Mitt Romney Buys Loyal Fan a New Pickup

Jim Wilson 2003 GMC II

In a presidential election year, you're bound to get some gung-ho enthusiasts ready to lay their lives and vehicles on the line for their candidate. And from all reports, that's what Jim Wilson is like, as he's become somewhat famous lately as Mitt Romney's No. 1 fan. 

According to The New York Times, Wilson followed various Romney events across the country in his 1998 GMC Sierra (fully decorated in Romney banners and flags posted on wooden boards attached to an 8-foot bed rack), strategically locating himself for maximum exposure. Apparently, Wilson has been following Romney's tour stops the way some teenagers follow their favorite bands. 

After making a stop at a local soda shop and re-entering the highway on June 20, Wilson noticed flames coming from the back of his truck. By the time he pulled off the road and stopped the truck, flames had engulfed the vehicle. By the time the fire department and others arrived, the truck essentially was lost. 

Fast-forward one week at a Sterling, Va., campaign rally. Romney came out and presented Wilson with a 2003 extended-cab long-bed Sierra Z71 and a new fire extinguisher. According to reports, the cost of the truck, paid for by the Romney campaign, was $13,900. Wilson did pay for the sales tax and registration, though. 

Whether or not some will argue that the Obama administration could also take some credit for the continued production of hundreds of thousands of pickups trucks (resulting from the managed bankruptcy and bailout for GM and Chrysler in 2009) will likely be debated when the two candidates meet in public in the fall. 


@Hemi V8 - I am not spreading lies and I do not hate Mopar, Alpar, Hemi, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep and/or Fiat. I do like comments made with mutual respect. It doesn't mean one has to agree with the comments made.
Careful - chronic pain and disability causes depresion, anger, irritability, and other mood problems. That leads to more of the same, then social isolation with the potential loss of friends and family. It can be a vicious cycle. Oxycodone can be very addictive and depending on the kind of pain, might not work all that well.
You take care of yourself and Like I said earlier: " I'll play nice if you'll play nice".

@Lou, Very true. Thank you Sir. I will do my best to be nice. As a Chrysler fan My chest is stuck out with pride from this 2013 Ram. I am not in the truck market and won't be for awhile. My DIE HARD DODGE is still in great shape. Coming from almost a certain death to an american success story is almost unbelievable. They have my support with this 2013 Ram. The U.S. government made the right choice. Now adding more U.S. jobs to build it is just more great news. I am so glad when it is time to buy another vehicle I will be able to choose from the big american three. Thank god.

Good Job Mitt. Obamao would have provided the guy a Chevy Volt, and further charged us taxpayers' for it.

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