For New Ram, It's All About the MPGs

2013 Ram 1500 white II
The Ram Truck team sees a big split between half-ton and heavy-duty buyers. For the lighter-duty pickups, they say it's all about fuel economy and being a daily driver, whereas the three-quarter- and one-ton trucks are all about heavy lifting and hard work. As a result, their buyers have very different priorities.  

In a recent interview with Automotive News, Bob Hegbloom, director of the Ram brand, said that's why the coming 2013 Ram 1500 has so much technology aimed at improving the new pickup's fuel economy, such as a new PentaStar V-6, eight-speed transmissions, extensive use of lightweight materials and much more. Although the new truck will not get EPA fuel economy estimates for seveal months, Ram will only say the 2013 half-ton will offer best-in-class numbers. Whether that means overall or in one specific configuration remains to be seen. 

Interestingly, as the Ram brand makes more inroads into the truck marketplace — in fact, it has increased its market share 2 full percentage points in the past year — we'd expect to see increased attention on the Ram HDs as well, especially in the form of better fuel economy and use of more advanced materials and powertrain choices. Certainly, there are a lot of fleet buyers out there who would love to save money with better fleet efficiency, both in initial investment and maintenance costs over time, even on their heavy-duty models. 

The new 1500 truck is likely to go on sale in the fall, with journalists getting a chance to drive and write about the truck before the end of August. Pricing will likely be announced closer to the actual on-sale date later in the year. You can bet we'll have more to say about all the new chassis, powertrains and all-new interior when we get our shot behind the wheel. 

2013 Ram 1500 wind II


I would not be surprised if the new RAM can achieve 21 MPG with a 9000lb+ tow capacity in the same configuration. You don't need 3:92 and 3:55 gear ratios when you have an 8 speed transmission. You get the fuel economy of the 3:55 ratio and the pulling power of the 3:92 ring gear.


err, yeah u do. it not always about the rear ratio. its a combination of rear n tranny. take the tundra for example, 4.3 but the basic tranny gears. the f150 may have 3.73 as their lowest rear but take a looks at their tranny ratio. multiply the tranny gears with the rear n ull quickly see the ford is geared very low. all recent road test or shootouts fail to see this n continually suggest the tundra has an advantage with its 4.30 when reality is not.

I just hope they will make a crew cab with a 6.5 foot bed!

You better hope Ram does better than 21 mpg and 9k towing.

Ford already has 22 mpg and 11k+ towing.

GM is coming out with 11k towing and 23+ mpg and 9k towing and 25+ mpg.

The Dodge is such a nice truck. If I were in the market for a fullsize today, I would be in a tough spot choosing between the Dodge and Ford. The Chevy I haven't had much love for since the 90's. They're just not all that attractive or well built it seems anymore. If Dodge made the Dakota still with a Laramie Limited interior, I'd be all over it. I sat in one of the Limited Ram's and was in heaven. It's just a little too big for me though. Right now it looks like I'm going with Toyota and a new Tacoma. I came here when I was doing research on the new Colorado and I can't really say I'm impressed with it inside or out. Kudo's to Dodge for building just a gorgeous truck! Very Very nice interior as well. I can see why the Silverado is losing sales.

@Mackintire, I hope you think 21 combined. 21 highway would be an epic failure. I say 20 combined and 25 highway in the 2wd configuration.

@uh huh - agreed. Rear end ratio's made a huge difference in the "good old days" of 3 speed automatics or the 4 speed manuals with shift throws that put you into separate time zones. Modern transmisssions have almost made rear end ratio options un-neccessary.
Looking at the airflow diagram shows why the truck companies prefer selling small boxes to keep the EPA happy. A foot longer and that airflow plows into the tailgate. My 6.5 box SuperCrew pickup gets better highway mpg with the box filled with camping geat than it does empty.
@woopud - agreed. I believe that they are but it will be 6 feet 4 inches as opposed to Ford's 6 feet 6 inches. 2 inches won't matter much unless you are an adult entertainer ;)

The truck is to shallow and low to the ground, but it is good lookin

I just hope they will make a crew cab with a 6.5 foot bed!

Posted by: woopud | Jun 21, 2012 1:35:36 PM

rest assured, they are for the 2013 model it has already been announced.

Ford already has 22 mpg and 11k+ towing.

GM is coming out with 11k towing and 23+ mpg and 9k towing and 25+ mpg.

Posted by: Sierra | Jun 21, 2012 1:39:30 PM

Lmao, the first part is factually correct and the second part is 60% biased pipe dream and 40% jealousy that Ram is smoking GM and poised to rip that #2 spot from Silverado. That my friend will be a fact, not yet but in due time. Clear them eyes of that fairy dust.

Lower to the ground improves handling and aerodynamics. Granted, it doesn't offer the ground clearance of a 4x4, but if the think stays on paved/gravel roads then 4x4 isn't really needed, is it?

LOL @ Sierra..... Typical GMC Sierra girly dork. Go back to polishing up your bling bling Denali badge. Dodge WILL overtake Chevrolet. The Ram WILL be #2 in sales behind Ford. Silverado is done for. And when Chevrolet dies, so does your rebadge chickmobile.


Lmao, the first part of your post is not factually correct. Ram's bed will be 6 foot 4 inches unlike Ford's 6 foot 6 inches. And the second part of your post is 60% biased pipe dream. Chevy outsells Ram with a much older truck. Ram is coming out with a refresh but Chevy will be ALL NEW. The fuel economy numbers I have posted have been rumored to be accurate on GMInsideNews.

There is no indication that Ram will be taking the #2 spot away from Chevy. Ram is not even close. Next time, before you start lecturing others about facts, use some of your own.


When will Ram overtake GM? Stop with this Ram is taking over nonsense that you and your minions have been saying for YEARS. Give me a date. When? Put your money where your mouth is, son. I have $1000 that says you are wrong. Put up or shut up. I have no problems with Chevy and would GLADLY buy a new one and probably will when the new models debut.

SierraGS (aka GMC nutswinger) from GMI (GMC/Buick Well well well. I've laughed at you for years. Chevrolet will never touch Ford or Dodge now buddy. Your stupid GMC truck has wrecked that. Mopar will steamroll Chevrolet into the dirt and even pay for the headstone as a token offering. Chevy's truck is a whopping 6 years old. Ford kills you with a truck that basically came out in 2004!! You morons can't build a good looking truck of good quality if your life depended on it. Oh wait, you just run to the feds then... Cheap steel, piston slap engines, low slung frames and cheap interiors are just par for the course in anything GM. Even Ford's 2500 SD outsells both of those crap GM trucks combined in HD sales and the Ford came out in 1999!! LOL!!!!! Do you honestly think Dodge has anything to worry about here? We already spank you in 2500 sales. Our new truck will arrive shortly after the next dumbed down for Sierra Silverado and make it look like the pathetic joke that it is. Chevrolet's over with.

Chevrolet's over with.

@RamThis, Shhhh! Sierra secretly likes that. I've read his Californian nonsense too. It's guys like that that destroyed the once mighty Chevrolet. Now they themselves have nothing but their big daddy Govt.MoCo.

It's low to the ground because it has variable pneumatic suspension, according to previous reports.

all Ram has to do is 17/23mpg with 370hp and 430lbs to out class ford in 11,000lbs towing and 18/24mpg 310hp and 280lbs and tow 6,000lbs to out class small 3.7l v6 ford

i feel a war coming on

next up will be GM

Dual class is on the right track, but they can do a lot better than 24mpg. I need a daily driver with a 6-foot bed that gets 30+ mpg. I can do without the 5000 lbs, the full-lane width, and 9k towing.

Calinfornia? I'm not from Calfornia nor from GMInside News, ya dolts.

Ram does nott "spank" GM in 2500 sales. Ram HD barely beats Chevy HD, but GMC + Chevy HD outsells Ram.

Chevy sells more than DOUBLE the half tons that Ram does.

That is not even including Sierra sales.

I know Ram just got out bankruptcy and hooked up with an Italian car company so you think you are all that. But you have a long way to go.

Have the common courtesy to show some respect for other posters and competing brands and people may respect you back.

$1000 bucks says Silverado will safely be in the #2 spot for 2013. Any Ram fans who think otherwise, now is the time to put up or shut up. Put your mone up on Intrade. I have $1000. It's go time!

No takers??? I didn't think you would man up. You Ram guys are all talk and no walk.

I think when the new Ram came out in 09, people were saying it was going to get 24 miles to the gallon, Dodge has always had the worst mileage and I doubt anything will change.

Let not Sierra fool anyone. He is for sure SierraGS from GMinsidenews. I can stand the average Chevy man every now and then but these GMC clowns are about more than I can take. Ford >>>'s Dodge >>>'s Govt. Motors. I had hope for the once mighty Chevy. Not anymore. You GMC screwballs have a way of screwing up anything and everything you touch. Ford and Dodge will live to fight for world domination.

I hope these new Dodge trucks are built better the the ones they have built over the last 10 years. My son has a 2006 2500 and what a pile of junk. Heater core leaks and you have to pull the steering column to replace the coil. Electrical problems with just about everything electrical. Ball joints needed replace at 65,000 miles, I still have the originals on my 06 Silverado at 306,000 miles. His truck which is the same year as mine with less miles on it, does not even come close to the reliability of my 06 Silverado.

I am down with Ram taking over Chevy, hate them Chevy TROLLS!

is it only me who thinks silverado is is only so defensive cause chevs really are a basic dated plastic truck....

" Ford kills you with a truck that basically came out in 2004!!" - RAMTHIS!

Nice try, how about 1999, the Superduty!

Ford has been selling the same truck since 1999.

Now, am I right TROLLS?

im also gay... lol....

Lots of things to be excited about in the new RAM1500. The 8speed/Hemi combination is going to be the benchmark for 1/2 ton pulling power and efficiency in a non-base-V6 truck. It should be able to tow without fueling as much as the EBV6, too.
Now that we know what RAM is bringing for us (except the question about the A630 diesel), I can't wait to see what comes next from GM and Toyota. GM will also have an 8-speed auto soon, just a question of how they apply it. The Tundra will have DI in at least the V8's and at least one 8-speed auto. Whether you like Toyota or not, when the current trucks debuted in 07, with a 6speed trans and a 380hp/400ft-lb engine, product planners in Detroit crapped themselves. Sure they've cought up since then, but 5 years ago, they were all standing there with their pants down.

Relax Mr Knowitall, Fords 15 years truck still outsold it.


You are mistaken. I don't even have an account on GMI nor do I want one. You can check my IP to see I am not even from California.

I don't even like GMC and would rather take a Chevy. Just because I post as Sierra doesn't mean I am someone else you know as a similar but different name. There is more than one Sierra/Silverado, more than one Bob, more than one oxi, etc.

Now can we get back on topic?

Last time I checked Ram's fuel economy numbers are unsubstantiated. Mark Williams even states that their alleged class cleading fuel econ may one be in one tiny confirguration. Also, their increases in sales need to double and Chevy needs to drop if they are are to catch Chevy. Who in their right mind honestly thinks any of those two, let alone one are going to happen? Come on.

I'm not down with any one taking out anyone because of some trolls. That's just a stupid way to think.

Just let the best truck win. If that is Ford, so be it. If that is the next gen Chevy, that'is it.

The only real negative with Chevy trucks right now is the bailout. But that's not the fault of someone who bought a GM truck.

I know about the outdatedness but that will be resolved next spring. The only real neg on GM night now is the bailout. But Ram got a bailout too.

How many times to you have to tell these Chevy/GMC fans that say "GMs will be all new after the new Rams come out!" That in about 2 Years after the 2013 comes out, Ram will be there with a TOTALLY redone truck, not just what started out as a refresh.

As for the gear ratio debate, if they put 3.21s in the truck with the 8 speed, even if tow haul eliminates 8th gear as it does 6th gear on current ones, the 7th gear would be very colse to 5th gear on current, so 7 gears where 5 is, with a much lower starting ratio and much higher (numerically lower) 8th gear, not offered on 4x4 Rams.The last two days I have helped my brother move from Heber Springs, Arkansas to Branson Missouri with my 2010 Ram and 20 (total length) trailer. Sure a few times I could used some closer gears, but not once did I need over 3600 rpm, and 13 mpg in the hills is not bad at all, when you also think about a refridgerator sticking up about 2 feet over the cab, and the downshifting on a handful of hills to slow it.

I think the 3.21 will work fine when you run a 4.7 first gear in the trans, but if they really want to pass Chevy and Ford they could also be going with smaller tires like those two already have to get their mileage numbers. Fords smallest? 30" tires. Chevy? 30.5 Current Ram: 31.7. And most of the dealers just stock the Rams with 20" wheels with 33" tires, over an inch bigger then all Chevys and over an inch taller then all Fords minus the Raptor. Ram could stand to bring in some more tire choices. A sport type tire in the 31-32" range, maybe some 17x8 wheels (not 17x7!) to factory mount 285/70/17s. How about a mid 30" tall tire for 4x2s and a 2.94 gear ratio? It would be fine on a 4x2 considering Chevy puts 3.08 gears in their 4x4s with crew cab, and thats behind a 5.3. (alot less TORQUE then a Hemi!)

If they want to make a max tow package 1500, it would work fine with the 8 speed and 3.55s, and if they were to put 32" tires on it.

@Frank- and Justin Bieber can sure pack a house, but it doesn't mean I'm goin'

The new Chevy will be out less than 1 year after the Ram refresh. Ram refresh will be this fall. The V8 8 speed will be sometime in the beginning of 2013 CY. The all new Chevy will begin production as late as April 2013, making it only a few months from the Ram. Then Ford will be all new shortly after that.

Quite frankly, I would like to be in GM and Ford's position with the all new trucks instead of a refresh from Ram. Loyal and smart Chevy and Ford guys will wait for the new trucks so I don't know who Ram is going to steal a bunch of sales from to overtake anyone.

I'm happy to hear the 2013 Dodge Ram will get better MPG, but what about safety? The 2012 Dodge Ram currently performs worst in class with IIHS's crash tests. I'm hoping the 2013 model performs best in class.


Ram has a refresh on the horizon.

GM has a new truck in a little less then a year.

Ford has a "new" truck in a little over a year.

Ram has a new truck in 24 months.

Why would you want to be GM and Ford again?

I think some of you are confused.

For Ford, the same truck that gets 22MPG can not tow 11,000lbs. F150 2x4 with 3:15 and the 3.5 liter eco-boost gets 22MPG and tows 8500lbs.

The 4x4 F150 with 3:55 ecoboost gets 21MPG and can tow 9700lbs

Going to 3:73 ring gear and your down to 20MPG but can tow 11,100

If RAM can make a 4x4 truck with a hemi that achieves 21MPG highway and beats Ford's city MPG and is 9000lb tow capable IS class leading. 22MPG would be more impressive but they are going to have to drop 300-400lbs of the RAM to make that happen.

Most likely a Pentastar V6 8 speed 2x4 might make 23-24 MPG. Since it has an 8 speed transmission I'm willing to bet it will get better city fuel economy than the F150. So all it needs to do is achieve 23MPG highway and again RAM will have a class leading combined fuel economy. THe name of the game is to make something better than your competitor and make the largest profit, not to make a vehicle that gets fantastic fuel economy at the expense of a shrinking profit margin.

@mackintire - I agree that Ram most likely will come out with something that will beat the F150. Will it beat the upcoming Chevy? That is the million dollar question. Ram's huge mid cycle 2013 upgrades will probably shoot a few holes into the General's 2014 offensive. I think that unfortunately for GM their "all new" 2014 will not stay top dog for long assuming that Ram's refresh is bested by them. In 2014 (actually 2015 Model year) all of the truck players (including Ram) with the exception of the Titan are scheduled to come out with their next generation of trucks. Ram and Ford are the current inovation leaders so they won't need to work as hard as everyone else to improve. GMC needs to knock it out of the park just to stay in the game.

@Dave: Have you been in a cave? GM is losing cutomers on trucks left and right. They only sell good in 1500s cause 1. They put the gas mileage number out there 2. They will beat anyones price to push a truck out the door.

But times are a changing.

The Pentastar V6 seems like a nice engine from the reports we recieved in Australia, as its fitted to the Grand Cherokee.

A better option is the VM 3.0 litre diesel. It has more torque than the V8 which would really help the guys who need to tow.

The diesel is also more economical to run than the V6 Pentastar.

@TRX4 Tom
"They only sell good in 1500s cause 1. They put the gas mileage number out there 2. They will beat anyones price to push a truck out the door.

But times are a changing"

Funny that you say that. You're right, times are changing. They're changing in the direction of 1. People want more fuel efficient trucks 2. They don't want to pay arms and leg for it.
Going back then to why GM sells well? They are delivering what people want.

It's nice to see an emphasis on fuel economy. Good luck to the the Cummins Ram HD, it's been woeful in that department.

The ratings do not go by gear sizes. That is not how it works.

All 2wd EcoBoost are rated for 22 mpg and that includes the models with a tow rating towing up to 11,300 lbs.

Here is a 4x4 3.73 EcoBoost getting 25 mpg:

Remember, Mike got 25+ mpg with his EcoBoost and that was a 3.55.

Ford's 4x4 EB already is rated for 21 mpg. Yes, that rating includes the 11,200K tow rating. Ram is going to have to do a lot more than 21 mpg.

Iff you want to beat Ford all you have to do is get 23 mpg in a regular V6? Wrong. Ford already does that. You will have to get 24 mpg+ which will be hard. The Jeep Cherokee 2x4 Pentastar only gets 17 23.

GM is coming with an all new truck so it will be easier for them to get better fuel econ than everyone for awhile until the next all new full-size truck debuts which will be from Ford and then Toyota.

GM has already stated also that next generation Silverado will get 8 speed auto. Ford will follow suit. So look for next GM and Ford's to get 26mpg highway, maybe more.

@Lou & Dave,

Ram will beat Ford!

Ram will have best in class fuel economy!

Ram will have more technology - start stop technology, 8 SPEED, and push button start!

Ram will have more useable space - RamBox anyone?!

Ram will have more safety - can't go by just the crash tests, if is how you drive, not the tests that matter!

Ram will have the best in class ride!

Ram will have the most payload and towing - Tradesman!

Nothing else is left. Ram has already beaten Ford!!!!!! GM's next gen trucks will be a miserable failure so don't worry about them. GOT IT? GOOD.



Chrysler promises that the new 3.6 will improve fuel efficiency by "at least 20 percent." 20 + 20% = 24 MPG BEATING FORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

guts glory ram

Since most people don't use their trucks for serious hauling, I don't think overall capability is going to be that important for the average user. If they can provide a truck which has good power, good mileage, and can still tow the family boat or camper on the weekend, they'll do well.

The people in charge of Ram are doing a great job. I'm fairly close to ordering a 2500 Hemi.

Will Ram catch up to GM in sales? First, I don't care and second the logistics for Ram to add that many extra thousands of units is not as simple as people on here seem to think it is especially with GM coming out with a new truck.

What's the infatuation with sales numbers? If you like your truck it should be all that matters.

Fiat/Chrysler were looking at the 2.8 turbo Cummins to drop into the Ram. This is the same engine that Mitsubishi and Nissan were looking at for their new global truck joint venture in 2008.

They are also considering the 3.0 VM diesel as in the Grand Cherokee. This would be the pick as the 2.8 Cummins wouldn't be able to have the same tow capacity, the engine is much older and its fuel economy would probably be the same or lower than the VM diesel.

Since the 2.8 Cummins is a 4 cylinder it would be able to be produced a similar cost as the Pentastar and provide much larger fuel savings.

The Pentastar engine might be an interim measure until they can resolve the diesel options.

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