Recall Alert: 2012 Ford F-150

Ford is recalling 101 model-year 2012 versions of its F-150 pickup truck due to problems with the passenger-side airbag's occupancy classification software, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The affected vehicles were built from Nov. 6 through Nov. 15, 2011, and use software that could misclassify the size of the front-seat passenger, preventing the airbag from deploying or deploying unnecessarily. This could lead to an increased risk of injury to the front passenger. You can check your vehicle’s build date on a sticker on the driver-side doorjamb.

Ford will notify owners starting May 21, and dealers will replace the affected parts free of charge. Owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332 or NHTSA's vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 for more info.



First + Wow Ford has ANOTHER FAIL WHALE

Wow huge recall. Dosn't Ford sell at least 3 times that amount in a day? Thats only like 2 F-150's per state. Not huge news here......

Another page of bashing commences ;)

OH MY 100 OF THEM HAVE A FACTORY DEFECT THAT MUST MEAN EVERY FORD PRODUCT EVER IS CRAP......trolls thank you PUTC for telling us about this so those Ford guys can check their trucks. Every company has recalls stop being trolls

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Funny how of the 5 comments, 1 is a troll and 4 are fanboys whining and moaning about trolls taking over the post... good stuff right there

@devilsadvocate - I've made the same comment on Ram and GMC recalls.
1 is a troll. That would be you?

Funny how of the 5 comments, 1 is a troll and 4 are fanboys whining and moaning about trolls taking over the post.


Ford builds over 1000 F-150's per day. They would have built over 10,000 trucks during the 10 days in the date range listed in the recall. 101 trucks recalled out of 10,000? I wonder what the specific model was that received this bad software since it was very limited.

I didn't want to be a passenger in one of those Fart cars between now and May 21st.
Just saying.

@zviera luckily that's something you have control over!

All these recalls are getting to common place. Are all the manufacturers just producing all these trucks too fast to keep up with demand? This is not just Ford, but RAM, GM, Toyota, Nissan, and etc. Maybe they need to test the software a little more and do more quality checks. It is good that there are recalls but maybe they all need to do more quality checks.

@Jeff S. Many experts predict that huge recalls like those that hit Toyota will become more common due to shared components. Many of the recalls of late point towards the complexity of the modern motor vehicle and their electronic systems.
Will auto companies have to increase the level of quality control?
and will they pass on that added expense to us?

Inadvertent airbag deployment in the passenger seat - there is a wife joke in their somewhere! LOL

@Jeff S
In addition to what Lou said, I'll just add that automakers, partially due to regulations, are issuing more frequent recalls to nip small problems before they turn into larger ones. The end result being more numerous recalls, but each usually of a much smaller number of vehicles.

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2 in 2 weeks time way to go ford motor junk company

See, this is why I drive yototas.

"I've made the same comment on Ram and GMC recalls.
1 is a troll. That would be you?"

Hey Lou, did you just call yourself a TROLL?


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at least its not fire related ;)

Two recalls in one week. They must be trying to be number one in recalls for 2012. They were third in recalls in 2011 behind Honda and Toyota. They sure are heading for number one the rate they are going. I am not surprised because Fords have been junk as long as I can remember.

@LOL - nice try. Just trying to highlight that bashing that occurs with any recall thread.

@Johnny Dose and his papa Greg - why don't you do a review of the recalls on Ford and GM products over the last 2 years that have been posted on this site.
Ford has had:
1. Passenger airbag sensor software problem (minor)
2. Transmission range sensor not turning on reverse lights (minor)
3. Shift out of park without brake applied (minor)
4. Fuel tank straps on 97 - 04 trucks 8 - 15 year old trucks (major)
5. Airbag wiring (major)
6. Continental tire recall (not really Ford's fault) (major)
7. Protective cover over fuel line (minor)
8. Body control module faulty soldering discovered at factory (minor)
9. Door handle housing (minor).
6 minor and 3 major issues.

GMC over same time frame:
1. Steering linkage Pittman arm failure (major)
2.Seatbelt warning malfunction (minor)
3. Indicator showing wrong transmission gear (minor)
4. Windshield wipers not working (major)
5.Rear axle crosspin bolt failure (major)
6. Child seat anchor not up to standards (major).
7. Winshield washer heater short (major)
2 minor and 5 major issues.

One could debate the degree of seriousness of each recall. Which company had recalls that were potentially more serious?

Greg's feeble attempt at trolling has brought up a very interesting conundrum. Honda, Toyota, and Ford all have very good initial quality ratings as well as long term durability ratings. Those 3 brands also tend to fare rather well with resale values. They all have vehicles that are "best" sellers. They occupy 7 of the top 10 sales spots in the USA.

If recalls are so bad, why do these 3 brands do so well?

Lou you forgot all the recalls that the trucks lights on fire I would call them major issues.

Im glad someone has use my name to say dumb crap way to go you're real cool buddy. Probably to scared to call himself a phucking idiot.

That is true @Lou they all share many parts. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Nissan can have parts from the same manufacturer. Look at Toyota trucks with Dana frames where Dana left out the corrosion treatment on the frames thus Toyota trucks had a recall due to rusty frames. This could happen to any manufacturer that used Dana as a supplier. Mexican body hardware that falls apart on a GM could end up being used on a Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and/or Nissan. A lot of it is the lowest bidder gets the contract to furnish the parts or something happens where another manufacturer steps in to furnish a part. I can understand the bid for the lowest part to a certain degree but the savings usually end up in the pockets of the CEOs and top management and are not passed off as savings to the consumers or as dividends to the stockholders. In many cases a bad part can cause dissatisfaction with a product by the consumer and a loss of customer loyalty. This is some of the problem with GM. This also makes me a little less satisfied with my Taurus and Ford when I am on my third air conditioning compressor in 5 years all new and all replaced by the Ford dealership (other than that the Taurus has been an excellent car). I had a similiar problem with a Chrysler years ago. My 99 S-10 has the same compressor and just had refrigerant added for the first time last year. It seems like the software issues need to be checked a little more before they are released. It is good that the manufacturers are becoming a little more proactive on recalls but maybe cars and trucks like everything else are becoming too complex and harder and more expensive to maintain.

Another one in less than a week?! Oh dear Lord. This is what happens when you let robots do all the work... SMH. Not bashing by the way, just saying Ford get your act together!

@johnny dose - I just went back 2 years in time. Why don't you read and comprehend the post before bashing it since you don't want to be called a #@%&*@+ idiot.

Why cant we just discuss what might have gone wrong or the logistics of it instead of bashing every brand the comes on here? Anyway, software glitch looks like? I wonder if how they found it in the first place? It's good that only a 100 of them got through instead of thousands!

How am I a troll I was obviously being sarcastic and then I stated that all companies have recalls it wasnt a big deal and then thanked PUTC for telling us about the recalls I think that is a reasonable untroll response

@moparman - I think the troll remark was aimed at Frank. I didn't find your comment "trollish".

hat is true @Lou they all share many parts. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Nissan can have parts from the same manufacturer. Look at Toyota trucks with Dana frames where Dana left out the corrosion treatment on the frames thus Toyota trucks had a recall due to rusty frames. This could happen to any manufacturer that used Dana as a supplier

@Jeff, I agree with some of what you said but that is not true. The supplier does what the manufacturer wants. It's clear that Toyota did not want to pay for corrosion protection thus Dana did not do it. I know one manufacturer for a fact who built interiors for 3 different companies. Each company spec'd different Grades of interior plastics, cloth and leather for their cars/trucks. Obviously one company came out looking like gold and their interiors were built to last. Not so with the others. One company didn't nickel and dime, the others did. GM has been notoriously cheap on parts. Toyota has been following in their footsteps lately.

@RIPMr.Shelby - there is truth to what you say but a manufacture specifies the design parameters and provides engeneering specifications and the builder provides the end product. You cited Toyota as an example. Sticking with the Toyota theme, their gas pedal fiasco was a good example of a company providing the engineering specs and suppliers building components of differen quality. Two separate companies had the contract to build those pedals. The only difference was supposed to be the wiring harness and coupler. The pedals made by one company were recalled but not the other's pedals. If Toyota provided a faulty or poor design, why was only one pedal recalled? Ford had pedals made by the same recalled company for their Chinese market Transit vans and recalled those predals as well.
Companies do try to cut costs any way they can. Example: All of the current crop of trucks have pretty flimsy bumpers that are prone to rusting, and easy to dent. Some brands are worse than others.

I just had my recalled air bag wire harness replaced and now my overdrive button on the stearing column is now when on causes my transmition to slip. once the button is off truck runs great. Any other problems like this being reported? anyone with info please respond.

I have a 2012 F-150 pick up XL with 132300 miles on it and the transmission has starting to go nuts... it has a loud thumping noise when you start up and a loud thumping noise when you come to a stop..... i tried locking the rear wheels with the emergency brake and there was no play....tried putting it in reverse and then in forward with the breaks on and no play at all....but when i put it in 1st gear to go.... i get the same thump but not as strong and then i put it in 2nd to go.... and the same thing and then i put it in the 3rd gear to go... and the thump is stronger and then when i put it in Drive the thump is very strong...i have no ideal what is wrong with it...this is my first time to have this problem or any problems ....i have had a Ford for the past 20 years and this is the first time this has happen.... any thoughts....would appreciate some help....thanks.. OD!!

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