NHTSA's Crash-Test Ratings for 3/4-Ton Pickups

F-250 SuperCrew II

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which conducts crash and rollover testing throughout the year, doesn't crash-test every model every year (though it tries), but the government agency does run every new or significantly revised model through a full battery of tests. 

We noted in NHTSA's last periodic report that it had all the three-quarter-ton crew-cab pickups in both rear- and four-wheel drive. We thought you'd want to see how they compare. To find out your vehicle's ratings or to see how the new models rate, go to safercar.gov.  

The various tests are rated by stars, with five stars being best (number of stars listed below). The ratings should only be compared with other vehicles in their similar size and weight category. 

Rear-Wheel Drive

Crash test ratings 2500 RWD

Four-Wheel Drive

Crash test ratings 2500 4WD



Just another reason to go with Ford.

They need to make the side airbags standard not an option.

Built Ford tough!

Yet another reason to buy a Ford. Chevrolet's tin foil body structure blows. Ford's are actually built with decent steel. Since GM insists on making 2 trucks (which is a joke in itself) they must take the steel necessary for 1 proper truck and split it up between the 2. That company is truly pathetic.

the best never rest

It's scary that the GM drivers crash rating is so low! What is GM thinking?!

Sad results again for GM and make no mistake about it, they've had a history of poor crash results.

@ blueovalempire

actually these ratings probably stem from GM's new rigid box frame. its not a great idea, just like F150's frame thats a bad idea as well. the 2500 Chev and GMC probably suffer from the frame NOT collapsing.

Side pole ratings are also interesting....

Silverado 2500: 1 star

Ram 2500: 2 stars

F-250: 3 stars


Wow and Ford gets 5 stars with a cab from 1999. Shows how far ahead of the game they truly are.

Who would have guessed that since GM cheapens their trucks on quality that they also cheapen there trucks on safety for the bottom line. This next generation of GM trucks will decide the fate of the whole GM company. Cheapening its trucks quality for the past decade and a half. And people still buy into their brand image from the past.


i could not agree more GM's next generation of trucks better be sellers right out of the box and hopefully will be able to keep up with the competition

lol, too bad nobody gives a rats ass. Soccer moms buying caravans care about this, Bubba buying a pickup for the job couldn't care less.

Bert is the type that drives without a seatbelt because he doesn't need silly government mandated protection. An old school GM follower and a dying breed. GM needs to focus on getting new customers from other brands to switch. It is already proven that GM has the most loyal followers which is keeping them afloat but for how much longer? They have been losing their market share for decades.

You would GM would be the safest truck to be in a crash with. After all, CRUMPLE zones are very important to crash safety.

the best never rest

Posted by: Made with out taxpayers $$$$ | Jun 5, 2012 8:58:39 AM

Ford got plenty of tax payer $$$ to rebuild their outdated factories. It's also funny to say that they were also bailed out by the banks that ended up being bailed out by the gov't. GUTS GLORY RAM. CHEVY TRUCKS LIKE A ROCK. FORD TRUCKS...LIKE A BOAT ANCHOR.

Ford only beat Ram in one category 5 - 4. The others are a tie. Ram is a safe truck!

Poor ratings from a poor truck maker.


If you think Ram was only beat in 1 category, you're not looking at all of the categories. The big one being the frontal crash test where Ram scored a poor rating.

Front crash
Ram: 2 star
Ford: 4 star

Side crash
Ram: 5 star
Ford: 5 star

Pole crash
Ram: 2 star
Ford: 4 star

Ram: 3 star
Ford: 4 star

5 Stars (meaning 10% or less chance of serious injury)
4 Stars (meaning 11-20% chance of serious injury)
3 Stars (meaning 21-35% chance of serious injury)
2 Stars (meaning 36-45% chance of serious injury)
1 Star (meaning 46% or greater chance of serious injury)

Ford is a much safer truck.

Do a Google search on 'Ford Super Duty Rollover Roof Failure'. Been some tragic accidents.

BTW- what year is this article quoting? The 2012 and 2013 ratings are posted, and I don't see where any of the GM trucks earned 2 stars. Also, looks like there might be some serious issues with some of the Ram 1500's.

I don't either. Where is the Chevy 2 star coming from. They also didn't mention the Ram's 2 star frontal. Why?

Is this a unbiased truck review site or a Ford Flap advertisement site? The tables above do not match the safecar.gov site for current model years.


Ford ISN'T EVEN ON THE RADAR! Wow what a comment. Where have you been for the last 100 yrs or so, being STUPID under a rock?? Some people!!

They are awfully low ratings???? The car based Utes get 5's here. Asian sourced Pickups 4-5. BHP Billiton the biggest national resource company on the globe,said they will only buy Pickups that have a 5 star overall rating. Toyota's Hilux is rated a 4 and Toyota is making sure it gets a 5.
The 2 star ratings for the Chevrolet and GMC and the 3 star ones for the Ram and Ford are a worry. Sort of figures you see for Chinese made Pickups.

@Robert Ryan
Whose ratings are you referring to? Do you know if those ratings have the same scale as the NHTSA ratings or the same tests are conducted? I just want to make sure you're not comparing apples to oranges.

@Luke in CO. Very comparable, the ANCAP are based on the European crash ratings, that have a slighlty higher rating than the US ones as the emphasis rollover safety more. outside of that testing procedures are the same.

Makes me glad I switched back to Ford and driving chevy junk for a couple of years.

@FORD IS OPERATING YADA YADA YADA- Wouldnt a large rock make for a pretty good anchor?

Bert is the type that drives without a seatbelt because he doesn't need silly government mandated protection. An old school GM follower and a dying breed.

-GM truck loyalists PERIOD are a dying breed. Chevy hasn't made a "GREAT" truck since 1987. Chevy hasn't made a "Good" truck since 1998. Anything after that, Chevrolet's are Pure Disposable Trash. That Rebadge Government Motors Company truck has always been a sick, twisted and pathetic rebadge joke. Chevrolet sucks now compared to Ford and Dodge.

Every Ford I have owned winds up breaking down and sitting on the side of the road. So the only impact I am afraid of is when I have to push it there!

Pretty poor ratings overall. But this is what occurs when you become isolated in an industry, any industry. Look globally and compare. To rectify the problem allow competition.

My new Mazda BT-50 has an ANCAP 5 star rating. Our ANCAP was based on the Euro system. All you have to do is look at the number of deaths in NA compared to the Euro zone and Australia to see how you guys are fairing. Deaths per 100k and deaths per distanced travelled. In Australia we are approximately half the NA figures. Important stats. But it cost money and lots of it.

But you NA guys can buy trucks much cheaper than elsewhere. In the end you pay for what you get.

Take your Toyo Taco. The chassis and body (just a reskin) are based on the previous generation Hilux which came out over 15 years ago in Australia. And our current Hilux is only 4 stars. Maybe your up and coming Taco might be at least 4 stars if they use the current Hilux chassis and body.

I have noticed on some feedback on other articles about how "manly" a truck has to look with bumpers etc. Well they all can kill. In Australia no bumpers, all pedestrian compliant bodies all through regulation. Even our bull bars are tested in conjunction with airbags etc.

@Jugger.....for the record, I drive a Ford....and yes, nobody gives a rats ass about this. What percentage walk into a dealership and ask the salesman about the crash test results of an F-350????? Slim margin at best.

Wow there is a lot of losers on this website.....

There weren't any crash tests on a F-350 so why would one ask for something that did not exist?

Besides the crash test scores, when there are any, are on the window stickers, so you don't have to ask.

I don't walk into dealerships and ask anything because I do my own research.

It must be frustrating for the competition, having to watch Ford dominate in pretty much every possible way, endlessly.

Mark Williams,
Is your chart correct?

Safercar.gov is showing 3 stars for Ram Overall Rating and 2 stars Front crash. Where are you getting 4 stars and overall driver from? The only 4 stars is for a "combined side barrier and pole rating".

For Chevy, the 2 star rating is for "Combined Side Barrier and Pole Ratings" not overall driver. The "overall driver rating" like your chart shows. The overall rating is 3 stars, 1 star higher than Ram overall. Chevy is also 3 stars front crash.

Please update the chart or respond.

@ Ken
The two-star rating you're seeing is a more specific test NHTSA performs, but not the one we've included in our chart--we only listed Overall ratings. The Overall Driver Star Rating we listed is an average of front and side ratings they judge. The two-star ratings are for both RWD and 4WD models, for front crash tests only. All our data is taken from the most recent test date they sent us from last month. Hope that helps.

Best part of owning a 3/4 ton Ram is the fire show you get after you wreck it!

Ford has their own problems. They are not perfect. I had to replace my 2005 Powerstroke because it was a money pit and I did every piece of maintenance that was required.

In fact, I can't even count how may diesels they went through. Let's see the 7.3, 6.0, 6.4, and now the 6.7. The duramax is a great engine and has changed very little since its inception. I am now on my second 2500HD and love it.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to have replaced it with another F250 but just cant get past the problems with their diesels. FYI, the last straw was a bed plate seal that would have cost $4000 because the body had to be removed. The 2012's still require that the body be removed for certain engine issues. It will be years before I can trust a powerstroke again.

we love our Powerstrokes, had very few problems, had 12 Ford diesels (all 450's) since 2000, replace two trannies out 12 trucks ain't to bad 5 of those were 6.0's never had a lot of problems with them either, our sub contractors have duramaxs, and all they have is problems, Injectors, Heads, Front ends, brakes, bent frames, universal joints going out, transmission sensors giving out letting them sit on the side of the road, saggy rear ends have to more springs in to help with weight, but none of our subcontractors have anything newer than '09's, maybe they need better drivers

most people might not care, but a safer car is cheaper to insure....

multiply that by several 100s that a big fleet might have....

Interesting results but I have to disagree with HemiLOL. Boxed frames like on the Chev or Ram aren't responsible for lower crash ratings. They are designed to crumple front or back in an MVC. Much of the crash ratings have to do with the design of the bumpers, fenders and cabs. If the passenger space does not provide sufficient "room to live" or dissapate energy to what the human body can withstand, you will get a poor crash rating.

We will buying GM trucks the next time around. The trans. in the Dodges AND now Fords are just JUNK. It stinks putting out $3000.00 Every 3 yrs. The trans Guy said no problems with GM's ......WE WILL SEE....

yeah, but that IFS rides so SMOOTH!

The GM crash tests they are showing here are for the 2500 without side airbags. With side airbags they get the same safety rating as the Ford. Check out the stats before you open your traps ford boys.


Fords safety might have something to do with the ownership of VOLVO from 1998-2008.

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