Mitt Romney Buys Loyal Fan a New Pickup

Jim Wilson 2003 GMC II

In a presidential election year, you're bound to get some gung-ho enthusiasts ready to lay their lives and vehicles on the line for their candidate. And from all reports, that's what Jim Wilson is like, as he's become somewhat famous lately as Mitt Romney's No. 1 fan. 

According to The New York Times, Wilson followed various Romney events across the country in his 1998 GMC Sierra (fully decorated in Romney banners and flags posted on wooden boards attached to an 8-foot bed rack), strategically locating himself for maximum exposure. Apparently, Wilson has been following Romney's tour stops the way some teenagers follow their favorite bands. 

After making a stop at a local soda shop and re-entering the highway on June 20, Wilson noticed flames coming from the back of his truck. By the time he pulled off the road and stopped the truck, flames had engulfed the vehicle. By the time the fire department and others arrived, the truck essentially was lost. 

Fast-forward one week at a Sterling, Va., campaign rally. Romney came out and presented Wilson with a 2003 extended-cab long-bed Sierra Z71 and a new fire extinguisher. According to reports, the cost of the truck, paid for by the Romney campaign, was $13,900. Wilson did pay for the sales tax and registration, though. 

Whether or not some will argue that the Obama administration could also take some credit for the continued production of hundreds of thousands of pickups trucks (resulting from the managed bankruptcy and bailout for GM and Chrysler in 2009) will likely be debated when the two candidates meet in public in the fall. 


It's pretty standard practice in the media to use stock photos or file video, so don't continue to be surprised when you see photos that do not match the story 100%

I would have to agree that a truce is in order. A gentleman's armistice agreement so to speak. I'm all for it because as the old joke goes " I went to the fights and a hockey game broke out" is the way it has gotten lately. I went to PUTC and a discussion about trucks broke out. Trolls will be trolls but lets not kill this site due to it.

Ron Paul is still in this!

Ron Paul 2012!

@Tired bozo,For your info when I bought my truck in 03 It was through CHRYSLER financial. And yes It took a better credit rating to buy my truck then my FORD mustang through FORD credit. That is a fact jack. Get off my @$$.

I'm glad he didn't buy him a brand new truck. Because a true American wouldn't want his hand out. I work hard for everything I have and I know random things happen, but that's life. If it were me, I wouldn't have taken the truck unless I worked for him. People make me sick saying he should of bought this guy a brand new 40k truck free and clear. People have to get out of this mind set of getting handouts and get back to working for what you want.

He did a nice thing but it's a pr scam. Using campaign money for something like this was not a good idea. I'm sure people donating to his campaign will be happy about that. Either way good for that guy and glad he didn't get hurt.

@Cb, I think it was a win/win. All the campaign money is to be used on advertising and promoting. They got a lot of free advertising with all the news stories, which otherwise would have cost a fortune to buy that air time.

Not only is he a cheapskate for buying the guy a used truck...but he overpaid for it..well the campaign supported paid for it! That's how rich folks stay rich...

So if he is a cheapskate for buying him a used truck, what does that make you, who bought him.... nothing?

It beats walking, plus he got a pickup.

@ Hemi...Ooh, that must be the "attack" mode you mentioned when people call you out. Very scary. So now that we know your point of reference for your arguments is from 9 years ago that explains a lot. Carry on with your trolling...

@Tired Bozo, Yes it does say a lot. Some of us keep are trucks longer then 5 years. When I bought my 2003 HEMI 4x4 quad cab It was the baddest truck on the road. Most powerful 1/2 ton.
Fully boxed frame. 20"chrome rims. Quad cab 6.4"bed FORD & CHEVY 5"bed. Left FORD & G.M. scrambling to play catch up.Truck runs and looks great. People come up and tell me how nice it is. It is black, lifted 35"s B.F.G'S, Rancho suspension, custom intake, custom exhaust, 4.56 gears, custom lighting, Rhino lining. The 2013 Ram blows FORD & CHEVY away. They will be playing catch up again. Of course you don't like my posts. You are Jealous.

@HEMI V8 - stop trolling. The 2013 trucks aren't even out yet. Besides there is a difference between a Quad Cab and Crew cab. The Quad cab falls between a crewcab and an extended cab in size.
I could do like you and say every 2010 truck was crap because they didn't have a load flat floor in the crewcab, or 6.5 box in a crewcab, or don't have a tailgate step etc etc etc ........ but that would be silly, wouldn't it?

@Lou, Does the 2013 Ram 1500 offer more than FORD AND G.M.? Is it more innovative? More power, less compromise?
More storage solutions? More aerodynamic? Better looking?
Smoother Ride quality? More luxurious? Better warranty?
Better quality?
Answer these questions honestly Lou.

Hemi V8:: you realy need to tone it down a little! I own not only a Dodge, but a Chevy and a Ford, and they are ALL good trucks! any American truck is good, once and for all, and to say one is better than the other is well, like saying my is bigger than yours and my is faster than yours, why are you so insacure? do you ever sit back and read your posts? you sound like a 5yr old. To say Ram is going to blow away Ford and Chevy, well there are over 1.5 million of us out there that don't agree with you! I on the other hand can say with the knowlege of owning all 3 makes that they all have ther own good points and bad points, the best points of the Chevy are dependability, and resale value, the Ford over built and can realy take a beating, and the Dodge seams to be style and inovations. I have been able to find this out for myself over the yrs of ownership, and I have never had the need to buy anything but American! and by the way, 4:56 gears? you must have done that yourself right?

@sandman 4x4, Just because you are old don't make you smart. I do my homework before I buy anything because unlike you I can't afford to buy the wrong truck. My DODGE has been
dependable, takes a beating and has style and innovation. It also has something chevy, ford, gmc, toyota don't have, a HEMI engine. Yes I did have the 4.56's installed. I pull my 8,000lbstow hauler in the sand at pismo beach. Pull chevy's out when they got stuck. The new Ram is better in every way. My next truck after this one is going to be a power wagon. It was not available when I bought my DODGE RAM. I know there is a lot of folks who don't like my posts. Too bad I speak the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. You don't like my post sandman 4x4 don't read them.

@Hemi V8 - you bought the best truck in 2003?
Only an Alpar thumpin' apostle of Dodge (a brand that Fiat is killing) would say that.

JD Power Dependability Data (not Initial Quallity) is based on 3 year old vehicles. 2006 ratings cover 2003 models.
Corporate averages were:
Toyota.... 179 per 100 vehicles
Ford ...... 224 per 100 vehicles
Chevy.... 241 per 100 vehicles
Dodge ... 258 per 100 vehicles

The ratings for "large pickups" are:
#1 - Tundra
#2 - F150
#3 - F250/F350

I'd say that you need to research beyond a Dodge brochure.

You need to aplogize to a lot of people on this site including Sandman4x4.

I'll be able to answer your questions honestly when 2013 trucks start showing up on the car lots and magazine tests.

Right now, all you are doing is blowing smoke up everyone's ass.

Forgot the link

@Lou, You sir are in denial=Disbelief in the existence or reality.
I have no respect for you. You are a silly =(Weak minded, lacking good sense, irrational) man. I don't owe you or anyone
anything. I will laugh at you silly fools. Their are a lot of ignorant=(Lacking in knowledge) people in this world You are one of them. FORD & the G.M. twins will take a back seat to RAM again.




Hemi V8

Praise be Allah er Dodge.

The holy Quran er Alpar will lead us to victory against the infidels.

We have a Ramboi jihadist on our hands.

All hail dodge...




My apologies to any Muslims out their.

There is some extreme irony in the fact that one has called people ignorant or questioned ones intellect.
You need to improve your grammar, punctuation, and diction before casting stones at other sinners.
Some may of gone to school on the short bus, but you leave the impression that you deliberately failed to catch yours because of the badge on the hood.

@Lou, I am getting so tired of proving you wrong you ignorant little man. So according to your bible J.D. power LOL You want be to buy a TOYOTA? That will never happen I won't even entertain the thought. You want me to buy a FORD.
Don't like G.M. TRUCKS
I bought my DODGE RAM I needed a quad cab with a 6.4"bed
to haul two quads. ford chevy did not offer the a 6"bed.

The only smoke is coming off your ford from the faulty switch.

Forgive me for being less than informed, but what does guts, glory, ram have to do with a vehicle. It sounds like a simple marketing tool for impressionable school kids.

Being loyal to a vehicle brand is like being loyal to a toilet paper manufacturer, really:)

All vehicle manufacturer target specific segments within a market place. And on average they are all very similar overall. If they came up with the gut, glory, ram theme it must be targeting relatively simple audience.

Hemi V8 if these dodges are so good why don't we have them in Australia? The nearest thing to a Fiat pickup we have is a Mitsubishi Triton, quite a good ute. But not as good now as the new trucks coming on the market. If they put the V6 VM diesel into the Ram then it would improve it markedly.

So, lay off the brand BS, and talk pickups.

@Big Al From Oz, So everything good is in the land of OZ?

@Big Al from Oz - logic or reason doesn't work on trolls.

@Hemi V8 - buy what you want, just don't stand on your Dodge pulpit preaching Alpar to the rest of us.

We all make our purchase decisions based on our own personal criteria.

Praise be Mopar,
Alpar is the way,
Marcionne is the great prophet and will lead us out of the wilderness and into the promised land.
Praise be Mopar.



Bob is starting to sound like a reasonable guy compared to this dude or is that spelled dud.

@Lou, you are the KING of TROLLS. Wear your crown proud.

When a company markets there advertisements to the lowest common denominator it creates people like hemi v8. Rams advertising campaign is based on entertaining storylines and brute intimidation. For example they want you to believe that by buying a express ram you will get respect from bikers. Or buying a cummins will get you respect from a truck driver. Or buying a hemi will make everyone think that your a badass. Ask yourself what kind of people take their commercials seriously and you will find that there is a market to the gullible. it has proven to work to sell extra vehicles to the weak minded. Some people(sheep) such as hemi v8 become so engulfed in the fictional dillusions that they substitute reality with fiction. I have meet people these people in real life and they think that because they bought a ram or cummins as a grocery getter that they deserve respect. I'm not saying that every ram driver is a poser but they certainly have the highest duschbag ratio as a direct result of there advertising. Ask yourself this. If you were to gullible enough to believe everything a truck advertisement says and you want to be respected by other men(bikers, truck drivers) because you have a serious self esteem problem. What truck would you buy?

@Jugger, Sounds like you have watched and payed close attention. I guess it works.LOL

Jugger,Lou If you had a truck to talk about. You would not have to call people names and try to bring them to your lower level.
I actually say guts, glory, ram just to piss you off. Guess it works.

In Australia we have a saying originated by some of our Ford affectiocondos it goes sort of like this.

"Not everyone who drives a Holden is a di#khead, but every di#khead I've ever met drives one."

Maybe you can subsitute differing brands and it could also be true here.

But lets talk advertising. Advertisers and the marketing bunch sit and confer with their respective clients to find out what psyche and attributes their potential customers have and devise a campaign to target them. Did Fiat/Chrysler really come up with that Ram, glory, guts or is that just a line the Ram boys made up.

Much like how this story began, by a political figure doing something good that might have been taken out of context by the Bin Banana bunch. Sorry, but in Australia we think he does a look of talking without much activity. Like most politicians including ours.

Yeah this hemiv8 character has done his job well. Got everyone upset. Sad thats his only job. I would really hate to know that this is all I had to do. Sorry Ram guys for his ignorance. Everyone is brand loyal to a certain point but this guy does more harm than good. I love my truck and I will buy no other brand but I won't argue mine is better than yours. You just can't fix STUPID. No Guts No Glory, TURD place AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

@Big Al from Oz - Guts Glory Ram is an actual advertising campaign and slogan.

@Hemi V8 - You've done yourself some considerable harm in the credibility department, and you've done your favorite brand an extreme disservice. For me to be pissed off at you, that would indicate that I actually care about, and/or respect your opinion. You lost that quite some time ago.

I didn't care one way or another about Chevy/GMC until I encountered Bob. After his BS, I'd be extremely unlikely to buy one.
You are starting to have that very same effect in relation to any Chrysler/Ram Fiat product.





lol dodge

@Lou and sandman4x4 I have more respect for your comments because you do not attack anyone who is respectful. HEMI V8 wants our respect and not to be attacked but he is more than ready to attack anyone who does not totally agree with him. HEMI V-8 hides behind his screen name to make ugly comments. How is he any different than the Oxis, Bobs, and extreme Ford fanboys. You are right Lou these guys would rather ruin this site than be respectful of others. Sandman is right they all make good trucks and when I can I do try to support NA businesses and workers. My identity and purpose is not rapped up in any brand name regardless of how much I like the product I would hope that I am a good enough person to be remembered for my positive impact upon others and that negatives are outweighed by the positives,. Also the older I get I realize it is less important to convince people to think I am right and more important that people see me as objective. I also realize that I can always learn something new from others. That is a life long lesson which make life more rewarding.

hemi v-8;;; once again you have shown the whole site of you miss-informed opinion, when you said you needed a quad cab to haul your toys, well if you had looked past your small little world of knowledge, you would have discovered a truck that does in fact have a crew cab, with a 6.5' bed, it is called a Chevy Silverado 1500HD, it was in production when you made your perchase of the 2003 Ram, (nice truck also), but the 1500HD has a much greater GVWR than you Ram1/2t! and at the time the 6.0 V-8 with the HD tranny and 4:10 grears (factory) w/locker, was a very nice truck with more cappacity than a 1/2t Ram (expecialy QC) the reg cab can haul more, because it weighs less, (but you didn't know that anyway). Just one more fact, that escapes your limited knowlege! Care to show us any more?

Strap on Ram fans. Shy away from nothing and fear nothing as we hang on for the 2013 Ram. The class leader. For you Lou you must realize that Ram hasn't finished. It has only just begun! GM didn't have what it took. Ram buried the hacket right into Chevy. Next is Ford. Ford will bow to Ram like all the others will!!!



2013 RAM!


@ sandman4X4 - you are correct. A friend of mine had one. it was a good truck. The only negative for him was that it was real hard on gas. He eventually traded it off on a Duramax Chevy and 1/2'd his fuel bill. That was a decent truck too.
@JeffS - true, I should ignore the trolls.

@Sandman4x4, I Respect the fact you did your homework to try and prove me wrong. Their are a couple of BIG things you failed to mention. $$$$$$$$$$ Why pay more and buy the ugliest, truck to get stiffer HD ride. Not to mention my 7 year 70,000mile warranty I got instead of 3 years 36,000. Again if I had your money I guess I could have bought anything. I couldn't afford to buy the wrong truck and I didn't. It does everything I ask and does it with gusto. It's the best looking truck. It also has something FORD, G.M., TOYOTA, don't have. A HEMI with class leading horse power,fully boxed frame,tightest turning radius, 20"chrome rims,Best warranty, I paid extra grand and got 80,000 miles on the warranty. Nice try sandman4x4. 9 years later my truck has been great. I will have It for years to come.

A friend of mine traded two of his old RAM 1500s for one new Tundra 5.7 Limited four-door in 2010. Got next to nothing for them in trade. A month later they were still on the used car lot.

And like me he doesn't care about the price of gas either. If you gotta go, you gotta go and it doesn't matter what gas costs.

I never owned a brand new RAM but I did own several used Dodge trucks over the years and they were maintenance nightmares. I hope that RAM trucks are better today than in the past.

At least the guy who's GM truck burned down got something similar to replace it at little cost to him.

But $13K for that old truck is a way too high. In my area the same thing retails for $9K tops, and that is to Mexicans who cross the bridge to Juarez every day, and to illegal aliens.

With NEW 2012 Silverado trucks retailing at $24K-$28K, with dozens to choose from at several dealerships all over El Paso, TX, why would any legal citizen want to buy used?

@Lou-You are correct that HEMI V-8 has given me an intense dislike for RAM just as Bob also about cured me from ever buying a GM and Oxi almost made me hate Toyota. Just tell me what you like about a certain brand without shredding the competition. I was actually starting to change my mind about Chrysler after having a favorable experience renting both a 2012 Chrysler 200 and a Grand Cherokee Laredo. But I guess there are plenty of opionated jackasses to go around. Better to ignore them even though they piss you off.

@HEMI V8 - dude, that is quite a chip you have on your shoulder.
By the way - that 5.7 Hemi isn't really a "Hemi" . That name "hemi" is just a registered trademark. It could of been just as easily applied to a pair of underwear.
Several other posters have made that comment in the past.
Another point of interest is the current 5.7 head is based on a Porsche design not the real Chrysler Hemi's of old.
Those Germans sure did mess up Chrysler?

The 5.7 engine is a good engine.
It is a "hemi" by trademark only.

This story exerpt sums it up rather nicely:
"The natural course of engineering evolution has moved Chrysler's hero powerplant far from its Porsche roots and severed all ties to the Hemis of yore. Even though it isn't a genuine hemi, this engine still packs a powerful punch as a marketing ploy."

looks like you need to change your name to - "not really a hemi V8".

@Lou if you knew what a HEMI was you may have a very small argument. The gen 1 HEMI was designed after an aircraft engine chrysler built for world war 2. Dodge's first V8 was a HEMI
the first chrysler V8 was a HEMI. If you actually learned about
chrysler instead of all the resurce to discredit them you may learn something. You have told me "why study an autos past"
So you don't look like the ignorant @$$ you are.

You need to change your name to DON'T KNOW $#!*

@Lou, The gen 3 HEMI. The German design was a starting point on combustion chamber idea only. Very little of the design of the combustion chamber made it into the the gen 3 HEMI. Their is more to a HEMI engine then the combustion chamber. The chamber is still HEMI shaped it's just shallower.

@HEMI V8 - it looks like PUTC has developed a severe case of HEMI-rrhoids.

@Lou, Wow, That's your comeback. Is school out for the summer? Is that why you have so much time to spread you complete bull$#*! facts. Speaking of hemorrhoids. You talk so much out of your @$$ you need some.Try it on your lips too.

P.S. come back in 2014 and see what ford might have to compete with CHRYSLER.

@ Not really a Hemi V8 - to quote you "it's just shallower."
That reminds me of your posts.

BTW Hemirrhoids are the disease not the treatment.

I'll play nice if you do.

The ball is in your court!

@Lou-HEMI V8 is just an opionated jackass that is better ignored.

Correction opinionated not opionated. Nevertheless he is a jackass.

@Jeff S - very true, but I've been studying for an exam all day and the comic relief has been extremely enjoyable. In other words - I'm having a blast ;) Mkaes sense when actors say it is always more fun to play the "badguy". LOL

Oops - mean to say "makes" not "Mkaes". Been laughing too hard. Makes typing harder. LOL

@Lou, I am on Percocet.I failed to mention prep h. I took a fall at work compound fracturing my left leg compression fracturing my T 12 vertebra and breaking off my L 5 transverse process in my back. I have been on this site since the accident and it has been most enjoyable. It has kept me from losing my mind in boredom. Although you can get under my skin with your hatred toward Chrysler. It still has been fun with the back and forth. I have gotten mad and probably made some folks mad. I can start over with you. I don't mind you not liking Chrysler but spreading lies is not cool. Just be honest.

@Lou-Just read your comment on the other ariticle. Good luck on that exam I am sure you will pass with flying colors. Good evening.

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