Where We're Headed: Chrysler Proving Grounds

Chrysler proving grounds II
We're headed to the Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Mich., to take a look at what Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram Truck have going on for 2013. The automaker is opening up its facility and allowing quite a few auto writers from all over the world to drive their new vehicles and pick the brains of the various engineers and designers of the different models and brands.

No doubt we'll have plenty of intel to bring back, and, of course, there are a few models we'd like to drive as well. Unfortunately, we're told we won't be able to drive any of the 2013 Ram 1500s that will be on display, but we will get access to Ram Team members and take all the photos we want. The Ram 1500 test drive will be later in August, and you can bet we'll have the full drive impressions then.

In the meantime, tell us what you want to know about any Chrysler car or truck or engine they offer in their new-vehicle lineup, and we'll try to track down the answers while we're there. 


See if there is any new info concerning the forthcoming CRD diesel in the WKII and the JK. Thanks!

@Mark Williams. Chrysler is going to offer a "Australian specific V8" in the RHD 300C according to a spokeswoman here. Could you ask the Chrysler what she did mean or did she get her wires crossed?

"Chrysler Staff" @Mark Williams, we will be also getting the new 3 Litre diesel CRD in the 300C. The last one(A Mercedes unit) was the "tow" engine for the 300C.
"Mr Bonthorne said Chrysler was also investigating a diesel-powered version of the Chrysler 300C, which would use the 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel recently introduced to the new Jeep Grand Cherokee in Australia"



Can anyone tell me when is the event

Please take lots of photos of longhorn Laramie if their are any thanks

@Robert Ryan, Australia is getting the 6.4L V8 in the 300C. The difference is, in Australia, it will be in place of the 5.7 in regular trim, and not in the SRT8 model. Interesting business decision.

I say drive the shiznit out of the Viper!. If there is any rubber left on those rear wheels I'll be highly disappointed in you.

JEEP PICKUP... What? When? Where?

Vipers ??
300's ??
Who cares!!
This is PICKUPTRUCKS.com last time I checked.

The 3.0 CRD announced for the Jeep Grand Cherokee would be even better with the ZF-8 announced for the 2013 Ram 1500.
We 'knew' there was "no replacement for displacement", well we were mistaken. Now we 'know' the 3.0 CRD + ZF-8 would be a versatile and powerful combination for;
Ram 1500
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Grand Wagonneer
Dodge Durango
Jeep Gladiator pickup
and ?

Which vehicles get what when?

See if you can get any info on what changes from the 1500 will be on the HD's, being that there is little info including rumors on the HD's/


DEF in the 2500/3500 pickups?

Will Fiat diesels be the only choice of diesels as time goes on?
They make a impressive commercial diesel engine but would hate to see the Cummins (a Daimlar Benz product) go

I just traded in my 2007 Tundra DC LB 4x4 for a 2012 RAM 2500 Crew shortbed 4x4. Perhaps I should have waited, but they were practically giving them away. Love that Toyota value retention, even with 120k miles it still paid for 50% of the 2500 crew cab.

@Mark Williams, I'd be curious to know why RAM and Jeep, with all the improvements they've made to their vehicles, can't get rid of all the blacked-out button spaces in their center stacks. Both brands have the best looking exterior designs on the market, but every interior looks like something's missing (including the updated 2013 RAM). Even a fully-loaded Laramie LongHorn (also always been curious why they incorrectly capitalize the "H" in Longhorn) or Jeep GC Overland still have blacked-out buttons that leave their owners, who paid $$$$$, wondering what possible option they could have missed. Quality has got to outweigh cutting costs at some point, especially when you're trying to compete with Ford or GM, who’ve both figured this out.

Oh, and Jeep Pickup, RAM 1500 diesel? ...Yes, please.

More info/photo's on the 3.6L eight speed Ram please.

Gas Milage in the 2013 Ram 1500. And the Average gas Milage they will be expecting out of the Diesel version.


I know that this is PUTC but Mark said it in the article that he will NOT be allowed to drive the new trucks so he might as well get some good hoonage time in the new Viper. You never know when we might see another SRT-10 Ram. :)

Ask them how it feels to have the most advanced truck on the market in 2013. Ask how it feels to gain 2% increase in the truck sales market. Ask them how it feels to win the shootout with the ram runner. Tell them what an awesome job they are doing. Love my dodge ram truck.

Go to the event and ask them yourself these questions:
Ask them how it feels to finally have a truck that will match the competition in mpg only to be outdone by GM/Ford 6 within months afterwards.
Ask them how it feels to be in third place in truck sales.
Ask them how it feels to be majority owned by the Italians now and no longer an American company. FIAT
Ask them why FIAT is micro managing everything they do. Ask them why they are killing off dodge after 2015.
Ask them why their advertising relies on dumb slogans and intimidation instead of facts. Oh that's right. They don't have class leading anything so they have to make up storyline commercials.
Ask them again how it will feel to be in third place again after maybey having at least mpg lead for a few months. After they threw everything they had to make the 2013 Ram a lowrider with grill shutters.

HAHA, nice Jugger!

@Jugger, couldn't have said it better myself. Guts,Glory,Turd Place!!

@Jugger, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Come down bud you might pop a vessel. If you don't like italians, you don't like the commercials, you don't like their slogans, you don't like their trucks, guess what you don't have to buy one. I love my DODGE truck. If I want to buy another RAM what are you going to do to stop me?


LMAO! Nobody will stop you in buying a SPAM Truck, err Ram Truck, trust me. As a matter of fact, please buy them all. It will help them in sales.

@ Jugger, they don't need my help they are doing fine making
billions a year. Just because their trucks last longer and don't
need replaced as fast doesn't mean they are not good trucks.

i still can't find a decent review of the new ram 2500 hemi with the new 6 speed auto.

Clearly comments like jugger, tyler, keith tells me they feel threatened by RAM trucks. Which is a good thing. Dale earnhart
said when the crowd stops booing or cheering is when you need to worry.

Love my Dodge Rams. Would like to hear more on gasoline powered 2500 4x4.

@ Jugger


@ Frank,Keith,Tyler,

Ignorance is bliss !!! Please Educate yourselves !!


@ Southern IL Man,

CUMMINS is NOT owned by Dailmer Benz !!!!

Dailmer Benz owns Detroit Diesel NOT CUMMINS !!!!!

Like many on this site ,people dont know facts !!!

I am still laughing that Cummins is owned by Dailmer !! Educate yourself please !! I will help you !!



Obviously you are extremely jealous of the RAM...you knock them and all your facts are wrong !!

Chrysler's commercials have facts...as a bit of what they say in them..

Chrysler 300 most awarded car ever !

Jeep Grand Cherokee most awarded suv ever !!

RAM H.D Best Selling Diesel truck in Canada !!!

RAM trucks most reliable trucks around !!!

@ Canadian Dodge RAM Owner !! and Ram Fanboy's
Here are FIATS commercial facts.

Chrysler 300 "Most luxurios car in its class"
"Most technologically advanced in its class"
* FINE PRINT: Class is Chrysler vehicles.

Jeep Grand Cherokee brought to you by the Germans

Ram 1500 "Most standard v8 hp"
DETAILS: Exact Ram model only offered with 5.7 v8

Ram HD Best Selling Diesel in Canada- I would hope so with the no cost diesel option and the Hemi only offered on the 2500 model because it can't tow.

Ram trucks most reliable trucks around? Says their followers.

You Ram Fans are too easy. You make fun of yourselfs with the stuff you write in your own posts. The only reason people pick on you is because you guys have become the worst troll offenders lately. Don't gloat about something that you read on Alpar or qoute stupid advertising slogans and people will leave you alone. It takes respect to earn respect. Don't troll every damn article on this site and expect to not be picked apart.

amen Jugger, every artical on this side ends up the same way, people bitch about the low slung frames and cheap interiors, or how Ford is the worst truck ever and the Ram or what ever they call that company guts glory ram or however it goes WHY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Eh Canadian hoser, keep me out of this. All I did was laugh at his remark because it mimicks what you and Fiat boy always are posting. Kind of sad when you can't even take a little tast of your own medicine.

Any best of Canada point is null and void, maybe half the country drives and there aren't even 35 million people there. That doesn't count for squat. Thats like saying your the hottest cheerleader at all boys school of 85 enrollment.

Ram trucks are most certainly not the most reliable. Any GM or Ford owner (not to mention many Fiat owners) would agree as well as reports and tests for the past 3 decades. Dodge made a junk truck for too long a time to have that. Go ahead, google it...

Jealousy, I think not. What are we to be jealous of? Coil rear suspension? An oblong combustion chamber that is toted as a hemi? It's called teasing, consider your selves the 8 year old in sweat pants with the teenage mutant ninja turtle shirt, batman lunch box, thick glasses and velcro shoes that mom walks to school with spare pants in your back pack.

Jugger's post was so full of fact that it must has hurt, especially the 3rd place comment when all you's guys can state over and over again is Ram taking out for 2013, Ram taking out GM 2012, Guts, Glory Ram... Why not shoot for something a little simpler, smaller like getting with in 100k truck sales of GM and Ford to start. You have one truck, Ford is so far ahead with the F150 that the old unproduced ranger is just icing. Gm has 5 trucks, soon to be two for a year then four when they reintroduce the Canyon/Colorado. The three that are going away are more than a 1/4 of your sales as of last month, is that a reality check for you?

Most awarded new car, not awarded car ever. They haven't been around that long and the 300M wasn't worthy of jack. If I were a betting man I would say the 3 series or something that wins every year would be winningest car ever since it is sold all over the world. Jeep, ill give you that. It was a pioneer of SUV's and pretty sweet.

PS, nothing against Canada, I like Canada. I am from northern Michigan and Minnesota and particularly love the Canadian Rockies (Lake Louise/Banff) and Vancouver area. One of my favorite remarks about Canada is it is like your attic, you kind of forget it is up there but then you get there and are like, oh, this is pretty nice and there is some neat stuff up here. That was said by some comedian, can't remember who.

I echo these sentiments by Ty.

The 3.0 CRD announced for the Jeep Grand Cherokee would be even better with the ZF-8 announced for the 2013 Ram 1500.
We 'knew' there was "no replacement for displacement", well we were mistaken. Now we 'know' the 3.0 CRD + ZF-8 would be a versatile and powerful combination for;
Ram 1500
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Grand Wagonneer
Dodge Durango
Jeep Gladiator pickup
and ?

Which vehicles get what when?

Back to the actual topic, I'd like to see Mark ask them about their global expansions. One of the main goals with the merger was to have Chrysler and Dodge/Ram expand into foreign markets. How well is this going and what global sales goals are there going to be for the next year or two.

By offering vehicles in Europe and South America and the rest of the world there will likely be additional engineering and performance changes that we might be able to pick up retroactively (ie different suspension tunings or interiors released in Europe might end up in a future version of our US vehicles). Plus costs can be spread further and perhaps better technologies can cost less than we currently have.

i agree with Tyler, and they keep talking about the 8 speed tranny, why is that so great, talk to a lot of Ram owners and they cannot get the tranny right they have now what is going to change with the 8 speed tranny, going down the road with a load and the 8 speed will hunting for gears all the time, Ford and Gm are having some problems with 6 speed trannys hunting for gears and not knowing which gear to be in

Ok, Ok, I can't help myself. I promise I will not bash dodge anymore as long as their fanboi's behave. The big 3 all make nice trucks. Here is a link to one of FIATS(Rams Parent Company) commercials. Read the comments for yourself. Here is one funny comment that reflects some of the people on this site.
"Dodge has a few things going for them: Their commercials are entertaining, although dishonest as hell.  They are cheap, so anyone can afford one. Most importantly, their market base is stupid enough to believe their commercials."


Dan the Man, dumbest comment so far today!

Go educate yourself about the 8 speed then comment. Don't assume while commenting, when you do it makes you look idiotic.

I agree, back on topic. I do agree with Jugger too as all three make great trucks. They have all made huge positive swings in the past decade alone. I sat in my buddies rental Ram as his Silverado was totaled after being hit from side and turned head on into a bridge concrete pillar. It was nice, honestly if I received any of the big three trucks nicely equipped with out leather I would take it if it were free. Even though I am a GM guy I have nothing againts the others ( I even worked at a Ford dealer in high school), I just have something against some of the wanna be spokesmen that keep chiming in. If the big three keep doing what they are doing things will be great, with lots of awesome choices and great trucks.


Dan the Man, dumbest comment so far today!

Go educate yourself about the 8 speed then comment. Don't assume while commenting, when you do it makes you look idiotic.
Posted by: Dutchbaggerie | Jun 28, 2012 3:29:12 PM

what is so dumb about that comment

@mhowarth | That will be primarily with Jeep ,that Fiat/Chrysler
is pushing as their "Global" brand.

Please ask about improvements to the power wagon.

How come no one metions Ford's disclaimers?????

Best HD Fuel Economy........according to Ford's internal BS testing of course since the EPA does not rate HD trucks. Talk about a BS claim, there you go.

Ask what has happened to the Laramie Limited and if it will be here in 2013. I have heard nothing about it since its release

Honestly, Chevy is the worst quality truck out there, they have taken every cost cutting measure you can think of:

1)Drum Brakes (Really? It's 2012!)
2)No wheel well liners standard, this applies to Ford also
3)No triple sealed doors, hell they dont even run the second door seal all the way around it stops halfway down the back of their extended cabs. Ford is same, no triple sealed doors.
4) Suicide door extended cabs suck, nothing but wind noise, water leaks, squeaks and rattles, poor side impact crash protection, can't get into the back seats in tight parking spots because the front door has to be open so far etc. Ford is same way.
5) Wax coated frames instead of painted? Alrighty!
6)Look at the panel gaps, particularly around the tailgate, notice the overhanging lip at the back of the bed floor sealed up with seam sealer. Easily noticed as the undamped tailgate falls down.
7)No 4 and 7 Pin trailer tow connector standard, applies to Ford also.
8)Standard 6 speaker stereo instread of 4 on entry trucks like Ford and Chevy
9)Cheap ass tin foil sheet metal with waves everywhere

Yes you can get a Chevy with slightly better V-8 Fuel economy, but at the cost of 75 horsepower. I'll pass.

If you start looking at the details, you will see that Ram has really upped their game since 2009, they are leaps and bounds better than the 2008 and earlier trucks.

Please ask the mopar guys if they can PLEASE make the new mighty FJ concept from moab. I would love to own one.


You have been completely disrespectful in this thread. This is a Chrysler thread, hence the title. The fact that you need to come in here and be hostile towards other truck manufactures and their owners shows a complete lack of respect and character. People are entitled to their own opinions, just like you are. Everybody is entitled to have a favorite truck brand and I strongly suggest you respect that.

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