Race Driver to Auction Tundra for Charity

BJ Tundra

NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Clint Bowyer is looking to auction off this pretend classic pickup parts hauler at the Barrett-Jackson Orange County auction this weekend in California. Our friends at Autoblog point out there is very little on this truck that looks like a pickup from the 1950s or 1960s, but then again, they say, neither does a new F-150, Ram or half-ton pickup truck from GM.

All the proceeds from the sale will go to the Emporia Community Foundation, which is based in Bowyer's hometown of Emporia, Kan.

Erick Brockmeyer Designs and custom painter Jason Jewett (owner of Red House Custom Paints) created this Toyota Tundra, which features a red patina paint job to make it look like a well-used, weathered "tri-five"-style work truck. Additional '50s-style design elements include a roof visor; custom wheels; louvered tailgate; vertical bar grille; white bumpers, mirrors and grille; a wood bed and wood bed stakes; and blanket upholstered seats.

Bowyer said he wanted to take a brand-new Tundra and make it look like it had been working on a farm for 50 or 60 years. We're told Bowyer will likely head straight from his race this weekend in Northern California to the Southern California venue to be part of the actual sale of the truck.

BJ Tundra front

BJ Tundra side



junk yards are paying good now.

Think I'll pass on this bid. Poor Clint stuck with Toyota now since Richard Childress drop him from Chevy. sad sad days

Cool unique idea for charity I approve





Or they could have picked up an old Hilux and reworked everything but the body.

just another boring ugly tundra!

Was the guy who painted this on an acid trip and then tweeked on crystal meth to calm his nerves?
I have nothing against the Tundra, but this is ugly.

I hope it sells for a decent price as it is for a good cause.


do you think someone that was tripping on crystal meth then took acid would be able to paint this truck?

He probably wouldnt even be able to change his diaper, or want to leave the couch lol.

in my best Scottish accent... "You're a walking contradiction"


it is a nice truck!
but what is under the hood it would look cool if it had a blower.

hehe! one time took acid then drove to uptown stick my had out window oooh S*ht its raining blood! look the sun its so hot its burning.....haha!LOL!

at least it's for a good cause, but do they have any idea there were no toyota pickup trucks around in the 50-60's, (around here, or full size)? and all they had to do is put one on an American farm for a few yrs. and it would wear just like they made it seam too! and it wasn't acid that did this, it was lots and lots of good ol shin that did this! I didn't think you could make a tundra any uglier than it is new, but I stand corrected!

oh one mre thing, instead of toyota on the doors, they should have put Papason Sanford &little Sanford on them.

Blech... I just threw up in my mouth a little!

I would rather drive a GM product than be seen in that thing! That says it all!

While I think the oversize yellow wheels, the visor and the patina make it look kind of I silly, I like it. One of the things I like about the Tundra is that the curves and bulges in the body are reminiscent of a 50's or 60's era truck. That, to me, is more appealing than looking like the race car I cut out of a block of wood when I was in the cub scouts.


I just noticed again how Toyota copied the Dodge RAM with its front end styling cues,but again epically failed !!

@Allistar Evans - if he wasn't on meth and acid when they apinted it, they definately were on it when they came up with the paint scheme. LOL
@Brent - it does look like a cartoon character. Tow Mater's cousin "Toy Mater" ;)

wow first time ever i was edited........... sorry mark.

so what i said a little nicer is its amazing how many haters are on this site. a guy puts a tundra up for a charity cause and all people on here do is hate............ amazing

@hemi lol, Ever wonder why no one collects toyota's. Because
they are disposable. They are like paper plates. You toss them in the trash when you are done with them.

@hemi lol - I have nothing against the truck or the charity, just the hideous paint job.

It's not just the paint that looks hideous.

I hope Toyota gets their truck right with the next Tundra. I'll be the first to stand up and applaud.

OMG! Epic fail! Charity and sponsorship has certainly reached it's plateau! Keep the truck and just donate the money!

"Bidding for the truck started out slowly, sticking at $30,000, but after Bowyer added a driver suit and a trip to next year's Daytona 500 the price tag skyrocketed to a final price of $100,000."


what they sould have used is one of those new (Southern ) trucks, the ones that look like a early 50"s Chevy, but is all new and pwered by Ford! it would have been more $$$, but it would have looked the part, not to mention a LOT better!

Ugly--and a dumb idea in general. It would look just as ugly/phony no matter what new pickup was used.

They should have went the opposite direction and done a modern prerunner/sport truck theme.

Dav:::: google southern motor company, $68K Chevy powered from 5.3,6.0,7.0 up to 550hp!

As a Tundra fan and as a general truck enthusiast, I think it's always cool to see a custom truck.

However, I gotta say that I don't get it. The Tundra has about as much a connection to the 1950's as I do (and I was born in 1978).

I'd much rather see Toyota embrace custom trucks that appeal to younger consumers, because that's the future of the brand.

To make it more realistically 50s, they should of replaced "Toyota" with "Toyopet";)

@jamcool - I had to look that one up, interesting thought.

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