Would You See a Pickup Truck Musical?

Ever wonder why there aren't any good musicals about pickup trucks? Neither have we, but someone has answered the call.

Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doug Wright has penned a play called "Hands on a Hardbody." It's about 10 contestants who are vying to win a new Nissan compact pickup truck by simply keeping a hand in contact with the truck the longest. The musical production by La Jolla Playhouse is based on a 1997 documentary film of the same name.

Clearly, the Nissan truck is the most important character in the play, and it has been given the ability to move and act with the other actors as they move about the stage. Off-stage controls help with the vehicle's movements, but the human actors also have to push the 1993 compact truck (found on eBay) around.

The show runs through June 17 at the La Jolla Playhouse in Southern California. You can click here to learn more about the show and buy tickets. And who knows, if this story captures the hearts and minds of truck lovers around the country, it could soon make its way to Broadway.

Singing and dancing around a truck — who wouldn't love that?


The only thing stupider than the musical is that you thought it was newsworthy.

This site really has turned into utter tripe.

Thank you so much for posting this! Yes i would see a truck musical. I'm a musician myself who has done several Broadway musicals. Just recently i completed Aida, Suessical, Footloose, and Annie. Being a Drummer i have developed a passion for Trucks!!

Something tells me there is going to be a crapload of ridgelines and tundras in the parking lot.

I would love to see this musical, I may have to get tickets.

I hate musicals all together so I would have to pass.

For once i'm with johnny doe.

For once i'm with johnny doe.
Posted by: KW | May 18, 2012 11:55:00 AM

Put a REAL TRUCK in the show first.

Musicals aren't my thing but why not? Might be funny.

So I'm looking at my calendar, and I know It isn't Aprilk 1st.

And to think they said this was a truck musical? where is the truck? i should be called haging with the junk, or haw about Throwing ou the trash? no? how about Flat on the stage?

I don't know if I'd see this musical but it's got a Nissan hardbody in it, how bad could it be? Did you naysayers see the 6 lug wheels on it? Talk about heavy-duty!

Did you all play the video? This has got Facebook, American Idol and The Voice beat hands down! To see real people interact (no puffing themselves up online) and sing and speak about their lives, and all of it around a truck! Can you beat that! ?

@adam Don't like it? don't read it!


Not something I would have thought of, but it's nice to see something different.

Bet you tax payer money is funding this crap !

As long as he's asking. No, I wouldn't want to see a pickup truck musical.

This site is getting to be like a Twilight Zone episode. I'd like to see news stories of upcoming design changes, more fuel efficient options, engines and drivetrains.

Wow, I thought trucktrend.com sucked but pickuptrucks,com is really going downwards without Mike Levine....

"The only thing stupider than the musical is that you thought it was newsworthy."

"Stupider" isn't a word. So Adam, what do you think is "much more gooder" than this story?

Everything about the documentary HANDS ON A HARDBODY is true. The dealership that they used to do this at is right down the street from me. This carried on until a few years ago when one of the losers walked across the street into Kmart and shot himself dead. They shut it down for liability purposes after that.


Excellent advice, as woopud commented this site has gone far downhill. I will be happy to remove this site and all of you rambling morons who do nothing but scream at each other about your ridiculous blind loyalty to companies itching to rip you off at every turn.

just another reason not to buy a Fiat...I mean RAM

yes, i definitely would!

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