Ford Releases Two More 2013 F-150s, and We Give a Little Advice

Raptor grille II

If you've ever seen lava flow, you know it usually starts out pretty fast but then slows to a painfully creep the farther down the hill it gets. And no matter how many times you see lava flow, you can't take your eyes off its methodical, painfully slow march, usually toward the ocean. That's the image that keeps coming back to me as Ford masterfully releases its 2013 F-150 lineup ... one trim package at a time.

So far, we've seen the XLT, Lariat, FX4, and now we're getting into Ford's more highly profitable lineup with the 2013 Limited (all-new) and SVT Raptor. Both trucks are obviously interesting and likely to be hugely successful for Ford in the coming year, but this has to be, without a doubt, the most methodical and overly planned release of a model lineup in the history of new-truck introductions.

Hey Ford, we get it: Your trucks are so special that each trim package is deserving of another press conference, press release and special event.

Of course, we know you guys are pretty smart. The longer you draw out the information, the more likely we are to do another story on your Ford trucks, and that means one less story for the competition. Well done. You got us. But here's some free advice: Sometimes, it's OK to let your products speak for themselves and not tie them to a press event or hyped release.

The truth is, sometimes, when you make so much effort, jumping up and down (and don't get us wrong, sometimes we think that's exactly what could be appropriate), making a big noise about all the shiny bits and pieces and unique features you have over here, it makes us think what is it over there you don't want us to look at.

Clearly, every trim package is unique and has some very special features certain customers are going to enjoy. But are we to expect the King Ranch at the State Fair of Texas, the Platinum on Rodeo Drive, and the next Harley F-150 (if there is one) at Sturgis? At some point, we're going to call uncle, but until we reach that point, we'll continue covering important trucks.

With that said, here are the highlights from the two newest F-150s for 2013.

2013 Ford F-150 Limited

2013 F-150 Limited Red II

Unless you've been living under a rock, you knew this was coming. With all the attention and solid sales numbers behind the premium trim packages in both the half-ton and heavy-duty segments, Ford now has a new level of luxury: the sepreme. The Limited package will be above the King Ranch, Platinum and Harley-Davidson F-150 trims, and you can expect the price to reflect that when it's announced closer to the actual on-sale date later this year.

“The F-150 Limited signifies the highest levels of design refinement, luxury and technology that we’ve ever offered in a Built Ford Tough pickup truck,” said Raj Nair, Ford's group vice president for product development. “The F-150 Limited reflects a growing trend – more and more customers today have high expectations for luxury and convenience, yet their needs call for a truly capable truck.”

2013 F-150 LImited int II

Limited models will be available in three monochromatic colors (Ruby Red, Tuxedo Black Metallicand Platinum White Metallic), have high-intensity-discharge headlights, include all the towing options you could want (including the new electric PowerFold mirrors), a moonroof, the new MyFord Touch and Sync, as well as a unique gauge cluster. Other high-end luxury touches include heated and cooled front seats (rear seats are just heated), special black or red leather, aluminum trim accents and panels, and ambient mood lighting. The rear window features a power slider.

All Limited models will be powered by the EcoBoost V-6, offered only in SuperCrew, and sport a set of specially tuned shocks. The model can be ordered in 4x4 or 4x2 configurations.

2013 Ford SVT Raptor

Raptor straight II

If there's a bigger success story than Ford's SVT Raptor in the factory-truck world, we haven't heard about it. Ford Raptor sales are up 20 percent over 2011, but under Ford's mantra of continuous improvement, the 2013 is packed with several interesting and cool features.

“Ford F-150 SVT Raptor’s popularity continues to grow based on its proven reputation,” said Ford SVT Chief Engineer Jamal Hameedi. “It’s the ultimate high-performance off-road pickup, so it’s critical that we continue to push the boundaries of off-road capability. New available beadlock wheels help to improve Raptor’s performance in soft sand and other challenging conditions, enabling our customers to go further.”

The new Raptors will get the same improved interior center console that includes a new 4.2-inch center information screen on base models, as as the available new center stack layout, with the new 8-inch LCD screen when equipped with the MyFord Touch multimedia and navigation system, when equipped with the upgraded option. 2013 Raptors will also get the new HID headlight option that will allow for much whiter and brighter headlights when exploroing remote terrain.

Raptor HID II

Additionally, and for the first time on any factory-available vehicle, 2013 Raptors will offer a forged wheel that can be upgraded (converted really) to true beadlock rims. Converting to beadlocks simply requires customers to buy the kit from Ford Racing and remount the tires. This system allows users to run at very low tire pressures (something many extreme trail enthusiasts like to do) without the worry of a tire coming off the rim. Once back on pavement, airing the tires is all that needs to be done for safe pavement driving.

All 2013 Raptors will continue to offer unique performance seating, a contrasting blue-black interior and padded, leather-trimmed steering wheel. Finally, Raptor gets a new desert-terrain-inspired color called Terrain. (Yes, it's tan.)

All Raptors will continue to use the 6.2-liter V-8 and offer the Torsen front differential, six-speed Select-Shift transmission, and front and rear cameras. Expect pricing to be announced later this fall.






fun fact more 60 grand half ton useless trucks from furd LOL

I don't understand why the raptor sells so well. Its a great truck, but costs an arm and a leg, and for that cost one could put together something much more capable. Are there that many people that want Raptor levels of performance but are not interested in doing any work themselves or paying someone else to do it? Do most people that buy Raptors actually take them off road, or is the Raptor becoming the new Cherokee, where everyone likes to have one and brag about how good it is off road, while never actually taking it there?

I like the headlights, but offering beadlock wheels,.......well I don't really approve since people don't know how to take care of them properly and I don't want to work on them.

The red leather in the Limited is nice. I'm not sure why a company has to have that many trim packages. Kinda explains Ford's record profits.

I have a rebuttal to the advice segment. and Ram were doing a little overhyping of their own. did 12 articles on the 2013 Ram, 4 articles on the 2013 F-150, and 2 articles on the 2013 GM trucks. GM had almost no real changes for 2013 and Ford with some real changes got only 2 more mentions than GM.

Other than the air air suspension and radiator slats, the Ram with 12 articles which read like press releases, gets a so you copied Ford once again from me. Most of the things Ram brags about are already on the F-150.

There was only 1 event for the F-150 and it was a closed event with the Future Farmers of America.

Personally, I tink the more press releases the better. If it wasn't for Ford, this would have been a pretty boring place the last few years.

I can't believe they have not offer a beadlock rim any sooner

No one has a clue how much people actually pay for Raptors. I paid 46K for mine and it has Nav, Lux pack, and sunn roof. Everyone thinks they are 60K because some idiots go to the dealer and pay 5K over sticker for them. My raptor cost slightly more than my buddies RAM, as it should.

I was hoping for a new engine. Say, the 5.8L 650hp DOHC from the GT500. Why not? The Raptor is an SVT. The Lightning shared the SVT Mustang engine. Do you really need an iron block?

What kind of automatic leveling do the HID headlights have?
[it would be criminally irresponsible not to have that function]
regular or dynamic.

Fun Fact:
Toyota is the ONLY auto manufacturer to comply with the J2807 standard.

Fun Fact:
Toyota had to lower there tow ratings!

I wish they showed the raptor with the terrrain color, im looking at getting another raptor around december and that color might be a winner. i hope they still offer the 2012 wheels as those are me favaorite ones to be offered on the truck so far.

The Limited is gorgeous! Silverado needs to have stuff like this. I wish Chevrolet had a Raptor competitor as well. I see quite a few of them now.

Oh and i spent 37K on my 2010 raptor 5.4 luxury pkg, moon roof, trialer break controler. only 3 options missing , NAV, 6.2 and stickers. i will never buy a vehicle with nav b/c i know where im going and if i get lost i have my phone lol, and an atlas, also i am not affraid to ask for directions. Just save 3k simple you dont need a nav.

It is brilliant marketing to drag it out this way. Putting the product before the public multiple times is far more effective than one big splash. There is sufficient difference between the products to get "truck people" to pay attention to each splash. Brilliant.

Phillyguy:::: your answer in one word, posers!, in all these articles not anything on a plain ol XL? I would like to know if there is anything new about them? I would like to see a HD short bed 4X4, with plow package, and heavy duty gwv! maybe even Ecoo-Boost in reg cab short bed!

Where is the Eco-boost option for the Raptor? The 6.2 doesn't exaclty get great gas mileage. And most of these people are not buying the Raptor to use off road. Plus the Eco-boost is already desert tested. And the Eco-boost has more torque. Thoughts?

Fun Fact:
Toyota had to lower there tow ratings!

Fun Fact: "When Ford gets the engineering correct on the next gen F-Series pickups and they are able to obtain a SAE tow rating I will be the first to stand up and applaud." 5.3L LOL not a Ford Employee

Why does the article say the "Limited" is a new model. It was there in the same body style for 2011. Didn't sell too well (in my opinion) because of the 6.2l only gas hog and higher gas prices at the time. Otherwise it was essentially equipped the same as the "Harley" edition was. Different grill and color is the only real differences. Still a very nice truck. Nice to see a red interior available again. Had that back in '89 in a Lariat.

Simply put "Build it & they will come & pay to buy one!" Enough said! Ford is makin alot of cash on these trucks & there is a line of people willing to pay a premuim for them! I do not blame ford at all! All of you complainers are just jealous of the people who have the diposable cash for these vehicles! Not everybody has two or three children to pay for in this world! I have a Harley Davidson Edition F-150 & love it!

You guys dragged out a bajillion articles about the 2013 Ram so why are y'all complaining about writing multiple articles about the 2013 F150? Didn't y'all apply for this job because you wanted to write articles about trucks? I see no issue in making multiple articles about truck changes. I assume when the 2014 Silverado/Sierra information is released there will be quite a few different articles about it also. Honestly if this is the main thing you have to complain about in your job, then thank your lucky stars that you don't have real problems like getting shot at, physically tortured, etc.

The F150's look so much better with the color matched grill like the limited and FX4. I kinda wish you could get that Raptor hood on other models that is my favorite. Oy ya before the loser comes in always saying:


there got that out of the

Half an article on a truck site, complaining there is something to write about. Why do you think we come here, and that you can sell adds on your site? News draws views. Look at all the responses to the Ford, GM, and Ram news release articles. There are many more responses/views to those articles than some other items on here.
I'm sure Ford is glad you are giving them marketing advice. For the past few years they have been marketing geniuses. Ram seems to be following that style more lately too. Good for them.

A editor/writer for a online news website complaining about too much new press releases. What is the point of this website again? To draw new viewers and to make money? Write as little new articles as possible to make it easier? Seriously now, just write the articles and leave your opinion out of it. We don't want one guys opinion nor does a manufacturer care. We want as much facts/data and news as possible.

@Noah , the 6.2 is the reason i dont own a crew Raptor, I know tons of peple who wheel their raptors. WHo know how a turbo will stand up long term to the abuse that raptor owners put them through. I like many other Raptor owners wash my truck after it gets dirty. so when i have to get out of it i dont get dirt if i bruch up against it. every othe rweekend im wwashing it down getting the mud and muck off of it.
Who know how well the turbo system would hold up in the raptor in the long term the ecoboost needs more cooling and the Raptor has to have vents to cool its engine, and belive me when you get out after wheeling and walk past thoes gills on the side you can definalty tell the motor is hot. The Hero motor when i ran the Baja had extra cooling, probalby not cost effective. Most Raptors are daliy drivers, the cost of fuel is more compare to an ecoboost but not $40k (the cost of a comparable eco boost) and if you buy an econo car between the purchase price, maintaince , insurance and gas it would take a long time to break even making the Raptor the cheap altenative for people who off road alot.
To be honset 15 years ago there was no need for raptors as just about any 4x4 pick up and SUV could go on any dirt road. But thanks to the EPA the new trucks are lower with low bumpers and front air dams ect. bigger crumple zones that hurt aproach angles mean that a raptor is one of the few choices for people who like to ride in climate controled compfort while exploring the wild, the dust in the face Jeep and ATV thing is not for every one. ALternates vehicles are just as pricey 4 runner trail and Power wagon are not cheap either 4 runner trail is around 40k raptor supper crew 46k and Power wagon 47k and wrangler rubicon unlimites are 35k there is about a 12k range between these off road vehicles, makeing the raptor a pretty good price. FX4 crew with eco boost is 42k so 4k more for suspension upgrades tire up grades front limited slip better skid plates rock delector/runnning board fenders, off road mode, Hill decent control, borg waner transfer case, leather seats thats a pretty good deal you could not replicate that for 4k. Additionaly an fx4 is not designed to runn lifted or with bigger tires so the entire way the truck preforms would change many people see value in what the raptor offers and see that its a better deal than building your own and voiding the warenty.

Bill B,

You're referring to the "Lariat Limited". This new trim is not that. It's a "Limited" that's actually being marketed as higher trim than the Platinum. And FYI, the Lariat Limited sold well, but Ford limited it to only a certain number available so obviously there was only a few to be sold (think it was 1,100 if I'm not mistaken). If you have enough cash to throw down on a brand new, top of the line ~$50k vehicle than gas prices/fuel economy is not your main concern.

I call uncle on Mark Williams. It spunds like you don't appreciate your job with what you wrote in this article. Press releases are the whole point the news part of this website exists and your job at all. And we don't need analogies of lava to trucks or personal opinions on a manufactures marketing tactics. All we want is facts and this place gets them to us first with the most information.

ford850 and Jugger,

Agree with y'all wholeheartedly. It boggles my mind why half an article had to be devoted to ranting about having to do the job you signed up for.

What makes me angry is I found more information on this and quotes from Mike Levine in the NY Times than I found here on the website Mike Levine founded which complained about the reason Mike made this website so successful - the articles and information. Other websites have much, much better pictures, too. Step it up, and stop complaining about your job. You had no problem writing way too many articles on the 2013 Ram and wrote 4 on the 2013 F-150 but Ford is problem? This makes you look biased or a little bit cranky. I hope it is the latter.

Mark, you're doing a great job. Keep it up, the trolls don't speak for all of us! I would love to see more video reviews and comparisons.

Looks like a new grill in headlights. Whats all the hype about?

Factory beadlocks? While I applaud the ingenuity, I have to question the logic. I'm not aware of any DOT approved beadlock tires, meaning that someone who mounts this kit is likely to earn a ticket when they venture onto an interstate highway...and perhaps even when they venture out onto their state's roads.

While I know beadlock fans argue the tires are legal, I also know more than a few Jeep owners who've been ticketed for driving their beadlock wearing Wranglers on public roads.

Finally I wonder about Ford's liability here. Add it up and it seems like a beadlock kit is an accessory that's best left to the after-market.

Are you excited to get up in the morning? People with a passion are, and they're energized about what they are doing. You need to live and breathe what it is that you want, and be passionately invested in both the journey and the goal.

Please takke care of yourself. People who consistently win are consciously committed to self-management. They are the most important resource they have in achieving their goals. They actively manage their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

You have the duty and gift of living. You don't have the right to sit on the sidelines--use your life and get back into the game.

Won't be buying one, no matter the trim packages. Went to Ford's site last night and priced three different vehicles, two trucks and a car. On none of them could I get the options I wanted without having SYNC jacked in for no real purpose. Every time I clicked to remove SYNC, all the rest of the options I wanted vanished. Every time I clicked the other options I wanted, SYNC got jacked back in.

FORD, how about giving your customers the things they want, instead of believing you know better.


All comments noted, especially the constructive criticism. I'm back now. No question Mike set a pretty high standard and that will always be our guiding target. And apologies may be in order if my "suggestions" to Ford that were interpreted as complaining about having too much to write about. Nothing could be further from the truth. We're not asking Ford for anything we wouldn't ask ourselves--we're not just looking press releases about a new models, we're looking for quality improvements.

As several pointed out, PUTC wants to be the most thorough and detailed and informed source for anyone interested in new trucks that warrant thoroughness and detail. I think we proved that with the deep-dive we got for the 2013 Ram 1500 coverage. This shouldn't be about liking Ford more than Ram--it should be about preferring substance over fluff.

Should we go to that same level of detail every time a new option or trim package comes out each year? Maybe that's what we're debating here. With that said, and as you'll note, we highlighted each of the new trucks and no doubt we'll highlight the next new models that come out as well.

For now, we'll just shut up and drive.

Why wouldn't you go into this much detail? This is You go into detail for one, you go into it for the other.

Was it really that drawn out?

First, was the unveiling of the new front end styling, and advanced technology such as MFT and HID lights.

Second, was the package for police, fire and rescue.

Third, was the new Limited and Raptor with beadlocks.

It makes perfect sense to split this info up into three parts instead of jamming it all in at once.

The police stuff doesn't belong with the others and most people don't care about that unless they are in the business. So in actuality there was just 2 parts: the initial reveal, and the later info on the Limited/Raptor. You even said yourself there was some REAL improvements in style and technology.

Firstly thank you to the raptor owners for letting us know what they paid. Paying ~$40K for a Raptor is a world different than the $60K+ I thought people were paying, now it makes much more sense to me.

For those comparing the Ram articles to the ford ones, the Ram articles covered each of the new features separately as each is a pretty big deal since its a first for a half ton pickup. The Ford articles are just pointing out each trim level as it is shown, that isn't really big news.

I was a Chevy man for years but Ford trucks are built so much better now. Very durable bodies and interiors. In my F-150 there's not a squeek or interior rattle anywhere. The things are built sturdy and Solid! The Chevy's just seem so tinny and cheaply constructed now. And look at this Limited. The Ford's are so much nicer looking than Chevy's anymore and they have Far nicer interiors. I couldn't get an interior this nice in a Chevy if I begged. There's no doubt Ford is the leader in truck manufacturing. Dodge looks to be gaining ground. Seeing this stuff just makes me that much more disappointed in what Chevrolet became.

Great, more bling for the uppity masses, and more things for the off-roader's truck, but where is the street performance truck?

Why can't we set a reg. cab shorty with the ecoboost?

@ Joe: Fun Fact: GM also had to lower their tow ratings, by as much as 4800 lbs! Using the same standard, my Tundra is rated to tow more than a 2500 HD 4x4, ext cab, 8ft bed and 3.73 gears.

Scott, sounds like more crying that there isn't enough Ford news for you? Oh, one major detail besides the grill slats and the air suspension (that's a pretty big change itself) that you forgot is the eight speed. They reported change in the 2013 Ram, doesn't matter if it's something the F-150 already has, it's being changed and their job is to tell us about it. You can call it copying Ford, but it's progressing. I guess if Ford changes their truck to make it more aerodynamic, then would that be copying Ram, the way you think?

Sounds like your upset cause it's not like a year to year and a half ago one alot of the stories were about F-150s. And Mikes not here too.

There is plenty of Ford news. Plenty of Ram news. Plenty of everything. You are missing my point. Mark is questioning how much detail he should go into for the Fords calling it fluff and forgetting how much detail he went into for the Ram which alot of the Ram stuff was fluff...

The more I read about the Ram, the less I am impressed about it:
LED headlights, cool on the first few cars that had them, now it is nothing groundbreaking, will be on F150 as well
Power folding mirrors, Ford said 2005 and wants its option back
Automatic wipers, already on my Ford
Electric steering, see above
4 wheel disc brakes, so 1999 F-150
centerstack, see 2013 F-150 with MFT
Power slider with defrost, my Ford already has that
6’4” bed on a crew cab, Ford gives you that already plus another 2”
Aluminum hood, Ford says welcome to 1997
Start/Stop was a pain on every car I have driven with it; see latest report on Chrysler is being investigated for stalling.
keyless entry, already have, push button start and rotator
tailgate that locks automatically, nice but that could be filed under fluff
dial - too girly and do not want in a truck
Interior - saw it at the auto show felt too soft and western-like, Ford's felt better and are more diverse.
The 8 speed is significant but is really more like a 6 speed from reading about it

In all, one only had to write 3 stories on F-150. Is 3 stories too much detail? There were only two if you discount the police package.

If you read the order guide released today, Ford didn't even touch on half of the changes. For instance the 6.2L will now be optional in XLT, FX, Lariat and Platinum without Max Tow.

6.2 in the Raptor is plain ol economy in numbers, nobody wants it as an option when available,(over EB) so they make it standard (manditory) on the Harley truck, and the Raptor, because they spent so much moola $$$ denaro, big bucks $$$$ and did I mention money? that that is the only way they can get rid of them in the 1/2ton!after going through all the trouble to get it trough fed. requirments, un know all the enigeering that went into fitting the engine into the 1/2t, they had to make it worth there while. Even though it comes standard across the board in the SD.

I think that another reason that they don't put the eco in the Raptor is because it would get not so eco 14/19mpg and harm the ecoboosts image because of the heavier, lower geared, heavier/taller wheel/ drivetrain off road purpose built Raptor.
Maybey the next version of the ecoboost v6 will make it into the raptor for 2014/2015. Ford is slow on updates if the competition doesn't bring any real competition and holds its cards until the the rest have laid it down. The ecoboost is detunned from the start. I can get a Livernoise tune for $600 for an additional 100+ hp/tq on F150 or SHO engines. My wife drives a Lincoln MKS ecoboost (Taurus SHO equvalent) and it surprises me every time I drive it with its power/speed.

Can you get the red leather with a girly man step?

I hate misleading statements because I checked the only way to get a 100hp gain with the ecoboost is when its falling on its face and not peak gains The good news is you can almost get another usable 100lb ft by tuning it. The other cool thing about the ecoboost you might not know is that the stock ecoboost @2500 rpm makes more RWLB FT than a supercharged Tundra. Here is the comparison dyno's and


Fail post of the year. The 8 speed is more like a 6 speed after reading about it.

The 8 speed is the BEST transmission on the market. It kills every other conventional automatic transmission in: overall ratio, shift quickness, shift quality, strength for weight, and power transfer efficiency.

Here is a stat you probably won't understand. Ford's 6 speed has an overall ratio of 6.04:1. The overall ratio on the first 7 speeds on the 8 speed is close to equaling it, and it still has another gear to go. Overall ratio for the 8 speed is 7.01:1. Ram with 8 speed and a 3.21 rearend ratio with the Hemi will equal your precious EB with 4.10 in performance, and beat it in FE.

The rest of your post sounds like you are whining about Ford taking the back seat to Ram.

Guts GLORY Ram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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