Recall Alert: 2011-12 Ford F-150


The 2011 and 2012 Ford F-150 is part of a larger recall that affects more than 10,000 Ford cars and trucks. The vehicles are being recalled because of an improperly calibrated transmission range sensor, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In the affected F-150s, the transmission may not go into Reverse, or the vehicle may go into Reverse but the “R” may not illuminate on the dashboard when the driver pushes the shift lever into Reverse. In certain cases, the backup lamp may not illuminate. This condition increases the risk of a crash or a pedestrian being struck.

The recall also affects the 2012 Ford Expedition, 2012 Lincoln Navigator and 2012-13 Ford Mustang.

Ford will begin notifying owners June 25, and dealers will inspect and repair the transmission range sensor for free. Owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332 or NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or visit Ford's recall page here for more info.




im glad a bought a chevy silverado 1500.
we dont have crap like this go bad.

Ford took all that bailout money and have those Chinese engineers make that Egoboost and this is the result! Chevy is #1! The longest lasting, most dependable fullsize pickup on the road and the legendary 5.3 v8! Chevy is recall free, bailout free and government free! GM WINS AGAIN!

Ya right, them Chevys is perfect. never a defect.
I challenge you over the next few days as your driving to watch for vehicles with burned out lights, headlite, taillite, whatever.
keep track of them, most will be GMs, very seldom a Ford.
Simple test but it shows where the quality really is.

When I traded my GMC van, the shifter wasn't indicating the proper gear at times. I didn't run over anybody.
All of the rattles and flapping broken plastic must of attracted everyone's attention. Now I know why Harley guys say "loud pipes save lives".

Okay so let's get this straight. Ram has the newest recall yet Ford has an older and Ford gets top headline!!!??? I'm not sure how. It must be Mike Levine trying to put Ford's name out there thinking bad publicity is good publicity as long as people are talking Ford!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Ram Magnum Man 2008 - you the same guy that complained that Ford's recall wasn't posted? Now you complain that Ford is getting top billing?
What next- the Chevy guys are going to complain AGAIN that this site never covers GM news.

Well I guess that's better than my 89 FORD mustang.It caught on fire because it had a bad ignition switch.Nothing is worse then paying a car payment on a car you cant drive.Got my recall notice after trading my crispy mustang for car that ran.Have not bought a FORD since.

There wasn't any bailout money left because government motors took it all and haven't paid it all back either. Now they say gm is taking the rest of our money and opening 60 new dealerships in china. They are really helping the economy, its just china's and not the ones who helped them out. Just wait for chebbys next recall, you won't hear a word out of the gm girly fan boys.

LMAO @ the trolls!

PUTC really needs to just close the comments section on any of these recall announcements; nothing gets more idiotic comments.

@HEMI V8 - long time holding a grudge. I don't blame you, I still haven't gotten over the POS Grand Caravan my wife and I owned. I won't buy another Grand Caravan, not that it matters since they (Fiat) are discontinuing the Caravan and virtually everything with a Dodge badge. BTW I would consider a Ram truck. I don't think any Caravan technology was carried over to the new Ram, just like I don't think any '89 Ford technology is carried over to the new Fords.

The only reason why GM doesn't have recalls is because they are still using the same junk from 10 years ago.. Chevy 5.3L - longest lasting boat anchor.. GM - Most dependable truck to be undependable. Give it up Chev Boys, Ford and Ram are far more superior.

Why isn't GM getting any coverage today? This is unfair!

@Lou I could have saved you some money.I will never buy a mini van.(dodge invented)You being a FORD fan couldnt buy a mini van form FORD because they could not compete. They quit building that P.O.S. AEROSTAR van 1997.Just saying.

I think people who end their rants with "JUST SAYIN" is an utter failure, if you're going to resort to that, don't say anything at all.



@HEMI V8 - I don't buy based on fanboism. Unfortunately we bought the Grand Caravan because it was the cheepest at the time. We now have a 2010 Sienna and it has been excellent. Dodge didn't invent the minivan. VW did. 1949 to be exact.
Up until recently, I never liked the majority of Ford cars. I feel that most of the car manufacturers went into the "dark ages" in the '70's and for the most part did not exit until the 2000's. I stopped like Ford Mustangs after 1970. The odd one in '71 and '72 were okay. The fifth Gen 2005 up to the current model I like.

FORD- Fix Or Repair Daily

just wondering, does ford make work trucks. I know chevy and dodge does. dodge has the trades man, seems like ever truck ford makes has to have at least 3 computers just in the cab.

@Lou a japanese fanboi who is canadian hating on fiat cause their italians.How f ing funny.

I can't believe all the GM whinners complaining on this site. GM gets no coverage because it hasn't doing anything. GM's entire focus is spending our bailout cash on breaking into the Chinese market. General motors needs to just die a quick death.

@DODGE RAM - Why label certain trucks "work trucks"? Considering Ford outsells Chevy or Ram 2:1 in the HD ranks, they probably felt that it would be overstating the obvious. All of them can be used for work!

@ Anonymous

Give it up Chev Boys, Ford and Ram are far more superior

Okay okay i give it up. Ford and Ram are far more superior at building junk then Chevy, today proves it.

@HEMI V8 - Italian food gives me heartburn. Especially if the Chinese, Japanese or Mexicans cook it. LOL.
Seriously, I think Fiat will do great things for Chrysler. Dodge on the other hand will most likely become a footnote in automotive history under their hand. Alfa Romeo will most likely fill that spot. The rumour is that any performance vehicle will fall under the SRT badge in North America. The Viper is no longer a Dodge. It is the SRT Viper. Chrysler will remain a NA badge. Any Chrysler/Dodge stuff going to Europe will most likely be under the Maserati or Lancia badge. Ram will be the NA truck division and the rest of the world will be Iveco. Jeep will remain Jeep regardless of the market.

@Lou can you tell me the winning loto #s too.

I have got to be honest with everyone.I had a bad accident at work.Broke my back and both bones in my left leg sending the bone through the side of my leg.I have been laying on my couch at home for two months and counting.I am on oxycodone but this site is the most entertaining site I have ever been on.I drive a DODGE RAM cause who could argue with chuck

@HEMI V8 - sure.$ 1,000,000 per lottery numbers in advance certified cheque or cash only.

(results may vary, not responsible for lottery corporation generating inaccurate numbers)

Such lame Ford hateing comments on here!! Number 1 in trucks sales in Canada for 35 years straight Ford F series thats right what a streak. Most of the trucks in Albertas oil patch is Ford we have no small oil patch here we have the 2nd biggest oil reserves in the world. And the oil companys here keep buying Ford why because u cant get anything thats more oil patch tuff and there is no made in China parts like the Ram has . What drives me out to my oil rig ever morning a 2011 F350 Superduty we love our work truck u cant get anything better than a Ford!!!!

@ Lou

Read this: Chrysler's auto sales increased 33 percent to 523,000 vehicles in the quarter, led by its home U.S. market where it gained market share on a first-quarter sales jump of 36 percent versus as the industry-wide showed a gain of 13 percent.

Y'all crack me up...Who cares what the badge says! Ram is still a Dodge and so is a Viper. As i see it Ford and Dodge are doing great, Cheby not so much!

@ johnny doe

I don't suppose you could back that up? What new things has GM brought to the Market besides everything Ford and Ram have already put into production.. Perfect example for all you Chevy Fans, the turbocharged 3.0-liter they are working on, or the 8 speed transmission. Late to the Party as always!

Once GM finally brings something new to the table, they will have many recalls just like any other manufacturer.

Holy molly, GM is still using that antiquated 5.3 V8? My dad has a 2002 GMC with that same motor! Geezzzz!

@Lou: if Fiat/Chrysler were to be doing away with everything that has a Dodge name, why would they come up with a new model, the Dart?

Harley F150: The parts content isn't really posted for 2500 and up Rams, but have you checked the US/Canadian Parts content on F-150s vs Ram 1500s? I didn't think you did. You folks in that industry apparently have no limit on what you spend, so keep BLOWING your money! Super Duties are Chassis out dated, engine up to date though. Well, the diesel, the 6.2 is 5-10 year old tech!! Bunch of extra weight! Wonder how you get anywhere in the mud with such weight?

@Len, it's the 4.8 Chevy that surprises me! Like why is it still in use? The 5.3 is decent, just lacks some more torque, good for alot of people. I won't have one in the hills though.

Some are so clueless. Ford never took bailout money and no Auto brand is without recalls.

Ford is correcting the issue professionally like any other major auto brand.

Bobbeh, Ecoboost was engineered by Bosch in India. Get your outsourcing facts straight before posting! Ha ha!

BTW- this recall isn't a big deal. Neither is the Ram spare tire deal.

Theres nothing wrong with a recall.

There is something wrong,when they know theres something wrong and they don't do a recall.

@TRX4 Tom - There are tons of rumours amoung the automotive media and on the boards that the name Dodge may be on its way out. If I made it sound like it was fact, my apologies.
What is fueling the rumour mill are things like Ram as a stand alone brand, new Viper is SRT not Dodge. The Dodge Grand Caravan will be eliminated but remian under the Chrysler Town and Country nameplate. There were other examples sited but I don't recall them. International media has indicated that Fiat now has too many nameplates and they expect Marchionne will "cull the herd" so to speak. The Dart is built upon the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Marchionne has stated that he sees Jeep and Alfa Romeo as global brands. There was also comments made that the Alfa Romeo brand was "the European muscle car". Again conjecture, but where does that leave Dodge? I can't see them rebadging the Challenger and Charger. It does look like there will be a very limited number of vehicles with the Dodge brand logo on it in the not too distant future. Some guys a while back were really worked up and were going on the premise that Dodge was a goner. Nothing carved in stone. Lots of rumours. Moses wandering in the desert and hasn't been given the 10 Commandments yet. Time will tell.

GM doesn't have recalls, .... yea right!!!

I have to say R.I.P. Carroll Shelby.

Going off of what Lou said about the possible phase-out of Dodge:

And here's a link about the SRT 'Cuda replacing the Dodge Challenger:

@5.3L LOL - thanks for the heads up. Sad day for Ford performance fans.

As typical the Ford and Chevy guys are out in full force. You can get a lemon on any given day. I have in 60 years yet to see a perfect made product with absolutely no flaws and no bad models. Even your beloved Ford that produced the Fairmont, Pinto, Mustang II, and the early Escorts. Chevy produced the Vega, Citation, and some other lemons. Chrysler too. Toyota had the cheap Starlet. My main beef with my S-10 is the Mexican made door handles, seat latches, tailgate straps, glove compartment latches that I have replaced at least once. Oh yes Ford lovers I forgot my 2000 Taurus with the air conditioner compressor that lasts 2 to 3 years, plastic suspension arms, and self starter installed by a factory Ford technician that has never worked. Do I hate my Ford and Chevy for these defects? No but they are bothersome and they just go to show me that none of these vehicles are absolutely perfect. All these manufacturers take cost cutting measures that make their products less than they should be.

I wish I could take the best of all these vehicles and combine them to come up with a closer to perfect vehicles. I would take a GM air conditioner, a Mopar Hemi V-8 or a 4 cylinder Toyota motor, a Ford body, and combine it with a variety of the other manufacturers better ideas. If you live with any vehicle long enough it has certain strengths and weakinesses. I have had just a few vehicles I have absolutely hated but fortunately I can count them on one hand.

As Vulpine and a few other rational commentators have said you have to take good care of anything if you expect to get good service out of them. I put my cars and trucks on maintence schedule for severe use. I paste wax each vehicle 2 to 3 times a year, I have rust spots repaired as soon as I see them, and in general I take care of each vehicle like I am going to keep it the rest of my life whether I plan to or not. Call my crazy but I like the saying "You can pay me now or you can pay me later".

I guarantee you that with the exception of an absolute lemon that I can drive any car or truck whether it be a Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, and etc and after ten years it will look and run like new. I am not special I just have learned to take care of what I own. You guys can just keep on bashing and I will keep on taking care of my own vehicles. If you have anything constructive to say then I will read it and remember it.


chevy = junk and more junk keep them fords moving and the sales up send chevy to the bone yard chevy yuck worst truck ever made

"Recall Alert: 2011-12 Ford F-150"

"chevy = junk and more junk keep them fords moving and the sales up send chevy to the bone yard chevy yuck worst truck ever made"

@5.3L LOL
You beat me to it.
And I would like to add-

You gave 'em hell Carroll, time to just idle.

you guys are all retarded...LOL pure enertainment...

Yes indeed, sad day for motorsports, no matter what brand you drive. Carroll Shelby, R.I.P.

Yes there will be gradual phasing out of the Dodge nameplate globally. It will still be used for compact cars in NA

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