Recall Alert: 2012 Ram 1500

Chrysler is recalling 129 Ram 1500 pickup trucks from the 2012 model year because the spare tire is the incorrect size, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In the affected vehicles, which were built between Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, the spare tire does not match the specifications listed on the tire placard. If installed, an incorrectly sized spare tire may activate the electronic stability control system unexpectedly and alter the vehicle’s intended direction. You can check your vehicle’s build date on a sticker on the driver-side doorjamb.

The recall will begin this month, and dealers will inspect and repair vehicles for free. Owners can call Chrysler at 800-853-1403 or NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or visit for more info.


129 trucks? That will cost Chrysler about 10,000 dollars not even worth mentioning.

That's funny

Unrelated but related

I wonder if this may be the cause of a rollover that i was reading about on the ford fourms?

I would have to look it up again but there was a guy that got a flat on his truck while towing his jet ski on the highway. When he put the spare tire the screen was flashing something about the tire warning due to the spare not having a sensor in it. He returned to highway speeds for a while when all of a sudden the trailer sway warning came on on the truck, and the truck locked the rear brakes up causeing the truck to lose control and ultmatly roll.

I don't know if i am rembering correctly or not though ill have to search the fourm when i get a chance

gotta love electronic stability control system now you can't even limp home if a tire is a different size not that this recall it a big deal but damn got love electronic junk lol

Okay so let's get this straight. Ram has a recall that barely registers a blip on the radar screen of 129 trucks yet Ford issues a recall for 10,500 vehicles including the F-series and it doesn't make the headlines here first!!!??? I'm not sure how
Many of those 10,500 are F-150's but I'm sure it's gotta be more than 129. Makes no sense and further justifies my opinion and near fact that this site is biased towards Ford. Especially seeing as how Mike Levine coincidentally now works for Ford. Regardless, to me the recall for Ford is far more substantial in my eyes. I fully expect this headline to appear here shortly but then again you don't want to tarnish Fords golden reputation on this site.

I'll report it myself since this is basically the NBC of truck news.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a recall of several recent Ford models due to a defective transmission sensor. Some 10,000 vehicles are affected, including some 2011 and 2012 F-150 pickups, 2012 Expedition and Lincoln Navigator models, and 2012-2013 Ford Mustang vehicles.

Problem vehicles will experience one of several issues with their automatic transmissions, including the transmission not shifting into reverse when the gearshift lever is moved to the "R" position, the "R" lamp on the dashboard not illuminating, and the backup lamps not working. A faulty transmission range sensor is the culprit.

You should be happy Ram went first because it will be knocked off the top headline spot shortly.

1. This is not a big deal.
2. I could be wrong but did't this happen to the Ridgline also?

@ Ram Man

Grow up. Its simple information, not a conspiracy. What's the difference who goes first? Both are small recalls and here for informational purposes.

@ Magnum.

Grow up? With a name like "Magnum" it looks like you're hoping something else will "grow up".

None the less, I'm justified in my opinion and don't need your validation son. Check yourself.

@Ram-Man 2008 - You are a Dodge fan? but you make fun of the Magnum name?
Dodge used that name on several of their automobiles.
You are miffed because the Ram recall was posted before the Ford recall. You ever stop to think that the Ram recall news was mailed out first?

I do agree that the electronic nannies can be worrisome and do make vehicles more complicated. You have to remember that 33% or 1 out of 3 drivers should not have a drivers licence. Those twits don't know how to drive let alone pay attention to their vehicles mechanicals, but they sure as hell know how to phone a lawyer.

@ Ram Man

Lou is right. No point in me explaining it any further. Its also Interesting that the first thing you do is go there. Your opinion isn't an opinion. You're just taking a simple article and making it personal.

What is it with dodge and not having the right tire sizes on their trucks? My father in law bought a brand new ram 1/2 ton in 2008 and it was in the shop 3weeks later with only 2300km on it to replace the front diff because it came out of the factor with a slightly different size tire on the right front. Great job dodge, you might want to look into quality control at your plants.

Uh I realize what Magnum means in Dodge terms genius and it was also used for some engines FYI. The "grow up" comment makes no sense. Also, The Ford recall was reported on other sites as of early yesterday, while this is the only site I have seen the Ram recall on and it was first... Also for your information this isnt the first time this has happened, it's just the first time I have blown up about it because I've just had enough.

@ Mark Williams - in the future, make sure you post all of Ram recalls before the Ford recalls. Wouldn't want any hurt feelings. And as always, make sure Toyota gets top billing on any recall regardless of how minor it is. BTW we all know Chevy never gets recalled. Since the whole hooker fiasco, the Secret Service is hand delivering all of those internal memo's.

@Gm Guru Best not to throw stones if you live in a glass house. Being the Gm Guru as your name implies you are obviously aware of a recent GM recall on the Chevy Sonic because some were missing brake pads. Which is problem is more serious? Mismatched front tires or missing brakes.

i have a 2011 f150 in my driveway with the 5.0 18000km and many issues and a 2008 ram with 124000km and no issues
enough said

There is more next week it will be 30000 trucks! Ram is junk made in China this made in China that i heard on the radio this morning a new 2012 Ram crew cab 4x4 slt or whatever for 25000 bucks lol This is in Alberta Canada that is super cheap for a truck here i wonder why so cheap because its all made of 2nd rate parts most likley the dash is made of used Chinese newspaper! Maybe next special Ram model will be called the chop suey edtion? I guess time will tell

Everyone Focus on what Mark Williams posted.



why dont you go count how many harley davidson decals your truck has, and then come and tell us"LOL

nice truck. I think this kind of trucks are made in china. I really like to have this kind of truck lol

i would have to say harleyf150 is a wee bit of a no mind the f 150 in my driveway with 18000km has many chinese parts they all do having driven and owned all the big three and having the big three as our company trucks the new f 150 is a huge letdown they are overhyped by the media we work these trucks hard everyday and the 08 rams and 07 chevys can safely haul more and thier bumpers are not on the ground and they are not back at the service shop downtime for us =lost money.had we known how poor the build quality was we would not have purchased.a friend of mine started as a mechanic at a local ford dealer and has been changing out clutch packs and flashing trannys in new f150s nonstop its the busiest shop in our area he said they r crap he just came from the local dodge dealer where they were not doing near as many repairs on the new rams the problem with f 150 owners and loyal owners of any pickup is they wont admit when c rap is crap and the new f 150 with the 5.0 is crap

@tom -I've had zero problems with my 2010 F150 but then again it has the 5.4. I have roughly 24,000 km on it. You may be right when it comes to the new Ford engines being overhyped. Point is, virtually everyone can come up with complaint stories or kudos stories. Is the 5.0 crap? I don't know since I have a 5.4. I went with a 2010 model because I'd rather have someone else be the test group for a new engine.
My wife's best friend has a 2011 Chev 3/4 ton crewcab. Their 3 teenaged children do not like it. They find my truck is more comfortable. Last summer it developed a shudder in the front end. The rotors were warped. The dealer ran them through te lathe and put them back on the truck. They left on their vacation and the first heavy brake application and the sudder returned. It was almost undrivable. New rotors were installed and it has been fine.
My brother's company switched to Chevy/GM. They went with a fleet of plain jane 4.8 V8's 4 speed auto's. They've had transmission failures on 3 of them in one summer. His 3/4 ton with 6.0 can barely pull a loaded 16 foot cargo trailer. It revs to the moon, shifts up then boggs down then downshifts and the cycle starts all over again. Tow/haul makes it worse. Interior quality sucks (I've ridden in it). The door seals are shot. It rattles like crazy. It has broken plastic around the front bumper when the previous operator rubbed against a snowbank at 2 kph. The blockheater has some weird thremostat built into in. They recieved a memo to leave the cord tucked in the engine compartment because if the plug in (with the sensor) is left exposed to cold air (-18C IIRC) even though the engine is warm, it will turn on the block heater and could lead to a fire. His first Chevy had a fender that had multiple cracks with some mounting points completely broken. The operator before him had hit a ditch but the only apparant damage was a slightly bent bumper. It turned out the low speed impact had cracked some of the mounting points and dirt road vibration over the period of a few months cause the brackets to break. No one noticed, and as previously mentioned they rattle pretty bad to begin with. His company is trialing some Ford 1/2 tons and so far have found that they are considerably better on fuel. They were in a different region than him but he thinks they are the 3.7 V6.
My brother's company used to let the field operations guys pick their own trucks as long as they met a price point. Most chose 3/4 ton Ford or Dodge gassers. My brother's favorite was the Dodge. If I were to buy a 3/4 ton gasser I'd go with a Dodge too. When it comes to 1/2 tons, I'm not sure if I'd pick a 5.0 or 3.5 EB Ford. I'd probably go with a Ram or Tundra if I had to replace my truck due to unforseen circumstances.

oops.28,000 km.

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