PickupTrucks.com Preview: Duel in the Desert, Part 1

For its next Shootout, PickupTrucks.com gathered two decorated off-road racers – the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and the Ram Runner by Mopar — to compete head to head over a five-mile course in the Southern California desert. The folks at MadMedia helped cover the event and captured some amazing footage of the pickup trucks. See the both trucks in action in the videos below.

Which truck will come out on top? You'll find out next week.


RAM is the Best.

Looks like they were babying that Ram, so my guess is that it showed its Dodge colors and didn't get through the duel without a major meltdown.

you can already tell the winner (raptor). what was all this hype about that ram runner kit? the suspension is barely working better than stock, looks like a damn pogo stick clapping out over those bumps.

I agree dirte. looks like a fail. did mopar even test this thing, or just slap it on? I wouldnt pay $500 for that kit judging from the video. raptor looks like it soakes it up 100 times better, but doesnt have as good of an approach angle as the ram.

look at both of them some more guys, the raptor is run in slow mo a lot more than the ram, and when you look closely, the frot bumper on tha raptor was closing the gap between the grill and bumper, and was at differnt angles at different times, not to mention the raptor burying it's front end everytime he nosed down!, I need to see the run at full speed for both to realy see what is going on. I am not biased either way, I own a new F-150, and have had and do own dodges right allong also.

That's a pity the bumper fell off the Fiat.

When I owned one stuff was always falling off. I was on a first name basis with the guys at the repair shop.

Yeah good try by Dodge or should I say ram. They need to do this as a factory truck and not as an add on. Raptor rules as it comes from the factory this way. That should tell you something. Where's government motors??

Looks like the Ram could use some shock adjustment. As far as the bumper goes, i think that might have something to do with one being a factory built truck and the other a factory built truck with aftermarket upgrades. I can imagine it being hard to pass the government safety test with virtually no front bumper.

Raptor is not meant for jumps. My wife Caravan can jump without dipping the nose in the sand.

The Ram is a better truck, the Ford has a better engine and trans.

The Raptor is the real deal. A purpose built truck. Not some goofy kit. Not to mention, Ford builds a Far better looking truck. Nice try copycats. Ford=Trucks..

Awesome video of some cool trucks.I prefer the RAM RUNNER with its brawny looks 4 doors and 14 inch suspension.I watched the video with my headphones on and nothing sounds better than that muscle car sounding HEMI V8.To bad the raptor video did not have the 6.2 sounds.Looking forward to more of the same.Thank you pickuptrucks.com.

Where's the Chevy? Oh ya, they only build pavement pounders. No SFA truck, no Baja truck, no truck with King Ranch/Platinum interiors, no truck that even Looks good. Poor Chevrolet folk. It really must suck to be you.

You really have to watch both videos without the background music on and study the details. Both are awesome trucks. I'm a Ram guy but seeing the Raptor on the sand dunes was pretty impressive too. May the best truck win! (Ram I hope)

wow, the raptor seem too softly sprung n it shows, great for wallowing dips but not so great sharper terrain. looks like the rams former suspension handled better in this video.

Ha! Chevrolet already has the superior longest lasting most dependable fullsize on the road today truck! Its called the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71! Ford and Ram girlies need to modify their wimpy cheerleader trucks just to keep up with the Z71's proven legendary engine! They use new junk that fails when you turn the key! With the best in class 4x4 V8 fuel economy, the Silverado just cant be beaten! GM WINS AGAIN!

@MaXx ,

The front bumper never fell off,obviously you never looked at the truck or you need glasses....

The truck still has the front bumper on !! Ram Runner's use this type of bumper !!!!

Lot's of off Road trucks use this type of bumper !!! I have owned Dodge trucks past and present and nothing ever fell off !

I owned a Chrysler Ram when it was owned by Chrysler Corporation,A Mercedes Ram when it was owned by Mercedes/Chrysler and a so-called Fiat/Ferrari/Maseratti /Chrysler Ram since its owned by Fiat/Chrysler now !! And none have given me any problems and nothing ever fell off !! So using your thought process,did you check out the hot sports car,the RAM F12 BERLINETTA ? Sweet looking car !!

And since Toyota/Subaru work together on producing a sports car do you like the Subaru Tundra ? How about the Toyota F-150 as Ford/Toyota work together..how about the Mazda Ranger ? Isuzu Silverado/Isuzu Sierra as they used Isuzu Diesels for decades in GM trucks....Automotive world is not like the 60's-70's or 80's anymore things have changed..GM/Ford passenger cars use the same transmissions so a Ford is a GM a GM is a Ford according to your thought process !!!

RAM all the way !!!

The Ram Runners transfer case probably blew up or was about to blow up in the sand just like it did for Car & Driver magazine. Thats why the Ram was going so slow in the video limping it along for the test. Either that or the suspension was found to be unsafe over the woops and the driver had to take it slow.

Has anyone a clue about what they say on here. I live up in Alberta Canada and used to work in the oilfield where the roads into locations would make this comparison a cake walk. I've ran fords, dodges and chevs in all sorts of conditions and they all have there weaknesses. I have been left on the side of the road many times in a chev product from broken tie rods to complete failure of transfercase and tranny's. IFS is best suited for on highway use.(I know that the ram runner and raptor are IFS, but nothing is better than a solid front axle!) Chevy, LIKE A ROCK, just like the the pebble on the side of the road! As for fords the only thing heavy duty about them is the repair bill at the end of the day. Powertrain issues to a frame that flexs more than my ex's thigh master. Now really is quality Job #1 at Ford? How do they claim the SD is all new everytime they update the sheet metal, when you look at its inception in 99 until now, the Cab structure is the same and they still use the same damn tailights from 99. Dodge is another story. Weak front ends. The good old death wobble from the first gen's on the HD's and powertrain issues. Of all three, dodge has never left me sitting on the side of the road. Ram Tough, you bet. Reliable....almost. Guts, Glory,,,,,,, more than the rest. RAM!

Ram Runner or Ford Raptor?
The Mopar kit has been engineered and thoroughly tested for off road use only and the SVT Raptor has been engineered and tested to be a factory produced off roader.

My Money is on Mopar, or is it fiat? Ah hell who cares? GO CHRYSLER!

hope the ram runner kicks the fords ass haha

That's funny! Maxx gets on here to bs about the Rams bumper, but yet if anything, the Fords bounces around, like it wants to pop off! The new Ford Plow! LOL! The only advatage Ford has is crawl ratio and it's factory built.

LOL, Z-71....maybe decent for the street, but can't do what these trucks do!

I know it has no bearing on their off road prowess, but the atrocious gap between the cab and bed of the Ram was distracting. Comparing the two trucks while they're off roading, it is clear the Raptor has better fit and finish.

Every RAM truck I see here in New England has rust bubbles over the rear wheel wells! Some are only 3 years old! They want me to spend my hard earned money on their junk! "Really" You must be kidding me!

No rust bubbles on these rear fenders cause they are fiberglass.

I love all the comments! I will say, in response to an early post, that the trucks were never babied. As the driver for the entire review, we had full access to the trucks, and we were never told to "take it easy" or in any way not drive 100%. Some of your comments relating to the video are right on, and some of you are clearly biased. Hey it's America, and that's fine with me. I can assure you that for this review, we were not biased. We let the trucks do the talking. We used video, stop watches, and on-board telemetry to decide the winner. Stay tuned!

I have been told that the Ram Runner kit makes the Ram 1500 no longer street legal. Can anyone verify if this is true or not ture? I have no idea what makes something "street legal" or not. I assumed that (in this capacity) it has something to do with exposed wheels / fender cover or something or other.

I hope your right chad.I see alot of FORD on your facebook page and no DODGE.Hope your vote wont be biased for fears of your FORD sponsor.

@phillyguy,Yes it is street legal and this kit will not effect the trucks warranty.


the dodge looks good just needs alot of tunning

trophy truck sound effects in dodge

raptor = frame bends in half haha

im not a fan of either. the ford is 2 low in the front hitting skid all day the doge looked like it had some up travel left after hitting the rollers. with more speed prob could have stayed on top. The ford is over priced u can build a way better truck for the same cost. a stock toyota handles better !

ram is going to when!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get-r-done

I bet the Chevy is gonna win! Because Ya'll know the amazing 5.3L has more suspension travel than Ford or Dodge! Everyone knows the Z71 is the best factory prerunner money can buy!

for my $$$ it would be a reg cab hemi, with roll up windows, and vinyl floors!, no options! tradesman package! that would be the lightest truck, and with the Ram Runner Package that would be 1 MAT!!

I am personally a ford guy but in watching both videos i think its clear that the ram runner handles way better all though the suspsension could still use a little more fine tuning. clearly the two videos were shoot in different spots, and the ram runner went through rougher terrain. and unlike the raptor the front tires werent completely stuffed up into the wheel wells when going through the whoops where as the ram definetly had a few more inches of up travel to spare before hitting full bump. also ive seen both trucks in person and the ram is set up way better as far as component wise then the raptor.

Two worthless trucks for the average consumer. GM is smart enough not to waste their money on bulding a truck that is too exspensive and gas hogs to boot. You would have to be a moran to buy either one of these dinasours.

You can already tell the winner. what was all this hype about that ram runner kit? the suspension is barely working better than stock, looks like a damn pogo stick clapping out over those bumps.

Joe, I was thinking the same thing.

Interesting that these trucks cater to the "less than 60 I.Q." crowd. Very useless truck catagory when a Range Rover will smoke both of them. The military won't even buy these trucks so the market is limited to imbeciles, which explains ford making them. Both fail, Z71 out does both of them with basic off road set up, better looking truck than either too. Maybe ford can waste some more of their government loan money to make a pick up truck designed to climb trees! I can see the imbecile ford girlies getting excited already!

Yeah, it would be a great laugh if they did put a stock Z-71 sticker package out there!

Holy crap, is this clown tj for real???

Ha! Chevrolet already has the superior longest lasting most dependable fullsize on the road today truck! Its called the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71! Ford and Ram girlies need to modify their wimpy cheerleader trucks just to keep up with the Z71's proven legendary engine! They use new junk that fails when you turn the key! With the best in class 4x4 V8 fuel economy, the Silverado just cant be beaten! GM WINS AGAIN!

@Bob, please. Give me a break. The "Legendary" Piston Slap Silverado gets decent fuel economy because it's lightweight. And it's lightweight because of the tinfoil body and bumpers it carries around. That stuff is useless on a Truck. "Longest lasting Truck" is something Chevy can no longer claim. These new trucks they make are worthless long term with their cheap tinfoil bodies. Those things won't be on the road 10 years from now like their old trucks are. The last good truck Chevy ever made was in the 90's. And your bent frame comments are hillarious. There's a Reason Chevy is not featured here. They made their 1/2 ton frames so lightweight and Weak that they couldn't stand up to this types of abuse. Chevy Tried to do this and because of their poor 1/2 ton frame strength, it didn't work. Just more cheap tinfoil steel from Chevrolet.. Just like their cheap interiors. Just like their cheap wax dipped frame coating that is gone inside of year one. Just like their cheap parts bin drum brakes. Everything Chevy does is cheap cheap cheap. This is why their reputation for trucks is in the toilet. This is why Ford is #1 and Dodge is slowly becoming #2. They aren't Cheaply constructed like Chevy's are.

Please take your case here. http://www.pistonslap.com/

or here. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=119648

@blueovalEmpire,You are 100% correct about chevy.Thats why I wont buy a chevy and I grew up in a G.M. family.

There has been reports of the RAPTOR frames bending.


Ram Runner is taking out Ford in 2012!


RAM is continuing to dominate TORC off road racing this season.




More RAM

wow there are some seriously misinformed people posting here.
if you want to come down to a bang for buck comparison, Raptor will always win. if you want to come down to Features comparison, Raptor will always win, if you want a more aftermarket support comparison, Raptor will win. If you want to do a most expensive for least amount of features comparison, the Ram runner will win. simple as that.

just saying i don't know much about these types of off road trucks but that DODGe sounds much much much better. and Also just saying seen the little 5.7 Hemi under the power wagon pull back fords 6.2 v8. Also on the test on here the little 5.7 hemi always pulls away from both chevy and fords bigger v8's you all know it does. unloaded and loaded the hemi pulls away. If you know anything about the quarter mile hemi domminates that and has for many many years the 440 hemi, Hemi is a great engine. 5.7 is nice gets 20mpg has 390 hp and 407 torque and its stock engine they didn't have to turn it into a ecoboost v8 and 2013 Ram gets best in class towing best in class mpg best in class hp torque 8 speen trany Ram is stepping its game up alot. But this won't change most these little kids minds there should be a age limit on here these kids get old when they have no clue what there talking about. these kids grow up there dad drives a ford his whole life they never go around the block and drive different trucks i have owned them all useing them for different things farming towing and little Hemi magnums were great and cummins---- great just great always has been
Dodge is a good truck i got a first gen Dodge cummins 727,000 miles still going no rebuilt trany or engine front end went out twice thats it stock trany with no rebuilds and its a farm truck has been its whole life it set in a barn for 3 years not touched cuz i got a new one, went out hooked new battery up to it it started right up. drove it to town filled it up put it right back were it was my 2011 cummins is great two already has 200,000 miles great truck only bad thing is new tires $$$$$$

The 3rd Gen HEMI is an excellent engine.It has been on wards
10 best engines for 7 years in a row since it came out in 2003.


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