News Update: 2013 Ford F-150 Limited

2013-Ford-F-150-Limited II

News Update: Motor Trend's Truck Trend is reporting that the 2013 Ford F-150 Limited package, only before seen in spy photos, is in fact coming and will debut next Tuesday, most likely at a scheduled Ford press event in Michigan to give the local media a chance to drive and see what's new from Ford. 

Ford has apparently released a teaser photo of the new Limited's center console to reveal some of the high-quality materials and badging the new high-lux trim package will have. Truck Trend speculated that, after the debut of the Platinum package on the Super Duty lineup several months ago, the Limited trim could have many of the same ultra-lux interior material choices, chrome accents, and color schemes. 

On a related note, we have heard unconfirmed reports that the Limited will not be the only new 2013 F-150 option package on display at this event; however, we have not heard which model or models that might be. More to come. 


F-150Limited.d04.KGP.ed II
Photos by KGP Photography

It looks like we're getting closer to seeing the 2013 Ford F-150s without a stitch of camouflage. KGP Photography caught this Limited SuperCrew recently, and it seems to be quite comfortable with very little camo.

Here's some of the info they sent us:

"Another variant in Ford's refreshed 2013 F-150 model range has now broken cover — this time it's the F-150 Limited. The F-150 Limited gets a new grille — different from the grilles on the XLT, FX4, and Lariat models that we've spied so far — and comes equipped with the new HID projector-beam headlamps. The Limited rides on low-profile rubber and large, open-spoke wheels that provide a sport-truck vibe.

"It appears that the F-150 Limited will have power running boards that will deploy when the doors are opened. As with all prior F-150 Limited models since at least 2008, bold "Limited" badging resides along the top edges of the truck bed." 

F-150Limited.d06.KGP.ed (1)II


Obviously lots of trolls, but I think some of the people here believe the ridiculous claims they type. Let's sort a couple of things out:

1. 2013 is NOT the "All New" F-150. The "All-New" F-150 is coming in 2 years (probably). I can understand how this confuses fanbois of certain other brands who are accustomed to their favorite trucks being left on the vine to rot for 7-9 years before their favorite company decides to do anything with them. This, however, is not the way Ford is doing things. They are constantly updating their products BETWEEN model redesigns. I know, crazy idea!

2. Extended warranties are designed to make a profit. You are locked into using the dealer for service and MUST follow their service schedule. Otherwise, if you have a warranty claim you're SOL. Guess what, it is an easy way for your favorite company to virtually guarantee you as a service customer for the life of the warranty.

3. Ram fans used to be pretty cool on this site. What has happened? Now some of them are just as bad or worse than the GM trolls. Are you seriously grown adults? I know 5 year olds who are more mature.

there is a 2012 reg cab Chevy 1/2 ton with the HD package, wiht the plow package, right at the local Chevy dealer and the Cape, it is a W/T with 5.3, 6spd, 3:42lmtslp, PW/DL remote locking, and On-Star, sliding rear window. and solar tint, CD player, and tilt wheel w/controls, and crewscnlt, plow package and HD tow with HD cooling package, and skid plates, the only thing I don't like about it is it is white! the list says $28,700, and the dearler offered it to be for $25,000!!, but the F-150 is too new at the time like I said, and I will wait for the new 2013-2014 Chevy

I love this truck cant wait to see what the 2013 Harley f150 will look like!!

We are not going to defeat Ford. Ford is going to defeat itself! Ram is going to send in a mole to capture Ford and its secrets. Nhahahahahahahahaha!!!!

I have to have this, I am a fordNuthugger, I must trade my now not the best never run Harley Davidson FoneFify on this awesome truck with the 20" pimp my ride rims and the I am special I rode on the short bus, look at me Limited letter, wow.

Yes Ford just can't stop, like an obsession, this will have the job 30 egoboost tune for 390HP too haha.

@Oxymoron-It doesn't bother me in the least that this is not a new F-150, just as it doesn't bother me that there is not a new Silverado or totally new RAM. Just tired of all this carrying on about how the Silverado has looked the same since 2007 from the Ford fanboys. Any drastic exterior change by any of the manufacturers will more likely occur when the new fuel standards are implemented and this will be to make the trucks more aerodynamic. I am brand neutral and I buy something based on my needs and wants. If one of the manufacturer's is willing to give me free of charge the use of one of their new trucks over an extended period of time and cover all maintenace then I will brag about their truck and become their spokesman. Since this is not likely to happen I will choose the best value for my needs which might be totally different than yours but possibly could be the same. That is why we have a variety of manufacturers because not everyone wants the same thing. If one manufacturer becomes the leader in trucks like Ford it is good for the competition to try to better their products in hopes of becoming number one. No one ever stays number one forever.

My only fault with Ford is that they have left the small truck market in North America and have no interest in bringing a smaller truck back to the North American market, but then I have a choice of a smaller truck from Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, and Suzuki. If Ford decides to change their mind I will seriously look at what they have to offer. I think it is great that you have a product that you love.


dodge sales 2012 280,***

ford sales 2012 560,***

GM sale 530,***

dont think dodge will out sales Ford and gm next year Buddy


and those tranny issues

@Oxymoron-Also want to add that the Ford dealership across the Ohio river from me in Lawenceburg, Indiana, Haag Ford a family run dealership for over 50 years has one of the best service departments of any dealership I have been to. Haag's service would be a serious consideration for me in buying a Ford. I am not advertising for them just stating that excellent service is another consideration in buying anything.

Am I missing something here, what is new...same slab sided rear end, same painted bumpers.

I'm a Chevy guy, but the very best looking pick-ups of all time where the 1950's Ford F100's. Isn't it possible to recapture some of that magic? Currently from the back, I'd have to vote the Ram the best looking. From the front perhaps, the Avalanche, but sure do miss those old chrome bumpers!

@ sandman4X4 Thats what my truck is 2011 hd half ton with plow package and hd cooling package, all the goods for working hard. I got the ext cab tho to stack more junk inside like paper work lol.

That bumper is so ugly! What's with the two black plastic pieces (about the size of a license plate) that stick out? I'm not impressed at all.

@The polcat those two black things on the front bumper are the new man steps. That way you and a buddy can work on it easier.


@math244- I am still waiting for all those tranny issues on my 03 quad HEMI 4x4.I tow an 8,000 pound trailer.Have 72,000 miles now.Back in 03 when I bought this truck It was the baddest truck on the road.Do circles around FORD or CHEVY.I dont buy a truck cause everyone else does.I work very hard for my money and bought the BEST truck.I do know the only FORD I owned caught on fire from a faulty ignition switch.Got my recall after trading it for a car that ran to get to work.You have probably never owned a chrysler product so quit talking out your ASS!

lol Dodge

@tom with a ranger


yep, atleast it was recalled. Still nothing from the dodge dudes and there fires.

Fun fact, china banned the new wrangler because they keep bursting into flames. Chrysler denies it has a problem. Currently under investigation by US government.

lol dodge

@tom with a ranger,lol let me know when it reaches 4.5 million vehicles like FORD.ASS!

Sorry,my figures were off.Its 14 million recalled for faulty switch causing 550 fires and homes burned again sorry.FORD #1.At catching on fire.

lol dodge not recalling
lol dodge being responsible for muiltible fatalities for defective vehicles
lol dodge for getting rid of evidence of said defects
lol dodge needs bailouts
lol dodge no longer american
lol jeep banned in China for being defective
lol every dodge being junk

let me know when dodge actually builds something that doesnt drop a transmission, catch on fire, bust a balljoint, have stuck accelerators, has seat belts that dont unlatch during a crash, that doesnt roll backwards and runs over people, that doesnt rot excessively, that doesnt have multiple electrical failures, that doesnt have a dash caving in on itself, that doesnt have poor crash tests and doesnt have engines that go out brand new due to oil sludge. Atleast recall those. It would also help to honor warranties.

Atleast Ford fixes their mistakes and makes MUCH fewer. How does it feel owning a vehicle with lower quality standards than a communist China era vehicle?

@Tom with a stranger.I guess I hit a nerve.Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.

nope, ive been smirking the whole time

me have 2006 f350. ita wont start

@Tom with a ranger.You keep telling yourself FORD is #1.Your not fooling me I drive one 5 days a week at work.Drive my DIE HARD DODGE on my time.

There are two types of people in this world.Those who have HEMI'S and those that want a HEMI.

Unfortunately - GMC & Chevy truck sales aren't combined - pretty much the same truck - combine that # and try-n-beat it.

Tom, yes The F150 DOES last more than 5yr/50000 miles!!! I got 153,000 out of the original plugs, still have 5 of the original ignition coils. ( I have replaced the other three). I changed the coolant and hoses at 145,000 becuase the intake was leaking. I had no heating cooling issues at ALL during that time. I replaced the front rotors at 139,000 after they finally wore out; still have the original bearings, (and rear rotors) too. It still has the original freon in the ac system and fluid in the ps system. They both work fine!!

The fanboy trolls are making this almost unreadable, and make me hate to like any truck.

The one thing I wish Ford would consider adding is a Rambox-like storage system. I find the rambox to be extraordinarily useful for what I do, and suspect that many people feel the same. Does anyone know if Ford plans to add a Rambox like option to their newer trucks? I certainly will be hard pressed to consider a new truck when its time if it doesn't have one of those.

Who we really should be clowning on is Nissan. The Titan hasn't changed much since 2004. Same lame engine/tranny. I heard Nissan at one time was offering QB Peyton Manning a Nissan Titan to go to Tennessee with...He declined and went to Denver. At least Ram didn't go as far as bribing him with a truck to go to St. Louis. Ford, Ram, and maybe even GM will take out Nissan in 2013 and beyond!

That is a good point, Nissan has been very disappointing with the Titan. It was pretty good when new, but now it is really a joke. The Frontier is still a decent little truck (though they need to figure out that the payload rating of the pro 4x is too pathetically low to be considered a truck). Nissan should just drop the Titan and offer either just the Frontier, or maybe have two small trucks, a compact and a mid size like a Ranger and the current Frontier or maybe a Ranger sized truck and the old Dakota. I don't see how the Titan will ever be able to compete. It is probably two upgrade cycles behind everyone else at this point.

@5.3LOL: Tundra has the highest front end, ie they don't really have an air like Ford, Ram and Chevy. Now once you get past that, take the time to go measure some. I have. Feel free to measure away on evenly comparable trucks, like the Rock Crusher I believe has the tallest tires of all Tundras, the 20" wheels on Rams or a 17" Outdoorsman 275/70s will be almost as high. Now go and measure. I have. Go compare how low the Tundra lower control arms are, the crossmember, the frame, the body itself, transfer case, oil pan, trans pan, NOT JUST THE VERY FRONT OF THE TRUCK. Maybe after you see the low hanging gas tank and muffler on the Tundra, you will know. Oh, then the receiver hitch, which sits pretty low on a Tundra (high on an F-150, yup, measured that one too)

My truck has all the work in it that it needs. I towed/carried back from Colorado (about 800 miles) a 69 Dart figure 8 racecar -read-HEAVY, a complete extra 340 engine, extra 340 block, a couple old pre 1971 Dodge 4 speeds, extra cylinder heads, a couple differant clutch and pressure plate assemblies, intakes, wheels, fenders, doors, a crossmember, rotors, axle housings, on and on. Put a little air in a bag, it works fine with a weight distributing hitch. Alot folks don't car about using one they just hook up and go. I have seen my share of bent receivers on 3/4 tons cause they get to thinking the hitch should be tough enough for their (insert name of favorite 2500 or F250) Rode fine through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkasas. I coulda gone faster but went 65-70 most the way. No wild rides.

ah, that's supposed to say air dam, like Ford, GM and Ram, first line.

Now, @ Tom in a Ranger: So, is Ford anti gun, or what?

Now, TRX4 Tom: So, is Ram anti gun, or what?

no Dan, but if you read the rest of the story.....

@math 244: still waiting on those tranny issues, I am at 32K and tow a car trailer. Oh, my step mom has a 98 Ram 1500 4x2 5.9 3.91 gear. Quad cab. Only at 90K right now, but when it is used, it tows a gooseneck horsetrailer with living quarters. Before my father passed in 2008 it was towing a gooseneck travel trailer and a hay trailer. He bought it new and was just retired, so those 90 K were not back and fourth to work miles. Ussually if it was driven, it was hauling. Otherwise, he just rode in the minivan. Why drive a truck everywhere? My step bro has a trans shop, he's done that over 30 years. His secret is to just keep good fluid in them. Oh, we also live in the hills, south of Branson, Missouri. It aint no cakewalk like Illinios or Florida is flat.

If there is bad trannies out there now, it would be those with blue ovals and bow ties on the front!

If there is bad trannies out there now, it would be those with blue ovals and bow ties on the front!

then why is my brother in law on his 3rd tranny with only 120k on his '08 ram

And there are no problems with Fords newest piece of work? Wake up, Dan.

TRX4TOM omg dude .... you have TAKEN over BoB's Role .... it gets old how you tell stories an BENDOVER backwards for your FIAT ...... GIVE IT A REST .... NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU POST !!!!!

And there are no problems with Rams newest piece of work? Wake up, Tom.

so we do agree they all have their problems, the only reason i posted that was you said Ford and Gm are the one having tranny problems, i have been in the construction industry for over 17 years, Ram makes a good engine but every person i talk to that owns a Ram (or old Dodge) with higher mileage has had a tranny or rear replaced, and the other thing i have noticed is when ever a truck conversation comes up in our industry we can all sit around trading our problems with our truck ( Ram, Ford, GM) they are all junk just choose your truck and you will deal with there problems
you want to pick on Ford and say they are having problems with there new stuff compared to Ram or whatever they call themselves now, go look back Ford also sells twice as many truck as your Rams do, so they have a few kinks to work out which brand doesn't when they come out with new things, it will be interesting when Gm's new stuff comes out bet they will have a few bugs to iron out to, and you wait till Ram comes out with there 8 speed tranny i will bet they will have some growing pains too

if the 8spd Tourque Flite tranny that Chrysler is comming out with is anything like the lod 3spd TF of the 60's an 70's, it will be one hellafa tought tranny!! can anyone remember the TV commercials with Auther Godfree behind the wheel smokin up the tires, going from drive to rev. with the gas pedal held to the floor? and him telling about the 7yrs. 70,000ml warrantee? the 1st car I drove when I 1st got my license, was a 68 Chrysler Town &Country station wagon that my dad bought for the family, it had a 383 Magnum 4bl dual exht, with a 3:92 posi, (I know he ordered it with a HD trailer towing package), I beat the living hell out of that car, my buddies and I would buy some cheep tiers for the back of it when I would get to use it, we would go around and do nothing but burn rubber, and do j strips with it!! and I had that car going sooo fast one night on the hyw. that the speedo neadle when right past 120, past the speedometer trough the clock to 3o'clock!!!! the car was going so fast the doors were making this amazing sucking sound as the air was sucked out of the car!!!, I was clocked at 130mph by radar! the cop let me go!! He said they would never believe it!, that and I was on leave from the U.S.Army, and he had just got out that yr. All I can say is if that new tranny is half as good. it will be great!! that car servived me and 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and the last I seen it was still running with over 200,000 on it, the guy at the boat ramp bought it to deliver boats with it till 1990!! the only thing that ever went wrong was the freeze plugs blew out!!

The NHTSA opened an investigation on the 2011 FORD CHINESE built G E T A G MT -82 6 SPEED transmission.

Hemi v8
Good job finding a year old investigation that went nowhere troll. Lol



PUTC just had an artical about are you like Ram and always late to the party

are they talking about man. trans or auto trans? I have more than 25,000 on my F-150 now w/ecco-boost 4X4 reg cab HD 1/2ton package with HD tow and plow package, I do work this truck and tow heavy, have had no problems, but? what do I have to expect?, man Chevy has to come out with there new truck faster than ever, or Ram for that matter.

sandman 4x4

what are your thoughts on the Eco-boost

Dan the man,Just thought I would remind you for your talks at the construction site lol.


it is already been a heated discussion, there is a lot of talk about the new HD Rams guys really seem to like them

P.S. don't tell TRX4 Tom his head might swell

A driving licence that's valued within United Kingdom with or without having a photograph, a utility Bill (Gas, Electricity or Water), a landline telephone bill or Government tax bill, current from the past 6 months. An existing bank or building society statement, current up-to-date passport whether issued or otherwise not in the UK, a national identity card, valid debit or credit card, a police officer’s warrant card or Armed Forces identification card. Legal Number Plates DVLA.

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