Spied! Another F-150 Face Gives Little Away

F-150 face 3 KGP II
Ford looks to be deep into F-150 experiments, as our spy photographers are getting more snapshots of different half-ton variations in various forms of camo.

Not only are Ford engineers playing with front-end aerodynamics, they're also looking to include more upscale lighting choices, most likely on upper trim packages. And we wouldn't be surprised if active shutters in the grille are under there as well. We think it's curious that the two headlights seem to be covered with material of different size and shape. 

We also like the fact that engineers are playing with grille styling, injecting a little bit of Super Duty attitude into the lighter-duty option. The two-bar grille with the F-250/F-350 signature outer vice brackets could imply that this regular-cab long bed is slated for more severe work duty. This photo goes not give away what that means for what sits under the hood or how strong the frame and chassis are.

Although these pre-production models are running around with EcoBoost tags on the doors, there could be something more unique being tested. Still, with the announcement that production is ramping up at the EcoBoost engine plant in Brook Park, Ohio, we're sure Ford is going to continue producing as many of the V-6 twin-turbos as people want to buy, which seems to be quite a lot each month.   

F-150 face 2 II

F-150 face 6 KGP II

F-150 face 5 KGP II


The first pic with the grill showing through 3 chrome trimmed black bars and no [==] signiture brackets F-150's are kown for. Now look at the Sierra HD concept grill and tell me it's not the same. Just sayin'...

Looks like it's getting some optional Xenon headlights.

Of course, it's time once again for the default Ford grill change. It would be comical if they weren't so serious about this feeble attempt at planned obsolescence.

A grill changed on an esentially 8 year-old truck. Ford guys are easy. Ok guys next year we'll make the logo bigger.

Wow, Ford is really upping their game! LOL

Why does ford get so little remarks and GM get so many? I will tell you latter I just want to see the stupid comments first.

Why? Why change something small like this so often? 15 years from now this crap is just going to make it harder to find replacement parts. Probly why they do it.

Ford makes the best trucks and it shows up in the sales every month always on top year after year best selling truck in Canada for the pass 35 years!! Best engine out there is the v6 ecoboost its been a smash hit i see them everywhere wish i had one in my Harley f150.

Why wouldn't they change the grill often? They sell half a million of these trucks a year. They must be doing something right. I have 2011 F-150. It's the nicest, most comfortable, most capable vehicle I have ever owned. It is hands down the best truck on the road right now.

This is not an 8 yr old truck, my sis 2012 eco boost is a completely different truck from my 06

This is 100% total proof that Ford cant build a real mans truck! They need to dress it up like a little girly play doll because that's what it is! Its not Americas most dependable, most reliable truck! They even need to make a twin turbo EgoBoost just to beat Chevrolet's legendary and proven V8, and it still didnt beat it! GM WINS AGAIN!

And I bet herds of brain dead Idiots will flock to buy these, too.

Let me guess, It will be "All-New" for 2013?


think i puked a little god these ford things are ugly as hell

Will they be callin' this one "All-New" Also?

a couple of minor changes to the grille and this truck will be the all new F150 ! lol!

only ford goofs would pay 30-50 grand for a 2004 f150 with just a grill and headlight change shakes my head

This is a minor cosmetic change. The "all-new" F150 is still 2-3 years away. The 2009 f150 was an completely new truck.

i guess its all new in 2009 if you think grill head lights and a knock off the the super duty dash all new haha

Wish they would stop trying to look like RAM by making the grill so big.I guess when you have the nicest looking truck on the road there going to try and copy it.This truck is ugly.

Yea, I'm not a fan of the big grill, I think the FX models look the best because the grill surround is body color and doesn't look as big as everything being chrome.

the TOOLS are out in full FORCE fkin crying about another vehicle on the road WoW ...

@Cory, yeah it's pathetic. Why can't people like more than one vehicle? Life must be boring to be obsessed with your favorite brand and hate everything else. Only narrow-minded gits think that way.

think cory doesn't know what tools are i figured he was the office type by the way i love me a dodge or a chevy any day and a good chance even a toyota tundra yeehaww!

i hate to say it maybe even another ford if they ditch the ugly 2004 looking f150 and superduty ditch the 1999 look not as as ugly but still a ugly look in my taste but they won't for another 10 years probably.

Hey its Johnny douchebag .. the TOOL ....

hey its cory the blue under lined troll go figure haha

@johnny doe

Are you complaining because you don't like the look or style of F-150 and Super Duty doors? Or that they just don't change often enough for you? Sounds like you whine just to whine. Either way, if you design/style them right, you don't have to change them every 4 years. That would be pretty senseless when you're dealing with truck buyers and not chicks trying to decide between purses.

The grill is a little different, maybe a new type of lights, but like GM and RAM no drastic changes appear on the exterior. This is not necessarily a bad thing because the manufacturers don't want to alienate most truck buyers who tend to be more conservative. They all will use lighter materials and use more efficient drivetrains with some aerodynamics. Any exterior changes will be more gradual.


Pot calling the kettle black?

Transformers, more than meets the eyes, more fugly ford.

I see nothing wrong with minor changes till a new truck is made in a few years. Thats the thing GM hardly ever changes their trucks. Finally they are getting a new one but it took 6 years to change anything. Im not just talking about body Im talking about power plants and all.

ok johnny tool ... keep on BASHING ..... typical RA TARD on the web .....

In 10 years the egoboosts will be on fires on the side of the road and Vortec V-8's will still be trucking along.

Ford is always flash in the pan and all the nuthuggers get burnt.

But you get to say you chipped it and blew away Billy Bob as he heads to the farm, WOW, so impressive, haha.

Just like your FordaNuts think that a Rustang will ever get to the level of a Camaro, let alone a Corvette, keep dreamin.
Nova SS
Chevelle SS
Camaro SS
Grand National
Skylark GSX
Trans AM SD Ram Air
1955 Chevy
1957 Chevy
GMC Syclone
GMC Typhone

I could go all day, you got the rustang, a comet, any ugly thunderchicken and a cougar, wow, what a collection of junk other than the Thunderbird SC.

I just see Ford making a bigger opening to cool the new ecoboost heat monster, many horror stories over at f150forums, especially in the southwest, overheats, overboost, and lots of towing problems under load and in high heat, duh, twin turbos, 87 octane, 100 degrees outside under load, hmm, whats gonna happen, well when its built ford tough, a little idiot light comes on and shows a stuckman bent over puking, you notice a severe loss of power and you better put the flashers on and call triple a because you a SOL lol.

I own a 12 ecoboost and I love it, having said that, this is what happened on a recent trip.

First trip with the ecoboost/silverado


2012 fx4 ecoboost 3.73 3kmiles
2012 silverado 5.3 texas edition 3.42 1800miles

Took a trip out to the ranch in west texas from houston. Its about a 600 mile trip with 80% of that being flat level I-10 until you reach the hills. I was following my Dads silverado and we swapped trucks on the drive back. Both trucks performed great but overall i wasnt too impressed with the ecoboost. With the cruise set at 75 i averaged 17mpg. Cruise set at 75 on the silverado yielded 18mpg. The silverado was much more easy to drive at highway speed. My ford required a lot of driver input to keep it steady. I dont know if this is a trait of the EPAS? It drove straight just not as easy as the bowtie. The power of the ecoboost was noticeable through the hills, however the 5.3 had plenty to get the job done (and sounded great)

IMO-- i did'nt see the HUGE gap in performance or MPG like the Ecoboost challenge video's portrayed.

I do not regret the ecoboost purchase but feel like I sort of succumb to the fantastic marketing hype. There is just not enough difference between the trucks to call one superior.

No towing was done and both trucks had equal gear weight

@Mr. Obvious If Chevy is so great where was the all mighty Camaro before they brought it back? It was crying because Ford was beating them so bad they stopped making it. Thats the best way to beat the competition so badly they stop trying to fight.

Mr. Obvious wouldn't be Johnny Douchebag would he ?

what a piece of crap ecoboost huh ... lol love this video ------------------->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUXi5DXahr8&feature=related

@ ¢£¿¥ - What? Try talking some sense.

@Cory, as much as I prefer the F-150 over the Tundra, tug of war tests are useless. Get one truck with an LSD or locker, and the other with an open diff, the open diff will lose every time.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFJI0tLMVpI both are close in traction .... not shure if one had a locker or not ....

@Mr. Obvious - the only thing obvious is your lack of knowledge of automotive history or your attempt at trolling.
Seems to me you left out some performance vehicles made by Ford and some of their associates.
Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt
Shelby Mustangs
Boss 302/351/429
New Laguna Seca Mustang
Shelby Cobra AC roadster - a rare Super Snake sold for 5.5 million at Barrett Jackson.
GT 40 - Le Mans 24hr race winner 4 years in a row.
ModeL A and T hot rods
Ford GT
F150 Lightning
F150 Raptor

The Corvette has been a mainstay at Chevrolet, but if you were to read European tests of the same car, most are far from flattering.

You forgot the Impala, various years were decent cars. Chevrolet SS pickup was something else you missed.

Your BS was aimed at Ford but if you want to talk great cars, Dodge and Plymouth came out with some awesome machines. Most of them ate Ford and Chevy lunches at an alarming rate (for Ford and Chevy fans).
Hemi Cuda
IIRC the 440 was a better street machine overall than the 426 Hemi even though the Hemi is way more collectable.
Dodge Challenger & Charger
Dodge Daytona - that huge fin is cool.
Plymouth RoadRunner
Dodge Coronet R/T and Super Bee

No doubt I'm missing some others.

Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile etc have made some great cars, but then again so have Ford and Dodge.

BTW Isn't this a truck site?
That would then leave Chevy performance trucks versus Ford and Dodge performance trucks.

How would a Cyclone fare against a Lightning or SRT10?
That would be a real cool retro shootout.

Back on topic:
I wonder if these new Ford grills will incorporate active aerodynamics like the 2013 Ram?
I don't know what the big deal is about changing the grills. It isn't enough to keep me from getting a new truck, but I think it increases brand appeal. A guy buying a 2013 will feel better about his purchase if it doesn't look exactly the same as a 2007 model.

lmao No underline blue Cory im not Mr. Obvious. I have no need to hide under different names as you shake in you're boots, or should i say golf shoes. I even said I'd buy a ford if they ditch the 10 plus year old looking trucks they make. No clue what yah problem is about it, but I'll just laugh. Evan just mad the Camaro outsells the shitstang, and chevy gonna out do them with the ZL1 Camaro, but there way im gonna laugh at you goofs hard. Hope yah all new grill changed f150 fits you fine. lmfao

ethers way* sorry for the typo im sure you'll jump on though

@Cory - The 2008 traction test was a good one. I rarely ever use 4x4 in the winter with my 2010 F150 with limited slip diff. Some of the e-lockers out there only work in 4x4. That is one thing I don't like about the FX4. It should be like the Raptor's diff. Lock it in 4x2 and stays locked at any speed.(Problem with that is some idiot would forget to release it and wreck it and blame Ford). I thought it was interesting that the 2 GM trucks did poorly on that test since it was done at GM's Proving grounds.

they better to improve the trany quality..,,,look the ram dont told me dodge did not do a good job ...we talking about quality ....overall quality ford is not better ,compare to dodge gm,and the rest..ford have a problem whit the front design suspension look like on side the tire get use fast me and my to friend same problem and ford said is because we hit a bump..whatever ford..and ford 4 wheel drive is not better ..

JD Powers Dependability
Ford: 124 problems per 100 vehicles: above average
Industry average: 132 problems per 100 vehicles
Chevy: 135 problems per 100 vehicles
Ram: 174 problems per 100 vehicles

JD Powers Quality
F-150 was ranked #1

Top Safety Pick

With these new pics from pickuptrucks.com I'd say active grilles are a given now. They also didn't show the new Power Scope tow mirrors.

Finally headlights that are not complete garbage!

@ johnny douchebag
quote "only ford goofs would pay 30-50 grand for a 2004 f150 with just a grill and headlight change shakes my head "

yeah i agree any idiot that pays 30 to 50 grand for a 8 year old truck needs to have his head examined

your really annoying by the way, if ya dont like Fords then just stay out of the chat, or add something constructive. are you 12 or what?
thank you

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