Where We're Headed: Chrysler Proving Grounds

Chrysler proving grounds II
We're headed to the Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Mich., to take a look at what Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram Truck have going on for 2013. The automaker is opening up its facility and allowing quite a few auto writers from all over the world to drive their new vehicles and pick the brains of the various engineers and designers of the different models and brands.

No doubt we'll have plenty of intel to bring back, and, of course, there are a few models we'd like to drive as well. Unfortunately, we're told we won't be able to drive any of the 2013 Ram 1500s that will be on display, but we will get access to Ram Team members and take all the photos we want. The Ram 1500 test drive will be later in August, and you can bet we'll have the full drive impressions then.

In the meantime, tell us what you want to know about any Chrysler car or truck or engine they offer in their new-vehicle lineup, and we'll try to track down the answers while we're there. 


@Robert Ryan - interesting post. Ford would stand to loose much more than GMC if they left Equrope. It seems that most of their cars are based on European designs. Global amortization of production and engineering costs as well as global profits probably makes Europe a "must stay" scenario for Ford. GM has a mix of global and "home" market products so they might be in a position to make a cleaner getaway. Ford lost 500,000 million versus GM's 16 billion in 12 years. Considering Ford's #5 global ranking for profits at 20.2 billion they seem to be in a good position to cleanup any excess capacity and weather some stormy seas. That is assuming Europe's financial mallaise isn't highly contageous and lethal.


2012 Jeep Wrangler Pentastar review: a faster smoother more powerful classic


For Ram you get 295 hp!!!!!! Best of all the Pentastar will be combined with an 8 speed tranny.

@Tyler, 8 speeds are a lot more efficient than 4.
Ram is the only truck with an 8 speed.




2013 RAM!


Praise be Dodge

Alpar is the way

Marcionne is the great prophet who will lead us out of the wilderness

We will find the holy land with ram

praise be mopar




@Robert Ryan
Watching the Eurozone quite closely I think the US based manufacturers will leave some production capability in the UK. This would be for two reasons;

1. The UK's relative financial and economic independence from the faltering Eurozone.

2. It's business ties are much closer to their NA parent companies. And Europe is across the Channel.

The Eurozone is bogged down in their Utopian ideals and can't fix resolve their problems to quickly.

It would be foolish for Ford and GM to leave Europe completely.

Also, I hear a lot of people discussing manufacturing, the reality is manufacturing, especially relatively basic engineering manufacturing like automobiles can be done in almost any country and achieve quite acceptable product quality.

The R&D aspect of engineering can be achieved in a more advanced economy. Gradually this will be the way the global economy will work.

All OECD countries will need to adjust or end up like the US and Eurozone. Major structural changes must occur within those economies to compete.

@Big Al from Oz - my fear is that all of these government bailouts and stimulus packages aren't going to work. Period. That means when financial collapse does occur, most governments will be extremely over-extended and won't have the financial capacity to provide even rudimentary services.
I do hope that I'm wrong.

I do agree that R&D and engineering can be done anywhere. The Colorado is a prime example. Brazilian engineers designed it and South East Asia will build it and eventually it will be assembled in NA.

GM and Chrysler had the same problems that alot of countries have. Countries bailed out the auto makers, but who will bailout these countries.

@Big Al from Oz - Maybe China and the Middle East since they are the only one's that aren't running on borrowed money.

When is Fiat going to pull a GM, and stick a rebranded Ferrarri in the $20k Dodge Lineup with a different body styling? Can we expect a Maserati pickup anytime soon?

Okay pickup trucks .com the event was 4 days ago where's the report

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