May 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Hurt Locker 3-way II
Not much here other than great news for all the truck makers. Everyone is up, with the exception of those who no longer exist. We knew the Honda Ridgeline would have big numbers when compared to last year and the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, but  the Toyota Tundra sales were even bigger than we could have guessed. Titan sals are also making a strong showing this month. Whether or not these types of year-over-year or month-over-month sales increases are sustainable remains to be seen yet with more and more plants increasing shift runs and fuel prices dropping just a touch, the outlook is good. 

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. May 2011
1 Ford F-Series +14.8% May 2012 54,836 +29.3
246,116 May 2011 42,399

2 Chevrolet Silverado +7.1% May 2012 34,555 +21.6%
160,942 May2011 28,409

3 Ram Trucks +26.6% May 2012 26,040 +29.4%
114,630 May 2011 20,117

4 GMC Sierra +9.5% May 2012 13,196 +22.7%
60,466 May 2011 10,753

5 Toyota Tacoma
+23.5% May 2012 12,269 +35%
55,289 May 2011 9,091

6 Toyota Tundra +9.6 May 2012 8,765 +103.5%
36,418 May 2011 4,307

7 Nissan Frontier +24.9% May 2012 5,480 +17.2%
23,734 May 2011 4,674

8 Ford Ranger * -25.6% May 2012 1,607 -71.9%
17,526 May 2011 5,713

9 Chevrolet Colorado +32.3% May 2012 3,778 +28.3%
17,333 May 2011 2,944

10 Chevrolet Avalanche +31.7% May 2012 2,113 +69.6%
9,283 May 2011


11 Nissan Titan +15.4% May 2012 2,166 +86.7%
8,347 May 2011


12 Honda Ridgeline +32.3% May 2012 1,199 +78.4%
6,084 May 2011


13 GMC Canyon +39.7% May 2012 910 +60.8%
4,761 May 2011


14 Suzuki Equator -7.0% May 2012 186 +6.9%
753 May 2011


15 Dodge Dakota * -93.7% May 2012 26 -98.1%
441 May 2011


* No longer in production but still being sold.


"Did they hand out the award on here for the most dangerous pick-up yet? I cant wait to see Dodge take top honors once again!"

Two close friends of mine were in a Dodge truck recently and were rear-ended by a large work truck on the highway. Their truck was knocked into a deep drainage ditch and flipped down the concrete sides. The truck rolled over a few times and was basically destroyed.

They both walked away with relatively minor-injuries. I don't know what kind of crap you are spewing because you have a certain brand up your butt, but I know my friends would have been dead if they were in a 1970's designed vehicle as opposed to a modern, safer one.

So in short: shut up, get educated, and don't share your poorly generated opinions with people smarter than you.

At tj.... Stfu... Youre so ignorant. Go to a construction site and count how many fords are there in comparison to a gm... Ford offers a multitude of different trucks for many different jobs. THAT is why they sell. Call me a hillbilly for owning one, and ill call you a troll.

frank is a troll as is fordtrucks77 and blue oval empire AND FORD TRUCKS SUCK....oh and by the way....GUTS....GLORY...RAM!!!


Bill Davidson said...''Ford has not put any real effort into any of their full sized trucks in several years.''

@Bill Davidson.

...Yes because investing hundreds of millions of dollers in the testing, re-tooling and production of new engines for two models (F-150 and Superduty) is obviously not putting any real effort into improving their trucks.

And I also happen to agree with everyone else...The 04 to 08 F-150's where amongst the best looking trucks since the 1973 to 1979 F-Series. I wouldn't complain one bit if Ford still carried the same inital style they did back in 2004...The 09-12 models have grown on me, and I proudly own a 2011 FX4 5.0L Supercab.

WHO GIVES A FU*K?????? All brands are doing good for the most part. This "my brand sells more than your brand" sound like my 7 and 9 year olds arguing over toys. No wonder this website is dead.

Looks like Marcus Welby MD has an alter ego by the name of Trapper John. Must be tough when you have to post under multiple names to find someone to agree with you.

The whole sales debate is made overly complicated by those who want to use Corporate sales to gain bragging rights.
Answer me these questions:
1. Why does General Motors (global or USA Division or Canada Division etc.) post full sized truck sales separately? That would be GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado.
2. Why doesn't General Motors (global or USA Division or Canada Division etc.) advertise combined sales supremacy to garner the #1 truck sales crown?
3. Why are there separate Chevrolet and GMC Dealerships?
4. How does Ford legally get away with claiming #1 sales supremacy for the F-Series trucks?
If you consider the litigious nature of society, how can they make that claim if it is false?

@ Lou- Stop making sense Man! Oh well some one has to do it I guess

I promise you I only use one screen name to post, but I did want to say that this list of top-selling pickup trucks rarely changes from month to month.

Yet, every month we get the same old, tired arguments. The way I see it, people will buy what they will buy. We each have our favorites.

I owned a 1988 Silverado and a 2006 F150 (at the same time) and I ended up buying a new 2011 Tundra 5.7. I bought my Tundra because I thought it was the better truck at that time. That may change when I go trade again in 2016.

Bottom line: buy what you think is best. You're paying for it.

@Highdesertcat - I agree 100%. Buy what you think is the best truck for you.
One guy made the comment that the monthly sales stats were comparable to a menstrual cycle. It comes once a month. Some blood is lost and there is a brief period of irritablility and it all goes away until next month.

Not sure this got missed :-)

From the article :
I signed the papers on my new Sierra 3500HD one-ton pickup in 2006, hitched up a trailer, and have been on the road since,” said Roeber, who has recorded more than 1.2 million miles on the original Duramax diesel engine and Allison transmission in her GMC. Roeber makes a living transporting horses across the eastern United States. “From 30 below zero in Minnesota to 100 degrees in Miami,” she said.

“I had two Ford pickups prior to owning my GMC, but I was replacing a transmission every year. If that rate continued, I’d be through my sixth transmission with the miles I’ve put on the Sierra.” Most of Roeber’s miles have been driven pulling trailers, including a 48-foot, 16,000-pound trailer holding as many as nine horses. She maintains her truck religiously, sticking to a 15,000-mile oil change schedule. At her pace, that’s just three weeks between service visits.


ford builds them to look nice and gm builds them for working forever.

@johnny dose

Only if you keep them on a smooth paved road!

yes lou got to keep them fords on smooth paved road or they'll fall a part and not look nice

I'm not saying it is time to relax, but clearly Japan still does not understand what American truck buyers want.

With the exception of the Ranger and Dakota, looks like all the maufactures are doing good. economy getting better???


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