Ford Introduces SSV Package for Fleets

Ford Introduces Service Vehicle Package for Fleets

By Dave Lee

Ford has announced a Special Service Vehicle Package for the Ford F-150 designed for government, municipal and commercial fleets.

The no-cost package is available now, and it includes a high-capacity 220-amp alternator for electrical needs and a custom interior that maximizes space for in-cab aftermarket equipment installations.

“We’re confident the current and updated 2013 F-150 equipped with the SSV Package will be of particular interest to our government customers with rugged jobs such as law enforcement, firefighting, and national and state park patrols,” Ford Government Sales Manager Tony Gratson said in a statement.

The SSV Package will be available for SuperCab and SuperCrew trims with the choice of the 5.0-liter V-8 or the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engines. As you'd expect, all F-150s equipped with the package come with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Introduces Service Vehicle Package for Fleets


220 amp alternator would come in handy for emergency vehicles. That would be a good option for fleet service trucks as well. Ford has been on a roll.

220-amp alternator is a good idea. Will they offer this as an option on commercial trucks as well? This would be great for service trucks. Ford is on a roll

The same amp alt Ram SSV already has.... knowing Ford, it will come with tires that will get stuck in the gravel, but it'll get that mileage!

Sorry accidentally posted twice. Good for RAM as well if they have a 220-amp alternator. I choose to abstain from brand bashing.

How much for the machine gun mount for the bed?

If I had to guess I would think the vast majority of government agencies and local municipalities will choose the Ecoboost as in this situation what is the advantage of the 5.0L? I would think they would offer the Ecoboost and 3.7L as the trucks like these that I have seen around my neighborhood are never towing anything.

So on EB models, where does front lic plate go?

I think it will be an equal amount between the 5.0 and ecoboost, The 5.0 is cheaper, gets about the same mileage, and has less parts to break. The eco is slightly faster not a big deal on this type of vehicle and it has the go green badge on it that many tax payers will like, it also probably uses less gas at least at idle since its only running six instead of eight cylinders.

This is the same vehicle ram has already released last year. The ram box alone makes the ram a better choice for equipment such as rifles etc..Not to mention the proven reliability of the 5.7L hemi. Forther more the pentastar v6 with 8
speed will be even better for cities looking to save fuel.

Hemi v8,
You forgot to say while trolling in a ford thread. Ram is taking out ford in 2013! Guts glory ram!!!!

@jugger,Are you poking me already.

I see no reason to put any engine but the 3.7 in this gov. truck, the V-8 and ecco-boost are a waste of tax $$, thee is no need, why would they need tat much power? the 3.7 is fine, and if they need to capture some desporado, they have the radio!, I will conceed the fact that there might be a need for a truck in some areas of Our Great Country, and for 4X4 at that!, but realy? 320+hp? why?, and then they should consider the lightest truck poss. take the spare out, have the smallest gas tank, go the extra mile so to speak to get the most miles so to speak!!

Ford is almost godlike when it comes to trucks. Most all government trucks and vans I see are American Ford's. I see the Chevrolet Tahoe's for suv's. I do like those though. I find it funny that not even the Government wants to own GMC's. Government Motors Company trucks is right on the money. What a fail of a brand.

i see alot of fords already in the police and fire field this just gives them a pickup option instead of taurus or expedition. @hemiv8, do you really think tha putting the guns in the ram box is the best option for police officers that need them in an emergency. Do get me wrong the ram box has its points but running back to the box of a pickup in an emergency seems a bit excessive

After reading these comments I guess I misunderstood what this article was about. I thought this article was about Ford adding at no extra cost a 220-amp alternator and a custom interior that maximizes space for in-cab aftermarket equipment installations at no extra charge on 2013 F-150 equipped with the SSV Package F-150s designed for government, municipal and commercial fleets. Mark would you correct me if I am wrong?

I see rams for the california highway patrol. I see rams for cal trans. I see ram power wagons for the BLM and forest service. I
see rams and chargers for police all over california.

bobsled80....whats the difference in going to the back of the truck to get a rifle and going to the trunk of a crown vic or charger for a rifle.....none... i know there are some cars with the rifles and shot guns in the rear of the cab .... same could be said for a crew cab pickup. Im like hemiv8...i am seeing more and more charger, ram, durange police vehicles....maybe for the awesome hemi power? Yea! Kudos to ford for jumping in the game

Out here where I'm from in the desert and mountains some dealers recommend the 5.0 because of the sensitivity of the Eco boost. I have freinds in the hunting business where there off road 90 percent of the time so they opted for the 5.0.

Ram already has this option but with AIR SUSPENSION, ELECTRIC POWER STEERING, PENTASTAR V6 OR HEMI, 8 SPEED tranny, RAMBOX, ACTIVE GRILLE SHUUTTERS, and CLASS LEADING FUEL ECONOMY! Don't forget class leading TECHNOLOGY - UCONNECT - nobody can match this technology!!!!

Ford loses and Ram wins again!


Not to mention the proven reliability of the 5.7L hemi. Forther more the pentastar v6 with 8
speed will be even better for cities looking to save fuel.

@hemi v8, EXACTLY!!!!!! Preproduction models are out now and production models will be available in Fall 2012. Just a few more months. RAM is taking down Ford in Fall 2012.


Too bad Toyota or Nissan doesn't want a piece of the action.

It would save a lot of tax dollars since toyotas are so much less costly to own.

y just fleet n gov..... if its at no cost, y not make it standard across the board.

@ Jeff S -- It sounds like you get it. Our post was passing along info that Ford is now offering to Fleet buyers an new option package (the SSV) that will have unique front seating (a 40/20/40 without the middle 20) with a vinyl rear seat in either SuperCab or SuperCrew configuration, as well as an upgraded alternator for the extra lights and power needs upfitters are likely to need for state or city government or law enforcement needs. The trucks come in 4x4 or 4x2 drivetrains, with either the EcoBoost or 5.0L V-8 under the hood. The special SSV order package does not cost anyextra.

Hmmm. I wonder what the new F-150 would look like with a body colored grill? Or maybe a body colored surround and chrome bars? Probably wouldn't look as gross as the big black or chrome square that currently distorts the nose of the trucks.

Can anyone tell me why, south of the border, police trucks are so common, and in the United States, they're so rare? Whenever I drive in Mexico, I see more police Rams and Lobos than anything else. Seems like the U.S. prefers police SUVs (Tahoes, Expeditions) for light-duty legwork.

Might have something to do with the drug Cartel war.

HEMI V8 , Mechanic ,TRX4 Tom , MoparMan Raise that STUPID STICK up real high an with all your might and SLAM your face with it .... your FIN stupid POSTS are getting OLD !!!!!!

@Michael - there was a story a while back explaining that crewcab trucks were the prefered tool of the drug cartels. Tons of room for your gang of friendly neighbourhood bandito's and tons of room for carrying weapons, drugs and corpses.

There is a huge market for police and rescue vehicles. I wonder if Ford is just gearing up for the demise of the ubiquitous Crown Victoria.

I just noticed they photoshopped the different paint schemes and light bars onto the same truck. Notice the #13 on both bumpers?

Dodge charger 2012 Hemi pursuit police package set the fastest
lap time ever recorded at the michigan state police annual evaluation tests. It was rated as the police sedan with the best
combination of acceleration,braking,handling and dynamics. Unlike the crown vic with a top speed governor. The dodge charger tops out at 151mph.

0 to 60 5.83 sec
0 to 80 9.18 sec
0 to 100 13.65 sec

@HEMI V8 - govenors on emergency vehicles are pretty common. Police fleets like any fleet buyer are price sensitive. A car with a 151 mph top speed would need "Z" performance rated tires. Those tires are costly to purchase and also tend not to last very long.
Another factor to consider is high speed chases. Too many deaths and property damage from high speed chases. Fire and paramedic fleets have done studies on response times based on speed. The results showed small differences in response times and virtually no difference in patient outcome.
Police forces in big cities are often finding better results by taking the police out of their cars and getting them onto their shoes.

GM North America President Mark Reuss said in an interview that a diesel is among the options for the next-generation Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, which are due in showrooms next spring

Read more:

@cory Not good with small details? Notice at the end of most of those comments you see the phrase "Ford loses,______ wins again"? Does that remind you of a certain moron who hasn't been heard of in a while? Maybe Bob? I wouldn't talk if I were you as your almost as bad with your love of all things Ford and your u tube videos as proof of everything.

Ford loses, GM loses, Ram loses, Toyota loses, everybody loses again. Now that we have that covered, we can stay on topic! We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post.

These vehicles are marketed to local police forces, not to big government. The base im at the cops drive impalas, some escapes, e250, a hand full of rangers, and several supperduties and one expidition. our fire department drives tahoes and f450s for their non fire trucks. The Priority Buy program prohibits feds from buying ecoboost as we are required to buy EVs, Hybrids, ALT fuel (non e85), Bio fuel (b20/e85), unleaded/deisel only. the ecoboost is not e85 so the government has to buy silvarado hybrid, then 5.0 / hemi, then ecoboost. for regular cabs and extend cabs the 3.7 ford is what the new trucks are, the new HDs are ford and chevy 1 tons with both gas and diesel mostly gas f350 crew 4x4 with 6.2. ANd im sorry all you ram fans but those trucks just dont last, the only good thing is the cumins, but when trucks hit thier repair limit and are no longer safe the quality of the motor is a mute point.

Nobody wants this across the boards. These are not available on every F-150 because it is for XL's and they were requested by fleet customers. I'm sure if regular customers petitioned for this they could make it an option but nobody has ever asked for this on any of the forums I have been on. Not once. Not a single time.

If you really want a hole in your front seat, just order the 40/20/40 seats, and take it out yourself. Vinyl is already an option. A larger amp can be purchased on eBay for a couple hundred. Resell the center seat and you have your SSV for free. They make this available so fleets don't have to do the work themselves. It is already done at the factory.

Nobody wants or has requested this across the board. These are not available on every F-150 because it is for XL's and they were requested by fleet customers.

If a private person really want sa hole in your front seat (not sure why a private person would), just order the 40/20/40 seats, and take out the 20 section yourself. Vinyl is already an option for anybody. A 200 amp alternator can be purchased on eBay for a couple hundred. Resell the center seat and OE alternator and you have your SSV for free! You may even make a few dollars on it. They make this available so fleets don't have to do the work themselves. It is already done at the factory. If you as a private person want it, you can make it happen yourself. No need for Ford to make this happen across the board when non-fleets are not requesting it.

I love all the bashing. Where was Dodge 10-20 years ago? Nobody back then used them for much of anything except in the 3/4 ton models. Im not trying to say that Dodge makes a bad product in today's world, but why would we start bashing for no reason. Ford outsells Dodge for a reason. In high speed situations and off road, those coils would make me nervous. The Pentastar as well as the Ecoboost and 5.0 are unproven. Special service vehicles will easily put 200,000 miles and that will be the test. Alaska, Florida, Texas, Michigan, The Dakotas.... all different environments. Ford and GM has dominated all these areas for years for a reason. It's going to take more than an 8 speed and a Ram Box to undo this.

Chrysler Group recently said it is considering a diesel for its light-duty Ram.

Read more:


Ram is taking out Ford in FALL 2012-2013.



Chrysler ruled the police market with the dodge diplomat and the plymouth gran fury until 1989 when they quit building a rear wheel drive sedan. Chevy took over with the caprice until they
quit building a rear wheel drive sedan. Then ford took over with
the crown vic. Now chrysler is back with the charger and ram.
They are all over the state of california. U.S. fleet, state fleet,
city fleet.

@RAM gm, Wrong Chrylser and Ram already took out GM. Ram
took out all of GM HD trucks - Silverado and Sierra.
Ram took out GMC half tons. Next Ram will
take out half tons. Ram is taking out Ford
and Chevy in 2013,

Chrysler makes the best police vehicles.

Ram Special Service

It's got the attitude of an eager rookie and the decades-old experience as one of America's iconic pickup trucks. The 2012 Ram Special Service Vehicle is ideal for police, border, and security applications.

2012 Dodge Charger Pursuit

Receiving overwhelming approval by police, municipal administrators, and the public as well as awarded a Top Safety Pick by IIHS for 2011, the 2012 Dodge Charger Pursuit continues the momentum. Powered by the best V6 in Dodge history, the 3.6-liter Pentastar® V6 with available Flex Fuel capacity or the available legendary 5.7-liter HEMI V8 now features 100,000-mile spark plugs to help keep costs down. Several new features have been added for 2012 with the needs of the police and law enforcement in mind. New seats to accommodate police equipment; new color TFT display in the EVIC; robust GEN 3 front hubs; improvements in the brake vibration and judder; inside, new reading lamps and front and rear climate controls. Additionally, Dodge is the only manufacture to supply the Police Equipment Interface Module as standard equipment and add in the transferable 5-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty(1) to see why the Charger Pursuit is the best choice for your organization.

Durango Special Service Vehicle Pursuit

@Hemi V8 i work for the federal governemnt and manage 1400 vehicles we have not recived any current body style rams, Ford and Chevy have been winning contracts. I like my job as i can see what vehicles last, which ones don't and the common problems each drive train has and ways to mitigate those problems. For instance i drive a Ford with the 5.4L V8 a comon problem is with the spark plugs that corrode to the block and cause more damage to the motor if you leave them in for the recomended 100k miles if you switch them every 50k than the problemb goes away. We have dialed in the fixes for the 6.0 pretty much asme problems with the egr and there are solutions that we use one the truck has a problem to prevent it from happening again. Our 6.0 do take up alot of space in the shop, but these engines are removed from the truck pice buy pice as we are not able to remove the cab like ford does to get too the motor, these engines also spend most of their lives at idle. I honestly have not seen any evidence that dodges are the most reliable, Fords are the most but hardest to fix, Chevys break more than fords but have less down time b/c they are an easier fix, the dodge breaks more than the Chevys and tke longer to fix than a Ford. Honestly if i get rid of all the 6.0s than Fords reliability and ease of maintainence make it a logical choice. Remeber fleet vehicles are not treated the best.

My god all these RAM fanboys are getting a touch annoying with their "GUTS GLORY RAM" bullcrap. Ram is NOT taking out for in 2012. Good freakin luck with that..... Ford has been the numer one police etc provider for a reason. they make things work. they work WITH the people who use their vehicles to best suit them. they set up the interiors to accomodate all the equipment needed. the rest, Rams, chargers, etc. they gotta cram all their equiptment into a typical truck. at least thats what ive seen from the few chargers ive seen. With the fords, they make it work for the police. the taurus interceptor does this great, utliizing an interior that allows a direct swap from crown vid into tuarus interior computers, and equipment. doesnt get any easier. this is a FORD article. i didnt come here to read a bunch of losers spouting off their fantasies of Ram taking out Ford. its not gonna happen. lay off the drugs.

@Carilloskis yeah thats what i see here all the forest ranger stations all have mostly chevy's and ford's here in there lots but there are a few dodges they have floating around

Speaks for itself.

Alright, I am a diehard Ram Fan but I am really starting to agree with people calling the Ram Fan Boys annoying. Though I think Ram will take down Chevy as number 2 within the next year, there is no way that Ram is taking down Ford anytime soon. Ford out sells Ram by a large margin. By 2012/2013 is just a wild dream!

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