RamRunner Vs. SVT Raptor is Coming!!!

Duel in the Desert 1a II
For those who may not have heard yet, we have a special treat coming. Not too long ago, we were able to get a brand new 2012 Raptor and one of Mopar's special RamRunners, that has all the options. 

We know this isn't exactly an apples to apples comparison since the Mopar truck is basically an aftermarket collection of high-performance suspension, body, and wheel and tire parts and the Raptor has everything the best SVT engineers could throw at it in its development, but this is still the head-to-head shootout a lot of truck enthusiasts have been waiting for. 

And, as you might imagine, we wanted to go all out. You'll get more information soon but let's just say for this test, we spared no expense (within reason, of course). Look for more info from our "Duel In the Desert" ultimate desert shootout in the coming weeks. 



This is why I frequent the site. This one should be fun to read!

No Tacoma Baja? Also, is the picture the actual trucks you will be using? Crew Ram vs extended Raptor?

i'm not sure if that is a crewcab ram, as their rear doors open like normal doors even on the cab and a half models.

the bed looks a bit longer, as i do not believe ram offers the 5'6" bed with the cab and a half configuration. imho, i could be wrong

I can answer a few of these questions. No Tocoma Baja this time. Although I would love to test it soon. Yes, the vehicles in the picture are the exact vehicles we tested. The configurations are different, but the wheelbases are are as close as we could get I believe. Stay tuned for the full story. We really put both of these trucks through a gauntlet of tests. Stay tuned!

Can I have your job Chad? Please!

pretty awesome. we all know who the real winner is, Raptor, but it will be awesome to see these two beasts battle it out!


Looking at the picture, it's the Ram QUAD cab which is like their version of the extended cab. It is not the crew cab.

Thank you God for PickupTrucks.com

Just tell me when Jeep is releasing a pickup. I'll gladly trade my F-150 XLT Lariat Longbed for one.

From what I have read on the RAM RUNNER here on pick up trucks .com in past articles. The RAM RUNNER might become a production model depending on demand.

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Ram should build it! I myself don't want one, but give buyers another option! 06 Ford Fx4, lol, the real winner, the Raptor! Maybe the winner of the "factory produced"

Surprised Ford still sells the Supercab.

We all know the ramrunner is better cuz its a better looking truck and its got rear coil susp. And the big bad hemi

I'll stick with my new Raptor. It's a gutsy truck for what I use it for, which is to say it is my daily driver and I don't beat it to death, like so many people here seem to want to do with their trucks.

In all honesty, I bought my Raptor because of the big, bad engine. It is even bigger than the 5.7 in my 2007 Tundra was but I gave up a lot in ride, handling, smoothness and quietness in the cabin.

Bottom line, you get what you pay for, finesse with a Tundra 5.7; raw, gutsy power with a Raptor.


now....drop the 6.4 Hemi under the HOOD!


Although like the article says it will not be a perfect apples to apples comparison but will be damn near close. I cant wait to see it some people take ths stuff to seriously.Its not like loser goes out of bussiness just buy and root for what you like (go mopar) And no the taco baja does not belong in this comparison sorry its good for what it is but its not in the same class as the R.R and raptor (sorry oxi) its more to go against a fx4/outdoorsmen package etc. etc.

and @ WhOUbU Rams extended cab is just like the ford/gm/yota etc. ext. cab its just the doors swing out like normal doors but are smaller sized and they also offer full 4 doors like the others too its hard to see the difference often but different angles etc.

I think the Raptor would be even cooler with a high-output version of the 6.7 Powerstroke.

This is for all the people saying they want dodge to build the ramrunner, they already have. Its a kit that's done it stages. You can take any 2009-current Dodge ram 1500 and turn it into a ramrunner. And its a no brainer, the ramrunner is gonna win because it has more suspension travel. It has 14 inches all around unlike the raptor

I bet the GM truck takes it all!

Oh wait......

The Tundra isn’t even part of this article but we take a shot at it anyways. As for your comment "Bottom line, you get what you pay for, finesse with a Tundra 5.7; raw, gutsy power with a Raptor." I disagree with you whole heartedly as my https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/2171520026/current_tundra3_edit.jpg completely Toyota backed Supercharged 5.7L Tundra, TRD True Duals and 4.30 axle ratio has more brute power and sounds way nastier than your 6.2L Raptor. Just for insult to injury I also get better mpg than you. I guess you were right about one thing you do get what you pay for. What is said and done to Adam Sandler in this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD_J-UyA0cc&feature=related is what I say and do to Raptors.

really!?!?!?!?! linked truck vs a truck that still has springs???? make it even... and run it against the special edition raptor that is also running a linked rear end

Chevy??? Um, Chevrolet?? HELLO Chevy?? anyone home??!!LOL.... crickets....

Ford will take this one. They are the trucking King. Dodge is a formidable opponent though I must say. Chevy is an effing joke now. Just Barely a shadow of the truck company they used to be. That crap truck company couldn't make it in this competition if they tried these days.

Chevy??? Um, Chevrolet?? HELLO Chevy?? anyone home??!!LOL.... crickets....

@Carl44, Like Chevrolet even matters anymore. Give it up.

I thought that the Ramrunner was not street legal? Is this not correct?

@Ramrunnerluver: I agree it will win, but I am talking about one that a person can outright buy. Add up the extra money you have to spend to pay somebody to do that to a Ram, the parts, or even if you do alot yourself (not everybody has tools, a place to do it, and knowledge to add the kit.) But it does offer what the Raptor doesn't! Now wait for it to get the 8 speed, or atleast the 6 speed the 2500 has. Unless I missed it, these are 3.92 geared, and with a bigger tire, crawl ratio with current trans isn't as good as Fords (For all the folks that think I always badmouth Ford, their steep gear ratio pays off here.) It would in the accel contests too, not everything with these. And while we are at it, make it a 6.4 Hemi, so the Ford can really eat dust!

@TRX4 You can have the RAM RUNNER kit installed at the dealer on a brand new RAM.You can finance it through the dealer also according to pickuptrucks.com info in past posts.You can check in the search box.

Both of these trucks are winners IMO.

I love dodge trucks r the best a

5.3L LOL | May 12, 2012 4:33:19 PM,

if I could afford your truck I would have bought it, but there is a limit to my financial means for a daily driver and GPAA (as in General Purpose All-Around) truck.

My Tundra served me very well. It was the best truck I have ever owned in all my 65 years. But I have this thing for big, normally aspirated engines.

It remains to be seen how well this Raptor holds up. It's gutsy for a standard-production line truck without add-ons. I like it. But it is no Tundra either. And I liked the Tundra too. A lot!

That old saying, "There's no replacement for displacement" is pretty much my mantra. I have owned Caddies with a 500, and Chevrolets with a 454 and an Oldsmobile with a 455. a Mercury with a 430.

I never cared about the price of gas and spend a lot of time at Lake Havasu playing with our boats on the water. If you ever owned a boat you know how much gas it uses and a truck is cheap by comparison.

So far, this Raptor has not had any problems like my last F150 did. If it ever does, I'll tell all you guys about it. Of that you can be sure.

My money is on the Raptor!

Ramrunnerluver: and you pay more again for it! It's 70+dollars an hour to get them to do that. Now, all the stuff they take off, you get no credit for, right? So scrap it, or get some salvage yard to buy it. Tires and rims, no problem, just buy another set! And if they made this FACTORY, not dealer added on, they can also stick 4.56 or ATLEAST 4.10 gears in it. But if they are gonna do this, why not atleast make a package that a buyer can get that is for somebody knowing they will go this way? You know, if they want to do this to anything up from an ST let them get steel wheels with base 265/70 17s, they can pick their own, do a spare delete, cuse they will want their own spare, kinda like the way you bought a 68 Hemi Dart or Barracuda. The front end was grey fiberglass. Don't believe they had tires anymore then just rollers.

@ 5.3L LOL are you so shure your Toyota backed Supercharged 5.7L Tundra, TRD True Duals and 4.30 axle ratio has more brute power and sounds way nastier than your 6.2L Raptor. ????


@Cory: So, is that a stock or even dealer bolt on? I doubt it! No warrantie for you! What's this guy have rapped up in that Rapter (that's partially where they got the name, you rap up money and more money in it) Lets see, Crew Raptor is 45K or so, then about 6K for a supercharger, or more, and when it breaks, your screwed!

Atleast a supercharger can be bolted to ANY 5.7 Tundra (correct me if I am wrong, LOL 5.3) No need for Raptor model, or Lariat Chariet, or Platinum. And yeah, you can out mileage any dadgum 6.2 with it. Of course, those that buy anything with a 6.2 must have money trees or something, cause they seem to not care!

So we're basically testing a Raptor that the the designers, engineers, and manufacturing facilities had to develop within very specific design constraints vs a RamRunner that is bolted together in someones garage.

Call me when I can see a RamRunner roll off the assembly line.

I don't need to watch a commercial for a Kore Suspension kit - lots of people can piece this together but I'll be damned if I let a dealer install it for me at what they charge (and therefore voiding any implied warranty).

Why doesn't Chevy have something like this? The whole Chevrolet truck line is getting almost ridiculoous at this point. Nothing for serious offroading with a beam axle like the Power Wagon or even Super Duty. And nothing to compete with long wheel travel Baja trucks like Ford and Dodge have. It's getting really old being a Chevy guy these days.

TRX4 Tom | May 13, 2012 3:31:16 AM: "Of course, those that buy anything with a 6.2 must have money trees or something, cause they seem to not care!"

People who need to worry about the cost of fuel oughtn't buy a truck.

And it's more a matter of reapportioning the money you have towards the things you want to do. You gotta have shelter, you gotta have food, the rest is discretionary.

It is true that like the majority of Americans I do not care about the cost of gas since most Americans choose to buy the gas no matter what it costs. But I don't care to eat in restaurants either, or suck on a Starbuck's coffee all day.

That leaves more money to spend on the things I do care about, which are my rides (2012 Raptor, 2006 Mustang 4.6 GT, three motorcycles and my wife's 2011 Lexus LS460) and my three boats.

It's all a matter of prioritizing, not a money tree.

Why doesn't Chevy have something like this? The whole Chevrolet truck line is getting almost ridiculoous at this point. Nothing for serious offroading with a beam axle like the Power Wagon or even Super Duty. And nothing to compete with long wheel travel Baja trucks like Ford and Dodge have. It's getting really old being a Chevy guy these days.

@Eric, Us Chevy Truck guys have been calling for the return of the Task Force for some time now to compete with the Power Wagon and Super Duty. We've also been calling for the return of the Baja S-10. Maybe both will be coming with the next gen Silverado and S-10/Colorado line... Both better have the Oulaw interior options though! The current Silverado frame just wasn't up to the task of this type of truck.

@ Dean ,

The Ram QuadCab is shown,the doors open like the CrewCab and Mega Cab...Dodge didnt have suicide doors on its trucks since 2001 when you looked at those it looked like a 2 door,since 2002 for the 1500 and 2003 for the 2500/3500 they had 4 full doors..

The QuadCab has a 6'4 bed length with fullt functional doors and the CrewCab with bigger rear doors and bigger cab has a 5'7 bed.... Furthermore,the QuadCab is shown..

I think that the Ram Runner will have a suspension advantage. Kent Kroeker had said that he engineered it to be beefier and better than the Raptor. With that being said, I think that his offroad racing expertice will yield a truck that works well in the desert but probably will do poorly elsewhere. We do not know the specs on the rest of the Ram so that aspect will play a huge role in how this test plays out. If, as TRXTom pointed out, the Ram Runner has stock gear ratio's it will be at a disadvantage. The Raptor has the advantage of an E-locker that can stay engaged in 4x2 or 4x4 at any speed. Will the test Raptor have the front Torsen diff? The Raptor also has the benefit of computer programming. Offroad mode ect. This will be a close one. If it high speed desert only, I'll give the nodd to the Ram Runner. If it is a blend of environments, I'll give the nodd to the Raptor.
What are the specifications on both trucks?
That would make bench racing the final outcome more accurate!

all we need now is a serious effort by Chevy/GMC

ok now I'm back! finaly figured it out!

It's a 2012 so of course Raptor will have a Torsen diff. Ram transfer case failed in the desert on the Car & Driver test. I will give it to the Raptor on all grounds, desert, other environments, etc. because the Ram Runner although a nice conversion does not touch all of the base truck’s key components.

@Dodobreeder: people that care about mileage shouldn't buy trucks? What if you actually drive it for necessity, not a toy as yours is? I sure can't picture myself making the trip I made from northwest Arkansas to Olympia Washington for racecar parts, and to deliver a 350 Chevy from there to Ogden Utah, plus 700 R4. Then hook back up to my trailer in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Load racecar and all other parts at race shop, and drive 800 miles. What would a Raptor get MPG? I know, you don't care, endless supply of money. I would bet at 70-79 you might see 13 MPG MAYBE while my Hemi was 17-18+, before trailer. A Harley or Platnum maybe 16?? Before trailer. That short bed would have me scrambling to find room for the parts I brought back, I have the 6'4" bed. The Harley or Platnum, what 9-10 mpg towing / hauling a total of 7,000? Mid 10 tops? I got 11s at 65 mph and mid 10s at 70 in the Missour hills of I-44. The Raptor towing? Not really what it's made for but what would that be, maybe 8 MPG @ 70? And with those big tires, you would be giving it more gas cause they suck your power. Course the 6.2 barely makes more torque at some RPMS as my Hemi does! How enjoyable that would be! Downshift downshift, lol! And if you have a Supercab, you are really payload challenged! 920 pounds, lol!

But I know that's not your reason for such truck; it wouldn't even be a close contest if I tried to offroad what a Raptor can, in my TRX4. Mine does what I need it to. I don't see the need to go looking for trouble in my truck, I'd rather use 4wd to get me out of triuble!

I see you have some cars to drive when you don't "need?" your Raptor. I do that as well, I have a 96 Camry 2.2 5 speed, awesome mileage, kinda floats on the road, handles nothing like my Shelby Z, and it's all over the place on a windy day. But great for short trips when I am by myself or around town. No sense in my driving everywhere at 13 city or 18 + highway. I also have an old 96 Chrysler LHS that I can take on rode trips and still get decent mileage with a 3.5 24 valve V-6. No telling how much gas $ I wasted driving between Ft Sill Oklahoma and Arkansas in my truck.

I myself like to eat at restaurants, but not all the time. Maybe every 3rd or 4th day. If that. I would think your wife would appreciate dinner out, atleast today.

And yeah, I have my share of toys as well, A dirt track racecar in building, a 70 Dart 340 Swinger, an 88 Daytona CS turbo, an old W-150 Ram longbed 4 speed 318, needs to painted like Walker Evans' was! Oh, and a pontoon boat! Still thinking of doing something with my wifes 61 Falcon, if she doesn't take it with her.

A little late but that Raptor does make big power and its way more than my Tundra but as TRX4 Tom said its not backed by the automaker so I can't do it. I can't destroy a new vehicle powertrain warranty. The sound is loud but it has more of a raspy sound to me kind of like a V10 or an x-piped V8. I love the sound of my TRD true Duals because they have a serious V8 rumble without that constantly loud interior resonance and they are made of high grade stainless steel. http://www.toyotaracing.com/trd/features/feature_3_new_tundra_dual_exhaust.htm

Since you are going to do this test, why don't you attempt to get the comparable F-150 that is close and comparable to the RamRunner.

TRX4 Tom | May 13, 2012 4:17:31 PM, I always get a laugh reading comments from people who buy trucks for whatever reason and then complain about the gas mileage they get with them.

So my comment was tongue-in-cheek because in the end people will buy the fuel no matter what it costs, regardless of their reasons for choosing to buy a truck. What good is a truck if you can't afford to put gas in it?

We used to eat out every day, seven days a week, at least one meal per day away from home when my wife was still working and I met her for lunch at MCB Twentynine Palms.

One day we ate out at a national chain off-base and got violently ill. It was on the national news that they found salad bar items that were contaminated that caused many people to get sick.

So we gave up eating out because it posed a danger to my wife's health due to her medical condition and treatments. And I brew all my own decaf coffees because neither one of us likes to feel over-caffeinated.

Anyway, the bottom line is how we spend our disposable income on the toys and lifestyle we each want. I see you have some admirable toys of your own.

And in the end we each have a choice to buy the fuel, or not. I have to tell you that I prefer to drive and I will buy the gas (I'm not a diesel fan) no matter what it costs. And as long as I have money left over at the end of the month, I'm doing OK.

BTW, my Raptor in 4wd tows and launches boats and ski-doos real good. It also hauls ATVs and dunebuggies as good as all my other trucks did. I gotta love that! Been up to my axles in desert sand between Amboy and Cadiz and managed to crawl out all by myself.

Off-road that Raptor is one hell of a truck!

According to TRX4 Tom, the Fiat automatically wins because it has the "big bad Hemi."

Let's review this: The Fiat Hemi isn't as big as Ford's all-new 6.2L.

It has less horsepower and torque, so it isn't as bad.

And it's not even a Hemi, except in the mind of some advertising guy.

When it comes to this contest, you're right about the Fiat being overequipped, though. In a contest with the Raptor, it clearly won't be needing a rear view mirror.

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