GM Manufacturing Chief Has Hands Full

Tremblay 5

Photo credit: Reuters

If you don't know the name Diana Tremblay, you will. She's in charge of the highly visible production plant changeovers for the coming full-size pickup trucks and full-size SUVs. And if you don't think her job is on the line with this series of launches, think again. 

Reuters is reporting that the first of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks will go on sale sometime in the second quarter, so the global manufacturing chief will have to stay on top of all the plants as they attempt to completely retool and upgrade themselves in preparation for the new 2014 and 2015 products.   

The article is published in today's Automotive News and has a lot to say about how important these full-size pickup and SUV launches are to GM. Regardless of what the naysayers are saying nowadays, the GM full-size pickups are still the No. 2-selling vehicle in the country and are reported by some to be responsible for as much as 60 percent (when platforms are considered, which would include the full-size SUVs) of the corporation's yearly profit. 

For the full story on the plant changeover rollouts and how and where Tremblay made her way to this important position, click here

We've also received a few more spy shots from our shooters in the Las Vegas desert. It looks like the new GM platforms and the various powertrains are undergoing severe hot-weather testing. Our guess is they're either just coming back from or on their way to Davis Dam for final prove-outs. 

Spy photos from Brenda Priddy & Co. 

2014 Silverado_JK_jun12_priddy1 II

2014 Silverado_JK_jun12_priddy2 II

2014 Silverado_JK_jun12_priddy4 II






Both Chrysler companies? Oh, so that is why so many people have problems with their transfer cases. lol.

Wouldn't that be a worthless test without towing a load? I don't see a hitch.

The new 2014 1500 design will start production in the 1st quarter of 2103?

@ken 2nd quarter of 2103 atleast they got the front bumpers on now maybe the trailers where waitting some place?

Interesting story about Diana Tremblay. It is truly pathetic that they have to point out in almost every paragraph that she is a woman.
Are they surprised that a woman can do a traditional male job?

2nd quarter of 2013?
Does USA fiscal quarters run callendar year or April 1 to March 31?
If it is callendar year we will see new Chevy's in the middle of summer.
If it is April 1 fiscal start that would mean a fall release.


@Lou I was reading on Mark Reuss said the new trucks should be on sale in spring of 2013 about 2 weeks ago.

The truck in the bottom pic has a hitch.

I don't care much about the Sierra but I hope this new Silverado kicks serious ass. Hopefully they ditched those fender bulges and fixed the front end. Hopefully there's some Platinum and King Ranch editions.

I am waiting for the new Chevy, I am going to get either new Chevy, or Dodge reg cab 4X4, short bed, wiht the biggest V-8 I can, rollup win. vinyl floors and any HD tow/cooling package they have! all I want inside is a lot of speakers and watts!

Fun Fact: It must be very hard on the soul to be in charge of manufacturing such an ugly truck. No self-respecting citizen would want their name associated with such a job.

It looks like GM kept the boxy front end and lowered the windshield angle to improve drag. The dramatically increased windshield rake doesn't look right in the 2nd picture. Who will be the first truck manufacturer to create a lower valence wind deflector that will atomatically deploy above 35 mph. This way it can be lower to get good fuel economy and not drag on under normal driving/4x4 conditions. Drap is not a factor until a certain speed and the wind deflectors do look bad even theough the manufactures try to hide them.

Looks like they finally put the wipers down.. sound crazy but I did not buy one of these trucks just for that reason.. In a truck I want to see the hood not the wipers.

Hopefully they have further improved the drive train to get rid of the clunky rear end and transmission. I hate getting that cluck coming off of a stop light when the trans. decides it's time to shift back to first gear, or the backlash in the rear becomes noticeable. How many years does it take for GM to figure this out?

@FearTheVoices, my last Silverado had that noise and it was unbearable. The dealer said it was normal. Funny, when I traded it off on my F-150 I no longer had it. If it's normal then why doesn't my Ford clunk? I also had a knocking noise in my engine that the dealer said was once again normal piston slap. Yet again, my F-150 has no such noise. And Far better interior and body quality. My last Silverado was just abysmal. I had 5 new Chevy trucks before that and never had any issue with clunks, knocks or piss poor build quality. It's like GM got gutter-bottom of the barrell cheap. It's completely destroyed their reputation of old for stout-quality built Chevy trucks. This lady has her work cut out for her.

That clunk transmission/driveshaft/rearend is still a problem? I had a family member who wanted to buy American instead of the Tundra and got a new silverado in 99 when it came out with every option and 5.3l v8. The dealer said that the clunk was normal also and would not fix it. Clunked after taking off every time. Not too many other issues besides dropping to 2nd gear at highway speeds to pull a trailer up a hill, getting stuck in 4wheel low on occasions(sensor not warmed up for 30 minutes) and spitting one spark plug. The lesson of this story is that there is one less GM customer now because of that stupid clunk that GM would not fix.

The 2014 Chevy Silverado will be clunk free and class leading.

Let me set your facts straight for you, HEMI V8: It is true that Chrysler bought New Process Gear way back, but it became New Venture when Chrysler merged New Process into GM's Muncie Gear Division. New Venture continued under joint GM/DaimlerChrysler ownership until it was sold to Magna about 5 years ago.

I know of two other Chevy trucks that had the clunk and the dealer fixed them under warranty by replacing the front yoke on the drive line.

My 05 truck developed the clunk at about 80,000 miles well out of warranty. Guess what I did. I did a google search and found a fix for it in about 2 minutes. I then went and jacked up the back end and using a 7/16 wrench pulled the drive line and greased the splines on the front yoke. I reinstalled the driveline and cleaned up total time 10 minutes and the clunk was gone. My truck is setting a 160.000 miles now and I've had to grease the splines two other times.

So if you guys were stupid enough to go a trade your truck and take a financial beat down over a 10 miinute fix. I really have no respect for you opinion at all, and you've made me question the intellect of the average Ford owner.

good job Jack!!! and I'll go one better, if and when my Chevy ever makes any unwanted noises like mentioned, I'd replace said universal joint with a better aftermarket hypo unit, with grease fittings, then problem solved! But I havent ever had any said noises comming from any Chevy to date, the only noise I did get was from the mid steering shaft made a noise, and the dealer replaced with the factory upgrade, again problem solved, I have been getting a sound that sounds like a bottom end noise from my 2011 F-150 Ecco-boost though, mostly when cold, out 50's-, but now that the weather has gotin warmer, well noise seems to be gone, but I'am worried, but the truck is under warratee so can't be too bad huh? other than that the truck is nice a strong! I have been speading 3/4" blue stone in our driveway, and a good load is about 2,200-2,500lbs. and the truck is rated for 2,800, the truck rides nice and level on the lighter loads, and never needs more power! and boy does it ever ride nice then, I don't have but 1 8 miles round trip, so I don't know what the mpg is, but the computer is telling me 18mpg fully loaded, thats not bad!

People shouldn't need a repair manual/ search internet for fixes to repair their brand new truck under warranty. Most people don't even have mechanical skills or are at that point in their life that they care not to fix their own vehicles anymore. I fix everything myself from clutch changes to AC compressors. I would rather use that labor money to buy the correct tools to do the job for less money. I will only take my truck to the dealer to get my dually wheels roadforce balanced. I don't trust them to do a oil change right. The point is there is no reason for a clunk on a new truck in the first place. The second is that it should of been fixed under warranty. The GM dealer replaced the yoke and it did not stop the clunk. It has to be a transmission or differential issue. The greasing the spline repair was not the cause either.

I think this lady is capable of handling the GM truck division. Contrary to some of the comments about GM being number 2 that is not such a bad place to be in the US truck market. Sure number 1 is better but number 2 is not chopped liver. GM should improve some of these problems such as piston slap, clunks when shifting into gears, low hanging frames, and some other problems but these can be fixed and probably will be fixed. I have owned several Chevys as well as Fords & Chryslers and all have their good points and bad points. GM is far from dead. Before I get the hammer out to put the nails in GM's coffin I want to wait till their new redesigned trucks have been out in the market a couple of years. Something tells me that they will be much better. If Ford and Ram come out with better trucks after this then that is good for the consumer. That doesn't mean though that GM is dead nor their trucks any good. Just make a good reliable dependable truck that is a good value for the money.

I had that driveline clunk bad in an older Dodge Ram. Same deal, just grease the U-joint slip splines once in awhile. Most of the time you hear about these disgruntled "I'll never buy another brand X truck again because blah blah blah" owners, their problems had more to do with the dealer than the actual truck. And that's true for all the makes.


I'm a Chevy guy but I do respect Fords trucks. It just amazes me the amount of whinning over stupid crap from 'Truck Guys'. All trucks have there little issues that aggravate thier owners and, the longer you own it the more likely one of these problems will surface. The difference is a "Truck Guy' will fix it and keep going. The 'Posers' (probably 90% of the people here) cry to daddy and have him buy them a new truck.

The 2014 Chevy Silverado will be clunk free and class leading.

@Bob, will it be wavy sheetmetal free too? These Silverado's right now should have Never been greenlighted with the wavy metal. Look at any brand new Chevy and over the rear wheel openings the sheetmetal waves all over the place from the base opening to about 3 inches up.. Every time I see a new Chevy I just shake my head in disgust at this. WHO let this happen? Is the Silverado not GM's #1 selling vehicle?? And they did This to it?? Very poor quality control. The metal itself and the bumpers are likewise far too thin. They took it too far on these trucks.

From the poor metal and metal forming to the drum brakes to the piston slap to the low slung frames on the HD's to the visually ugly design to the worst interiors in the business, I don't see how this lady will make a difference in anything. The difference will come from proper engineering, proper design and time off at Bean Counters office. Chevrolet once built the best trucks in the business. Now they're hands down the worst.

@big blob, Nice try to take the credit for what i already stated.


@HEMI V8 - Big Bob doesn't sound like a jerk when he says it!

Not trying to take credit, it's just you seemed to have left out the part about GM and Muncie. You also left out the part about Magna screwing the UAW and moving the whole show to Mexico after they closed Syracuse.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that since 2002, all Ram HD's (except for the 4500 and 5500) use axles supplied by American Axle Manufacturing. AAM is GM's axle manufacturing business that was spun off in 1997. The axles are still GM designs, and still use a lot of casting supplied by GM's Defiance Foundry.

I had a '86 Ram D-350 company truck years ago, and I thought it was funny the truck had GM (Saginaw) steering box and power steering pump, and even had a Rochester Quadrajet carb.! I also had a '68 GMC pickup that had a New Process 435 4 speed transmission.

Fact is all the domestic auto manufacturers have shared parts for years.

@big bob, No need for big boring posts. Just stating the facts.

The GM muncie plant was abandoned. New Process gear moved
into the building giving G.M. a small share in New Process gear.
After the move because of a fire in New process gear plant it was renamed New venture gear. It was a property deal.
CHRYSLER owned it . G.M. had a 36% share. G.M. sold their share back to chrysler in 2002. CHRYSLER sold 80% in 2004.
Sold the rest 20% in 2008. CHRYSLER was THE 4x4 transfer case supplier for the big 3. DODGE,FORD and CHEVY. Way before G.M. Gave CHRYSLER a building to house thier co. in in 1990. Also supplied standard transmissions for the big 3.

I love the look of the current GMC Sierra HD trucks, hope they don't change too much. The interior is what i am interested in seeing, should be a great truck.

@Hemi V8 - ah yes, Alpar the Mopar bible for the annointed.

And don't forget that Mopar built the A-bomb and single handedly won world war II.
And don't forget that the hemi is the best ever drag racing engine.
And don't forget that Ram is now Italian.
And don't forget that HD's are Hecho en Mexico.
And don't forget that most of Chrysler's better vehicles are based on Mercedes Benz or Fiat platforms.

Guts....Glory...... Fiat..... er Axis Allies er..... do you want pizza or buritto's in that ice filled Ram box?

@Lou, Maybe you should remove your blue oval blind fold and study allpar. You might be surprised how many innovations
chrysler has given to the auto industry. Then compare them to fords. You will learn how far ahead of their time they were.
They were known as the engineering company. Look at thier
products now. The RAM 2013 blows the competition out of the water.

@Lou, you forgot a few. Just off the top of my head.

CHRYSLER made numerous model tanks

b29 bombers that dropped the atom bomb


power wagons and other heavy trucks weapons carriers

radar and radar guns

guns and missles

@HEMI V8 - I read all sorts of sources.
"Study Alpar" ???
Why would I "study" any brand history? You DO make it sound like religion. "Alpar the Mopar bible for the annointed".

I don't have anything against Chrysler other than the Grand Caravan and all of the lame waste of time comments made by the Ramoxi cheerleader society.

@ ah Lou, Your just mad because your bible the JD power and
associates put your FORD below average quality.

Hey Hemi V8, do you want to know why Daimler sold 80% of NV to Magna in 2004? Interesting story. Magna wanted NV for years, but Daimler wouldn't sell. NV was bidding on the very large contract to supply GM with transfer cases for the GMT 900 trucks and SUV's. Magna decided to bid on that contract too, and ended up undercutting NV buy a wide margin. Funny thing was Magna, at the time, didn't manufacture transfer cases! Magna had a good design, and GM gave the contract to them based on their reputation. Now some say that Magna knew Daimler would sell NV if they lost the GM contract. And some say Magna underbid that contract just to get Daimler to sell NV. All I know for sure is Magna got NV and the 2007 GM trucks and SUV's came with Magna transfer cases...........

@ Big bob and Hemi v8 Fun fact: Ram is no longer using NV t cases in there LD or HD trucks. They are now using Borg Warner


No, they don't. Borg Warner supplies transfer case for F-150...

Stop studying allpar - it melds with the mind.

@Jordon L, Read this = case identification in the green section.

@Jim D, Read the green section=it's not LOL

@Jim D, Read this bottom of page=

@ Hemi v8. About half way into the 2012 model year Chrysler made the switch. I'm a mechanic at a Chrysler dealer by the way. Been a long time since a new truck rolled through with an NV t case. Not sure why they changed. The NV was a good unit. Hopefully the Borgs are as well.

@Jordan L, & Jim D, I do realize Borg warner has made and sold
transfer cases. My point is the fact that CHRYSLERS new process gear who has been around longer supplied FORD & G.M.
among others their 4X4 transfer cases for many years.

@ Mr. TRUCK Couldn't agree more. Minor thing, but huge annoyance. Who wants to stare through wiper assembly?!?

@Jordan L - Hemi V8's bible is Alpar and he preachs fire and brimstone about the almighty Mopar while trollling for the souls of Ford and Chevy faithful by pointing out there is a bit of the "almighty" in their own favorite trucks.

@Lou, Did you think of this your self? That was awesome. I don't think I could have thought that one up. What a masterful
job putting that sentence together. My hats off to you sir. I could
have not said it better myself.

Wow, I have a fan, what an original concept. You'll make the Ramoxi cheerleader squad very proud. One the subject of putting sentences together, you need to stop skipping out of grade 5 classes. Must be tough for you, the only one in grade 5 with a driver's licence.

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Anyhow, thanks for sharing! - Aly

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