Ram 1500 Likely to Get Turbo-Diesel

2013 Ram 1500

Reports are coming in that Ram Truck is doing early testing on a turbo-diesel engine for the Ram 1500, but a proper diesel model isn't likely to happen for several years. Earlier reports suggested that a smaller Cummins or other branded diesels may be an option, but it looks like the small Fiat-owned VM high-tech V-6 is the obvious front-runner.

In an article posted Monday, Allpar.com said it has sources saying that early one-off models have been made with the 3.0-liter V-6 VM Motori turbo-diesel engine (named the VM A630), which already sits inside the new Jeep Grand Cherokee sold in several global markets (and will also come to the U.S. market).

The engine can be tuned to produce more than 400 pounds-feet of torque, and, in a truck platform, it is likely to be able to tow as much as 10,000 pounds.

These early pre-production vehicles could show up in some spy photos if photographers keep their eyes on the tailpipes and fuel-filler caps. We hope to have more soon.


Bring it on! Truck buyers are very familiar with diesels. It won't be a tough sell. The HD's are proof of that.
Longevity and MPG is the advantage. It might cost me more to buy but so be it. I'LL PAY IT!
Diesel fuel in the area is $3.39 per gallon right now, I can live with that.

I seem to recall Turbo Diesels being an option on late 90s gmt 400 half tons, GMC and chevy ck 1500s and Suburban 1500 and 2500s, i remeber my parent concidered getting one and looked at a1500 suburban with that option but opted to go gas instead.

Interesting. An identical 3 Litre diesel, that is in the new Colorado is rated at 7,700lbs towing.

These rumors have been floating around for a long time. I will believe it when I see it.

That's what everyone has been asking for, but the Ecoboost is cheaper to buy, stronger, less maintenance, and cheaper to fill your tank. It probably gets better gas mileage too

Mark my words, Ford's next big thing is going to be a twin turbo Ecoboost 5.0 to replace the diesel in the superduty lineup. Same capabilities but thousands cheaper to buy and operate.

keywords: isn't likely to happen for several years

@toycrusher84 The small 2 Litre Ecoboost you get in the Explorer has been put into the Falcon car. Unfortunately not that many people crazy about.

@Dan, these aren't rumors. These are actual facts.

I hope too see his come a reality in about 2 years. I'm sure hey'll put around 1+ million miles in testing. Hopefully this engine gets an upgrade when the production model comes out. They should be available when the all-new redesigned Dodge comes out. And yea I said, 'Dodge'.

A Fiat Diesel? LOL Unless it has the Cummins I'm not interested!

Heard it before. Then the bankruptcy judge threw out the contract for development with cummins. I'm with scout, I beleive it when I see it. same goes for Ford & GM they all weaseled out of making the vehicle I was waiting for.

Till I can buy it, it's so much vapor-ware, in other words: They are full of male-bovine-fecal-matter.

And the fact is it isn't likely to happen for several years.

They have some testing right now...So,a 2014 production date is possible !!

Darn,the RAM looks so,so,so good..cant wait for the new 395 h.p,8 spd automatic 2013 Ram 1500 HEMI !!

The 3.0L VM Motori diesel is an excellent engine. For those that don't know, VM Motori has the same reputation for quality and longevity in Europe that Cummins does here-and for a market that's much more diesel-oriented, that says something.

The diesel in the Grand Cherokee is rated for around 25/33. By the time it comes over here, European and American emissions regs will be the same, and it already meets them. Final testing will probably bring the numbers down a little, but expect a combined MPG in the high 20s. Since the Ram 1500 and the Grand Cherokee rate the same with the Hemi, I'd expect the Ram to have the same diesel mileage as well.

Marcione has commited to the Grand Cherokee CRD for America. The more vehicles use the engine, the better they can spread emissions development costs.
@Robert Ryan- where is the new Colorado getting the A630? last I looked, it was getting the A425 and A428 4 cylinders. In the Grand Cherokee, the A630 is connected to the same 8-speed found behind the Hemi, rather than the smaller version bolted to the Pentastar V6. The diesel engine has torque figures much like the gas V8.

Chrysler, always the innovator. So many firsts. I hope they beat
ford and chevy on this 1500 diesel. The 2013 ram is so far ahead of ford and chevy. I am very happy with my dodge ram. It's nine years old. Very reliable.


Guts. Glory. Ram.

Ram is taking out Ford in 2013.

@Mrknowitall . It just states a 6 speed Automatic.
The Nissan Navara has a 7 speed Auto and 405lbs ft of torque but only tows 3000kg.(6,600lbs)
The new Ranger 6 speed Auto and the same as torque as the Colorado 350lbs of torque, but a tow rating of 7,300lbs
A 10,000lb tow rating sounds awfully optimistic.

The Grand Cherokee diesel is rated at 3,500kg same as Colorado. It has the W5A580 5 speed automatic transmission

Sounds like music to my ears. 3.0L ain't bad but a 1500 might be able to get by with an even smaller diesel engine displacement. While they're at it, might as well add a start/stop capability.

HEMI V8 please please please break your hands so I can take a break from reading your Stupid idiotic POSTS .. your a FLAMING FIAT FANBOI as they call it on here .. LMAO ... innovator . <---- REALLY

The Big 3 always amaze me. After spending R&D money on small V8 diesel prototypes they suddenly realize smaller, just as powerfull and more efficient diesels already in production are a viable option.

They deserve a slow clap.......

3.0 VM w/ 8 speed would be nice. Ford should drop the 6.2 and offer the 4.4L V8 diesel it builds for Land Rover, also w/ 8 speed. The Range Rover 4.4 is within 1mpg difference of the 3.0 Range Rover Sport, which is also smaller, lighter, and more aerodynamic. Forget the V6 diesel and go the 4.4 V8!

@ cory,

You are clueless...why didnt you call Ram fans a Mercedes fanboi before ? Ram is a part of the Chrysler group..and guess what ...Fiat is a part of the Chrysler group...look it up !


After operating heavy equipment for years with Fiat diesels, I would love to see a Fiat/VM Motori diesel in a pickup! Great engines.

I was hoping Ford or GM would offer one of their little V8 diesels in their pickups and SUVs, but if Ram brings this truck to market I might see a Ram 1500 in my future.

Kory put your hand up an SLAP yourself As hard as you can ...LMAO....

@ Len ,

Do you research please...

VM Motori was owned by Detroit Diesel !!

Daimler-Chrysler bought out Detroit Diesel !! Then VM Motori was Daimler Chrysler's..

Daimler-Chrysler sold 51% of its stake in VM Motori to Penski in 2003 ..

In 2007 Penski bought the remaining 49% from Daimler Chrysler and sold 50 % to GM.

In 2011, Fiat bought out Penski's 50% share ,so in essence Chrysler pretty much had part ownership in Motori since 2000 !! And guess what GM owns the other 50% of VM Motori !!

And a real shocker since 1995 with the Good old Chrysler corporation,they used VM Motori engines in Jeep Cherokee's and Voyagers in Europe !!! And again in 2010 they started using VM Motori engines in the Jeep cherokee in Europe !!!

So,the RAM with a Diesel VM Motori engine is great,the old 100% Chrysler-Chrysler Corporation back in 1995 used them in Europe !!So it could have happened this way even if it was still the good old Chrysler Corporation !!As they did buisiness in the 90's !!

I just find it insane that people bash things without the facts..I think Detroit Diesel has a good reputation,and I bet VM Motori has alot of their technology from over the years,furthermore,VM Motori is a solid engine,used in millions of heavy duty /light duty and even cars in Europe..please educate yourself before you make ignorant claims..

Furthermore Cummins is dealing with Nissan for a diesel in their trucks,so I bet that is why Chrysler went to VM Motori !!


Obviously you are very limited as you make such juvenile comments.Re-read my first comment I left you,and please grow up..no wonder America is in sad shape with people like you !! All you know how to do is make ignorant/uneducated and just plain wrong comments,and you have nothing to back it up but insults..

Who owns Chrylser Corp? Fiat. Rember, Fiat is not just a brand, it is the owner. Fiat will also be buying out the AUW to become 100% owner.

Ram is taking out Ford in 2013 F
R----0===( R

Before posting read the article on allpar. They are using the 3.0 because its still in testing r&d and is much easier with an in house motor. There is nothing about them not using a small cummins when it hits the showroom.

"Ram is taking out Ford in 2013" for a good time :0----o==(


In the face


FYI on 5-15-2012 Fiat bought the remaining shares of VM from GM.

This is not a partnership. This is a takeover.

Fiat currently holds a 58.5% stake in Chrysler and would like to see this increase to 61.5% in July when they purchase a further 3% share in the company. What the Italian automaker finally wants is a 100% share in Chrysler and intends to take over the company completely.

I have to say, i dont see why everyone needs a diesel. Maybe someone can explain. I do see logic in a smaller gas engine with a turbo for better gas mileage and higher torque and what not, which is essentially the same idea as a turbo diesel, except you dont have to pay $4+ a gallon. Regardless, its good to see an effort being made.

Just one little correction . Fiat bought 50% from GM recently so they own 100% of VM motory. I am following news about this particular engine for 3years now, hoping to get it at this market.
My pray has been heard and this will change everything, even I bought RAM Laramie recently. I don't regret it. HEMI sounds beautifully. Egoboost is going to be kicked in the butt. And GM and Nissan will bring their baby diesel to spice it up.
I am happy that Fiat has the balls to bring the small diesel by American Standard to this market first, even this engine is huge by rest of the world standards.

Slap it harder lol

@ATNUPARU, zviera
According to VM Motori website VM today is a 50:50 joint venture between GM and Fiat.


Fiat bought its 50% stake from Penske in Feb '11.

@cory,Just a jealous little punk.



I think that a V6 diesel priced around 3,500 would sell well. All of the European SUV's in North America have diesel engine options in that price range. They all get better mpg than their gas siblings and there isn't a big gap in performance.
I hope that Ram does it. The interesting question would then be: does the 5.7 become the intermediate motor and the diesl the premier motor?
Base = Pentastar V6
Mid = hemi 5.7
premium = V6 diesel
This would be great for high mileage 1/2 ton truck owners.

Dodge Ram and Ford F-Series are the real deal when it comes to real trucks. I can see the Dodge Ram taking down the Chevy Silverado very very soon. I've read it a million times from the Mopar nuts on here but I'm completely convinced it will indeed happen. These new Dodge's are so much nicer than Chevy's. Ford's have been nicer than Chevy's for quite some time but now Dodge is as well. I looked at a new Ram this evening and was completely blown away by the Laramie Longhorn. Anyone buying a Chevy Silverado over the Dodge or Ford would have to be insane. These engines will take them to a whole new level. I also agree with the Ford E-boost comments. I think they will expand that. Ford really is the leader but Dodge is no doubt number two.

zviera, Gregory J: You're both half-right. Fiat is currently planning to buy out GM's share, but hasn't done so yet. But VM Motori should be a part of the Fiat/Chrysler group by the end of the year.

People wondering why smaller trucks with similar engines tow less: Because they're smaller trucks. A Dakota with the 4.7L tows less than the Ram with the 4.7L. It's not just engines, it's frame, suspension, wheelbase, weight, brakes, ect.

People whining about Fiat controlling Chrysler: While the takeover will technically by Fiat buying Chrysler in the next few years, the conglomerated company will likely be moving to America. Right now, Chrysler's profit is propping up Fiat while they shift out of the Euro market and redesign their own aging model line.

Here's the fact: Chrysler engineers will be designing what Chrysler engineers have been good at-big trucks, vans, big cars and SUVs. Fiat engineers will design what they're good at-small cars and small CUVs. Ram trucks are the best they've ever been, and they're going to get even better for 2013-the best in their class.

Do some research on Sergio Marcichonne-he's an amazing man. Easily the best CEO in the industry, and one of the best businessmen working today. Say what you like about a 'Fiat takeover', but Fiat saved Chrysler and gave them the cash infusion to build the best cars they have in decades.

We have the Jeep RT8 available in Australia. The 3 Litre Diesel out tows that engine combination. The SRT8 is more a performance option.

@Don Hornby Fiat does not make a lot of money out of Fiat cars. They are looking at combining the IVECO Truck and CNH Operations(Case Tractors and John Holland) to build a stronger Fiat Industrial arm. Fiat knows there is more money to be made improving Chrysler Corps's operations in NA and increasing Fiat Industrial ,Globally.

@Cory: Whatever you want to call them, the 8 speeds will make people like you that just like drag racing back to putting the hurt on Fords. Atleast thats all you seem to care about. I would say you can slap your own self silly, but you are beyound silly already.

Guts. Glory. Ram.

Ram is taking out Ford in 2012.

@Robert Ryan: That too. Plus, Fiat's focusing a lot on second-world-market models-Fiat and Jeep are going to be putting out a fair number of small, simple, cheap AWD/4WD cars and CUVs, since Europe isn't going to be picking up again any time soon and the only Fiat/Chrysler vehicles catching on there are the 500, Wrangler and Journey/Freemont (Although the Dart/Viaggro has a fair shot)

@Don Hornby - I have to agree that Sergio Marchionne is a savvy businessman. His family moved to Canada when he was 14 years old so he does have personal experience with North American culture and what works here. I do think that Fiat and Chrysler will be do great things together. Fiat/Chrysler has Sergio Marchionne and Ford has Alan Mulally.

@Robert Ryan - thanks for the link. If I had to pay a 1,500 premium (depending on configuration) for the 3.5 V6 Ecoboost or a 3,000 dollar premium on the 3.0L VM Motori diesel, I'd go with the diesel. It looks like I will have some interesting choices once I have to replace my 2010 truck. I could get used to staring at the back of a Rams head while driving down the highway. (Well, they used to put the Ram on the hood of their trucks).

@ Gregory J
@ Don Hornby
Fiat buying remainder of VM


This is done deal for me.

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