Spied! 2015 Ford F-150 SuperCab

2015 F-150 KGP II
Photos by KGP Photography

With all the attention squarely on GM as the 2014 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 gets ready to debut sometime this year, Ford is quietly getting its next F-150 ready for a significant design and engineering change. How significant that change will be undoubtedly is a highly guarded secret.

Regardless, there are a few things we can tell from these recent spy shots from Brian Williams of KGP Photography. They were snapped outside the Dearborn testing facility where a few test mules have been spotted, we're told.

First of all, it looks like Ford has seriously upgraded its camo gear. Not only does this covering look like it's supposed to conceal the exact sizes and shapes of the window and overall greenhouse, the extra padding (see how smooth all the exterior surfaces are) is clearly designed to add heft and bulges that are not actually there.

We're also guessing there is plenty of weight-savings to be had on the 2015 model, which is probably why the SuperCab's front doors, engine hood and tailgate are so heavily covered. Also, there seems to be a good number of sensors on the tailpipes, most likely to determine and monitor emissions. Federal standards take a big leap in 2016 and 2018, both of which will hit before Ford's next F-150 overhaul. Although these tailpipes might look a little small, the dual outlets (no chrome tip) are used only on the 6.2-liter V-8-equipped SVT Raptor and Harley F-150.

As with most spy photos, it is difficult to determine any changes regarding the construction or design of the supsension, so the most we can do is comment on the growing size of the F-150's windshield. We also would like to think that the bigger greenhouse (and much of the side window glass looks covered as well) would provide greater visibility all around. Likewise, it sure would be nice if those side mirrors not only extended but also flipped up to provide a wider, taller towing mirror. We'll have to wait and see.

2015 F-150 3 KGP II

2015 F-150 2 KGP II



When you take the bottom photo and click on it to expand it (I use Ctrl +) and get a good look at the windshield and parts of the interior it becomes obvious that this truck is at least 3 inches narrower then todays F-150. My money says new F-100. To early for a 2015 test mule of the New f-150.


So you think this is a full-size F-150? Really??? Lol. Ford has fooled you all again.

Ford is the only manufacturer good at keeping secrets.

Didn't Ford say the new F150 would be slightly smaller, lower and lighter all around? Based on that, it's not surprising to see a slightly smaller looking truck.

It's fun to speculate though. Maybe it is a F100 mule.

They didn't say smaller, they said lighter. No way is this baby truck a F-150.


So how about smaller grills already? I'm tired of these things pretending they're 'big rigs'.

By the way, for a late-comer to the truck scene I begin to learn why you guys love them so much. It's not so much for the power or handling or load capacity, it's merely the fact that you have a lot of legroom in the cabin compared to modern cars.

This prototype truck is clearly the old 1997-03 bodystyle underneath all that camo. The only difference(s) I can see is the mirrors and rear bumper from the current F150 as well as the window having the daylight door design as on the Super Duty's. If this is indeed the next-gen F150, Ford is stupid for going back to the round design considering the '97-'03 style wasn't exactly well liked by diehard Ford fans.

More leg room is great but also seeing over all the cars in traffic is a BIG advantage.

Anyone notice the visible part of the tail light is the same as the current ones? Front door is the same too. Looks like the tailgate has a body-line through the center that lines up with the tail light back-up light. Also current model.

I can't believe they would go back to the "droopy" front end again. They really went all out with the padding covers on this one. They even covered the door handles! I think we can safely assume it is the F-150.

My guess is this is a 4x2 model and this is why it sits so low, not because they are dropping the ride height by 3-4 inches. Perhaps they are going to use an airbag system like Ram to have different ride heights (I think we'll be seeing these on all light duty trucks in the next 2-3 years).

I hope Ford has something up their sleeves for the 6.2. It has some power but is a pig on gas. Really bad timing to develop that motor on Ford's part. I am sure that with some better breathing and DI it can be tuned for about 450 hp and torque and improve at least 1-2 mpg's which it desperately needs in order to be a sales success.

My overall prediction is for power boosts of about 5-8% depending on the motor, about 400 lbs. lighter overall with a Cd down roughly .025-.035 with 5% less swept area to get the mpg's up to around 17-18 city and 25 highway (with the V8's and Ecoboost). That will let them hit all the first round CAFE goals and have faster/quicker trucks than the current generation. I also anticipate a sizable cost increase on the bottom end ($1500-2000) but with more content added to the base XL to help "hide" some of that extra cost increase.

I can't believe this!!!!! This is an injustice!!! How could they possibly do this!!!! Holy crap!!! What were they thinking!!! It's painfully obvious that the antenna is entirely to long and sticks up way beyond the top of the cab which completely ruins the entire look of the entire truck...... Besides the wheels and some glass that's the only part of the truck I could see to make some ridiculous comment about....

It doesn't really sit any lower then the current 2wd F-150, and the 4x4 only sits about an inch or two higher.

It also appears to have the FX headlights and bumper under the garb with a differant grill, Might not be the new body style at all, just a hack of previous trucks to test new power trains and the like.

It could very well be the new F-50 to replace the Ranger.

I like the sound of that. More F-series sales may make the GM girlie men cry.

Something else, the shock locations on the rear axle. On the newer F150 the shocks are out board mounted, they aren't on this. Ford might be using a '97-'03 F150 to cover up what could be the next Ranger or F100. They just did the same thing by using a current mustang body to hide the 2015 Mustang on a recent test run.

Why would it be called f50? That makes no sense. It wouldn't be fair to add it to fsries if it is a rnger replacement. Call it Ranger! Ram is making a new Dakota and it will be separate from Ram sales and chevy colorado will be separated from silverado. Play fair or don't play at all.

"I hope Ford has something up their sleeves for the 6.2. It has some power but is a pig on gas. Really bad timing to develop that motor on Ford's part. I am sure that with some better breathing and DI it can be tuned for about 450 hp and torque and improve at least 1-2 mpg's which it desperately needs in order to be a sales success."

What are you talking about. The 6.2 liter is a super duty towing engine built to run 250,000. It drinks more fuel because its tuned for heavy duty applications. The upcoming DI version (2015) should be around 410HP and 470lbs of torque with a slight fuel economy improvement. This engine is/ will be the V10 replacement. But Ford will be phasing out the V10 very, very slowly.
Eco-boost will receive small gains, but the transmission's ability to handle the power is the short pole in the tent.


You are crying already. Buck up! BUCK UP!!!!!

Guys chill out. This is a protype and will not be exactly the same for 2015.

If I had to put a guess at this, the only part they are testing is the cab, engine/transmission and frame/suspension. The front end as well as bed are very easy to graft from any older pickup to a new pickup. There is no reason for them to mess with the front end or bed this early, and seeing that the bed and front end's weight wouldn't change too much (they currently have an aluminum hood, and the other panels need to be durable enough for commercial use, that the cab/frame/suspension is where most of the focus will be this early, and the rest will be parts thrown from other trucks.

If the assumption that the cab is actually smaller on this body then I'd have to agree that its an F50/F100/Ranger test bed, but if its closer to actual size of today's truck than it would be an F150 (which is where I'd put my money). People care about the size of the inside of their trucks, and if it shrinks too much (3" is a tremendous amount) then the competition would eat this up.



I think I plainly stated what I was talking about, the 6.2 makes some decent power but is a pig. I am sure it works very well in towing applications and is a good base motor for the F250 and 350 but a thirsty motor isn't what the consumer is looking for right now. I know they developed it when people still didn't care as much but it was still bad timing. They could have held back a year or two and only released it in the DI version with better economy.

It is only marginally more powerful than GM's 6.2 but worse on mpg's. An all new motor of that size should be able to easily dole out 445-465 hp BEFORE direct injection to be on par with the 5.0 which is also under tuned in my opinion. I know they are building in future "upgrade" capacity but the 6.2 is way down from where it likely should have been and with only 2 valves per cylinder it will have limitations on how effeceintly it can breathe. I know it is a less expensive engine to produce but it will also have limited potential which seems very odd in this day and age.

I think the 5.0 could do much more in terms of power and MPG, but ford has detuned to let the ecoboost shine. If the 5.0 had direct injection, a new tune and an eight speed Tranny the F-150 could get 25 MPG.

As Magnum correctly pointed out, there are rumours that the next gen F150 will be a bit smaller. If the current F150 shrinks, the 9/10 ths global Ranger makes no sense.
I do hope that all of the new trucks DO NOT turn into sloped nose bitches to meet new MPG standards.
I agree with Stevedore as well - NO to droopy front ends.
It's kinda ironic - the next Tundra is supposed to become "traditional" and the domestics will become "new aged".
Something is seriously wrong with that picture.
Leave it to my growing bratty kids to figure out how to engineer a world without oil. LOL

If Obama is thrown out hopefully we can get rid of CAFE standards and there would be no need for wimpy F-150's. Whimpy F-100's are ok. There is no need for CAFE standards.

They’re not an answer to high gas prices. In fact, they could make gas prices worse.

Effiicincy causes an INCREASE in consumption of resources. It is called Jevons Paradox.

Increased consumption causes shortages.

Shortages cause increased prices.

If you want to drive the consumption and prices of gasoline down (Obama doesn't), lower CAFE standards and get rid of these stupid hybrids.

interesting to see that despite all new design languages for sedan segment, there is no such changes visible in pickup segment.

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Old wheels are old (they're from the PN96 F150).

Looks more like a 97-03 body style with an 09-13 facelift with 04-13 bumper. Great way to shave off weight is to go back to the 97-03 body style. I SAY DO IT!!!! If Ford builds this truck, I WILL BUY ONE!!!! Also looking close, that it has kw doors and a nice raised hood. Drop a refreshed 6.2L with a 6 speed in that truck, count me in guaranteed!!! It will be awesome to see some interior shots too! Build it Ford!

So comparing that tail pipe to my 2012 6.7 it looks like a mini version, maybe that 4.4......Which would explain why the front end looks so low and no bracket for a plate in the center....say for an inter cooler? i dont know but this would be very cool!!!! I am hoping to see what Ford does for 2014


I bet there gonna use a super duty style front end with the lower headlights and a higher grille and fenders! Can't wait to see it unwrapped! It's like a girl ya just can't wait to see her naked, but ya don't want to get ya hopes all up!!! LOL!!

Come on you guys. In my opinion chev and dodge trucks are staying behind. Why would ford show what they will be rolling down the assembly line in 2015. With active wheel shutters and active front spoiler and automated trailer backing which is rumered for 2015 competition will be left in the dust. For all anyone knows these spy pics could be a distraction. Way to go ford. I myself own a 2013 platinum ecoboost. Its got a lot of power and I get 26 mpg.

there are not very many changes here.
lets go back to the couch between the front doors, 4x4 with a real transfer case and a box that most truck caps will fit!
i'll pay the gas, just give us more power, these trucks are still averaging 20 mpg anyway so why not keep it full size!!
i have a 25 foot rv, i need the power to pull it and the comfort inside while i'm getting there..

I'll take the XL in Kodiak Brown MetallicKodiak Brown Metallic

i would really like to see 30 mpg as claimed!
As a truck owner, i cant get over 20 mpg.
The 2013 XL has a very roomy interior, it suits me and i'm over 6 ft tall.

How does that old saying go? Oh yeah, I remember now. "It sure is hard to polish a turd."

I think this is the F-100, same in size to F-150 but lighter capacity with smaller engines to cover void left by Ranger?

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