Mitt Romney Buys Loyal Fan a New Pickup

Jim Wilson 2003 GMC II

In a presidential election year, you're bound to get some gung-ho enthusiasts ready to lay their lives and vehicles on the line for their candidate. And from all reports, that's what Jim Wilson is like, as he's become somewhat famous lately as Mitt Romney's No. 1 fan. 

According to The New York Times, Wilson followed various Romney events across the country in his 1998 GMC Sierra (fully decorated in Romney banners and flags posted on wooden boards attached to an 8-foot bed rack), strategically locating himself for maximum exposure. Apparently, Wilson has been following Romney's tour stops the way some teenagers follow their favorite bands. 

After making a stop at a local soda shop and re-entering the highway on June 20, Wilson noticed flames coming from the back of his truck. By the time he pulled off the road and stopped the truck, flames had engulfed the vehicle. By the time the fire department and others arrived, the truck essentially was lost. 

Fast-forward one week at a Sterling, Va., campaign rally. Romney came out and presented Wilson with a 2003 extended-cab long-bed Sierra Z71 and a new fire extinguisher. According to reports, the cost of the truck, paid for by the Romney campaign, was $13,900. Wilson did pay for the sales tax and registration, though. 

Whether or not some will argue that the Obama administration could also take some credit for the continued production of hundreds of thousands of pickups trucks (resulting from the managed bankruptcy and bailout for GM and Chrysler in 2009) will likely be debated when the two candidates meet in public in the fall. 


I have to say that Jim Wilson is a true American. I'm sure he was out there because he felt that is where he needed to be. Using his own truck to bring eyes to Romney. I am glad that Mitt bought Jim a nwer truck. Romney's actions don't make me want to deck my truck and then burn it down but I am glad that Romney atleast cares about the people who support him. Good story. Sucks the truck was a total loss.

The difference is Obama would have used tax-payer money and then taken the credit for his own generosity.

Only a 2003, and the guy had to pay sales tax? I expected Romney to give him a 2012 with taxes paid...

Who would pay $13,900 for an '03 Z-71? Oh that's right, he's from DC, wasteful spending is the only way they know how...

The above photo is a 6' 5" bed not the 8' long-bed.
Keep up the good work Mitt.

Who ever sold this thing made out like a bandit, 13,900 for an 03 wow.

@JK Good observation. Obviously the truck in the photo wasn't the one given to Wilson. It also not a 2003...check out the grill. More like an '05-'06.

If you clicked on the article from the New York Times, you would see the truck.

Is there any doubt that a Romney administration would favor the rich and increase the income gap in our country? Mitt is a pariah in Mormon Clothing and will stop at nothing to expand an empire of greed for the rich in this country. Can his sacred Mormon underwear gain him enough donations to buy this election? See for yourself as Mitt dons his tighty-whities from the Good Lord Himself at

If you read the article, Mr. Wilson said that he "feels guilty smoking in it." That being his new truck. He didn't happen to throw a lit cigarette butt into the bed of his old truck did he? Oh, and his new truck is a Silverado, no a Sierra. Not sure if that matters or not.

the truck in the article looks like a 2005 Z-71, and with low miles and in good condition, (looks to be ), $13,900 is not a bad deal, and whoever did sell it, wasn't bid down an beat up like obummer prob. would have, and after all we arre talking about a Chevy folks, not a Ford, toyota, dodge,nissan! the Chevy's do hold there value better! that and the truck looked like it might have the special plastic bed on it!

@Bill B, The Sierra pictured above could be anywhere from a 2003 to the classic 2007. That grill and front bumper change came out in '03, the same year Chevy changed the Silverado's frontend to look more like the Avalanche.

steven: look closely at the side trim, it looks like 05, but I might b wrong, even still an 2003 with low miles would still be worth 13K.

YUP......... That is the other reason I only buy GM TRUCKS....... I almost get 3/4 back of what I spent. SOUNDS CRAZY but true.

@Brandt, I am LDS, please keep your anti-religion comments to yourself, even if you are obsessed with underwear.

@John, You got the wrong guy. Obama's the one to hand out free stuff. He would have mandated a '12 LTZ, everything paid for...... by the tax payer. You think $13k of private money was a waste? It didn't come out of your pocket! Unlike Solyndra, GSA vacations, bailouts, foodstamps, interest payments to China....

I am happy for the guy. There is nothing wrong with a 2003 Sierra. I would gladly take it myself. Better looking than the 2003 Silverado.

Let me see if I understand:

1. The truck burned to the ground under "mysterious" circumstances.

2. That model truck was recalled for fire risks -

3. Mitt "I'm a freaking billionaire" Romney can't get this guy a new truck as a replacement? Even if he doesn't want to pay for one out of his own pocket, couldn't he call GMC and ask them for a favor?

Even better, Romney should call a *real* American truck manufacturer (Toyota) and see if they can help him out. Frankly, a Tundra is a lot less likely to burn to the ground, LOL.

@TundraHQ--Lets not get carried away. I doubt any candidate running for President is going to buy a Toyota even if it is American made. Could you imagine the bad press. Obama's campaign would have a field day with that. Anyway the guy's old truck was a GMC so he was replacing a GMC with a GMC.

I wouldn't pay 13k for a new one let alone 2003.
Some democrat snapped one off in Romneys cheeks.

Obama would have called GM and got a new one.
Then deducted it from the money they still owe taxpayers.

The old guy is probably broke down on the road right now.

I congratulate the guy. If I had a 2003 paid for in full I'd gladly take it too. In these times paying full coverage insurance on a brand new truck is not cheap (especially in my state.) That money could easily go into mods and gas for this man's somewhat new 2003.

"Turdra is a lot less likely to burn to the ground, LOL"? More likely to burn to the ground. The turdra is a ugly POS and needs to burn.

What a bunch of big babies on this site. Are you guys all 5 years old. What a joke these site boys are.

I'm surprised no one blamed Obama for the fire. He's been blamed for everything else. LOL

No Lou, Obama "inherited" the fire.

@ Alex - true.
Politicians are odd creatures.
They take credit for all of the good times, then blame everyone else when things go bad.

@Sandman4X4, When Chevy and GMC made changes to the 2003 models, they also changed the side body molding. The 1999 to 2002s had the side molding on the cab doors and the bed just ahead of the rear wheelwell, but in '03, they changed the molding to where it was on the doors only. I mean, you could be right, the truck pictured could be an '05. I remember these changes b/c I bought a new 2002 Sierra before they made these changes...and these changes I wasn't too crazy about at the time.

Hey, ANY truck that burns 'under mysterious circumstances' is bad news. I read the article.

Remember that Dodge truck that burned during a parade? Lots of pictures of that on the 'net right after it happened.

And remember the Fords that lit up because of the faulty cruise-control switch leaking brake fluid? Had a massive recall. Mine was one of them recalled.

But when a truck self-ignites and immolates itself and it is made by a bailed out company, that doesn't make good PR.

I agree that Romney should have given this guy a brand new 2012 Silverado, taxes paid, free and clear. That would have been GREAT PR.

And $13K for a nine-year old used truck!? Somebody got a handjob.

I owned GM and Ford trucks for decades. That's why I'm driving a 2011 Tundra 5.7 now.

@x007, FORD has TOYOTA beat on fire recalls. That gives them another #1 LOL

WOW, FORD trucks get a recall on there trucks every year. The owners say they don't need a longer warranty. LOL another #1
quality job #1 LOL

The Mopar prophet has spoken again.





I guess this proves that theory quantity vs quality. The FORD fans say I need to buy a FORD because they are #1 when not compared to the G.M. twins in sales LOL.

I guess TURD place in sales isn't so bad after all.LOL




P.S. I will be waving as I pass your EGO BOOST 3.5 in my 8 speed 5.7L HEMI LOL

@Lou- Obama is to blame for the fires out West and for the tornados in the midwest earlier in the year. Under a President Romney in the first 100 days of his administration all fires, tornados, hurricanes, and other such acts of nature will be outsourced to China and India.

Seems like everytime we get in any discussion of trucks we get into a discussion of GM bailouts and start knocking each others brand of truck and into politics. I thought this website was not or Tea It is harder and harder to have a civilized discussion about trucks without getting into a bashing. Lou I don't know if Canada has this type of polarity but this is the norm in the good old USA. Lets do some name calling and put people down and tell them that their truck is junk. No wonder America is in such a mess.

As for fires that can happen to any vehicle. Back in 1979 I worked for a contract drilling company and one of our company cars a 1976 Ford LTD caught on fire but fortunately no one was hurt. I guess I could say that all Fords catch on fire. Years ago I was on the interstate and a Toyota in front of me caught on fire. All Toyotas catch on fire. How moronic a statement that would be. Maybe we as a civilization have lowered ourselves to this level. Maybe there are a lot of stupid people that cannot have an intelligent discussion.

I am glad that this man got a truck regardless of what brand or if it is new or used. This is a nice story and I am just happy for this man regardless of his political persuasion. Now lets get back to having an intelligent discussion about trucks and not bailouts and politics.

Wow! I came here to get away from politics. But since it crept in, I have to say I hope the supreme court decides that, like the corporation that built it, my pickup is considered a person. Then it can get health insurance. Obama Care is modeled after Massachusetts Romney care which is modeled after European style socialized medicine is....... yak yak yak.......Whatever you call it, it's a good thing when you can't work because you have cancer.

Steven:: true who realy knows?, but I will say this, for a fact when you buy a used truck, you are payning more for the miles than the yr., a 2009 truck with 100K would be worth less than the same truck with 50K on it! and a 2003-2005 with low miles is worth more than a 2005-2007 with high miles.

NO GUTS,NO GLORY, Just TURD PLACE AGAIN and happy to be there!!!!!

Romney should have bought this good man a brand new Ford truck built without that guys taxdollars. He could have made some serious headlines if he did that for not much more money.

@JeffS - we have our fair share of bashers, political experts, and automotive experts too. People hide behind the anonymity of the computer screen. Face to face, I'd expect more civility.

Perhaps the FORD fans should realize any one can get a car loan from ford credit. NOT anyone from CHRYSLER financial.

How do you whiners call it bashing when it's all true? If you are going to talk @#$% then back it up. We all have opinions.

You know, I just realized that headline is misleading. Yes, Mr. Mitt bought the guy a new (to him) pickup, but as a 2003 model it certainly wasn't "New".

My question would be is Mr. Wilson also a Mormon? As for giving him an older truck, this man does not need to be saddled with the insurance and taxes that a new truck would cost him. Good choice, Mr. Romney! A benevolent act.....

@blueovalempire, You need to take your blue oval blind fold off.

CHRYSLER has already paid off it's high interest loan.


Hemi V8, stop trolling!!! Can't you at least find a new weblink to post?

@Alex, sorry bro. Look at my history on this site. I am very cool and enjoy this site. Then ignorant idiots start talking out of their
@#$ and piss me off. You guys want to be cool i am cool if you want to attack I will attack. Tell the jealous fanbois to stop.

Yeah I generally find your posts pretty good, I don't need to look back. I agree though and I think we need a moderator on here.

A mod would help but it shouldn't be that hard to just ignore garbage posts. I just look though and skip over the obvious crap posts unless I want a good laugh.

The New York Times mentioned a Chevy but they're basically the same. Nice touch with the fire extinguisher.

@HEMI V8 -I promise I will not attack you because you like RAMS and Mopars. I have owned Chryslers and I have had good service out of them. MOPAR has a great history of innovation and the story of Walter Chrysler and the Dodge Brothers makes for a good read. Walter Chrysler actually worked for Buick before taking over Maxwell Motors which became Chrysler. Anyone that is a lover of performance cars has to put the Hemi motor up as one of the greatest performance motors ever made. I had a 318 in an 84 5th Avenue which was a solid motor. Growing up my parents had a 51 Dodge, a 57 Chrysler Windsor and then a 59 Plymouth Sport Suburban 9 passenger wagon (all they bought new). My maternal Grandfather had a 53 Dodge pickup, 53 1 ton Dodge flatbed, a 58 Dodge pickup, a 46 Dodge car, a 56 Dodge Coronet, and a 60 Dodge Polaris (all bought new). I just gave away my age. My parentrs also had Chevys and one of my grandfathers had a 58 Chevy Impala coupe copper tone color with a white top and spinners (bought new). I like all kinds of cars and trucks. I don't want to waste my time bashing different brands and I don't care to dwell on government loans to car companies or anyone. I want GM, Ford, Chrysler/Fiat to all succeed and employ lots of American workers. I want all these companies to constantly improve their products and compete for all of our business. I do not wrap my identity in a brand. If I like a brand and have had good luck with it then I will favor that product.

I am happy for the man in this article regardless of what he drives. He needed a truck and now he's got one. Let's just be happy for him.

Ok the truck pictured in this article is either an 03 or 04 model. The front end is for sure 03-07 classic as is body side molding BUT look at the wheels. They are 16" chrome clad steel and were not available in 2005 because GM used 17" wheels as standard equipment. 17" alluminum wheels were optionaly in 04 and GM didn't have a chrome clad steel wheel untill 05.

Now the actual truck the guy got is also either an 03 or 04 Chevy Silverado. That front end was available from 03-05 and the side moldings 03-07 classic. However the wheels are the give away because they are 16" alluminum and that wheel wasn't offered after 04.

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