she says her Toyota is better ? Go figure ? I guess since her Buick with 160,000 miles battery died on her,she thinks it was a lemon..

I remember Consumer Reports said their reliability doesnt mean the car has no mechanical problems and will run all the time but if the radio works its reliable..I know they say a car is unreliable if the trunk has no trunk lining ect..has nothing to do with actual reliability !!

I guess its about how much the dealers suck up to you/make you feel good then they dont report how bad their cars are..I know Chrysler dealers were bad/treated you like the dolt you were,when you were one because lets face it the complaints people come in with are rediculous most of the time.. I know the Toyota dealer smiled,made you feel good,yet we would laugh at you as soon as you left ! Unreal,I guess smoke and mirrors,smoke and mirrors !!!

I don't have to read stuff like this to see what truck rates the highest, I already know from first hand experience that Ford makes the best truck and the turdra sucks.

Okay Okay, if Rigelines are so wonderful; why is Honda having such a difficult time selling them? Fuel economy is way below par and if you live near the sea, rust quickly goes for the body parts exposed to salt laden dew. Then there is that weird creation hung on the center of the grill that resembles a deep fat fry heating element. And good luck trying to tow a boat with that low torque V-6.

A redesign might just turn it around; mate two 2.4 I4's for 380 hp 4.8 liter v-8, hang some decent sheet metal (stolen shapes from a 1955 F100), take out the ugly bumps, install variable height air bag suspension. Drop the price from 30 k to 25k. VOILA ugly bug turns into a prince. Second thought forget the V-8 Indy engine, just bolt in a Chevy 427.

In my opinion, these rating companies are for dorks who cannot make up their minds about anything. I've read Consumer Reports and even after a foreign make having numerous low points, they still recommend as a best buy. So, I may be gettin' old and cranky, but I still will only drive Ford and GM (wife) products as long as I'm around.

@Toyota lol!! You hit the nail on the head.The honda ridgeline is no more a truck then my el camino was.Tacoma is not even a truck in my eyes.I dont know how proud ford can be getting an award from a car test.I remember a test where the tundra won cause it rode car like compared to the

p.s. what is a dolt?
what is a troll?

Yeah just another crap comparo test thing. I'll stick to PUTC.

While were at it check out the big winner here

I dont care much to trust/read these ratings seeing that none of these sites really get truck drivers (off road,towing,work, etc.) and the little things we look for/expect (that is minus PUTC which is why Im here) But on the other had this reporting co. in this article seems more informative and well thought out than others Ive looked at

It`s a joke Honda sell in a month what Ford sell in 1 day. At least there is one honda owner happy.

And a Ridgeline is not a truck

Il est vraiment plus efficace pour donner l'acceptation au sein des professionnels des relations appropriƩes avec les

These ratings are meaningless, the ridgeline is for obumma voters and lesbians. Intellichoice? They rate the FJ Cruiser as the best SUV, ok whatever, the best suv I don't think so, they are canning that pig, just like the ridgeline.

Ridgeline has 49 inch wide flat bed, five feet long. Can haul 1,100 lbs in bed plus four adults. Five feet long is about what you full-sizers have after you install a contractors box.

At 108,000 miles, mine is still running like it was new and I expect it to see 200,000 easily. My last tank got 23 mpg.

Lots of people think it is based on a car or minivan platform. They need to look under one to see the frame that makes it the stiffest body in the industry. It has the strongest tailgate in the industry.

I've never heard one complaint about how a RL rides.

Full-size pick-up owners saying RLs are not trucks is like multi-axle drivers saying pick-ups are not trucks. Both are foolish comments. A truck is what you make of it.

what a bunch of whiners....

whine bcuz its not their prefered truck that won...
whine bcuz its cant do what their prefered truck can

who the heck cares what truck won what.... it's candy for the kids...
did u guys want some candy too..

I couldn't be happier with my 2012 Ridgeline RTL, it rides great, I'm getting 18.4mpg (70% city driving) and it performs all the truck duties I need. Being able to stash my golf clubs, pull-cart and a change of clothes in the trunk so I can still carry 4 adults is my favorite feature.

Having owned only Ford and Chevrolet trucks in the past, I was so pleased with my 2007 Ridgeline that I bought a 2010 as well. It is the only truck on the market that is made exactly for my needs. Neither has ever been in the shop - in our out of warranty. In fact, I'm currently on my 4th Honda, which has been the only brand that has never required any visits to the dealer for any reason. I used to love GM, but Honda - and the Ridgeline - have proven their reliability, usefulness, and resale value to me. I am free to choose any make/model out there, but my Ridgelines have been an absolute pleasure to own, drive, and use. It's a shame that even Honda itself neglects the Ridgeline with poor, unmemorable marketing.

1st off, I'm glad to drive the only American made P/U.. The Honda Ridgeline! 2nd, yes it a 1/2 ton, actually just hauled a load of crushed stone in my little 5 ft bed and after pulling on the scales at the quarry I was surprised to see that there was 1637# of stone, more than the chevy silverado had in it's 8 ft bed. 3rd it rides better than any other truck on the road. Yes it does have it's short comings like now 4 wheel low, but it does what I need and is more reliable than the chevy, fords and dodges that I have owned.

Total Car Score is the brainchild of Karl Brauer. He is the former Senior Analyst & Editor in Chief over at I helped him a little here with some of the vehicle research content (I've known Karl from my past experience at Edmunds). A good guy, and knows a ton about cars, bikes and trucks.


dave doman,
having had hauled more in ur ridgline doesnt translate to handling the load better than a silvy. im sure ur plenty aware so i wont go into details. the ridgeline though a very nice riding truck with decent payload numbers to back it up have too soft of a suspension to comfortably haul such.

If only the Ridgeline could tow a 16000 pound fifth wheel. But it can not and never will. So I will stick with my reliable 2006 Silverado with just over 300,000 miles on it.

You gotta compare apples to apples.
It does not put F series and ridgeline in the same segment.

A bigger bombshell is that Frontier beat out Tacoma for higher score and also for the 2012 model year.

I'm not surprised. I already knew the F-150 was top 1/2 ton truck out there and it has been for at least 12 years.

Yet there are people still bying 2nd best! What gives?
Do they still make GM trucks?


Once again, Tacomas are not the best!

Toyota Tundra #1. I am not surprised, I drive one every day, and every day I say to myself..... why would anybody buy anything other than a Tundra?" People are just STUPID" came the reply.

I also own a Ridgeline and drove a lot of different trucks. I grew up in a F-150 and drove a Ranger when I was 16. In order to afford college tuition I got a Cobalt, sold it to a family member and was giddy to get back in a truck. Call the Ridgeline whatever you need to make yourself feel better, but it suits my needs perfectly. When I put 0% Ethanol gas in, I get 26MPG (60% freeway, 40% suburbs of Mil.). It beat out my uncles S-10 and my step dad's Colorado in the snow (hauling my sisters crap from one of town to the other after 1.5 ft of snow fell ... or at least that was what we drove through to get to the storage unit). I was the only one to get through, so I hauled the stuff to their trucks on the pavement, then they drove across town to deliver. The looks on their faces was priceless (I got mocked endlessly for buying a Honda because both are UAW). Just my story. Take it how you like, but I love my 2009 and so does my wife (only truck she felt comfortable driving).

Yep. Tacoma loses again and is fading rapidly.

Ridgeline needs a couple of things.

Listed in order of "most needed to least needed" (IMO all are needed)

It needs some excitement in its DNA....its ugly and boring inside and out.
It needs 40+ more HP
It needs a 6 speed transmission
It need a little more load capacity. +200lbs would work.
It needs a little more efficiency...which should come with the suggested power train changes.
It needs slightly better approach and departure angles.
It also needs to drop its entry price by $2000.

Tacoma needs very little to compete:

Update the engine to the latest version and add DI. (that should add 40HP and 1-2 Mpg.
Tweak the transmissions ratios to work with the engine improvements.
Improve the seating position.
Make small improvements in NVH.

Frontier needs some work.

Update the interior and offer a non-spartan interior
Add DI to the engine
Add the 6 speed auto that is already available on other Nissans
Update the exterior sheet metal

End result a more comfortable Frontier that gets 1 Mpg better than our current version.

When they are ready, redesign the frame using high strength steel and drop some weight, which should help the performance and fuel economy.

I see that you said Nissand and Ridgeline need to add a 6 speed auto. Are you aware that Tacoma doesn't have a 6 speed? Tacoma needs a major overhaul. The new model was supposed to happen soon, but was pushed back to 2016 due to the economy and poor planning.

For some reason people always think foreign cars = better no matter what. I live in NorCal and most visitors with Visa's or new to the state drive foreign cars. Good to see Ford F150 doing well on most reliability surveys and yes I do agree that owners of Toyota and Honda tend to be much more forgiving than domestics with regard to statistics. Not to say US cars did not deserve their fair share of faults but not nearly at the levels many perceive.

Honda is the most over rated car company in the world. Toyota 2nd. My local Toyota dealer brags how they now offer evening hours and weekend hours for the service department. They must be really over worked on the most reliable car brand in the world.

People can buy them its there business, but sticking with my old in the tooth, poor interior design, Obama motors Silverado.

@unit#614,The reason I dont drive a TUNDRA is because when I bought my 03 HEMI your TUNDRA could not tow my 8,000 pound trailer.Some people use their trucks for more then hauling groceries.

That is a lot of hate for that person who just loves the Tundra the way you love Ram trucks. As far as capabilities goes the 1st gen Tundra was underpowered so maybe you made the right decision for you. I have always loved Ram trucks and will have a spot in my heart for them but when I bought my 2010 Tundra over Ram 1500 I feel like I made the right decision for me as I did not like the 5-speed auto with Ram and as far the new 8-speed auto goes I have got it scored as a triple. I can't score it a HR because that new 8-speed can't handle the power of my supercharged 5.7L iforce V8 as Chrysler has it listed for 516lb ft although I thought it could handle more.

@5.3L LOL,I dont appreciate being called stupid.SRT is coming out with a supercharged 6.2liter soon.570hp unknown torque.
It will have the same 8 speed transmission.516lbs was a peak #.Never listed the max.I think it can handle your 5.7lol.

I dont care what your jap toyota has.I will never buy a toyota.
On this memorial day I will remember those men we lost in pearl harbor by those japs.I will by chysler who help build the bomb we dropped on there sorry ass.

I never called you stupid or your favorite brand of trucks (Tundra and Ram 1.A and 1.B with me). I grew up loving Ram and always hoped to have a Hemi Ram. I have no idea why you are showing so much hate and intolerance (I know your better than that) for something that done nothing to you.

As for the 8-speed auto all I have ever read about it says low 500lb ft for that tranny is the limit. If that is the case it can not handle the power of the supercharged 5.7L iforce none the less one with LT Headers which make more power than a SRT10 Ram at the wheels
I hope the supercharged 6.2L makes the power you want and more.

Some videos you might enjoy and This for the GM guys This for the Ford guys and
After this video supercharged Tundra has no one left to beat

@5.3lol yes you never called me stupid.unit#614 did for not driving a P.O.S toyota.
You think toyota is the only truck with forced induction.LOL
Check these out.I could go on and on.

@5.3LOL You will love this one.I did.

@5.3LOL,I saved the best for last.

@5.3LOL,Keep dreaming.Toyota will never out perform chrysler.
They do sponsor them in TOP FUEL though.

Fastest accelerating engines on this planet.500 cubic inch nitro HEMI.Based off chryslers design.

Those are some great videos and accomplishments but I couldnt help but noticing none of those videos showed the supercharged 5.7L Tundra going down and you know why because no such video exsist (its not possible). LOL

The beuaty of the supercharged tundra is it doesn't matter if your at the track on the street or getting work done (towing and hauling) the supercharged Tundra w/TRD Exhaust is elite at all of those things no other 1/2 ton with a full manufacturer warranty can say that.

@5.3LOL,The first video you refered to showed a red SRT10 beating the supercharged toyota.

Read the warranty info at the bottom of the page.

@5.3LOL,How many times has toyotas 5.7L been on wards 10 best engines list.0-NONE.

Chyslers HEMI 5.7L has won 7 times in a row since it came out in 2003.Eight years total.'s_10_Best_Engines

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