Spied! 2015 Ford F-150 SuperCab

2015 F-150 KGP II
Photos by KGP Photography

With all the attention squarely on GM as the 2014 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 gets ready to debut sometime this year, Ford is quietly getting its next F-150 ready for a significant design and engineering change. How significant that change will be undoubtedly is a highly guarded secret.

Regardless, there are a few things we can tell from these recent spy shots from Brian Williams of KGP Photography. They were snapped outside the Dearborn testing facility where a few test mules have been spotted, we're told.

First of all, it looks like Ford has seriously upgraded its camo gear. Not only does this covering look like it's supposed to conceal the exact sizes and shapes of the window and overall greenhouse, the extra padding (see how smooth all the exterior surfaces are) is clearly designed to add heft and bulges that are not actually there.

We're also guessing there is plenty of weight-savings to be had on the 2015 model, which is probably why the SuperCab's front doors, engine hood and tailgate are so heavily covered. Also, there seems to be a good number of sensors on the tailpipes, most likely to determine and monitor emissions. Federal standards take a big leap in 2016 and 2018, both of which will hit before Ford's next F-150 overhaul. Although these tailpipes might look a little small, the dual outlets (no chrome tip) are used only on the 6.2-liter V-8-equipped SVT Raptor and Harley F-150.

As with most spy photos, it is difficult to determine any changes regarding the construction or design of the supsension, so the most we can do is comment on the growing size of the F-150's windshield. We also would like to think that the bigger greenhouse (and much of the side window glass looks covered as well) would provide greater visibility all around. Likewise, it sure would be nice if those side mirrors not only extended but also flipped up to provide a wider, taller towing mirror. We'll have to wait and see.

2015 F-150 3 KGP II

2015 F-150 2 KGP II



other than the coat hanger holding up the tailpipe, and the insulation on the outside of the body, the front grill and headlights seem to be lower, with a more pronounced slope to the hood, euro pedestrian rules or more aro dyn?

Hard to tell but looks like to me, just another grill job on that old 2004 body again.

Front end looks very heavy. Otherwise hard to say what's going on under all that armor :)

@Johnny Doe- I wish they would just go back to the 04 body style. Grill and all.

looks like a 2004 with the covers on it, don't see why they hide it if everybody done seen it

Regardless of your brand loyalty I think we're all going to be pleasantly surprised of what Ford, GM and Ram will offer the consumer.
We're living in a pretty exciting time as the country innovates to make our beloved pick-ups more fuel efficient yet capable.

looks like a GM product

I see Ford is back to using 5-lug wheels from a 97-03 vintage F150.

Well so far it looks like a cross between a '97 f150 and a 2011 f150. The Front end has gotten much more sloped.

It's hard to tell with the camo, but I'm getting a big T6 Ranger vibe from the general proportions of it.

Interesting, kind of looks like thier going back to the 97 body style, looks a little smaller, you can see the rear bumper on is from the current F-150 and it sticks out past the body on this unit, so its a little narrower

I've said it before, I'll say it again.

Anyone requiring a getaway vehicle should get ahold of some of that disguise material.

What kind of car did the robber get in to?
I dunno officer, it looked like he got into a plastic bag.

I guess I'll have to hold off on commenting until that disguise material comes off. I do hope they rounded it off some. The last round of F.O.R.D.s looked so fricken boxy.

The Cab almost appears to be fused to the cab, possibly could be a unit body.

The front end is more aerodynamic similiar to the 1997-2003 F-150. The rear seems to be a little less square. Looks like this is the first of the redesigns to meet the new fuel efficient standards. RAM and GM will probably have similiar changes as well. It will be interesting to see the final truck as it will to see the new Silverado but it looks like this truck will have nice lines and will be just as popular as the current F-150.

Wow, does look like the older body style. Which would be cool knowing the Design possibilities. If so, way to go Ford. I'm a Chrysler fan by the way.

" Ford is quietly getting its next F-150 ready for a significant design and engineering change."

Upon it's debut Ford will stomp on them just like the 2013 GT500 stomped the ZL1 debut. Then GM will cry and say "You are welcome Ford Truck fans." Best excuse is no excuse Al!

@Southern IL Man-I agree we are living in some exciting times. Ford, Chevy, and RAM are going to come up with some exciting designs and technology to make their trucks compliant with the new fuel standards yet still appealing to the consumer. This is not going to be the doom and gloom that some bloggers have been predicting for the future of pickups.

I think it's time to make way for the 4.4L V8 diesel. Get rid of the 6.2 gasser if need be.

Frank the 2013 GT500 barely beats the ZL1 with all its power and being a lighter car, and don't handle no where near as good as the ZL1 so I wouldn't call that stomping by no means. Whats ford gonna do when the new small block chevys come out? Oh thats right cry LOL! By the way camaro is in the sales lead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Viwp4RuwuYw

the side frame, moldings and rims are exactly from the old 2003 f150.. I see very clear... what do you think Mark Williams

Where o where is the next gen. Super Duty? Will the Super Duty just fade away over time with nothing more than a new grille and trim package from time to time? I get real nervous when Ford lets a vehicle platform go on for so long without replacing it. First the Crown Vic., then the Ranger. Is the Super Duty next?

It does look more like the 97 version with all the garb on it.I just hope its not get too slanted in the front with a short front thats what makes the Tundra/Titan look extremely odd the very short front end.

@johnny dipshit- "i want to be in the link posting game"
Here's a link for you, you china loving troll bitch-

"What's ford gonna do when the new small block chevys come out?" When it comes out in china first!

I cant see this being a offroad type of vehicle, it seems like its lowered to the ground. More like a cross between the ranger and todays larger F-150. Years ago there were prototypes of a truck like this and ford might just shell it out. I think the best 150 models were before 97, but after the mid eighties. It seems that there are trends, for awile in the late 90s, trucks were getting bigger and bigger, now the new upcoming gennerations seem to be getting smaller.

@xoo7, I guess FORD is better then chevy cause it comes out of
Russia. With it's china made transmissions. LOL!



Well after seeing this article I was finally motivated to create an account on here. Been a long time reader, and after recently being banned from GMInsidenews.com for apparently speaking facts about male vs female crash statistics, I think I need a new place to hang out.

Anyways, the front end looks awful. If they are sloping it down that low because of aerodynamics, the world of trucks is over as we know it. I have been a GM guy my entire life, but I have come to love these new Fords and their bold, "boxy" styling. The new front clip on this truck is like a crossover's design. The whole fuel efficiency thing is out of hand. Instead of trying to cater the entire truck to improving its fuel economy by 0.1% each refresh, why not educate drivers to take better care of their cars, inflate their tires, change their oil, and monitor other critical components and fluid levels.

Maybe this turned into a bit of banter, but seriously ridiculous; you can only push an internal combustion engine so far, the rest falls squarely on the driver.

x007 Everyones packing up and going to China even ford is, its where the moneys at, no need to get butt hurt man. Companys do whats best for them no matter what country their from, they go where the moneys at.

I think the sloped nose is an illusion created by the padding over the fender. The story that was pulled a while back said no significant changes or something to that effect. We may see some changes and shuttered rad vents. An active chin spoiler would be a good idea and cheeper than air ride.

@DenaliHD66 - agreed. I can improve my mpg by 10 - 15% by driving more smoothly and cautiously.

@enus- is that all you got? The best thing about you rolled down your pappas leg.

Ford is not as heavily involved in china as Government Motors is, and the design of the new chevy's are going to be chinese.

The F150 is a US design.

Those youtube video's you make are as lame as your comment's, more proof you fail as a human being.

The misleading headline that was pulled 2 months ago said styling unlikely to change...for the next couple years.

The actual quote from Ford was we’re likely to continue giving customers what they want.

Thus it was pulled.

LOL!!!! enus? Whats up with the name calling? I'm better myself and walk away I'm not going to fight with you over the internet like a kid. We can talk maybe when the 5 year old name calling stops.

wish they would go back to the 1996 and down modles in my opion they looked alot better like every one else has said when are they gona update the superduty ???????

I think this is a mule using a a 97-03 truck with some current parts and some next gen parts. It could also be a F-100.

When you enlarge the photo this truck, Wheels seem pretty small and thin, and the truck looks almost to small, like smaller then a half ton. Plus with 5 lugs wheels? Curious if this is a new Ranger? The windshield reminds me of the T6. also seems a little bit early for sightings of a 2015 truck. That's still 3 years away.

xoo7, Ford going to china!!!!!!!!


Is this 9/10th size of a F-150? Looks so.


I don't think the ford emblem on the front grill is quite big enough. Maybe two feet across and I would sell my dodge ram
and buy the best selling, best looking, most powerful, never break down, go a million mile ford f150.

@hEMI V8, Guts Glory RAM!

I think there is too much camo to really tell if it is ugly or good-looking.

But it looks to have the approach angle of a Ferrari and would high-center on a beer can--not what I like in a pickup.

I personally like the short front-ends on pickups. It may not look good to all, but it is functional.

Have to agree with Dan on this one. Unless Ford seriously downsized their best seller there is no way this is the new F-150. The extended cab looks nearly as small as the Ranger. The hood slope tells me this is based on the aussie Ford Ranger. If this IS the new f-150, this truck doesn't look very capable. I understand it could be because its a early model though.

Exerpt #1
"The Ford F-150 is not likely to change much over next several years — at least that's what Ford's top U.S. sales analyst says.
"Segments like the midsize car, where we need to make a big noise against Honda and Toyota, are much better places for Ford to make strong gains, but where we already have a strong presence and people are holding onto their trucks longer than ever before, we're likely to continue giving customers what they want," Eric Merkle said at the Motor Press Guild monthly meeting at the Ford Design studio in Irvine, Calif."
Exerpt #2
"When asked how much passion can be injected into a new pickup truck design, Merkle brought up the softer and more organic F-150 design from 1996 that didn't seem to go over well with truck guys. "The pickup has always been a strong tool. ... It's like a hammer, and the design has to communicate that," Merkle said. "The '96 design didn't do that very well. I think we've got all the aerodynamics out of the F-150 that we can." Tiny gains will always be hunted down, Merkle said, but it is more likely that the biggest changes will continue to come from new powertrain choices."

Basically, truck guys don't like big changes therefore why make big changes. That is after all, giving them what they want. The current F150 is boxy but as Merkle pointed out, there isn't much more to gain in aerodynamics. If they made it too aerodynamic people will think it is too ugly to buy or it would become too expensive to buy.

Here is the current F150 extended cab:
Here is the global Ranger:
Here is a pic of a supercab global Ranger:

I'm not seeing a Global Ranger hiding under that padded bra.

It sits low but I'm guessing that it is a 4x2.

You're not seeing a Global Ranger under there because it is a mule. It may be the foundation of the F-100 covered up with a 97-03 body and other parts. Wheels are from the 03 F-150.

Check the wheels. 2003 F150.


Actually now that it's been brought up, it does look like a smaller pickup. If that's the case, then it looks fine. Maybe still a bit too big? But the body is fairly misleading, I'm sure it will be trimmed up if that's the case. Those tires really do sit under the chassis and are pretty small though.

Like several have already posted, I wish they'd go back more to the '04-09 body style, this one looks like a brick with little real style to it. The current one looks like an updated version of the early 90's "ugly truck" era.

I agree with many here, this definitely has the proportions of the '07-'03 F-150 which was by far my LEAST favorite. Either F-150 is seriously being shrunken, Ranger is coming back, or they have something else up their sleeve. Maybe F-100/150/250/350 or maybe this will the the F-150, F-250 will shrink to current F-150 size, and F-350 will remain superduty?

Isn't it time we start fighting these bastards in the government regulatory nazi division? Why can't they stay out of the automotive business? These new mileage standards are absolutely BS along with more emission standards. Many of us use these vehicles for business and simply can't have go-carts on wheels! All while the government wastes more fuel than all of the pickups on the road today just fundraising for their corrupt campaigns.

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